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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 8, 2018 6:30pm-6:50pm GMT

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the music part and fire at the music part and california killing at least 12 people has been named as ian david long. he was a former us marine. he walked up to the scene and shot the security guard outside, he stepped inside, it appears that he turned to the right and shot several of the other security and employees and then began opening fire inside. prince charles tells the bbc he will stop speaking out on topics he feels strongly about when he becomes king. you cannot be the same as the sovereign if you are prince of wales. but the idea i will somehow go on exactly the same way if i am to succeed is complete nonsense because the two situations are completely different. this man lost his leg after developing type two diabetes. he says he ignores doctor's advice on
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dietand says he ignores doctor's advice on diet and exercise. this is nobody‘s fault but mine. i don't put doctors, surgeons or anybody but myself. if i had done what i was told i would not be in the situation. donald trump fires his attorney general following the results of the mid—term elections. he also banned the cnn reporter from the white house after a heated exchange with thejournaljim acosta yesterday during a press conference. # with thejournaljim acosta during a press conference. ina a press conference. in a moment it is sportsday but later on we will be talking about gun crime in america after that shooting in a bar in california. we also discussed prince charles's contribution to environmental awareness and how his pledge not to meddle in issues when he is king will affect what he is able to see
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going forward. we'll also be discussing how much diabetes is costing the nhs and what we can do as individuals to change that is of course we will be looking at them's papers at 10:a0pm at 11:30pm. to stay with us for that. all ahead of you but now it is time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. it never rained but he scored, as keatonjennings century puts england in the driving seat to take the series lead against sri lanka. gareth southgate defends his decision to hand wayne rooney his final international cap — labelling england a strange country for how its reacted. you have the player who should be
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hauled —— held in the highest regard and we are spending a lot of time justifying giving him that should be it. four british sides in europa league action as rangers twice take the lead away in moscow. also coming up in the programme: england's everest — the all blacks return to british soil ahead of this weekends autumn internationals. hello and welcome to sportsday. perhaps a cloud has lifted for england's cricketers. they haven't won away from home in 13 tests — but heading into the fourth day of the first test against sri lanka, they find themselves in a very comfortable position. the hosts ended day three on 15
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without loss, chasing an unlikely record a62 runs to win. the only thing that could stop joe root‘s men now? the return of those clouds. joe currie has more. a batting masterclass from the 26—year—old, dominating away from home is not a familiar feeling for infa nt home is not a familiar feeling for infant right note but keaton jennings give them a day to remember. starting 177 runs ahead after the top order faltered it was left to ben stokes to try and keep up left to ben stokes to try and keep up with the pace. maybe it helped. ben stokes hit 360 is anjonny ba i rstow ben stokes hit 360 is anjonny bairstow again making himself useful. not much that ben stokes could do about this, though. as jennings' partners came and went next update was the time ofjos buttler who started promisingly but
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there was only one star man today. keatonjennings ending there was only one star man today. keaton jennings ending his there was only one star man today. keatonjennings ending his two—year wait to make his second england century much to the delight of the fa ns century much to the delight of the fans and his captain. this was this player's final performance for sri lankan. another made a respectable 37 before being caught and joe root declared shortly afterwards and setting the horse a daunting target of 472 for victory. generating —— jennings finishing the date streaks ahead of his team—mates within touching difference of 150. a big thank you to the people that stuck with me and helped me over the past 18 months and have backed me. they backed me through tough times, waking up during the night panicking and stressing and going through some tough times. like i say, really
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pleased to be sitting here having helped us get to a position where we can go on and win the game, i feel. a brilliant day for england and keatonjennings especially. earlier i spoke to simon mann from the bbc‘s cricket social who told me the real test forjennings will be back in england. he was picked for this tour because he was perceived as a good player i can spend, if england had been against south africa australia he might not even have a point on the tour body to punt on him mainly because they he is a good spin player but they also feel who else is there? they normally got to the last chance in terms of available options so they have gone with him, he has got some confidence and he will get some from this innings but the test will come when he goes and faces the new ball against south africa or australia, if you survive that long. sri lanka came in a series the big mac favourites, the only thing holding it up is maybe
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the bad weather takes some overs out of the match but they should win from here, a fantastic position to be in. really, england should end that horrendous run of not running away from home in 13 matches. there are four british sides in europa league action this evening and two of those have already kicked off. for the very latest here's our reporter ben croucher, and, ben, a good start for rangers. it started brilliantly for them. places up for grabs in the knockout stages tonight. let's look at the two early kick—offs tonight. rangers 2-2 two early kick—offs tonight. rangers 2—2 away at spartak moscow. not so many goals in the chelsea game away at bate borisov. in moscow, and eremenko —— eremenko one goal did
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rangers b wins, spartak moscow equalised before daniel candeias put rangers into the lead again however rangers into the lead again however rangers have just considered an own goal, making it 2—2 coming towards the end of the first half. chelsea are playing in belarus against bate borisov who have won the domestic league for the last 12 years. bate borisov have hit the post but it is still goalless in that game. unai emery‘s arsenal have been unstoppable in the europa league this season 3 wins from 3 — including a win in lisbon last time out. sporting — since that game — have sacked their manager and emery believes that could play to the visitors' advantage that personality has worked well for arsenal. win tonight and they'll be guaranteed to qualify for the knockouts as group winners. they change their approach but it is tough. this is a very good chance to
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get frost in the group. they want tomorrow to do a great match with oui’ tomorrow to do a great match with our opportunity. that has worked well for arsenal and if they win tonight they are guaranteed a place in the knockout stages as group winners. three wins out of the league and they will have a better head—to—head record than sporting. it's been 13 years since the gunners last won four in a row in europe. eight o'clock kick off there. so what about celtic? envious no doubt of arsenal's lofty position. just one win so far. rb leipzig come to celtic park tonight — having beaten a poor celtic 2—0 in the reverse fixture. but european nights in parkhead are always something special and manager brendan rodgers has called on his side to raise their game. we have shown at the very highest level in europe we can do it, it is ensuring consistency and, like i say, not dent confidence by giving away mistakes and hopefully we can
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then create a platform to get a good result. celtic, as we can see, have just one win in the group and if results go against them this evening, salzburg beat rosenborg and celtic lose that will be the end of their hopes for qualifying. you can follow all the action on the bbc sport website, live text commentary of chelsea's game against bate borisov and rangers who have just taken a 3—2 lead in moscow. the goals just don't stop over there. last night, manchester city fans may have been relieved var hasn't been brought into the champions league just yet — although it's emerged it could be introduced into the latter stages of the competition this season. it's over concerns that mistakes like this one, when raheem sterling appeared to trip over himself before a penalty was awarded to city.
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this was during their game against shaktar donestk. bbc sport understand a decision on var could be announced in early december during uefas next executive committee meeting. england manager gareth southgate has defended the decision to grant wayne rooney a farewell match in honour of his international achievements. southgate said talks had begun over a year ago with england's all time record goal—scorer to come out of international retirement for one last game, which will be a friendly against the usa next thursday. we area we are a strange country in that we bemoaned the fact we have not achieved as much as we would like and then we have a player who should be held in the highest regard and we are spending lots of time justifying
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giving him that tribute. if anybody deserves one more cap it is somebody who has had 119. more than somebody who has had 119. more than somebody who has had one or somebody that might have had a handful, i think he has earned the right to that cap over a period of over ten years and six major tournaments with england and to beat the record goal—scorer. i think there would be numerous exa m ples of i think there would be numerous examples of people that have earned caps in different circumstances and the fact is it as an opportunity to pay tribute to what he has achieved. i'm looking forward to seeing him and working with him for the next few days. giving him the sendoff i think he deserves with england, which is not always possible for players. and in this opportunity it is possible so i hope and i'm sure the crowd will give him reaction he deserves. it might be rooney's 120th and final cap —
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but for this man — the game at wembley could be his first. bournemouth striker callum wilson has been included in the 28 man squad. it's his first senior international call—up which comes after six premier league goals this season. jadon sancho retains his place too, whilst michael keane is also back in the fold after impressing for everton. england women are in action right now in a friendly with austria and have a 3—0 lead in vienna. thanks to goals from two debutants. first this opener from chioma ubogagu. and then georgia stanway struck in the second half. earlier, the women's game of remembrance between the british army football association and the german bundesveehr took place in nottingham. it was a meeting to mark 100 years since the end of
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the first world war. football kept troops motivated and helped build the men's match kicks off at seven oclock at the same venue and is being streamed live on the bbc sport website and the bbc sport app. the autumn internationals continue on saturday with all the home nations in action — and the return of chris ashton who's been given his first england start for four years. he's one of three changes made by eddiejones as his side welcome the return of the all blacks to twickenham. joe wilson has the details. well, it is welcome back to leafy south—west london for the autumn internationals for the all blacks. it's been a while. new zealand confronted that the
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verdict the value of the spectrum does make it a bit social and there is mutual and influence wherever you look in european rugby. england's team, brad shields starting in england jersey having played for —— all his rugby career in new zealand. here's what the new zealand coach makes of that. he will be facing the team he has always wanted to play for and unfortunately we did not pick him and for his sake he has the opportunity to play against them so it will be some present great mates in that team so i think he will find it emotional. eddie jones and his england team won themselves some breathing space with the narrow victory over south africa last weekend but they did not score a try. maybe chris ashton back in the
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tea m try. maybe chris ashton back in the team will give some creativity and try scoring options. there is much talk at the new zealand media conference about the difference in styles, the english weight and the all blacks way. when i watched rugby asa all blacks way. when i watched rugby as a kid all blacks way. when i watched rugby asa kidi all blacks way. when i watched rugby as a kid i wanted to see the ball flying around and backs running in tries. if we could encourage that he would be great, it does not mean to say we will not see that from england, they have the potential. is it the mindset thing, you need confidence to play that way? we are encouraged from a young age to express ourselves, i don't know if it is the same appear but it is great growing up knowing that coaches back you to express yourself asa coaches back you to express yourself as a player because, ultimately, you are doing it for fun and that is where you get the biggest rewards and it is enjoyable, at the end of the day. 0ne the day. one thing is clear, before any match the all blacks play, everybody in
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new zealand and pretty much everyone in the world expects them to win. meanwhile, scotland have made nine changes for their match at against fiji at murrayfield, with stuart hogg returning to the starting line up. he's been out for eight weeks after having ankle surgery but is back earlier than expected. greig laidlaw will return to captain the side with exeter chiefs lock sam skinner making his first start. and josh adams has been picked in the wales team to play australia this weekend, ahead of british and irish lions wing liam williams. adams is one of three changes to the side which beat scotland. ireland bossjoe schmidt has brought back the big guns for the visit of argentina, with sean 0'brien recalled for his first international game since last november. only two players — jordan larmour at full—back and left wing jacob stockdale — are retained from the side that beat italy in chicago last weekend. you're watching sportsday — now for a quick look at what else has been making headlines. everton have been banned
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from signing academy players who have been registered with another premier league or efl club in the preceding 18 months for two years after being found guilty of breaching premier league recruitment rules. it comes after evidence showed academy staff had offered an incentive to a player and his family to persuade him to sign with the club. they were also fined £500,000. mark selby made the third maximum 147 break of his career in his first round match against neil robertson at the champion of champions event in coventry. the three times world champion achieved the feat in the second frame of the match but he still lost in a decider. and andy murray's latest return from injury has begun he's back on the practice court and will be going to miami for warm weather training next month. the former world number one says he's planning on playing his first event of the 2019 season at the brisbane international which starts on new years eve. now, when bbc sport's lizzie
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greenwood—hughes was asked to take part in a charity horse race, she thought, how hard can it be? she'd ridden all her life, and was pretty fit but as she discovered, the reality is very different. welcome to jockey school, this is the british racing school in newmarket and over the years so many famous names have passed through these doors on their way to stardom. it is also the place for people like me, aspiring charity riders, have to come to be passed fit and competent enough to write. that is where we have a bit of a problem because i have a bit of a problem because i have a bit of a problem because i have a confession to make, this is my second time here because last timei my second time here because last time i feel to the fitness test and fell off on the riding so this is my last chance to make the grade. wish me luck! welcome to the british racing school, you are here to be
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assessed to write any charity race. the criteria we are working with is that we are looking at you been 12 stone or under. 13.2... we're stone or under. 13.2. .. we're going to do the bleep test and then we will come here and finish it inside, 0k? my finish it inside, 0k? my knees are already going. i got 70% on the bleep test, 10% more than i need. and it best to make upfor more than i need. and it best to make up for my deficiencies in the other stuff. —— and i needed this to make upfor other stuff. —— and i needed this to make up for the deficiencies. three, two, one. it doesn't matter if it is a charity race of the grand national, you've got to be superfit, racing is dangerous, a really dangerous sport and you cannot


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