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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 8, 2018 1:45am-2:02am GMT

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in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. of the russia investigation. live from the bbc sport centre. but then clashes with reporters at an juventus in turin and hand the hosts a first defeat of ill—tempered press conference. the season. cnn should be ashamed of itself having you test against sri working for them. lanka. you are a rude, terrible person... as hanoi is announced as a new venue. is released from jail but her whereabouts are unknown. with their parents, two days after being kidnapped. goals againstjuventus to win 2—1 in turin. of winning group h, with two matches remaining. into the second half.
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hand jose mourinho‘s side all three points. matches played across all competitions. the country's top law enforcement official. from overseeing robert mueller‘s russia investigation. they are a top team for many years now. they have got... that player. they want to win everything. they can win everything. can win everything. didn't play big matches like these in the champions league. so it is a different... it is a different situation. situation.
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not just about the point that we lost at home. lost at home. it is about the feeling of how well we played. feeling of how well we played. minute, i repeat, against a super team. real madrid. and the holders look well placed to reach the last 16. performance by real. european champions finally, once more. more. a 5—0 win in the czech republic over viktoria plzen. republic over viktoria plzen. two goals from karim benzema. goals from karim benzema. casemiro, gareth bale, kroos also finding the
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net. finding the net. their fans seeing what they can do under the interim manager. under the interim manager. if he keeps winning he will keep the job for the rest of the season. the chance to qualify with two games to spare. athens. for two places. thrashed shakhtar donetsk 6—0. which means pep guardola's side need to wait a little longer. the quality of... fact that it doesn't matter what happens. happens. that is happening, you can have any regrets.
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regrets. but of course for him it is important to score goals. important to score goals. another clear option to create and fight and help us. fight and help us. will try to keep to maintain that level. elsewhere, shanghai sipg are the new chinese super league champions. they beat beijing renhur 2—1 to wrap up the title with a game to spare. ahmedov. they needed just a draw to clinch the title. beijing renhe pulled a goal back. league title. in a row. after a vote by
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residents. a council—owned golf course. of the city's five commissioners. inter miami are due tojoin major league soccer in 2020... in 2020, it was announced on wednesday. in these pictures. from bernie ecclestone last year. the 5. and baku in azerbaijan. to our 21 race schedule that we have in place this year and next year.
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in place this year and next year. most exciting and dynamic cities and countries around the world. countries around the world. it really is the driving engine of the world's future. the world's future. engines of growth and the engines of excitement. heard of him until this week. injapan on new year's eve. were being made without his approval. very misleading information.
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test against sri lanka, in galle, thanks largely to moeen ali. 11—66, as the sri lankans were dismissed for 203 in reply. innings, an overall lead of 177. our sports correspondent joe wilson reports. is an attractive destination, especially when it stops raining. on holiday is exactly where ben foakes is meant to be. there's an injury, we need you to play. 100 runs on his england debut. am i dreaming? well, for england, it got better.
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having made 3112 in their first innings, england then bowled. innings, england then bowled. took two sri lankan wickets quickly with a quick bowlers. fielding close to the batsman needs bravery. rory burns on his debut struck as he ducked. he needed lengthy treatment. he was in the end deemed ok. moeen ali finished with four wickets. leading england's second innings. as foreign tours go, this was a five—star day. it pretty much went to plan for us. out and bold, it was just to put as much pressure on them as possible. much pressure on them as possible.
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board, so yes, it was whatjoe asked of us, and we pretty much did it. one—day international in abu dhabi. for 9 from their 50 overs. with trent boult picking up a hat—trick. in one—day internationals. were bowled out for 219. the second one—dayer is at the same venue on friday. in a single over. in a ford trophy match against central districts in hamilton. and a single off the bowling of medium—pacer willem ludick.
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taking place in about one hour's time. time. james‘s team has had one went and several losses for the season. and several losses for the season. can they turn that around? goodbye for now. hello there. into wednesday morning. on some of the roads there.
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but there will also be further rainfall. which is continuing to slide up from the south—west. to affect mainly central portions of the uk. now, the winds are falling light ahead of that. a chilly start. be a touch of frost. these are towns and city values to begin this morning. through the morning. clearing the way into the north sea. ireland. plenty of sunshine to start the day across the south—east. into wales, and then into northern england into the afternoon. but again, to the north and south of it, it should stay dry. again, with temperatures reaching 1a to 15 degrees in the south.
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set to bring us a spell of gales and heavy rain. areas through friday. updates on this. is going to start fine. breezy, but there will also be some sunshine around. and then into western britain as we head on towards the afternoon. over hills, we could be looking at 60—70 mph. mild — 1a or 15 degrees. like we maintain low pressure nearby. of this mild air over the
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near continent. will always be across the south and the east.
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