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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 15, 2018 1:45am-2:00am GMT

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coming up on this programme: novak djokovic qualifies for the last four at the atp tour finals in london, beating alexander zverev to make it two wins out of two. sri lanka have it all to do against england as they resume on day 2 of the second test in pallekele shortly, on 26 for 1 in theirfirst innings. and francesco molinari heads into the european tour's season ending event knowing only one other can catch him in the race to dubai. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with tennis news, and who would have predicted novak djokovic would be the man to heat at the season ending nitto atp tour finals? outside the world's top twenty six months ago, the now world number one beat alexander zverev to make it two wins from two at london's 02 which means he qualifies for the semi finals after marin cilic beat john isner in three sets. anneka radley was watching wednesday's action. a few months ago, alexander zverev
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could have walked onto any court full of confidence. after already securing a first group against marin cilic. but this is a win new novak djokovic and it would take a lot more than what he had to offer to derail him and despite leading djokovic floundering at some points, he couldn't hold his nerve and the first set was the serbian is a topic after a public aid in year of court for novak djokovic with injuries and personal issues that seem to be threatening his success, it would seem the serbian has bounced back in style. it was close in the opening couple of games in the second set, with alexander zverev digging deep to make djokovic earn it. but this isa to make djokovic earn it. but this is a reignited novak djokovic and sensing weakness in his opponent, he turned the screw. the german took only three points in the final five games. ultimately, he couldn't stop the sheer skill of alexander zverev,
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who edged closer to a place in the semifinals. that spot however, all relied on the outcome of the match between the big serving american john is now ——john is now and the croatian marin cilic, who both suffered defeats in their opening matches. —— isner. despite a poll performance, it was marin cilic who came out on top in the second and third set,. — think it was breathtaking tennis, to be honest, from both of us. but a win isa to be honest, from both of us. but a win is a win. —— i don't think. i played well, midway through the second set i started to swing through the ball and i haven't served that rate and here i made a lot of unforced errors —— he made a lot of unforced errors —— he made a lot of unforced errors —— he made a lot of unforced errors that allowed me to win easier than expect it, especially in the second set. the
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first set was extremely tough. john played a great tie—break sol first set was extremely tough. john played a great tie—break so i had to stay focused and i felt that i played really great tennis from the second set and the third set as well. i served really well, especially on the return, working really good and really pleased with the win. dominic thiem knows nothing short of a win will do at the atp finals on thursday against kei nishikori and even that may not be enough. after losing his opening two matches to kevin anderson and roger federer it's going to be very difficult for the austrian to progress to the semi—finals, but the former world number four greg rusedski has been reflecting on the past year for thiem. i think 2018 was a good year for him. getting to his first grand slam final in paris. he has improved his game. i have been impressed the last few weeks on the hard courts,
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especially indoors, making the semifinals in paris. adding variety to his game, sliced backhands, trying to contact his swing on the hardcourt. i would say just i would sayjust go for it, play more aggressive style. bring that variety. remember the way he played in paris and bring that sort of paris —— tennis to london. if he becomes tactically more astute he can have a very, very bright future andi can have a very, very bright future and i wouldn't surprised seeing him win the french open as well as other big titles in the future. england's cricketers hold the upper hand heading into the second day of the second test against sri lanka in pallekele. joe root‘s side were rescued though from a dismal start thanks to a half—century from a 20—year—old playing only his 6th test match. england were 165 for 6 when sam curran came to the crease, but he top—scored with 64, including 6 sixes, as the tourists had a late surge to finish 285 all out. sri lanka will resume on 26 for1 in reply, asjoe wilson reports.
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all the confidence england may have earned in goal could easily fall. keatonjennings made earned in goal could easily fall. keaton jennings made one. joe earned in goal could easily fall. keatonjennings made one. joe root just missed the ball. 65— three. shall anchor looked the skill of their spin bowlers, jos buttler trusted his imagination. —— shall anchor. butler had made 53 when his favourite shot in this function and sri lanka had him down. then came sam curran. england's 20—year—old vetera n sam curran. england's 20—year—old veteran hit six sixes. already england seemed to be able to depend on sam curran for this kind of thing. his innings here may have turned the test match. sam curran fell trying to reach the boundary once more. at england got to 285 all
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out in this fast moving day. it came sri lanka out that. jack leach is enjoying his cricket in sri lanka, not the only one. i am actually a person who goes out there and tries to give as the best for the team. there has been a few nice not, but asi there has been a few nice not, but as i said i don't look too far ahead and just want to take each innings one game at a time. if i get a chance tomorrow i can contribute and in the second innings try to sneak a few more rounds of and then hope for it recently we are taking one innings at a time, one over at a time and the spinners will have a huge day tomorrow and seamers probably will not bowl as much as we would like but that is a great thing because we have three great spinners and they are bowling nicely and moeen ali and jack leach so that this evening. —— showed that. south africa are chasing 108 for victory in their match
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against tournament hosts and defending champions west indies at the icc women's world t20 in saint lucia. after being sent in the hosts managed 107 for 7. at the same venue, sri lanka won the early match beating bangladesh by 25 runs. after being sent in the sri lankans could only make 97 for 7. in response bangladesh madejust 72 as they crash out with a game to play, while sri lanka play defending champions and tournament hosts west indies on saturday at the same venue. in golf, the european tour season reaches its climax this weekend. the dp world tour championship gets underway on thursday in dubai, with ryder cup winning team—mates francesco molinari and tommy fleetwood the only players left in contention to end the year as the european tour's number one. molinari's in pole position after a year in which he won the the open championship, europe's pga title, and claimed his maiden tour victory in the usa. fleetwood, meanwhile, has to win this weekend in order to have any chance of retaining the race to dubai title he won last year. new position for me. i think
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obviously it is just a consequence and the scion of an incredible season. “— and the scion of an incredible season. —— sign that. i would never guess i would be here in this position if you told me in april or may this year. —— sign. it has been an incredible summer topped by an unbelievable ryder cup. so, really, a dream season for me. it is nice to be here in this position, so hopefully i will be able to close it out. i know it is not going to be easy and i am not making any assumptions topic but i will do my best on the course to do thejob. —— will do my best on the course to do the job. —— any will do my best on the course to do thejob. —— any assumptions, but i will do my best. it is impossible not to know all worked out the maths of what you need to do. ultimately,
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i have got to do my best this week and see what he does. it is there and see what he does. it is there and the best thing about it is that you have got to the final event of the year and you have got the chance to win it. it doesn't matter how slim it is, you have had a great year and you are still filled with excitement coming into this event. ifi excitement coming into this event. if i was going to pick somebody other than me, if i was going to pick somebody otherthan me, i if i was going to pick somebody other than me, i think francisco would be it. you have a lot on the line, it is exciting, it is what you want, to go out with one of your mate, going out with a friend and battling it out together is a nice way to go out this you. —— go this year. south africa are 15-0, chasing down the win. a couple of games in the nba. did the beetroot pistons against the toronto raptors, they
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lead 70— 53 with and it ten minutes remaining in the third quarter. the memphis grizzlies lead milwaukee. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. wednesday brought us another fine autumnal day with plenty of sunshine in the south and the east. we did have some more cloud, rain, and breezy conditions across north—western parts of the uk. this was the picture as the sun set in 0xfordshire. some of us got as high as 16 celsius on wednesday. well above average average for the time of year. through the day on thursday, things will remain mild. mostly cloudy skies. there will be some brighter spells developing later on in the day. through thursday we have got a weather front sitting to the far north—west. it's high pressure across the new continent that will be
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driving our weather over the next couple of days, keeping it largely settled. a bit of rain affecting western parts of northern ireland and the north—west of scotland. elsewhere a largely dry day. one or two mist and fog patches across parts of england and wales. some low cloud around as well. there will be some sunshine by the afternoon across the north—east of england into eastern scotland as well. those temperatures will be on the mild side, again reaching 13—15 degrees across the country. some rain for northern ireland, into scotland overnight thursday into friday. further south across england and wales you keep the low cloud. we could see some mist and fog patches developing. it will be frost free across the board with temperatures down to 6—11 degrees for most of us first thing friday. friday, a largely dry day. weather fronts kept out at bay by this big area of high pressure, which is pushing in making its influence felt across the country. as we head through the course of friday and into the weekend many of us that dry theme. there could be quite a lot of low cloud, some mist and fog, particularly for some central, southern, and eastern parts through friday morning.
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it will brighten through the day. it will stay on the mild side. we have the temperatures reaching the mid teens on friday. a slight change as we head into the weekend. largely dry, settled conditions, but things will feel a little cooler compared to the very mild weather we have had for much of the past week or so. there is the chance of seeing some mist and fog around. i think on saturday, for most places, early—morning mist, fog, and low cloud should clear to leave sunny skies, fairly light winds coming in from the south—east. temperatures not quite as warm as thursday and friday. up to about 10—12 degrees, it shouldn't feel too bad. a repeat performance on sunday. a south—easterly breeze clears any early morning mist, fog, and cloud. autumnal sunshine by the afternoon. temperatures around 10—11 degrees. goodbye for now. richard dell a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers
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in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: britain's government backs the prime minister's brexit deal, but now the hard part — getting it through parliament. the eu's chief negotiator gives his seal of approval. next up — talks about a trade agreement. the death toll rises from the californian wildfires. we travel with one man back to a home that's been destroyed. and michelle 0bama talks about the difficulties of raising a family and how couples' therapy helped.
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