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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 12, 2018 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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a furious max verstappen confronts esteban ocon after the two collide at the brazilian grand prix. and federerfalls in london, as the swiss is beaten by kei nishikori at the atp finals. hello and welcome to the programme. we begin with the premier league, and the first manchester derby of the season, where it was an emphatic win for manchester city. goals from david silva, sergio aguero and ilkay gundogan saw pep guardiola's side take a 3—1 victory over united, to put them back at the top of the table, while inflicting significant damage to jose mourinho‘s hopes of even finishing in the top four. the first half, we were not com pletely the first half, we were not completely satisfied. we played a little bit not fluidly. we have two
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plate, to avoid making mistakes, and the second half we played better. we regained the ball higher and we had the problems in the first half, and after that, the second goal helped us. after that, the second goal helped us. after that we were stable after the 2-1, us. after that we were stable after the 2—1, and after we came in and controlled the game, we made good, good football. elsewhere, liverpool extended their unbeaten premier league run to 12 games with a 2—0 victory over fulham at anfield. it wasn't without its controversy, though, after an aleksandar mitrovic header was disallowed 1a seconds before mo salah's opening goal, with liverpool managerjurgen klopp even admitting his side had been a bit lucky. i saw it was disallowed, and i went to the official and wanted to explain that robert, it was a foul
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on robertson. so miss the start of the situation, but the flag was up, so the situation, but the flag was up, soi the situation, but the flag was up, so i knew it would not be allowed. and on the other side it was brilliant. elsewhere, wolves were denied an historic first win over arsenal since 1979, after a late equaliser from henrikh mkhitaryan made it 1—1 at the emirates. and that goalless result between chelsea and everton means chelsea have now stayed unbeaten in their opening 12 top—flight games for only the second time in their history. in la liga, barcelona lost a home league match for the first time in two years, as the spanish champions were beaten 4—3 by real betis. lionel messi scored a double on his comeback, but couldn't prevent his team losing. elsewhere, sevilla's win over espanyol takes them to second place in the table, while real madrid's 4—2 victory over celta vigo puts them within just four points of barcelona. in serie a, juventus bounced back from losing to manchester united
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in the champions league in midweek, juve securing a 2—0 victory at top—four—chasing ac milan. mario mandzukic opened the scoring, and who else but cristiano ronaldo got one later on. elsewhere, atalanta ended inter milan's unbeaten run with a 4—1 victory. boca juniors drew 2—2 with river plate in the copa libertadores final first leg on sunday. the weather, which cancelled kick—off on saturday, stayed dry at la bombonera. ramon abila put boca 1—0 up with 3a minutes on the clock. but the lead wasn't to last long. just two minutes later, lucas pratto‘s right—footed shot found the corner. sebastian villa's free kick found the head of dario benedetto, and he found the back of the net, 2—1 seeing the noise level go through the roof. the second half wasn't quite as action—packed, but it was certainly one river enjoyed, as they drew level 16 minutes after the restart.
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and it was an own—goal, so 2—2 it finished. the second leg is on 2a november. formula one, and lewis hamilton took a lucky win in the brazilian grand prix, after red bull's max verstappen lost the lead in a collision. hamilton's victory helped mercedes secure the constructors‘ championship, as ben croucher reports. much of lewis hamilton's recent domination in f1 has been thanks to the car, today at‘s brilliance down to luck and esteban ocon. the day was illuminated by the max verstappen‘s read wall, who took the lead midway through the race. the dutchman flying but he had some unexpected turbulence when red bull
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tried to lap himself, inexplicably running into the red bull, sending verstappen out of control. as he tried to claw his way back from second, his team—mate, ricciardo, showed him how it was done on his way to finishing fourth. even though hamilton's tyres were running out of grip, verstappen ran out of laps. it wrapped up mercedes‘s fifth straight constructors‘ title. wrapped up mercedes‘s fifth straight constructors' title. world champion, lewis hamilton, world champion. all smiles on the podium, well, apart from the chap on the left. on that incident on the track between verstappen and ocon, verstappen took his frustration off the track, confronting the frenchman in the weighing area afterwards. both drivers were called to see the race stewards to explain the incident, with verstappen ordered by the fia to carry out two days of public service. tennis now, and if roger federer wants to win the 100th tournament of his 20—year career in london this week, he will need to find his composure, after he was beaten in straight sets by kei nishikori at
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the nitto atp finals. nick parrott reports. this is a stage that roger federer has often dominated, and the six time champion is hungry for more. victory next sunday would be his hundredth career title. the form book suggested he would beat kei nishikori after defeating him twice in recent months, but the japanese showed he had learned from the experiences. and he was helped by federer‘s form going missing, to ta ke federer‘s form going missing, to take the first set on a tie—break. that saw the confidence of the swiss slump and nishikori's saw. he broke the world number three for a 11—2 lead in the first indoor victory over federer was within reach. in the end, it almost that easy as nishikori one in less than 1.5 hours. but fear not, federerfans. this is the fourth time he has lost
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his opening match at the event, but in 2007 he still went on to win the title. i want to do well at every tournament. i think fans know that, tournament. i think fans know that, tournament directors know that, i know that, my team does it, so i don't think, per se, know that, my team does it, so i don't think, perse, i know that, my team does it, so i don't think, per se, i am know that, my team does it, so i don't think, perse, iam playing worse because of it. i think i have had that pressure not going out early most of my career. 0nce had that pressure not going out early most of my career. once i became world number one, anyways. and then once you have been a former world number one, you always have that for the rest of your career, for every competition.” that for the rest of your career, for every competition. i had to play with my idol and always it is a big challenge to play roger. so it was great to win today, and obviously the first match is not easy, i mean, those of us are playing a little bit out, this first set especially. but i think the second set i was playing better. in the earlier match, kevin anderson fulfilled his childhood dream by making his debut at the finals. it has got even better for
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the south african with a straight sets victory over austria's thiem, and to cap a wonderful day he made ita and to cap a wonderful day he made it a special one for his wife as well. it is my wife's birthday today, so i don't know if you will humour me and sing happy birthday to her. are you guys ready? all right, one, two, three. # happy birthday to you. # happy birthday to you. # hgppy you. # happy birthday to you. # happy birthday dear kelsey. happy birthday to you. maybe just gave her flowers next time. monday's action at the nitto atp finals sees novak djokovic face john isner, but before that match, it is alexander zverev against marin cilic. zverev won three titles this year, and is the youngest of the eight finalists in london. here is the story of his year, as described by former us open finalist greg rusedski. the most wins on tour this year, so
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thatis the most wins on tour this year, so that is impressive, but the expectation level for this youngster is always a lot. a third masters series in 21 years of age, there's very few players that have done that. i think for me that was his best performance of the season. this year was a little bit of a breakthrough for him, making his first quarterfinals of a major in paris. i love the backhand. the backhand is a thing of beauty. i mean, it is one of the best in the business. i think he's got to be aggressive, he's got to be positive. every match is like the finals. you have the best eight players in the world going head to head. if he goes on to win this event, you know,, as you say, that would be an incredible performance. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that is but from me, holly hamilton,
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and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello. the week ahead will once again be a fairly mild one for this time of year, even if we start the week on a fairly fresh note for some. but it's a week that starts the way the weekend finished, with some fairly blustery showers around, particularly in the south and west. we've got low pressure with us, basically a zone of rising air helping to build those shower clouds. and this weather system across northern france will be close enough for the south—east and east anglia not only to produce some showers, but for a veil of cloud to stop the morning sunshine. the breeze is coming from the south and west, so it's southern and western counties of the country most likely to see showers for
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the morning commute. around the irish sea coasts, we could see winds close to gale—force. those showers filtering up are parts of west wales, isle of man, into south—west scotland. much of northern ireland, much of north—east scotland start dry with sunshine. and it is the north—east of scotland most prone to frost in the morning. for most, it's going to be a frost—free week. through the day, showers in the west will push a bit further northwards and eastwards, given the strength of the breeze. but there'll be parts of the midlands, north—east england, northern scotland, northern ireland that will stay completely or almost completely dry throughout the day. temperatures 12—14 degrees. still a little bit higher than it should be for the time of year, and it will be one of the cooler days of the week. now, as we go into monday night and into tuesday, a few more showers will push eastwards. the wind switches around in direction to more of a westerly one into the morning. it will be a cool night. temperatures down into single figures. most will be frost free thanks to the breeze as we start tuesday. but the key for tuesday is this little bump in the isobars, bump in the pressure pattern, northwards. that's an indication we've got a ridge of high pressure. that puts a cap in the atmosphere and stops some of the showers from building. there'll be a few around in the west to begin with.
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one or two may push eastwards, but for the most, most will have a dry day with temperatures similar to those on monday. but the breeze will ease down a little bit. finish the day with cloud increasing in northern ireland and western scotland, a damp night to come, here. and into wednesday, outbreaks of rain across northern western parts of the uk. into wednesday, outbreaks of rain across northern and western parts of the uk, most persistent west of scotland, cumbrian fells, and across gwynedd. to the east is a hazy day with sunshine, but across the board, hazy sunshine or rain. a very mild day for the time of year, and it's across some eastern parts of scotland, north—east england, and eastern northern ireland with temperatures around 16 or 17 degrees. and we stick with the mild theme as we go through into the end of the week. high pressure builds a little bit across continental europe, keeping weather fronts out to the west, keeping things dry, and keeping that southerly airflow. so the warmer air will largely remain with us, but as winds fall lighter later this week, we've got a greater risk of seeing mist and fog fall. bye for now. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america
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and around the globe. i'm reged ahmad. our top stories: beyond fake news — as social media is blamed for an increase in vigilante attacks across the globe — the bbc begins a major new season looking at the consequences. we'll bring you a month of special coverage. commemorating one hundred years since the armistice that ended the first world war. in paris, world leaders put aside their differences, to unite in remembrance. as california's worst—ever wildfires rage on, the state governor urges president trump to declare a major disaster and release more federal resources to fight it. shame on who? protestors at the beirut marathon demand change in the way cases of sexual assault and rape are handled.
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