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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 6, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm azi farni, the headlines, new research shows a sharp rise in number of vulnerable children needing protection over the last ten years. the cabinet has agreed they want to reach a deal on brexit this month and they may meet again later this week to keep the process moving forward. the brexit campaign group founded by the businessman arun banks and insurance company he owns face fines for breaches. 16—year—old boy who died ina breaches. 16—year—old boy who died in a suspected stabbing in south london, the teenager was found unconscious just before 11 o'clock last night. a warning that allied health care leading provider for elderly people could be close to collapse. and the moment sports day
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the first looking at what is coming up the first looking at what is coming up this evening will have the latest on the us midterm elections, we will be live in washington with updates, catty and christian are therefore beyond 100 days and at 11 o'clock there will be full coverage followed bya there will be full coverage followed by a special results programme at midnight. we will hear from by a special results programme at midnight. we will hearfrom our first bonded to has been to liverpool to meet the people working to protect vulnerable children. and that 22 of them and we'll bring you the paper review. that's all ahead on bbc news now it's sport state. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm azi farni, on the programme tonight... a red star welcome, we'll bring you the very latest from belgrade where liverpool are in action in the champions league. i'll be looking
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ahead to the match tonight where it's do or die in the champions league. also on sportsday, debutant ben foakes helps england rally after a dodgy start in sri lanka. and geraint thomas talks le tour, chris froome, and the battle for leadership at team sky. it was all about that, at the time i was frustrated that i wanted them to wait for me if anything happened. so we've got a packed show for you tonight but we'll start with the champions league, it's back and liverpool are in action right now. the rajko mitic stadium was pretty animated before the game started
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and let me tell you it's electric now and that's because but red star have made a sensational start...milan pavkov heading past allison after 21 minutes and then sloppy play from liverpool allowing him another shot at goal, two nil in the first half in belgrade. spurs are also in action tonight, they play psv eindhoven at wembley at 8:00. and there's no sugar coating it, they've had an awful start to their champions league campaign, with just one point from three games so far. they could end up going out tonight if results go against them, but could they also still save it? austin halewood's at the touchscreen. thanks, azi. yes, it really is now or neverfor tottenham, they may have made their best ever start to a premier league season but in europe they're really up against it. they'll be out of the champions league tonight if they lose to psv at wembley and inter milan beat barcelona. and that's all because of defeats already away at inter and at home to barcelona, as well as conceding a late
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equaliser in eindhoven. that's left spurs third in group b with just the one point so far. and despite being competitive in all of their matches. manager mauricio pochettino knows his side need to be better. when you're at that level if you're not good enough and not clean you do not good enough and not clean you do not defend like we concede in the la st not defend like we concede in the last minute or we were not able to win, but if you do you don't deserve to go, not feeling embarrassed that we are disappointed but not embarrassed. so the outlook might be bleak for spurs fans but the history of english clubs progressing, despite terrible starts in the group stage, is actually pretty positive. look at these for some great turnarounds. this was newcastle's position in 2002, they didn't have any points after their first three matches.
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but they beatjuventus1—0 at stjames‘ park and then won the next two to qualify. in 2003 arsenal were bottom as well with just one point, they went on to win all of their next 3 matches, including a massive 5—1win away at inter milan. and in 2007 liverpool had just the one point at half way. but they came back with a bang to qualify. they scored 16 goals in three winds, including an 8—nil thumping of besiktas at anfield. the man in the middle there. yossi benayon with a hat—trick that night. so history is on tottenham's side. now, none of those teens had to go and win away at the nou camp. but that's a problem for down the line. tonight is all about psv and five live‘s kelly cates and alistair bruce ball are at wembley for us.
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hello and welcome to wembley with the oldest microphone and a history of bbc, alastair is here, no we are here for this, you have been down to look at the pitch after monday night what you think is the recovered? you can see a bit in the background now, it is improving for champions league game it's still not ideal, it's very patchy you can still see the nfl markings in places, i mean, flat and just, it's just not what you wanted to be but it'll be fun to play on. and especially with the big game this evening for spurs, they will be disappointed in holland last time out, but tonight, is it a must win? it is, mathematically the 0lney set of results that could definitely send tottenham out and not get to the knockout stage is if inter—win barcelona at home and tottenham don't win but realistically common
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sense prevails and you look at the remaining games of the group i think totte n ha m remaining games of the group i think tottenham will have to win the last three games to start with a win tonight and then beat in terror here and then the top one, although barcelona may have qualified by them but they'll try to win in that other one but even then it may not be enough but the bottom line the coach will say look we have not one a game yet, let's get one under the belt and then worry about it later. huge game, eight o'clock kick—off at wembley. so... tottenham desperate for more celebrations like this at wembley this evening. there's full match commentary of that and the liverpool game on five live and you can listen alongside the final score graphics. just click on five live final score on the iplayer, the bbc sport app or via the red button, azi. well spurs will be hoping for the sort of comeback in the champions league that ben foakes inspired on the opening day of england's test match against sri lanka today. the visitors were struggling on 103 for 5 in galle,
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when the test debutant walked to the crease. inspired, he said, bya message from former captain alastair cook, he navigated england to a respectable score, as patrick gearey reports. for a tormentor of the bat and appropriate salute he began the test career and 99, this is his the 93rd match and his last it's rory burns first he waited years to bat for england and he got ten minutes. just one ball, he was having a good morning. as usual before long he was on and at 40, the silver haired bowler still gold. joe test wicket 431, england at to unravel with a travel stuck in a loop, he kept rooting it in the right place and england kept playing at the wrong way. five down by lunch was this the new approach they spoke of the? stability came from the
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old—fashioned way the new boy, he coaxed england into calmer waters 50 in the first test innings. sam spent the summer repeating the rescue act, made 48 and sri lanka began to type. folks says he's not having the shot in his colleagues possessed he kept making runs and along the time he was out england had 308 improbable score a few hours earlier another debutante came through, dashing the stash with an occasional flash but this was his day, he said yet been inspired by video message from alastair cook, he made a century on his test debut at human needs 30 more to follow up. former cricketer and now journalist izzy westbury joins us now to talk through the day's play.. we have to start to reflect on this day what a great debut for him. yes, the last few weeks you keep hearing
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about ben stokes, but i think today he should exactly what he can do with the bat we haven't even seen the keeper yet and that's what's been no harmful effect elected four, two things to come. hopefully he makes a tomorrow with a century but we cannot talk about another colla pse we cannot talk about another collapse for england. is difficult because the order of england is a stellar line—up and in a way you have to accept that think that england are lacking a really number three. he came in today and picked a fashion shocked when forgot and then since the retirement of alastair cook we are struggling still, but the order, all those guys, it's educating elite. let's talk about the pitch because they started on a wet pitch if it dries off, could did benefit? he has been dropped or rotated perhaps, jack and others,
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they have a strong comeback. you mention him being dropped, is that the right decision? it looks weird on paper because you are used to seeing stewart and james bay are leading it is a person might think is six years he has been dropped for the pitcher goal probably but we may see him back. england has not been as great on travels, especially as tree—lined as well, how important it will be for them to get a win there? it's a roller coaster of england great to talk but not away, had 13 test away without a when it'll be great for them to win but the way they played today, there are no good position. thank you very much, you can listen to that on five live tomorrow morning at seven o'clock online and on the app. it's known at "the race that stops a nation". the melbourne cup is littered with horse—racing history and now, for the first time ever,
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the brits have made their mark. cross counter led home an all british 1—2—3 in australia, as andy swiss reports. ever wondered what it's like to make history? well, there's your answer. somewhere in this charlie appleby the manual and one british sports longest waits. well done. for more than 150 years at the melbourne cup has been an australian institution, the so—called race that stops the nation. its the 24 hoses that said that on the charge —— sources, reminder brisk and reward the back of the field irish force suffered an injury and put down. closing stages
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produced a thrilling finish, 80,000 fa ns produced a thrilling finish, 80,000 fans cheered on the home hopes, it was to be brewed in‘s day, nearest the camera in the red hat and blue silks, cross counter with a quite storming finish. triumph in melbourne. the jockey may be an ozzy, melbourne. the jockey may be an 0zzy, but this is a victory made in suffolk for a trainer who already w011 suffolk for a trainer who already won this year's derby, now a double celebration. its use for everybody for me of course, it's the biggest thing along with the darby, this year has been an amazing year, i don't want it to embed here we are. with british trained horses taken a top three places, this is the day the decades of frustration finally endedin the decades of frustration finally ended in glory. next to claims by a german news magazine that manchester city tried to cheat financial fair play rules. der spiegel has accused the cloud and and their sponsors
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of manipulating contracts to get around the uefa regulations. our sports editor dan roan is at the etihad stadium. what's the latest? what's the latest on these claims? city of course are trying to prepare for the big league match tomorrow night against them, but they do so against a backdrop of another day of the damaging revelations in week e—mails by the german magazine. now these all are around financial play regulations and that is a controversial set of rules that were introduced years ago, by european football governing body, and some who support the rules believe there area who support the rules believe there are a sensible move to encourage clu bs to are a sensible move to encourage clubs to live within their means and prevent what is known as financial doping, but others disagree thinking they're a crude attempt to protect they're a crude attempt to protect the status quo, when it comes to european cloud football is important to stress that city have been found to stress that city have been found to breach rules in the past in 2014,
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they were hit with a fine of the sum of 49 euros —— 40 9 million euros, on friday it was rebuilt in secret e—mails and documents adjusting a secret deal had been agreed with them at the time, to payless proportion of that. there were further allegations that manchester city had artificially inflated the value sponsors that deals and today was how they had allegedly cut tens of millions of pounds from the wage bill when it came to image rights for players. through a shot company which they sold the rights to, and not us keep called operation longbow manchester city gave little reaction made no comment to suggest anything and today the manager gave his pre—match press conference before the game in the champions lake tomorrow and he was asked about the allegation. what they had done and
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of course we want to follow rules all these teens do depend on the league, they do what we have to do, so league, they do what we have to do, soa league, they do what we have to do, so a part of that i believe me i'm completely honest i did not know what happened because i'm a manager, i don't know what's going on i focus oi'i i don't know what's going on i focus on what happens in the locker room in the pitch but with business, and how they handle things i'm out of that, i support the cloud. we want to do what really we have to do in terms of of the rules. so that's what he thinks, but where does this go from here? you have to remember he's no ordinary cloud, since abu dhabi took over the team a decade ago, the cloud has established itself as the dominant force, their raining champions and their top of the league. and so, inevitably this will be the subject of fierce scrutiny and tonight, the spanish
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league have said this reinforces their concerns in recent years and they're calling on uefa to do something about it perhaps open a new investigation and a lodge a complaint with the eu competition authorities in adding the big question tonight is what extent city find themselves under new scrutiny like that and whether or not all of this controversy takes away from their remarkable achievement on the page. thank you very much, our sports editor at the stadium. she's in the running for a ballon d'or but fran kirby won't feature for england in the upcoming friendlies against austria and sweden. the cheslea forward, along with manchester city midfielder keira walsh, is out of the squad, after both picked up knocks over the weekend. captain steph hawton might not feature in the first of those games, but it won't be for injury, asjo currie reports from england's training headquarters at st george's park. with the end of 2018 insight, they head into the final two matches of
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the year, off the back of a seven match unbeaten run, but captain she is in line to make her 100th cap this week, but she will have to wait until sunday and that is because of the manager has banned herfor making it against austria away on thursday night so that she can have a proper celebration at home to sweden on sunday. she does not want to celebrate she doesn't want it to be about her she's so humble, and actual she wanted to make it in austria under the cap for herself and —— myself and the fa have banned herfrom it we and —— myself and the fa have banned her from it we want her to rest, it's doubtful she'll be putting a shirt on. in line to make her100th cap this week. now, they have not been the only sports team here at the park this week. because yesterday, england netball is popped by to speak about the recent success at the commonwealth games and of
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course the netball coach is at the twin sister of the england manager. the defender said it was really inspirational to speak to a team who have so much success behind them. it's important to see the journey thereon and also there this lovely people, think sometimes when you see successful sports teens you think that there some hidden secret and it'sjust honestly it that there some hidden secret and it's just honestly it when that there some hidden secret and it'sjust honestly it when it that there some hidden secret and it's just honestly it when it comes down to those girls, theyjust have fun at work so hard and i think we will take some things they've said on board because obviously there are world champion, commonwealth champion warning team. date claimed gold early this year, can they recreate that at the world cup next year? that parliament is now seven months away and the two friendly‘s this week the players final chance to impress the manager before the end of 2018. let's take a quick look at some of the day's other stories now. wayne rooney won't captain, or start for england when he controversially returns to the national side
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for a friendly later this month. he'll earn his 120th cap from the bench in a one—off appearance to honour him and his charity. former sunderland forward steven fletcher has been re—called to the scotland squad for theirfinal two nations league group games against albania and israel later this month. the sheffield wednesday player's last appearance for his country was more than a year ago. and england's tom curry has been ruled out of the rest of the autumn internationals. the flanker went off in england's win over


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