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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  November 15, 2018 5:45am-6:00am GMT

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news for financial markets, maybe. the new york times is looking at the irritant as far as president trump is concerned, his ongoing battle with parts of the media. it reports that a federaljudge is due to deliver a ruling today on the white house banning a cnn reporter from the building. and finally, to switzerland and the neue zuricher zeitung, which covers the astonishing amount of money paid at an auction in geneva for a diamond and pearl pendant that once belonged to marie antoinette — $36 million. that follows the 50 million for that pink diamond. jane is back. jane foley, senior foreign exchange strategist at rabobank. let us look at frankfurter allgemeine. the british to the eu. that is germany's take on yesterday. it is, exactly. it refers to the withdrawal agreement. but the withdrawal agreement. but the withdrawal agreement, all 585 pages of it, generally looks a bit backwards. there are still a lot of negotiation into what will be the
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future relationship between the uk in the eu. this paper says that brexit hardliners are unhappy because not only will the uk be bound by this exit agreement, but looking forward that the uk will also be bound by eu minimum standards and labour environmental law and state aid. they are quite pleased, but not some of the other press. there is reports that countries such as the netherlands and france are saying that the eu have conceded too much to the uk. that is quite interesting. this paper is quite pleased because they don't see much difference. this is theissue don't see much difference. this is the issue for the hardline brexiteers, as you say, the fact that this komru miah is, the withdrawal agreement, the negotiation has ended up with a deal thatis negotiation has ended up with a deal that is not as good as staying in and not as good as a clean break, it isa and not as good as a clean break, it is a middle ground, a muddle in the middle that is a bad deal for everyone. that is their take. this is where the markets are very
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nervous because it might mean that this deal may not get through parliament. an important few days coming up. of the irish times, let us coming up. of the irish times, let us look at their front page. the brexit backstop, the fudge to get over this problem of the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland has to be dealt with. it says that theresa may faces tory result of the deal. that is they look at her future. it also talks about what the irish prime minister has to say about all of this. he is very pleased. be taoiseach said he wanted a bullet—proof play. this is about the guarantees about hard border. this plan guarantees the soft border and continued security cooperation. the dup, they are making it pretty clear. they spent an hour, the
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leader of the dup spent an albert theresa may in ten downing street yesterday well, making it very clear that they will not back anything that they will not back anything that means the relationship with europe is different to the rest of the united kingdom —— about an hour. theresa may relies on the dup's support in westminster. this is another reason why they are concerned it will not get through parliament. this is what the guardian highlands. it is interesting to see the different headlines. the daily telegraph says there are different day —— difficulties ahead. the guardian says a split cabinet, a split party, a split nation. yes. there is talk in some of the press there could be a no—confidence vote on theresa may in the coming days. it is for her. we'll see what reaction she gets from parliament. for sterling investors, they are very reluctant to bet that the deal that is there is the one that will get through parliament. an interesting next few daysin parliament. an interesting next few days in politics. many political commentators talk about the fact
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that all the mps and members of parliament will weigh up this withdrawal agreement and think what is actually worse, that would be another general election. and no confidence vote in theresa may. all these,is confidence vote in theresa may. all these, is this worth and this, and therefore will we agree with this even though we feel it is not the best plan, because actually... for theresa may, she can say you follow this deal or there is no deal and thatis this deal or there is no deal and that is potentially worse. this is perhaps why the cabinet meeting yesterday took five hours. because clearly at least ten members of that we re clearly at least ten members of that were not particularly happy with this plan. eventually they compromised and agreed with that because the alternative could be worth. let us move onto other stories in the world. there are other stories. we have limbo, which is saying they have heard from people familiar with the discussions, a line used in the media all the time, to say there is some sort of movement on the part of
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china to give the us some trade concessions ahead of the g20 summit —— bloomberg. the summit where president meet with president xi in argentina at the end of this month. what you make of this story?“ argentina at the end of this month. what you make of this story? if we read through this story, despite the headlines, it highlights that most of the document is a rehash of what china offered before in terms of allowing maybe a little more overseas investment into china, et cetera. if that is the case there isn't anything particularly new and it is unlikely investors will get excited about this. it is interesting that the g20 is coming up. it is interesting that donald trump said that china wanted a deal, he wanted a deal. at the time that was just ahead of the mid—term elections. is it something donald trump is doing to get ahead? i think this scepticism will remain. it is quite interesting. i looked at it today and thought it sounds like progress, but the markets have not moved at all on this story, which is exactly what you're saying, they are
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reading between the lines and thinking this not going to lead to a good conversation between president xi and president trump. but there is a lot of hope and expectation on that meeting at the end of november, despite all of that, they will try to move forward as opposed to the strongman was coming out of president trump ahead of the mid—terms. president trump ahead of the mid-terms. i think there has been a development in the trade wars. there has been a lot more support for accusations that perhaps somebody needs to stand up to china in terms of intellectual property lights, et cetera —— writes. it is european company is as well. if you consider how congress is split now, it will be difficult for donald trump to get through new fiscal policies, any us president has a lot more autonomy when it comes to trade. i think is likely that he will remain committed. he has trouble at home,
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as ever, president. this is the latest aboutjim acosta, the cnn chief white house correspondence had his gradual is swept away last week when he was not going to back down on his questioning of the president —— president trump will stop despite the efforts of white house officials. they took away his white house credentials. they are fighting backin house credentials. they are fighting back in the courts, cnn. and they have backing of a lot in the media, including fox news. including fox news who are seen often as a supporter of donald trump. this is about freedom of speech and freedom of the press, specifically. and fox did say that they continue, and they do not condone the antagonistic tone between the president and recent press, but they do of course support the freedom of the press. this is an interesting story. it will be interesting story. it will be interesting to see how it plays out, whetherjim acosta will get is passed back or not. and how about
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roles —— pass. the president of fox news, some argue it is virtually a mouthpiece of the white house, some would be that strong and alan whicker it is interesting that they are so forthright in their support of this ——a mouthpiece. now, marie antoinette's poll pendant sells for $32 million —— pearl. has not been seen for decades. there were so much fascination in its. i think fascination in its. i think fascination is the key word. people are thinking maybe $i fascination is the key word. people are thinking maybe $1 million, $2 million, now at 32 million pricetag. it is linked with a really important pa rt it is linked with a really important part of french history, the french revolution. marie antoinette was beheaded, but a lot in the jewellery she smuggled out of frans to her
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relatives before she was arrested. ——a lot of herjewellery. from an economist‘s point of view it is interesting because there has been a huge amount of swelling in a lot of assets over recent years. classic cars, jewellery, et cetera. art. it has been record—breaking for sub everytime we run one of the stories it isa everytime we run one of the stories it is a new record. i would link this back to the fact that interest rates are so low. there is quantitative easing. this cheap money has really swelled asset price inflation and also the well. the demand for luxury goods. there are a lot of different aspects to the story. jain, lovely to see. thanks for coming in. and thank you for your company, that is the briefing. avei lovely day. hello there. wednesday brought us another fine autumnal day with plenty of sunshine in the south and the east. we did have some more cloud, rain, and breezy conditions across north—western parts of the uk. this was the picture as the sun set in oxfordshire. some of us got as high as 16 celsius on wednesday.
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well above average average for the time of year. through the day on thursday, things will remain mild. mostly cloudy skies. there will be some brighter spells developing later on in the day. through thursday we have got a weather front sitting to the far north—west. it's high pressure across the new continent that will be driving our weather over the next couple of days, keeping it largely settled. a bit of rain affecting western parts of northern ireland and the north—west of scotland. elsewhere a largely dry day. one or two mist and fog patches across parts of england and wales. some low cloud around as well. there will be some sunshine by the afternoon across the north—east of england into eastern scotland as well. those temperatures will be on the mild side, again reaching 13—15 degrees across the country. some rain for northern ireland, into scotland overnight thursday into friday. further south across england and wales you keep the low cloud. we could see some mist and fog patches developing. it will be frost free across the board with temperatures down to 6—11 degrees for most of us first thing friday. friday, a largely dry day. weather fronts kept out at bay by this big area of high pressure, which is pushing in making its influence felt across the country. as we head through the course of friday and into the weekend many of us that dry theme.
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there could be quite a lot of low cloud, some mist and fog, particularly for some central, southern, and eastern parts through friday morning. it will brighten through the day. it will stay on the mild side. we have the temperatures reaching the mid teens on friday. a slight change as we head into the weekend. largely dry, settled conditions, but things will feel a little cooler compared to the very mild weather we have had for much of the past week or so. there is the chance of seeing some mist and fog around. i think on saturday, for most places, early—morning mist, fog, and low cloud should clear to leave sunny skies, fairly light winds coming in from the south—east. temperatures not quite as warm as thursday and friday. up to about 10—12 degrees, it shouldn't feel too bad. a repeat performance on sunday. a south—easterly breeze clears any early morning mist, fog, and cloud. autumnal sunshine by the afternoon. temperatures around 10—11 degrees. goodbye for now. good morning, welcome to breakfast.
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i'm charlie stayt, here in westminster, where the prime minister is warning of difficult days ahead. after reaching an agreement with her cabinet, theresa may said it was her deal, no deal, or no brexit. and i firmly believe with my head and my heart that this is a decision which is in the best interests of our entire united kingdom. during five hours of talks, several members of the cabinet opposed the prime minister's plan, and she'll face tough questions from mps this morning. we'll pick out the key parts of the 585 page document
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