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tv   Newsday  BBC News  November 8, 2018 1:00am-1:32am GMT

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newsday. painted by ancient humans, is the oldest known in the world. following a series of fatal stabbings good war. in london. were around 1. powers, including stop—and—search. a pilot in that situation can then take manual control. as british india, whose contribution has often been now on bbc overlooked. into a nosedive. news, live to than any other in the singapore for asia morning. or did not do. business report. in mid—term elections. end for asia if democrats investigated we know that the flight black box recorder has been recovered. him. yet been discovered. business report. attorney generaljeff sessions was fired. but we know subcontinent. attorney general in the wake of the us midterm elections. and still continues today. us midterm elections. we'll have more on that boeing has under british rule, manyjoined the army. and samsung's folding that in a moment. orders of 11,700 phone. already. hundreds from here served in but first, this report from bbc‘s north the first world war. america editorjon sopel. european airlines have placed significant orders. this is a gift box. the president of 0k. it is a christmas gift box given the unites states... of defiance at you can fit many seats in it. in 1914. his post mid—term a collection of local memorabilia. and that this problem will not re—occur. news conference. around 50 of his own relatives have been divided. he was aglow with his own achievements.
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i think it was a great victory. i'll be honest, i think it was a great victory. but there was one clear success, and that was for women. a great atjust 29 years old. victory. nada tawfik has more. a warning — her report contains flash photography. the not all the press, though. face oversight role on how the white house of operates. congress is and cnn in particular. it was roughhouse stuff. that's enough. took part in the fighting. changing. put down the mic. who fought in the war. claim historic wins. nearly every man of fighting we still believe age is reported to have in this investigation? america... you working for them. you are a rude, terrible person. campaigns that promised a you shouldn't be working for cnn. new era of politics in america. go ahead. he is a diligent reporter... an unprecedented number of female candidates ran for the first well, i'm nota big fan of yours either. signed up. i understand. to be honest with you. in the first world war, the british awarded them this time. gun. but to the democrats, he offered an olive branch of sorts. even now, for many here, it is a source of huge pride. elected to congress. when the second world war began, hundreds to run for office. more joined up. "play nasty and i'll fight back.
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will probably be very good for me politically. better at that game than they are actually. the leader of the democrats in the of his grandfather, who had fought in the first world war. house. with the white house, but was not offering a blank and now she is a prominent progressive voice. races fighting cheque. we will strive for alongside us. we thought bipartisanship. if we showed any weakness we would be stand our ground. betraying our ancestors. and the first upset, a democrat and capable of lasting change. 0ur motto was to kill or somali—american in congress. be killed. gain in the house. donald trump's republicans swept away in a seismic upheaval? in the first world war. it wasn't. is recognised. in the senate, it was a very different story. you have been watching newsday. i'm babita sharma in london. here republicans made net gains. like senator ted and i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. cruz, in texas.
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with morejobs and more security and being celebrated here in london. more freedom. we have been eating lots of chocolate saint the newsroom. beto o'rourke, ruing what might chocolate saint the newsroom. —— chocolate is in the newsroom. that's all for now. hello have been. about texas or this there. country. and cities and those in the countryside. into wednesday morning. of rainfall, where we saw flooding on the roads there. rainfall. front, which is continuing to slide up from the south—west. it will affect mainly central portions of the uk. now, the winds are falling light ahead of that.
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jon sopel, bbc news. access to the white house for the usual 8pm live spot. start. england and scotland, there might be a touch of frost. these are towns and city values to begin this morning. through the morning. into the north sea. ireland. usual 8pm live spot. woman, and that is not going to be tolerated in the white house. plenty of sunshine to start the day across the south—east. into wales, and then into northern england into the afternoon. but again, to the north and south of it, it should tolerated in the white house. access to the white house briefing, which he has held for many years. stay dry. at president trump's request. degrees in the south. on the attorney general‘s removal. set to bring us a spell of gales the frantic pace of this presidency picked up and heavy rain.
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areas through friday. once again. mid—terms was very much mistaken. to your bbc local radio for the latest updates on this. the announcement that the attorney generaljeff sessions was fired. no great surprise, the president had been threatening this. breezy, but there will also be some sunshine around. taken thejob. the president had been criticising him for more than a year now. then into western britain as we head onto the afternoon. saying that he coasts, we could be looking was weak and embattled. that russia was meddling at 60—70 mph. in the temperatures again fairly mild, 1a or 15 degrees. like we maintain low pressure nearby. into some of this mild air over the 2016 election. near continent.
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was doing so independently. will be maintained. they are worried about the threat to that investigation now. what about the timing of this? of the results of the mid—term elections. quite a strategic move by donald trump. yes. it is no surprise that jeff sessions was on the way out. the question really was only about the timing. but surprising that he has done it straight afterwards. to be approved by the senate. in the
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sand. investigation. investigation previously. this is only temporary. that has got someone on edge. this is only temporary. to go as far as he would like. danjohnson. let's take a look at some of the day's other news. asia bibi has been released from prison. of blasphemy charges. she had spent nearly ten years on death row. for her safety upon release. allowed to leave pakistan. michael kugelman is a leading specialist on pakistan.
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he explained the significance of asia bibi's release. well, it is a big deal. be executed. so i think this is really a big deal. it is very risky though. according to these reports, she has indeed now left the country.
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respond to this criticism. she is on her way to. taken place in ukraine. kateryna handzyuk died after an acid attack injuly. who ordered the attack. with their parents. 78 schoolchildren were taken from their school earlier this week. one of them said they had been held by anglophone separatist rebels. the rebels have denied involvement. violence in yemen.
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which is nowjust metres from the front line. children — are in serious danger. in the mid—term elections. washington and asia? and can we expect tensions over trade to grow? for southeast asia at the council on foreign relations. i asked if trump might now change his approch to china.
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has been doing. is probalbly shared by a fair number of democrats. of course asia is very nervous about. of the white house and its continued engagement with pyongyang. is that something we will continue to see? yeah, probably. number in the democrats
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caucus. absent from that. he is also absent from the apec meeting. how might approaches the south east asia change? in terms of south east asia, probably somewhat true. staff, so it is not necessarily a bad thing. priority region for the white house. which can't be underrated.
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more things done with pence there. you're watching newsday on the bbc. soldiers to fight than any other in south asia. also on the programme: the changing face of congress. america elects a record number of female representatives. of the middle east peace process, has been assassinated. organisation has claimed responsibility for the killing. on a historic day for australia. as the results came in, it was clear — the monarchy would survive. of the american hostages, there was
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no sign. they will all die. this mission has surpassed all expectations. in the universe, and itjust seems to keep on going. but from the enduring power of our ideals. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. i'm babita sharma in london. control of the house of representatives.
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but he has clashed with reporters at an ill—tempered press conference. from the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. from around the world. could mean for their country. president trump into a more hardline attitude over trade disputes. of the allied invasion force. and more online content. mascot who has set social media ablaze. the character known as anyone faced the prospect of being fired. isn't going anywhere.
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