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tv   World News Today  BBC News  November 11, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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this is bbc world news today. i'm karin giannone. our top stories: a hundred years since the armistice that ended the first world war. in paris, world leaders put aside their differences, to unite in remembrance. long live peace amongst peoples and amongst states, long live the freedom of the nations, long live friendship amongst peoples, long live france. here in the uk, the prince of wales led tributes to the nation's war dead, on behalf of the queen. thousands march in the polish capital, warsaw, celebrating 100 years of independence, with concerns over the inclusion of far—right groups. the worst fires in california's history leave at least 25 people dead — as the battle to contain them goes on. hello and welcome
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to world news today. the hundredth anniversary of the armistice that ended the first world war, has been marked across britain and europe. leaders from across the globe have gathered at the arc de triomphe in paris, with french president emmanuel macron urging them to build hope for the future, rather than play on fear. he said the scars of the first world war were still visible on the face of the world. lucy williamson reports . this was a world war the world came to honour. 70 heads of state and government gathered at the arc de triomphe today at the united nations of remembrance. a reminder with nationalism rising once again that peace isn't made alone. translation: patriotism is the opposite of nationalism. nationalism is treason. if you think our interests only come first and you don't care for others, it is a treason of our values.
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a betrayal of all moral values. we must remember this. at the tomb of the unknown soldier, mr macron revived the flame of remembrance before leading the nation in a minutes silence. the sounds and symbols of this anniversary echoed across the world. in the belgian town of ypres the ceremony ended with a fall of poppies. among the crowd here a sikh family who brought their children to witness the commonwealth contribution to the war. this is a very special place to remember, i feel proud that there are the names of sikhs up there who sacrificed themselves in the first world war and i really hope they remember this place and visit it for sure. in paris the commemorations also marked a new beginning, an annual peace forum spearheaded by mr macron.
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behind the symbolism of today lies a call to the hard task of diplomacy, notjust remembering the past but thinking about the present day challenges faced by leaders here. new threats, new divisions, the ghosts of future wars. the only prominent guest to excuse himself from the peace summit, donald trump. across paris another much smaller angrier international gathering, to protest his presence here at all. we call him a proto— fascist because he has triggered a lot of nationalist and reactionary movements in the united states and all over the world as well. as dusk fell british and commonwealth veterans, survivors of more recent conflicts held a service of remembrance inside the cathedral of notre dame. across europe both governments and governed reflect on their history and the role of individual in world peace world war.
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here in the uk, the prince of wales has led the tributes to the nation's war dead, laying a wreath at the cenotaph in london on behalf of the queen, with the prime minister, politicial leaders and for the first time the president of germany, all in attendance. nicholas witchell looks at how britain remembers the end of world war one. the cenotaph this morning as a nation prepared to mark the moment a century ago that the world war ended. 800,000 or so british lives had been lost in that war, it was in their remembrance at the cenotaph was originally constructed and in timeless fashion and largely
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unchanging form the ceremony of remembrance has taken place in whitehall in every peacetime year since. 0n whitehall in every peacetime year since. on this more than unusually significant day of my remembrance, the nation ‘s leaders took place, led by the prince of the queen watched from the arc in the above as the ben signalled the start of the national two—minute silence in remembrance of all those who lost their lives in war. big ben chimes the hour. music: last post.
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in whitehall, after the last post sounded by royal marine buglers, the prince of wales placed the queen's wreath of poppies against the cenotaph's northern face. and then, for the first time, a german wreath was laid at the cenotaph by germany's head of state, president steinmeier. 100 years after the end of the first world war, in which an estimated two million germans lost their lives, an historic gesture of reconciliation. after the politians, it was the turn
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of the veterans to march past and lay their wreaths. h will have his/her own memories of recent conflicts and their lost comrades. but today the collective remembrance is about those who never came home from a terrible war that ended 100 years ago today. as we were hearing in ourfirst report — a peace forum has been held in paris, to coincide with the armistice commemorations. this new event is seeking to promote a multi—lateral approach to security around the world. the german chancellor angela merkel spoke about why peace should not be taken for granted. the worry that the national
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protectionism is going to spread to ignore, people are ignoring our dependencies of one another so the corporation in the peaceful spirit and even the european peace project has been questioned. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news... australian police investigating a strawberry contamination scare have arrested a fifty—year—old woman. since september, there've been dozens of alleged incidents of sewing needles found hidden in fruit, sparking a nationwide panic. it's led to supermarkets taking strawberries off their shelves and farmers dumping their supplies. police in queensland said they'd arrested the woman after a complex investigation. reports from the city of hodeidah in yemen say that fighting has now reached residential streets as pro—government forces continue their offensive against houthi rebels.
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a pro—government military official said the aim was to purge the streets of the rebels. over the past twenty—four hours, more than sixty fighters are reported to have been killed. the number of people known to have died in the latest outbreak of ebola in eastern congo has passed 200. a vaccination programme is under way, and 25,000 people have been immunised. but the health minister says armed groups are harrassing the response teams. two medical workers have been killed. police in poland estimate that more than two hundred thousand people have taken part in a march in the capital warsaw to celebrate the centenary of the country regaining its independence. the state—organised march was overshadowed by the government's decision to allow far right and nationalist groups to take part in the parade. from warsaw, adam easton reports. the president began the celebrations by laying
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wreaths to the heroes of poland's modern independence. at midday poles across the town and cities join together to sing the national anthem. the official ceremonies missed the fact that poland is a deeply divided society. opposition leaders and several former presidents who despite the government's nationalist leanings and euro scepticism boycotted the events. the also stayed away from a huge march because the government agreed to allow far right and nationalist groups to take part too. many ordinary patriotic poles did take part, including families. marching alongside
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the football fans and the nationalist. the president urged people to avoid political statements and carry only people wish like and almost everyone did. is small group of far right supporters did take their own political flags but there was no repeat of last year ‘s racist imagery and chance that did such damage to poland ‘s standing. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: + in motor sport, triumph for the mercedes team and lewis hamilton at the brazilian grand prix seals their win in the formula one constructors' championship. with nobody to stop them it wasn't
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long before the first attempts were made to destroy the structure itself. the man who dominated the palestinian cause for so long has died. palestine has declared a state of mourning. after 17 years,... this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines. the leaders of germany and france have warned of the dangers of a rising tide of nationalism on the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war. huge crowds have been celebrating the centenary of poland regaining independence, waving national flags to turn the streets of the capital, warsaw, into a sea of red—and—white. james pierce has all the sport.
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hello and manchester derby is always a big day in the premier league calendar and city have emphasised their superiority over the their neighbours with a dominant display. the 3-1 neighbours with a dominant display. the 3—1win puts them back to the top of the table and city are now 12 points clear of united. a penalty gave united some hope but city finished the game off in the final minutes. in the first half it was not completely satisfying, we did not completely satisfying, we did not play in the flow and we had to play to avoid mistakes. the second half was a bit better, we had a couple of problems in the first half but after that, after the 2—1 we did
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not concede too many chances at the rest of the game and we made good football. there are big games across europe. juventus are currently leading 2—0. by selina was beaten 4-3 at leading 2—0. by selina was beaten 11—3 at home which was a surprise result. a game in bonus areas has ended 2—2. the eighth peak east tennis finals are under way in london. roger federer is on quite as he begins his attempt to secure its 100th career singles title. federer has lost the first set on a tie—break. earlier kevin anderson
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marked his debut in the event with the victory over a dominant team. the south african who was a runner—up at wimbledon won in straight sets. it has been eight childhood dream for kevin anderson to play in these finals and he could not have marked his debut at. on the other side of the net was a man he had beaten insects of his eight encounters so had beaten insects of his eight encounters so far. had beaten insects of his eight encounters so far. anderson stands more than two metres tall at the south african showed pace and a deft touch. the world number six showed more flair in the second set but he wasn't able to pull clear of the austrian. he is only two places low anderson in the rankings and ran him close, saving him three match points. but when you are close to realising a dream it can help drive you over at the line and in the fourth attempt anderson made his dream come true. he made it a
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special one for his wife to. it is my wife's birthday today so i don't know if you will humour me and sing happy birthday to her. are you guys ready? one, two, three, happy birthday to you, happy they take you, happy birthday dear healthy, happy birthday to you. —— healthy. lewis hamilton has won the grand prix for mercedes for the fifth time ina prix for mercedes for the fifth time in a row. the newly crowned world champion took his tenth win of the season champion took his tenth win of the season ahead of the red bull driver. he looked ahead to be on victory but he was robbed of that victory. he was given a ten second stop though
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penalty for that incident. curare's driver took third place. that is all your support for now. firefighters in the united states have bitterly criticised president trump's response to wildfires in califorinia. to wildfires in california. let's show you what he tweeted this morning. "with proper forest management, we can stop the devastation constantly going on in california. get smart!" mr trump also threatened to cut federal funding. the number of people killed has risen to 25. three days after the fire broke out, recovery teams discovered 1a additional bodies in the burnt—out remains of the town of paradise. peter bowes reports... the scale of the devastation is overwhelming. this is all that remains of paradise, a quiet retirement community to the north of sacramento. thousands and thousands of homes reduced to rubble. the charred remnants of household
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possessions, unrecognisable in the ashes. the roads are strewn with burned—out vehicles where some people were overcome by the flames trying to escape. others made it, but onlyjust. 0h oh my god, oh my god. i am so scared right now, so terrified. in southern california, many more homes have been destroyed or damaged in two majorfires close to thousand oaks, the city where a gunman went on the rampage earlier in the week, killing 12 people in a bar. it has been a brutal, hellish three days for the city of thousand oaks. we are still not where we need to be. i know firefighters from various agencies including our fire department, ventura county, have slept in the streets overnight to keep an eye on fires,
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embers, making sure that there are no additional homes burning or any other property. the authorities are still trying to assess how many homes have been destroyed. some have been allowed to return to their neighbourhoods, often not prepared for what they will find. there is a house that they took all the motorcycles out but the house made it, so i was just coming up the street to see my neighbours and i didn't realise my house is gone too. the city of malibu, popular with celebrities, has also been badly hit. it is completely evacuated now and the authorities say they are having to deal with looters who have attempted to steal valuables from abandoned homes. there's been a lull in the strong winds which have been fanning the flames, but they're forecast to pick up speed again and may last until tuesday. this state—wide emergency is far from over. elections have been held today in the two russian—backed
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separatist republics in eastern ukraine. the ukrainian government calls them illegal and illegitimate, so does the european union and the united states. from kiev, here's our correspondent, jonah fisher. they had been called a farce, a fakery, and a mockery but with the backing of russia, donetsk and luhansk have gone ahead. with their elections. television pictures show a steady if unspectacular turnout. and what can we change? we can only come and make a choice. why should we listen to europe when we can listen to our own leaders and ourselves. we always said that it is people who have power, to elections we give power to those we elect. we should have legitimate authorities. the result is not in question, the process is being carefully managed so that the current leaders face no serious opponents. it is likely to simply be a matter
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of how much they win by. and whether the result reflects the voting or as the government in kiev claims is already entirely pre—determined. no country has officially recognised the self—declared republic‘s. they continue to survive thanks to military and economic support from russia. jonah fisher with that report. we've brought you coverage of the commemorations for the centenary of the armistice which ended the first world war, but now let's look at the experiences of one person who lived through it. robert graves wrote poetry about fighting in the trenches, and his words have become some of the most famous evocations of the horrors of war. our witness team spoke to his son. he never really recovered. i do not think anyone
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recovered from that war. gray haunted eyes. absentmindedly glaring from wide, uneven orbits. he sat me on his knee when i was 11—5 years old and one of the things he said was feel here, and he has a long above his and he has a lump above his brow which was actually a piece of granite. one brow drooping somewhat over the eye because of a missile, still here in skin deep. the foolish record of old world fighting. injuly 1916, which is the date of the battle of the somme, he takes a walk into the wood looking for overcoats for winter. he comes across a german, pretty gory sight. a poem came along shortly
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after in which he describes this. to you who read my songs of war and only hear blood and fame, i will say you've heard it said before, war's hell. if you doubt the saying, today i found a certain cure for lust of blood. —— war's hell propped against a shattered trunk in mess of things and greens that a dead body. he stares with close and face of solomon green. spectacle, cropped hair, dripping black blob from nose and beard. spectacle, cropped hair, dripping black blood from nose and beard. he suffered from shellshock. he had certainly nightmares until at least ten years after. one of the things he found very hard to accept was this idea ofjoyfulness at the end of the war.
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when the days of rejoicing over and the flags stowed safely away, they will do have another wild war and in other armistice day. the boys killed in the trenches who fought with no rage and now around, we left them stretched out on the pellets and mud, no doubt they were at the end. here, in majorca, very much yielded his own life. in those terms, i think it was good for him and he could focus on what he likes doing which is writing. we used to go down to the beach and of course he also carried with him his army knapsack
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and his water bottle. he certainly did not have to talk with anyone else. you had very few people who could relate to hear. he was always working. towards the end of his life, the war started coming back to him. i had a very strong mental picture of it. i can see the whole thing as clearly as they can anything in this room. he was in a wheelchair and we would wheel him and there was a big bang or something and he always jumped. you would almost point a gun at you. it was a very strange end of a life. at the very end he was sitting ina chairandjust sighed, and that was it. he died very peacefully. remembering robert graves, one of britain was my greatest poets.
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hello there. dry but in the west, some showers with thunder in the irish sea coast. away from those, temperatures will drop down to sigel figures under clear skies, a touch of frost under parts of scotland but over all a fairly mild week ahead and it is a week which begins as we finished the weekend, on the breezy side with a mixture of sunshine and showers. low pressure close by, we also have this weather front across northern france which has a deal of cloud for it was angular and the south—east. to be a cloudy start here with one or two later showers. will push its way a bit further northwards and eastwards through the day, with sunshine in between, some parts of northern ireland, northern scotland, the midlands could get
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through parts of the day predominately dry. with sunshine, it will not feel too bad around this time of the year with temperatures from 11 to 1a celsius. more showers will push their way eastwards tomorrow but low pressure becomes less of a feature and pushes to the north of us. this little bobble on the pressure lines indicates a ridge of high pressure which means fewer showers around with tuesday, one or two mainly in the west but mostly dry with good study spells. south—westerly winds with increasingly mild air through the day. outbreaks of rain to bring us a wet middle part of the week, especially in the west. wait a south—westerly breeze with hazy sunshine and rightly the south you are but that south—westerly winds will bring the in some of the mildest conditions of wednesday and indeed thursday. for wednesday, mildest conditions of wednesday and indeed thursday. forwednesday, get yourself some shelter because we can see highs of around 16 or 17. we
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continue with a southerly airflow into thursday with high pressure across continental europe are low pressure to the north of us so we continue to feed into the milder flow of air but winds feel lighter to ring the second half of the week which means a greater risk of mist and fog developing, optically across inward and wales. —— england. this is bbc world news, the headlines: the leaders of germany and france have warned of the dangers of a rising tide of nationalism on the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war. their comments were made during events in paris, attended by dozens of heads of state. huge crowds have been celebrating the centenary of poland regaining independence, waving national flags to turn
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the streets of warsaw into a sea of red and white. police in california are stepping up their search for survivors in the town of paradise, which has been largely wiped out by the most destructive fire in the state's history. 25 people have been killed. in motor sport, the mercedes team have won the formula 1 constructors' championship after their world champion driver, lewis hamilton, won the brazilian grand prix.
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