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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 16, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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forget. but people like fairy tales. yes, but i think now it is important, don't think about the miracle, it is important to think there will be battles and then it is important to be ready together. i repeat together. i checked today, you are 67 years old — how old do you feel? young! i met today steve mcclaren, and i said, how do you feel? he said, where do you get your energy? i said, from my players. and they take energy from you. yes, it is a good cable between me and the players, and the fans, of course. claudio ranieri did reflect today on the terrible events at leicester city and we saw him at the king power stadium paying his own tribute. he mentioned today the times
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that he has gone on that helicopter at that club. at fulham his firstjob is to stop the club leaking goals. he will work on the defence. he thinks he has the players he needs to give them a fighting spirit. after a clean sheet, a burger may be on the menu! jadon sancho made his first start for england on thursday and today he's been named as the bundesliga player of the month. sancho has played a huge part in borussia dortmund's rise to the top of the german league — scoring four goals so far this season. the 18—year—old joined them from manchester city in august 2017 and signed a new deal earlier this month. england are firmly on top in the second test against sri lanka and it's largely thanks to captain joe root. he was at his brilliant best in kandy, as england ended the third day with a lead of 278 runs. jo currie was watching the action for us. after sri lanka's batsmen dominated
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yesterday today it was the turn of england's batting order to show their mettle. starting the day 46 runs behind the hosts, the tourists suffered an almost instant setback. jack leach the early victim to sri lanka's spin. but rory burns was made of tougher stuff. alongsidejoe root he reached his half—century in quick time. the partnership wasn't to last though, burns was out shortly afterwards. given. ben stokes looked bemused after he was out for a duck as england found themselves 131—4 by lunch. step forward, joe root. the captain calmly brought up a majestic century. to put england in control before he fell lbw for 124. there's still time for ben foakes to make his mark, chalking up his 50 before bad light intervened. england will start day four 278 runs ahead, within touching distance
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of a series win. the game plan, different strategies that you have, makes it fun, that is what it should be about. you should not feel that the pressure is too much. a hattrick from anya shrubsole has helped put england on the path to victory in their women's world t20 match against south africa. they bowled the south africans out for just 85. england's bowlers had dominated
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the south african batting before shrubsole blew away the tail, taking three wickets in three balls to bowl south africa out for 85. despite a few stutters england's batters eased to victory. we now know the semifinal line up at the atp world tour finals in london. world number five alexander zverev will face roger federer next after his straight set victory over john isner this afternoon. novak djokovic had already booked his place in the last—four and he didn't have much trouble beating marin cilic earlier tonight. the world number one took the first set on a tie break and went on to win the second comfortably 6—2. he'll play kevin anderson on saturday evening. danny cipriani shone on his return from a three—week suspension to help gloucester beat leicester tigers and move up to third in the premiership. in a lively game the best of the tries was saved until last when ollie thorley ran the length of the pitch to score under the posts to help his side win 36—13. steve brown has resigned
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as the chief executive of the rugby football union, afterjust over a year in charge. he says it was a difficult decision but needs to take some time out. director of professional rugby, nigel melville, will stand in until a replacement is appointed. arise sir kenny — the liverpool legend kenny dalglish says he was humbled to receive a knighthood for his outstanding football career, helping liverpool win three european cups in seven years. sir kenny supported the families of the victims of the hillsborough disaster and he and his wife marina raised more than £10 million for charity. as i say, if somebody in their wisdom wants to do this, then you will not object to it, but it is embarassing. it is very humbling, but
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i am very proud, as well. that's all from sportsday. welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. have a guess. many of tomorrow's front pages are already own, in fact, all of them, we seem to have a full house. financial times, says the prime minister has urged 300 local conservative party cheers to give support.
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the telegraph claims five eurosceptic ministers will urge to knees at me to renegotiate the terms of the northern ireland backstop in return for withdrawing threats of resignation from the cabinet. the daily mail has an exclusive interview with the prime minister, and thanks her husband for support through her toughest beat. a good interview. the times talks about the return of theresa may loyalist amber rudd. the mother has a picture of boris johnson and his father having dinner, and atthze same restaurant, dinner, and at the same restaurant, nigel farage. the guardian steers away from brexit, highlighting a un report saying millions of people are suffering from austerity. what a time to be a political
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journalist. you cannot get on a train and lose your signal for a second. it has been a fascinating week and you cannot predict what will happen next, it has been a privilege to be in westminster. it has been interesting, the tall, each day, different pea ks has been interesting, the tall, each day, different peaks and troughs, just when you think things are going quiet, amber rudd is brought in, and she has appointed a brexit secretary that does not seem that he will be a brexit secretary because theresa may will continue to hold all the power in that role. who knows what'll happen over the the times, she has brought back amber rudd. she has surrounded herself with the wagons. these are her old mates, faithful people. stephen barclay. he was a
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lever. a figurehead if nothing else. he isa lever. a figurehead if nothing else. he is a brexit negotiator, but actually she will be doing all the negotiations. he is not a brexit negotiator. she has been boss of the entire thing. she has shown herself up. she has emerged better today than 24 hours ago. people are beginning to sympathise with theresa may, they are saying, it is a lousy deal that it is the best deal she can muster at this time. she is playing their cards she has got really well. we do not know how many mps have written to the 1922 committee requesting a full of
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no—confidence. graham brady sits on those letters. we will not find out until that magic number of 48. what has been a damp squib was this threat from hard brexiteers, the letters are beer, they need to double—check that they can easily get 48, then, what stands out is saying, they will let the mps go back to the constituencies over the weekend and take some soundings and then you will see another flurry of letters go in. my instinct as you will not see that. i have been watching steve baker, he said it would be over by lunchtime, then, maybe this afternoon, then, maybe monday. i can understand there are some mps who say they have sent a
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letter that then they have not. they have changed their mind. they can resend it. you can. i have got a feeling this movement is not as strong as we first thought. you mentioned mps going back to their constituencies and here we have got, according to the times, theresa may infuriating brexit mps by appealing directly to the local chair. why shouldn't she? she can't do that if she wants. the daily telegraph, this gang of five, what do they want? they want to see a change to the arrangement about the irish backstop. at the moment the deal is that the eu would have to give its permission for us to remove ourselves from the backstop
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arrangement. michael gove and his gang think he can go in and change that and make it so britain will be able to remove itself from the backstop. it is essentially about who has more control, the eu or britain? but like the prime minister has said, this is the best we can get. how do they imagine they can do this? this is the deal, and of story. but if britain goes back to the eu 27 and says, we want to change our minds, they could see, so do beat, there is a group of european leaders saying, you have given away too much already be want to claw some back. some of the papers are saying this is not about michael gove wanting to change this particularly, wanting to stay in power, cannot stand the prospect of being on the backbenches. he has
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elevated himself to being behind the prime minister now. theresa may ta kes prime minister now. theresa may takes battle to eurosceptics. to what extent is the brexit camp now split which a mac that is what they are saying. the financial times quartz some people being furious with michael gove. he is a canny operator. he is a very canny operator. he is a very canny operator as we have seen in the past. there is a clear split between the brexiteers as to those who want a hard brexit and those who want to acce pt a hard brexit and those who want to accept the deal as it is. they are also seeing there are expressions of concern about the number of mps coming forward to book their games to these letters suggesting a vote of no—confidence in theresa may. not to say that that will ever get through even if they get the 48, no
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guarantee that the get through the house. whether she would survive? whether they will win? i do not think they would when. she is safe for another 12 months if the trigger that. let us look at the daily mail, an exclusive interview with the prime minister about the day that she had. this is rather sweet. this is classic daily mail. a very good political journalist, classic daily mail. a very good politicaljournalist, his classic daily mail. a very good political journalist, his name classic daily mail. a very good politicaljournalist, his name is on the inside. it is classic daily mail. who does she turned to end this crisis? she turns to her husband. that reminds me of margaret
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thatcher and denis thatcher. 0n the stuff they when she is being castigated by members of her own party, when they got home, they switched the tv off and they had a large scotch. it was a welsh whisky. she said diplomatically, we drink scotch as well. when i was on nationwide and we had margaret thatcher in regarding the falklands war, and the viewer took her to task about the sinking of the belgrano, denis thatcher, he went ballistic. he stormed out. similar. good on mr may. it


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