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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 12, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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the man behind marvel comics, stan lee, has died. he was 95. he had a hand in creating several marvel characters, including iron man and the incredible hulk, which have appeared in some of hollywood's highest grossing films. lizo mzimba looks back at his life. # spider—man, spider—man. .. in comics... # does whatever a spider can...# in cartoons... in cinema... stan lee's creations have captivated fans for decades. he started in publishing in the 1930s at the company that would eventually evolve into marvel, where he helped create characters ranging from iron man and the x—men to black panther, and oversaw the development of many more as part of the marvel universe. i would be writing the stories, along with the artists we'd be working with, and we would all be hoping somebody would buy the comic books so that we could keep ourjobs and pay the rent and not be thrown out on the street! but we never, for a minute,
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could have envisaged anything like what happened to these characters. mr mcgee, don't make me angry. you wouldn't like me when i'm angry. it was inevitable that first tv, then hollywood would come calling. and stan lee's frequent cameos a constant on—screen reminder that he was consulted about the direction of the stories and their often imperfect stars. big man in a suit of armour — take that off, what are you? genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. echoing their comic book origins, they had frequent conflicts — super heroes who fought each other almost as often as they fought together. stan lee, one of entertainment‘s most important ever figures, was a trailblazer. that is hilarious! he was the first comic book writer to understand
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that the human behind the mask was much more interesting, much more important, than the mask itself. you know, i guess one person can make a difference. stan lee, who has died at the age of 95. newsnight‘s on bbc two, but now on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. have a very good night. welcome to sports day. i'm john watson. the headlines. england's cricketers hit out as they avoid another wash out in st lucia. liverpool's daniel
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sturridge is charged by the fa with breaching football's betting rules. and no problem for novak — djokovic wins his first match at the world tour finals in london. england's women are well placed for victory in the second match of the t20 world cup in west indies. this the first they've played, after the first was a wash—out. england got off to a great start, anya shru bsole, whose bowling helped england win the world cup last year, striking with her third ball. england's bowlers stayed on top; kirstie gordon taking three wickets on her debut, having previously played for scotland. bangladesh only made 76—9, but england have made a bit
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of a meal of the run chase. danni wyatt out to the very first ball of the innings. this is the very latest score... england on top and looking good to achieve the runs needed to win that match. the test match special team are on the air now — and there's in—play video highlights on the bbc sport website. joss butler could be asked to bat at number three for england in the second test with sri lanka on wednesday. despite victory in the first test, their first overseas in two years, joe root is expected to make changes to england's top order there's still no confirmation that jonny bairstow will be fit for selection — buttler says he's be happy to bat where required.
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i think that adaptability that trevor and joe talked about, being flexible with the order, is a real strength. i think it has been a strength. i think it has been a strength of the one—day side for a while now, being able to be flexible in the order, just because its test match cricket, there are not many egosin match cricket, there are not many egos in the side that need those defined roles as to this is where you will bat. of course, you need a good balance of being settled, but i think it shows a good team environment and ethic that people are willing to play wherever is required of them. liverpool's daniel sturridge has been charged by the football association with misconduct for alleged breaches of its betting rules. our sports correspondent andy swiss has more details. all we know is these alleged breaches of the betting rules by daniel sturridge happened in january this year, so some ten months ago. the fa say this all relates to two specific betting rules, firstly that players can't bet in any way on
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football matches or indeed any football matches or indeed any football related issues, and secondly that players can't pass on any inside information to people outside the game, which could then be used for betting purposes. then the last few minutes, liverpool have issued a statement. they say that daniel has given his full and unequivocal cooperation throughout this process and has assured the clu b this process and has assured the club he will continue to do so. they say that daniel has also stated categorically that he has never gambled on football. they say we will allow the process to be concluded in its entirety before making any further comment. the fa said daniel sturridge has until tuesday never the 20th to respond to these charges. andy swiss reporting. league two side oldham athletic left it late as they avoided an upset in the first round of the fa cup to beat non—league side hampton and richmond borough. the hosts went a goal ahead thanks to a penalty from chris dickson on 12 minutes. but oldham equalised through rob hunt with two minutes to go. and callum lang struck in the depths of added time to set
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the visitors up with a second round tie at maidstone. just before kick off the draw was made for round two — the full details can be found on the bbc sport website. when it comes to real madrid, the list of former managers are names known to us all — zinedine zidane, carlo ancelotti, jose mourinho — but perhaps not santiago solari. the former madrid youth team coach has been registered as the club's permanent manager, after impressing on an interim basis. patrick gearey takes a look at his journey to the job in european football. this time last month, santiago solari had not managed a top—flight clu b solari had not managed a top—flight club match, now he's found himself in the reckless at the right time. the best art of any real madrid
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manager in history, but even when asked about the position last night, —— the best start, he wasn't talking himself up. the club have to do what is necessary and possible for the best interest of real madrid. nothing is to say and i don't think anything else is important. here's a company man. though born in argentina, he has long been associated with real. he made the switch across madrid to the bernabeu in 2000. after retiring commie moved into coaching, firstly with real‘s youth team, alan morrison lee with casty, the reserves, who play in spain for the third tier. he took over as caretaker manager of the first team from julen lopetegui marsman. he is surrounded by celebrity. you will have to try and keep them and his bosses happy while living up to the expectations of a clu b living up to the expectations of a club which won the champions league and a zinedine zidane in may. like him, though, the new man knows his
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way around. doel i think solari is nearest to the sedan formula, someone in the side but who knows what it is like to win with the club. he has respect for people in the club and understand that coaching real madrid is not like any otherjob in football. he has got real going in the right direction, though they will be expected to start overtaking a few at the top of a congested league table. he has benefited not just a congested league table. he has benefited notjust from results but rules too. in spanish rubble you can only be caretaker manager for two weeks. the names of morrissey pochettino and antonio conte will continue to be muttered enquired corners of this imposing place, but for now solari has his bosses's phase. it's your go, santiago. day two at the seasonending atp finals in london today — the world number one novak djokovic outlining why he is the man to beat after a comfortable opening victory overjohn isner in straight sets. the serb has had a great year, winning wimbledon and the us open to return to world number one and he sailed through the first set 6-4.
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the american was completely outplayed by djokovic who took the next set 6—3 to complete an impressive victory in his first round robin match. in the day's first match, germany's alexander zverev beat marin cilic. cilic did have the upper hand in the first set, but world number five zerev fought back to take it on a tie break. the second set also went to a tie break, which zerev also won, on a court which he says is proving difficult for the players. definitely one of the critter court is that we have on tour. it's different from paris, paris was fast, but it was low bounce, quick and high bounce, so it is a mixture of both. so all games fit here, but it's tough to find your rhythm on it. let's take a look at some of the other sport stories making the headlines today.
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samir nasri will undergo a medical at west ham, after a completing an 18 month ban for doping. he was punished for using an intravenous drip which contained more nutrients than the limit allowed. the france international has formerly played for arsenal and manchester city — and its understood he'lljoin west ham for six months — but can sign a proper contract from the first of january. scotland have called up newcastle flanker gary graham for the rest of their autumn tests as an injury replacement for scarlets flanker blade thomson, who's recovering from concussion. the son of former scotland prop george graham, he was previously picked in england's training squad this autumn, but has yet to recieve an international cap. and the world champion mark williams is safely through to the second round of the northern ireland 0pen. he beat alfie burden by four frames to two in belfast. and most of us are familiar with the scenes on the day of the boat race. how different the scene from the nehru boat race in india, where the boats, and the crews are ‘slightly‘ bigger... traditional ‘snake boats' are up
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to 35 metres in length, and have crews of around 100 paddlers each, this staged in kerala. 80 teams took part on sunday. the nehru trophy race started in 1952 but the snake boat races can be dated back as far as the 13th century. that's all from sportsday. an update in the cricket. england we re an update in the cricket. england were 54—3, they needed 22 from 66 balls, before rain stopped play but that they will will ahead on the duckworth—lewis looks as if they should get the first win of the world t20 tournament out in the west indies. that is all from sports dez, up indies. that is all from sports dez, up next, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are polly mackenzie, who's director of the left—leaning think—tank, demos, and the conservative commentator and journalist, tim montgomerie. they have had a bit of a sneak preview, let's bring you up—to—date with the front pages so far. the metro reports on the case of a couple who have been convicted of belonging to a neo—nazi terrorist group that aimed to spark a race war. the i says the government looks set to lose a parliamentary vote on fixed—odds betting terminals. the mail says former foreign secretary boris johnson is urging the uk to offer asylum to a pakistani christian who spent eight years in jail for blasphemy and was released from death row
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after she was cleared last month. the guardian says time is running out for the prime minister to reach a brexit deal with her eu counterparts in time for a november summit. the daily telegraph claims theresa may will be warned by senior eurosceptic cabinet ministers that leaving the eu without a deal would be better than giving in to brussels demands on brexit. the daily star has a story about lisa riley making a return to emmerdale after 17 years away from the soap. and the daily mirror leads with the brit who died of rabies after being bitten by a cat in morroco. it is fairto it is fair to say, i think, polly and tim, a very mixed bag. let's kick—off, sort of inevitable on the night the prime minister delivers her speech to off the lord mayor's banquet about foreign policy, tim, the telegraph, no deal is better than caving into brussels. it has put it into quote marks, who exactly
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is it quoting? there is an awful richness to this telegraph story. 0ne richness to this telegraph story. one of them is you have dominic raab, brexit secretary, basically saying that the current demands that brussels are making britain are unacceptable, and other cabinet ministers supporting him, then you have william hague, former foreign secretary, who backed remain, but is fiow secretary, who backed remain, but is now saying if brussels is making the kind of unreasonable requests it seems to be, like last week we have a story about them saying we wouldn't even be a to control our fishing waters, we really do start needing to prepare for no deal, which takes us back to the headline itself, and that we have four months potentially to do it. now this is getting really high stick stuff now. that's what i was wondering, polly, is there a sense that this is all about the theatre and the brinksmanship you get in the final bid, where everybody‘s pushing for that last advantage before they


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