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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 16, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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returns to the awn itsn it-‘uc—z (“urlt returns to the cabinet to amber rudd returns to the cabinet to become work and pensions secretary. michael gove says he won't resign, after speculation that he would be the third cabinet minister to quipped at the brexit meal. the number of people missing in the california wildfires double store almost 630. let's have a look at what else is coming up this evening. at seven o'clock we will be looking back on it —— and an extraordinary week in politics and the perils facing theresa may. we will be speaking to a resident of the californian town of paradise, who has lost his home but managed to save a horse that had survived the getting into a gym and pool. you will also be seeing what the papers make of the brexit developments with john stapleton and kip proctor. that is all a head—on bbc news. now, the
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sport. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm lizzie greenwood—hughes. here's what's coming up on tonight's show: a captain's innings —joe root puts england on top in kandy. but is it his best century ever? he thinks it might be! racing up the leaderboard in dubai — tommy fleetwood bids to be europe's top money—winner for the second year in a row. england's newest teenage star jadon sancho tells us why he's going deutch. it's not easy leaving family behind. it's not easy leaving family behind. it is really hard, but i thought coming out to germany and expressing myself is the best thing i have ever done. myself is the best thing i have ever done. wales had the opportunity to win their nations league group and take
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a huge step towards qualification for euro 2020. welcome to friday sportsday. lots for you tonight. we're starting with cricket because england are firmly on top in the second test against sri lanka and it's largely thanks to this man, joe root. he was at his brilliant best in kandy today. england ending day three at 324—9 before play was stopped due to bad light. that's a lead of 278 runs. jo currie was watching the action for us. after sri lanka's batsmen dominated yesterday today it was the turn of england's batting order to show their mettle. starting the day 46 runs behind the hosts the tourists offered an almost instant setback. jack leach the early victim to sri lanka's spin. but rory burns was made of tougher stuff. alongsidejoe root he reached his half—century in quick time.
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the partnership wasn't to last though, burns was out shortly afterwards. given. ben stokes looked bemused after he was out for a duck as england found themselves 131—4 by lunch. step forward joe root. the captain calmly brought up a majestic century. to put england in control before he fell lbw for 124. there's still time for ben foakes to make his mark, chalking up his 50 before bad light intervened. england will start day four 279 runs ahead, within touching distance of a series win. don't forget you can follow every day of the test via the cricket social on the bbc sport website. former cricketer isabelle westbury was on today's panel and she spoke to us about root‘s century. we were discussing on the cricket show whether this was his best
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century ever in an england shirt. some people have said it is. maybe his century in johannesburg some people have said it is. maybe his century injohannesburg couple of years ago was right up there. in terms of the practice at —— but he versatility showed. the fact that they haven't won abroad but 13 tests. it was a wonderful century to watch and probably a very important one as well. they are playing this like a one—day game. if you look at the number of amazing one—day players they have an aside, that is natural, isn't it? it is also the context of the match. england may be in the past haven't attacked another in the subcontinent. they have a good
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chance of winning the second test match. these are the first test that they would have won abroad for a very long time. where do you see this england team? they have a long way to go. they are trying to rebuild after a period over a couple of years where they have had a bad record abroad and the fact they have got sri lanka and the west indies, who aren't the best test patients at the moment. the pinnacle is willing away against india, south africa and australia. we know that the one—day side is very good. the test team still has some work to do. if they have a good winter, they have a good chance against the west indies, then the ashes next summer at home. beyond that, you start to target those wins in australia and india. now, in just over an hour's time, england's women will walk out to play south africa in the world 20/20. a win in st lucia tonight will take them a step closer to the semi—finals. england have been comfortable in the tournament so far, thrashing bangladesh earlier
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in the week before a rain wash—out, but the proteas should offer a much tougher challenge. they have got some very dangerous batters another outstanding bowling team. they can be a bit unpredictable. you never know what you will get from them. the most important thing is that we get our bed right, do ourjobs right for supper we know we can beat any team. we can beat any team. we're at the halfway stage of the world golf championship and english golfers are dominating in dubai, but when play resumes tomorrow, all eyes will be on these two men, tommy fleetwood and francesco molinari, who are battling it out for the race to dubai title, for the player with the highest earnings on the european tour. this is the leaderboard after two rounds. fleetwood is eight—under par, three shots behind the leader, matt wallace. molinari is way down the order on three—under. fleetwood needs to win this tournament and hope the italian finishes lower than joint fifth to take the overall crown again, which, as our golf correspondent ian carter, explains could go either way. molinari slumped to a 73, one over
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paron molinari slumped to a 73, one over par on the day, that has dropped into a share of 20 seventh place. he has ground to make up, particularly in the light of what fleetwood did today, an exemplary round of 67, which has taken him into a share of six place. fleetwood won this last year, so he knows what it is like to win and he is going all—out to do it again. he says everything is magnified when you're out there on the golf course and the whole season is resting on how you play, rather than an individual week. that is how he is approaching it. he is also saying, let's see i am in touch after the first round, then the second round, let's hope that that is the case after the third round. a google backwards tomorrow, but at least he has given himself a chance and if he continues to do that over the weekend we could be in for a blockbuster finish. the weekend we could be in for a blockbuster finish. also coming—up in the programme:
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three years on from this emotional interview, british basketball‘s azania stewart tells us where she and the sport are now. i guess because we put so much effort and ha rd—working, i guess because we put so much effort and hard—working, and it is quite disappointing just because we didn't get a medal means that we are not work any —— worth anything, you know? not work any —— worth anything, you know? as rugby union's autumn internationals continue, we look ahead to this week's challenge for the home nations. now, claudio ranieri is two days into his newjob as fulham manager as an immediate replacement for the sacked slavisa jokanovic, with his remit simply to keep fulham in the premier league. but even for someone who achieved a miracle with leicester, ranieri faces a huge task. fulham are bottom of the table, with five points from 12 games. joe wilson reports from craven cottage. here we are in the middle of
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november, it feels that there is a ray of sunshine over english football again. uncle claudio ranieri is back. we all remember what he did and some of what he said at leicester. when they win, i pay for everybody a pizza. we are in the champions league! his first media conference here at berlin, different club, new challenge, but the same manager. i'm sure philfans will now think, well, is possible? you are not a normal manager, you whether manager's miracle. no, we have to work hard. we have to work hard, that was a bonus. a fairy tale. forget. but people like fairy tales. yes, but i think now it is important, don't think about the
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miracle, it is important to think there will be battles and then it is important to be ready together. there will be battles and then it is important to be ready togetherlj repeat together. i checked today, you are a 67 years old cloud you, how old do you feel? young! i met today steve mcclaren, and i said, how do you feel? he said, where do you get your energy?” how do you feel? he said, where do you get your energy? i said, from my players. and they take energy from you. yes, it is a good cable between me and the players, and the fans, of course. claudio ranieri did reflect today on the terrible events at leicester city and we saw him at the king power stadium paying his own tribute. he mentioned today the times that he has gone on that helicopter at that club. at the lump, his first job
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helicopter at that club. at the lump, his firstjob is to stop the clu b lump, his firstjob is to stop the club leaking goals. he will work on the defence. he thinks he has the players he needs to give them a fighting spirit. after a clean sheet, our may be on the menu! —— a burger. —— a burger. whether or not people agree with last night's wayne rooney england benefit at wembley, it was a good opportunity for gareth southgate to start some of his promising young talent. one of those was jadon sancho. the teenager has gone—under the general radar domestically because he's one of a growing number of young englishmen playing abroad, and in particular, in the bundesliga. 0ur correspondent david 0rnstein travelled to germany to find—out what they have that the premier league isn't offering. they are to abandon's most exciting young footballers, but instead of lighting of the premier league, jadon sancho and rhys nelson are shining in germany, a new life, a new opportunity and when we met at the important, temp two told me he is delighted with his move. everyone
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has different journeys, is delighted with his move. everyone has differentjourneys, you know? it is not easy leaving your family behind. it is really hard but i got coming to germany and expressing myself was perfect, the best thing i have ever done. it is here at borussia dortmund that jadon sancho felt his development was best served. for years, the world's leading prospectsjoin served. for years, the world's leading prospects join teams like these to make their name and with opportunities increasingly limited backcombed, not up—and—coming british players are doing the same, and it is paying off. i thought i might as well have a little big. luckily, with the slip, it kind of guided into that direction. with six goals in seven league games for hoffenheim, rhys nelson's loan move from arsenal has made him one of your‘s standout performers. from arsenal has made him one of your's standout performers. we are setting a trend for the young boys to come over. i know a lot of the top players in england are asking me, what is lifelike in germany?”
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say, it is great. it is not the first time british players have turned to germany, kevin keegan was already a* of the game when he signed for hamburg in the late 19705, signed for hamburg in the late 1970s, but more recently the talent has travelled in the other direction, towards the premier league. that has squeezed gametime for young players with figures for this seasonjohn but less than mr —— a third of those in the top—flight are qualified to represent england. in the top six clubs, it is even fewer. those aged 2! and under account for just 5.3% of minutes played. i don't see how domestically the situation can improve in the premier league. there is no pressure to produce players on the pitch, you can to produce players on the pitch, you ca n always to produce players on the pitch, you can always find a ready—made solution. the bundesliga has seen the need and it seems to be like a mutually beneficial relationship. from southwark to the stadiums of europe via premier league academies,
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the childhood friends are taking similar pads and last night sancho was given his full england venue, despite leaving manchester city for dortmund last year before he had even been a first—team appearance. if you feel you are ready, then you should take a shot at it, you know? try something different. if english clu bs a re try something different. if english clubs are not giving you a chance, abroad is always an option, they are open to see your ability and hopefully if you're good enough you will get your chance. the example has been set and perhaps others will now follow, but make the ultimate winner be english football? jadon sancho has been voted the bundesliga player of the month for october. rugby union's autumn international series continues this weekend with all four home nations playing tomorrow. it's ireland's turn to take—on new zealand — can they be the side to undo the all blacks? scotland are playing south africa, england playjapan and wales, fresh from their first win over australia for a decade, are up against tonga. patrick gearey looks ahead to the action. the psychology of the haka is to be
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due before you begin, to make the battle seem futile. when faced with the all blacks, ireland would recognise that feeling. yu de lu's unbeaten run against the irish lasted for a years, through bruised bodies and broken hearts, until one day in chicago that is forever frozen in ireland's sporting history. since that when two years ago, the dynamic has changed. for this irish team, beating new zealand isa this irish team, beating new zealand is a necessary step towards their aim. to winning the world cup. it is a lwa ys aim. to winning the world cup. it is always an achievement to beat the all blacks. it would be a huge feather in these players if they could topple them on saturday. feather in these players if they could topple them on saturdaym
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ireland are the northern hemisphere's smash hits, then scotla nd hemisphere's smash hits, then scotland have been the breakthrough act. they beat england in the six nations and fluid last saturday. six changes against the south africans, but whatever happens on saturday, sunday is going to hurt. but whatever happens on saturday, sunday is going to hurtm but whatever happens on saturday, sunday is going to hurt. if you ask any coach in world rugby, the team that provides the biggest challenge in the game physically with forwards, it would be south africa. they select the biggest, strongest men the combine. south africa are in the top two or three teams in the world, and hide they played against the best teams in the world. wales will be full of confidence after beating australia last weekend, but only one of that team will start against tonga. the welsh have the springboks a week later. england made i! springboks a week later. england made 11 changes to the side that thought they had beaten new zealand, only to have the try disallowed. they face japan. international rugby allows little room for sentiment.
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eddiejones says he wants england to physically smash them. you can follow all the action across the bbc. ok, let's round—up some of the day's other sports stories now. steve brown has resigned as the chief executive of the rugby football union, afterjust over a year in charge. he says it was a difficult deciisoon, but needs to take some time out. the director of professional rugby, nigel melville, will stand in until a replacement is appointed. we now know the semifinal line—up for the world tour tennis finals. alexander zverev will face roger federer. that's after zverev beatjohn isner in straight sets this afternoon. world number one, novak djokovic, will play kevin anderson. arise sir kenny — the liverpool legend kenny dalgliesh says he was "humbled" to receive a knighthood for his outstanding football career and helping fans after the hillsborough tradgey. asi
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as i say, if somebody in their wisdom wants to do this, then you will not object to it, but it is harassing. it is very humbling, but iam very harassing. it is very humbling, but i am very proud, as well. it is very humbling, but i am very proud, as well. after a golden games for britain's women hockey players in rio, it's been a tough two years since. the squad has been torn apart by injury, retirement and a lack of coaching continuity. now their motivation is even being questioned. but as they prepare for their first match as gb since the olympics at the champions trophy in china, the players say they're focused and ready. things said and whether they are meant in the way they said, whatever, who knows? we will not get hung up on things like that. that will be detrimental to our performances. it's all about performing for us, training hard, and keeping looking forward. i am as motivated as i ever have been and i'm hoping we can go white and enjoy china, but ultimately, look to keep
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progressing as a squad. look to keep progressing as a squad. well, britain will also be without the star of the rio final — goalkeeper maddie hinch. she recently announced she's taking a break from international hockey, but her absence does at least give other goal keepers in the squad a chance. iam amy i am amy tennant, england and great britain hockey goalkeeper. i was number two at the world cup this summer number two at the world cup this summerand! number two at the world cup this summer and i will make debut in china. i am in england and gb hockey goalkeeper. i last played for gb in 2015 and i'm returning after an 18 month injury. it is quite a pivotal moment in both of our careers. i feel it has been a long time coming. i have sat for a while, watched maddie, soaked it all up and ifeel now i am ready to take on that number one spot. it is a good opportunity not only for myself but amy tenant to show the world what we can do. we haven't had the exposure
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that has had. it's tough. at times it is hard. at times you will hate it is hard. at times you will hate it and you wish you weren't in that situation. but a lot of people would probably give a lot to be in that position. every time i put on the gb shirt, it pretty special. that is something that the 18 month site has taught me. to enjoy every moment, to bea taught me. to enjoy every moment, to be a way with the team, whether at numberone or numbertwo. be a way with the team, whether at number one or number two. we'll trying to strive to be number one, to be the best in the world. everyone says weird, but we are brilliant normal? obliquely normal. you have got to be funny. we provide the vibes at training. it is a unique position as a goalkeeper. it is an important position. the thrill
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of being a hoover. —— a hero. again, the highs in the last minute of "new make a save, that is good. obviously you want to help each other, but then it comes to the point when you're in competition. it's a bit cut in that sense, but we understand that and we understand that and work through it. i'm better than you had some things. instrument? yet quite a lot. yet quite a lot. this weekend, great britain's women's basketball team have the chance to qualify for eurobasket 2019. they're playing greece in manchester tomorrow and if they win by three points, they're in. but it's been a very tough few years for the sport in this country, with virtually no funding and many players forced to join clubs abroad. well, earlier i spoke to two of gb's star names,
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including team stalwart azania stewart, and asked how she's kept going. iam i am celebrating my 100th cap, and it shows my commitments and the rest of the girls, we have some other players who have 100 caps already. all we can do isjust players who have 100 caps already. all we can do is just keep players who have 100 caps already. all we can do isjust keep pushing forward and showing women's basketball is here to stay and it is a great sport to and play.” basketball is here to stay and it is a great sport to and play. i will show you act clip now three years ago. often we hear on the news about how basketball funding always seems to be under threat and three years ago he did an interview with the bbc and it was pretty emotional, when he asked you about the sport and what state it was in. we put so much effort and hard work in. and it is quite disappointing that just because we don't get a medal ——
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didn't get a medal, it means that we are not worth anything, you know? i have worked so hard throughout my career, and i guess what made me really u pset career, and i guess what made me really upset is realising if we don't achieve our goals, it will all be burned to the ground, i will never play for my country again. you we re never play for my country again. you were welling up. you are still here. that was three years ago. you're still playing international basketball. i have you managed to survive that? like i said before, just keep pushing forwards. the politics, we don't have any control over it. for us, it isjust politics, we don't have any control over it. for us, it is just to win as much as we can, to go into schools and communities and help younger women and even boys bring the sport up. that is kind of what we did. from then on, that point of
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getting emotional, i'vejust decided to leave on flat on the sidelines and really commit to great britain basketball and showing what it is all about. since then, you guys have been at the commonwealth games. some other pictures of the bbc, that we have, of view, georgia. you tell me what happened. i got proposed to. i was part of the setup. she knew all about it. it was very unexpected. i got told i was taking a picture on court. i was a bit oblivious of this kind of things. i thought there were good line for a picture, i turned round and he was down on me. at that overwhelming, but it was great. going back to the actual games. you are from manchester. it must be great to play in front of a home
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crowd. we have played a huge -- a view home games in manchester and the crowd are always really behind us. the crowd are always really behind us. it is always great to play in manchester. that match starts at seven o'clock tomorrow in manchester. gareth bale will be back in action for wales tonight as they play denmark in their final european nations league fixture. victory in cardiff will mean wales are promoted to the top tier, plus if they fail to qualify for euro 2020 in the normal way, they'll also be guaranteed a play off place. conor mcnamara is in the welsh capital for us. high expectations in cardiff tonight. the nations lead, at the beginning very few people understood it, is becoming straightforward for ryan giggs and wales. if they win here tonight, they will win the group and take a huge step toward qualifying for euro 2020. danny,
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this is working out very well for ryan giggs and the nations league is working very well for wales. ryan giggs and the nations league is working very well for walesm certainly is. this is what the nations league was designed for comedy should often the final games, getting the fans really excited. it is assured up tonight. denmark win they will win the group, if wales win it is promotion for them and onto a play—off spot for the qualifiers for euro 2020. an important game for both teams. the welsh youngsters have done particularly well in this campaign, but the big guns are back. gareth bale is back. you always want full squad available to you. your big players are squad available to you. your big players a re really squad available to you. your big players are really important. you need them fit, firing and playing to their best. he will be delighted that gareth beale is back, aaron ramsey has been playing well. a young player to come in and not been overrun by the big players. it will
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lead a team performance from everybody tonight, particularly the big players. they are warming up the disco lights for what we also hope will be a big party tonight. wales can win the nations league script tonight if they beat denmark. finally, we're used to seeing him clad in lycra scaling mountains in the grand tours, but check—out geraint thomas's chinese opera outfit for the opening ceremony of the shanghai criterium. this year's tour de france winnerjoined rivals, including peter sagan and marcel kittel, posing for photographs. iimagine he i imagine he will be much happier backin i imagine he will be much happier back in his lycra tomorrow. that's all from sportsday. hugh woozencroft will have more for you at 7.30pm. it has been another mile day across
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the country today and well some of us the country today and well some of us have been stuck under low cloud with drizzle, for other areas there has been sun chang, particularly in the north and west. it is for north—west west is that we will see the clear spells through tonight, before the rest of the uk, quite a lot of cloud. over the hills there will be missed and fog. things will turn cooler from the south—east, with some drier air moving in on saturday. that should clear the cloud away towards the north—west, so cloud away towards the north—west, so many of us will see the sunshine by saturday afternoon, just more cloud lingering for northern ireland, eastern scotland and north—east england. a fairly cold night on saturday night and on into sunday. sunday promises not a bad day, try across the country. on to mist and fog patches in the morning. not as warm as it has been in recent days. top temperatures on sunday
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between 9—13d. ireland. shane lynch. please welcome to the studio boyzone. so good to see you. that was 25 years ago. that will be stuck with you no matter what you do. but how do you feel when you see something like that? it is great seen stephen because he will be remembered for the wonderful thing he was. how do you look back on that now? the fact we did well afterwards, we would be depressed if this is bbc news i'm martine croxall. theresa may is backed by cabinet ministers, after a wave of resignations leading brexiteers pledge support for the prime minister. stephen barclay is appointed brexit secretary and amber rudd returns to the cabinet, at work & pensions. but more conservative backbenchers have written no confidence letters today, we'll have the latest. also this evening: the number of people missing after the california wildfires more than doubles to six hundred
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and thirty -- 630. a david hockney painting becomes the most expensive work by a living artist ever sold at auction.


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