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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 3, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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gales on the irish sea coast would gales on the irish sea coast in the northwest scotland. drier weather will push into scotland and northern ireland bar a few stray showers of most of the rain coming by to central portions of england and in towards wales. it will be a mild temperatures ranging from five to 11 degrees. very wendy the northwest corner and the news and wales have quite heavy at times. on that mild theme into next week that the sunshine across eastern areas and a bit of rain and the further west you are. this is bbc news with the headlines. leicester city players observed a minute's silence to honour the club
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plaza and chairman and for those who died ina plaza and chairman and for those who died in a helicopter crash outside of the club stadium a week ago. a week—long buddhist funeral in bangkok is under way at able temple to honour the billionaire businessman and owner of leicester city football club, vichai srivaddhanaprabha. more than 70 this is people have written to the sunday times demanding and other referendum on brexit. and for a public vote on whether to accept the terms of the uk's departure from the eu. broadcaster paul damaging he receives a pay—out from the crown prosecution service over its head —— handling of unfounded social so allegations made against them. fear is for the safety of a christian woman in pascoe stand whose acquittalfor woman in pascoe stand whose acquittal for last sparked days of violent protests acquittal for last sparked days of viole nt protests across acquittal for last sparked days of violent protests across the country. now bbc news, it is time for
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sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with us. the headlines this evening. leicester's players and staff remember their former chairman in their first match since his death in a helicopter crash. rashford rescues united as they beat bournemouth. and england's autumn series begins with a win at twickenham with new zealand up next. yes, hello and welcome. the leicester players and staff embraced on the pitch before today's premier league match with cardiff — as theirformer owner, vichai srivaddhanaprabha was remembered by both clubs, a week on from his death in a helicopter crash at the king power stadium.
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it was the first since the crash which killed four others. goalkeeper kasper schmeical was in tears duirng the minute's silence. many of the players will now fly to thailand for the former chairman's funeral. our reporter eleanor roper has been in cardiff where it has been an emotional day. hasn't it? yes, it has been an emotional afternoon here in cardiff. the mets start with a minute's silence which left some players in tea rs. silence which left some players in tears. the players also wore black armbands to remember their chairman. it was in the 55th minute a goal from leicester took them one heavens are up. after he scored he revealed are up. after he scored he revealed a top that said" for the shack". jamie vardy said ahead at this match they had been asked if they wanted they had been asked if they wanted the game to go ahead. he said yes
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they wanted to be here and felt it was really important that they play today and that they wanted to make their chairman prout. —— "for vichai srivaddhanaprabha". we spoke to a few players who felt it was important here to purpose of the club. a few players are under way to bangkok to thailand to attend the various funeral ceremonies that are now under way there. they are expected to return to the uk on tuesday tuesday ahead of leicester's next premier league time against burnley this time at the king power stadium. eleanor, thank you. very moving pictures. moving as he sought the goalie close to tears. well, this was the reaction from both managers. we wa nted we wanted to honour our chairman and when this game. i would like to congratulate my players. it was
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fantastic and outstanding. now we have to continue. what can you say, really? i don't think we will get another date like that, it's felt surreal. i can't fault the effort, i thought the effort was there. football seemed insignificant today. demaria grey goal in the sceond half. and there was a huge outpouring of emotion as the entire team celebrated together before running over to their travelling supporters. congratulated them for their support and following that result today. it was the players who wanted to play the trait —— game and decided the match would go ahead and honoured his memory with a way they wanted to do with the victory. now they will travel to thailand for vichai's funeral. manchester united in action he said
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he was the luckiest manager jose mourinho admitted he was the luckiest manager in the premier league as marcus rashford scored a late goal to ensure his side beat bournemouth 2—1, following a poor first half display. holly hamilton reports. manchester united find themselves in unfamiliar territory on the south coast in mid—table. bournemouth's unbeaten start home has propelled them to a unlikely slice pace. and they showed why they been so impressive in the first stages. early dominance was rewarded with this goal. united looking to avoid a fourth defeat of the season, level ten minutes before the break. alexis sanchez scoring his first since in september.
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everyjune in united saw them put on the pressure in the second half. ashley young on six free pics match the bar and theyjoin forces to keep the game level. mourhino couldn't believe it. marcus rashford turned 21 this week. he may have came late to the party but he definitely stole the show. holly hamilton, bbc news. top teams don't start as bad as we did. a defensive mistake cannot be the trigger for a chaotic defensive performance for 45 minutes. and i am really upset with that because it is not possible to be the lucky team all the time. it is a result that you don't observe. tough one for us to take. we felt we produced a good performance in the first half especially when we were dominant and created chances. manchester united came back and showed that they are a world—class team. we would have loved to put the game bed in the moment when we were dominating.
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football does not work like that and we know one goal is a slim advantage and they showed their quality in the second half and their subs made a difference. looked like we defended and keep them out in the last seconds. newcastle have finally won a match this season. a 1—0 win at stjames' park thanks to ayoze perez. the victory moves them out of the bottom three until at least monday night. a much needed boost for rafa benitez. it was important for everyone after ten games. we want to guess a good tea m ten games. we want to guess a good team that was doing well and had a lot of confidence. two wind the way we did with everybody behind the tea m we did with everybody behind the team playing well with substitutions coming from the bench, i think it was very positive for everyone.
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west ham beat burnley li—2 at the london stadium. it was one all at half—time — so a brilliant second half. club—record signing felipe anderson, bought for around £a2 million, yet to hit top form at west ham with two goals in the second half. javier hernandez adding the gloss with a fourth late on. i think the second half we continued working the same way maybe. after that, we continued to try to score on what to score for michael's and to create 546 more chances. —— five oi’ to create 546 more chances. —— five or six more chance. this was for the fan and the team. disappointed not in the mentality of the team but we cannot give the ball away so cheaply. we gave away great counterattack positions today. if you do not get the first pass away,
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you do not get the first pass away, you don't eat them up. the energy was good and... it was an exciting game not necessary for us was good and... it was an exciting game not necessary for us but it was exciting. here's today's results in full. everton beat brighton 3—1. arsenal and liverpool in action. the list both sides. with a win, liverpool could move over manchester city on top the table for the time at the lease. that's all for today's games. now we look at the championship. norwich top the championship tonight after a 4—0 win over sheffield wednesday they move above sheffield united who lost away to nottingham forest. derby are in third after an impressive victory at home to birmingham. bottom of the table ipswich drew at home to preston,
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in paul lambert‘s first match since being appointed as manager. there were wins for reading and hull, both of whom are in the bottom three. celtic thrashed hearts as second played first in the scottish premiership today — the champions closing the gap to one point, as they completely outclassed their edinburgh opponents. daniel candeias came off the bench to score in the 79th minute with this stunning effort. he was also sent off in extra time after being shown a second yellow card. but it was alfredo morelos with the second goal in extra time to give steven gerrard's side only their second away league win of the season — they're now five points off the leaders hearts. so celtic with that huge win — they remain one point off the hearts who are top of the table. david turnbull gave motherwell theirfirst premiership home win of the season with a 1—0 victory over dundee while the misery continues for dundee. it's four defeats in a row forjim mcintyre. mason bloomfield gave io—man hamilton victory over livingston, while stjohnstone beat hibs 1—0. to rugby union's autumn
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internationals, where england beat south africa in the first match of the series — while wales beat scotland in the inaugral doddie weir cup. a lot‘s being made of this and the next three matches to come with the rugby world cup looming next year. patrick gearey was watching. and patrick, england up and running with a win—win. pretty significant win for them i think in this circumstance. it's been a bad year for england, they we re been a bad year for england, they were terrible in the six nations. the bad news right eddiejones aside, selections and injuries. it was important to getjust a win. the performance still not there just one year from that world cup. england had to play new zealand next week and australia this autumn. it's important for the belief and confidence that they got off to a winning start. picking the posters at
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twickenham is nearly as tough as picking the team. ayman‘s cast of players is currently changing, retired, dropped, injured. less than half of this squad finished the six nations with england. just a year to go to the rugby world cup is not the ideal time to experiment. but experiment they must. so onto twickenham's testing ground came not one but two captains owen ferrell and dylan hartley. as well as being co—skipper he is their kicker. england spent much of the half defending their doormat eventually south africa would find a way through. he spotted it. despite that england went into the break only two points down but the team talk cannot wait for the dressing room, something had to change. momentum came from his book. this could carried 60 metres and carried him and into the lead. south africa snatched it back. again england needed a response. brad shield who
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had visited twickenham until yesterday and still hasn't made it as far as the try line. south africa would not crack but england forced enough fresh is the gift farrell another chance. ahead by one. a fragile lead and a lead with andre pollard. this stupid trendiness defeat and victory, relief but not all experiments bring clear results. in cardiffa all experiments bring clear results. in cardiff a new trophy for an old hero. the doddie weir cop named after the scottish international bentley motor neuron disease. this season bentley motor neuron disease. this season wales playing on the green grass of home. a move designed to c0 nse rve grass of home. a move designed to conserve his energy with tries like this. when he gets going, he and wales... goodwood for wells. disappointing for scotland were not travelling to well. the big game comes against australia. they had not beaten them since 2008, they can and that run if
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they can crack that then they will feel they are really onto something. still want him to come today over in chicago. ireland play italy and had a good record in chicago and they're expected to beat italy. ireland the six nations grand slam champions many people feel have the chance of really challenging for the webb ellis trophy in just under a year positive time. patrick garrett live for at twickenham. thanks for that. what a fascinating series it will be for all involved. in the proi4, ulster survived a late benetton onslaught to snatch a 15—10 victory. second half tries by sean reidy and rob herring werejust enough for them to claim their second away win of the season. benetton left to count the cost of their failure to convert their chances. as ultster moved into second place right plenty still to come on sportsday including the young rider carrying british hopes in a new sport for tokyo 2020 — freestyle bmx. and with more people turning to racing on simulators,
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we visit the uk's first electronic e sports hub which has opened in london. let's talk about the world gymnastics championships taking place in doha are. alongside me a former european and world champion bath. we have to start with simone biles. 20 world metals. six of them in this one competition in the tournament. and an incredible routine on the floor. she has had a fantastic championships. took some time out after rio. she's been having a down check digits but considering she is back in to support less than one year in the competing is absolutely fantastic. the height and difficulty that she is doing with the stumbles and four is doing with the stumbles and four
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is one of her favourite piece and you can really see that when she was performing at today. it was a stunning routine as we see from this. the gold medal there but a bronze for her on the beam which maybe she was not as disappointed about as some of her fans. maybe she was not as disappointed about as some of her fanslj maybe she was not as disappointed about as some of her fans. i think she has had a tough time. at the end of the day we have to remember she has not been backed long. she has not done many competitions and she was not disappointed so why are other people disappointed with that resolve ? other people disappointed with that resolve? to still take away six metals from one championships has not been done in over 30 years and it is fantastic. six at metals as bath mentioned there. one bronze, one silver and for gold. let's hear from her now. it has been an amazing week especially being back on the big stage again. it's been a long time since i have been such a big competition sol time since i have been such a big competition so i am really proud of myself and excited to go back on. you make it look so easy but as you mentioned you had not been in training for a full year yet. what has gone into this event? it has
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beena has gone into this event? it has been a lot of work especially those times in the gym where you have to really gear down and put up with that and do those routines and sets. i'm proud with the work i've done and whatjim i'm proud with the work i've done and what jim richards i'm proud with the work i've done and whatjim richards and hopefully to improve for the next year. she is still 21 yea rs to improve for the next year. she is still 21 years old, 20 championship medals in total. she is the most accurate because she has more golds. incredible. the fact she is so young but i think it's great for our sport. she is not only a well—known name in gymnastics but i think she isa name in gymnastics but i think she is a global superstar that can only do good for our sport. another name that you might not know but you may wa nt to that you might not know but you may want to see him because he really is somebody who people love watching. he performed so brilliantly at the bars on his speciality, the flying dutchman is is that bad. tell us what is so great about this routine. the releases you see here, the fact he can combine them together, very
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few gymnasts are able to do that and the execution today was one of the best we have that there are seen. it's been a long—time since it has been set on top of the podium since 2014. he was pleased to back up there. having only become a dad just a couple of weeks ago. a great few weeks then. gold medal in the bars and a quick mention for donna cunningham british interests at the gymnastics in world changes for britain's stability is first—ever whicheverjob final, britain's stability is first—ever whichever job final, and britain's stability is first—ever whicheverjob final, and the fall. he was .009 away from picking up a metal. he finished in fourth and he was really disappointed but also really pleased with his performance. i think that would give him confidence going into 2019 in 2020. beth, thank you very much. bmx supercross has been part of the olympics since 2008, but come the next games there'll be a new discipline — freestyle bmx. it's been included to boost tokyo 2020's youth appeal and britain's
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leading contender isjersey rider alex coleborn. nick hope reports. we have never seen we have never seen anything in the lipids quite like this. running gives you freedom and outside world and you just do what you love. i love the progression and when the new tricks and when pull it, you buzz. there is no otherfeeling. freestyle bmx and amongst a group of new urban events including skateboarding and three on three basketball which will make olympic debuts at tokyo 2020. it's an attempt to entice new younger fans to the games. the olympics he probably would not think bmx would ever be in it. but now with it being end, it's pretty insane really. ever be in it. but now with it being end, it's pretty insane reallym was not a thing when i started especially for me and for women as well. not that we have been welcomed fully into the sport along with the guys, i think it is a really good
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thing. riders ajudged guys, i think it is a really good thing. riders a judged on style originality and risk, something alex colborn knows plenty about.” originality and risk, something alex colborn knows plenty about. i have had a few injuries over the years. i knocked my teeth out, broke my hip in 2012 and other little injuries over the years. you overcome them. knacker wont put those struggles behind him by claiming silver at the first ever uci world temperatures last year and he is now targeting even more history by becoming jerzy‘s first ever olympic medalists in any sport with freestyle bmx making its first debuting tokyo 2020 seven many people have been to the puppets from jersey so it will be fun for puppets from jersey so it will be funfora puppets from jersey so it will be fun for a jersey boy find the five. getting on the podium would be great. winning a medal at next week concept which objects will keep him on track for tokyo —— tokyo 2020. you're watching sportsday — also making the headlines today... champion marc marquez took pole for the malaysia motogp despite crashing during a wet qualifying at sepang. andrea dovizisio who's aiming
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to end the season as runner up to the spaniard also suffered in the wet, ending up fifth on the grid. in triathlon — jonny brownlee finished third in the super mix in mallorca racing on his brother's bike as jonny‘s didn't arrive in time for the race. the younger of the two brothers earned his first super league podium of the season. neil robertson is through to the final of snooker‘s international championship. the australian beat jack lisowski by nine frames to seven in china. he'll face northern ireland's mark allen in tomorrow's final. in the last few moments, novak djokovic has progressed through to the finals of the paris masters. he beat roger federer in three sets. he'll meet russia's karen khachanov — who beat the world number eight, dominic thiem — in tomorrow's final. by winning a fifth world formula 1 title lewis hamilton, should inspire more youngsters to dream about following him into the sport.
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but the vast majority will not have the financial backing to get that far along the road, so now an increasing number are turning to racing on simulators. the uk's first electronic e—sports hub has now opened in london and to see how fast this side of racing is growing mike bushell went along to take the wheel. on the fast track to the top, james baldwin won five national karting championships. before taking the first steps onto formula 1, flying in the tightjoseph lewis hamilton until... he ran out of money. which is why his career went around the bend and took off in a new direction. usually the guys for the talk of the money but not everyone gets notice. he sports has its own market and fans and gets a lot of
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people the opportunity to compete at the highest level even if they are not worn and spoon fed into a very rich family. the slippery news in central london is the last place you would expect to take on a motor racing style of the future. this is where the night train at one of the uk's first hubs free sports. james is open to become a full—time professional realising his racing dream with the team. unlike other sports, you do need to have some skill and techniques to real drivers and also surprisingly fitness. this is something people don't associate with gaming and i think it is important to note that myself and a lot of other drivers are in the gym three times a week, diet plan, at the ready for any offence. especially when it came to handling the wheel and pedals in the big simulator that many roberson drivers also used for training. avoid the kearns —— her you off. i think
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you're being a little with this rhino. because it feels so realistic. you do need the skills and technique. i just realistic. you do need the skills and technique. ijust went realistic. you do need the skills and technique. i just went the gravel, oh, that is only similar to had to keep your mind on that. the chair is shaking. it is throwing me about. it does feel incredibly realistic. luckily the future of e—sports is in safer hands than mine including former racing driverjack who switched to managing a team. you just saw the audience grow in this area and the level of competition. you are able to complete globally with hundreds of thousands of people across the world. it sort of blew me away. the audience is predominantly people online watching on their mobiles, tablets, computers, the viewership is now rivalling real sports. its work engaging for teenagers and young adults playing these games themselves. going
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forward e—sports is hoping to recruit more female drivers and more beginners who can sharpen their skills without the danger. but no matter how safe this may be, try telling your brain that there isn't a wall coming at you at 120 mph. that was absolutely terrifying! sorry, it may seem i am overreacting stop till you totalled the car, my friend. not a great and it does look very realistic. liverpool are weeding arsenal by one goal. they would move to the top of the table for the time being if they went. well today has been one for reflection. a minute's silence held before all premier league matches ahead of rememberance sunday next weekend, and extra poignance following the tragic events in leicester last saturday. goodnight. trumpet plays.
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applause. a very good evening to you. and next weekend so far. some of us have seen a clot —— a lot of rain. others has been sunshine all the way and mild for us. mild if you're out and about and stay mind as we go on into tomorrow. there will be rain for some but for many more some dry weather and spells of sunshine. let's look at the detail for tonight, a band of rain continuing south eastwards across scotland into northern england. rain getting to the midlands and petering out as the night wears on to the northwest and southeast. we will keep crystals and chilly in the southeast corner but
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still in my night and a monster to sunday. this stripe of cloud and patchy rain will beast sitting in place through the first part of the money. that rain will pap up into the afternoon especially across the far southwest. for scotland, northern ireland and are then england and the southeast of england was the sunny spells, 12 or 13 degrees. not as windy as it has been. as we start the new week most wet weather in the west, driest the further east often breezy and staying mild. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm. leicester city players and fans observe a minute's silence to honour the club's chairman , and four others , who died in a helicopter crash outside the club's stadium a week ago. he always took the time. in bangkok, a week—long
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buddhist funeral is under way at a royal temple, to honour the billionaire businessman and owner of leicester city football club, vichai srivaddhanaprabha. more than 70 business people have written to the sunday times demanding another referendum on brexit and a public vote on whether to accept the terms of the uk's departure from the eu.
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