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to rival even the most notorious names of the game. now a plaque to honour his life has been unveiled in lincolnshire, as shirley henry reports: this time i am going to demonstrate some further aspect of the game. football legend with a colourful lifestyle, this 1930s footage shows what is thought to be the first football tutorial by fred spike sleep. now he's showing you how a ball should be backheel, but who was he? —— fred spiksley. ball should be backheel, but who was he? -- fred spiksley. three lines on his chest. they would that be? is ea compared? he was captured by the germans during the first world war but he escaped, arguably, he is the first superstar of professional football, this weekend is 70 years after the death of fred spiksley, and this lack has been unveiled in his honour. the first wave of schoolboys who could look at footballers on the field and think, actually, there is a career there, i will not necessarily end up in the factory. he turned professional aged
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just 17, at his hometown club he scored 131 goals, in 124 matches, and in1896, he scored 131 goals, in 124 matches, and in 1896, he scored two goals in the fa cup final. there was a comparison against a modern—day football player, if you look at the stats, they speak for themselves, the goals he scored, the games in which he played, his career progression... unbelievable, really. for many, he was a 19th—century george best, with the lifestyle to match. he did have two wives, he had his flaws, perhaps his biggest was his flaws, perhaps his biggest was his gambling, you got fired forjust going to the races when he should have been at work! thanks to this plaque at gainsborough trinity, this local hero will always be remembered. in 1948, he died at a racecourse on ladies day. and some thought that footballers get bad press these days, i don't
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think any can be accused of having two wives! that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. for the moment, thank you very much for watching. there's go back to the latest developments in the "brexit" negotiations, the prime minister will be travelling to europe tomorrow, to brussels, for talks withjean—claude tomorrow, to brussels, for talks with jean—claude juncker. growing pressure on theresa may in westminster, basing an uphill struggle to get her draft brexit agreement through parliament. let's talk to our political correspondent at westminster, we have some key votes on the budget is taking place tonight, and the dup are expressing their displeasure with the government over government over brexit by withholding support, it
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seems. it would normally not be worthy of much attention at all, for the government, vote on amendments to the finance bill, which effectively translates budget into law are normally not a problem for them, but as we saw last night, the dup, the democratic unionist party, which props up theresa may's government and has an agreement to vote with it to ensure that the government can win votes in house of commons and get things done, withdrew support temporarily, voting withdrew support temporarily, voting with the labour party, on one amendment, and abstaining on a couple of others, and we expect the dup to abstain on the amendments to the finance bill in the house of commons this evening as well. the upshot of that is not necessarily a disaster for the government in the short—term, but it is a sign that the dup are willing to flex their muscles, if you like, fire a warning shot across the bowels of the government. and show them that this agreement,
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this so—called confidence and supply agreement is not watertight. in the face of opposition to theresa may's brexit plan, the dup are showing displeasure at it by demonstrating to the government that they are prepared to vote against the government in the house of commons, the big problem for theresa may will be if they decide to do that when the deal comes before parliament itself. they are showing every sign that they intend to do that at the moment. dup flexing their muscles, meanwhile, theresa may heading to brussels tomorrow, to see jean—claude juncker, she has brussels tomorrow, to see jean—claudejuncker, she has already said she is not going to start picking all renegotiating the draft brexit agreement. that's right, the withdrawal agreement is done and dusted as far as theresa may and the european union are concerned, tomorrow's meeting, not expecting to bea tomorrow's meeting, not expecting to be a big event in itself, no big development, part of the ongoing
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negotiation between the uk and the eu, but it comes at a critical time, before the summit on sunday, when the heads of eu countries will officially sign of the withdrawal agreement, and that much shorter summary agreement, and that much shorter summary of what they hope to be a political agreement on the future relationship between britain and the european union. everything is still very much hanging in the balance, theresa may seeing every sign that back home is where she will face the real difficulty now, in getting her withdrawal agreement and brexit deal passed through parliament, meeting today with the leader of the scottish national party, nicola sturgeon, in london today, and the prime minister, we are told, told her that the withdrawal agreement was the best deal that could have been negotiated and is in the interests of the entire united kingdom. that is not how nicola sturgeon sees it, she has been
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meeting with other opposition party leaders in london today talking about the best way they can stop it. now, in the united states, thanksgiving approaches... president trump has carried out his traditional pardoning of a turkey at the white house. this time it was the turn of a turkey called peas, who came first in a white house ballot over another turkey called carrots. mr trump joked that carrots had asked for a recount. that's it for the moment, more coming up, beyond 100 days at the top of the hour. first, a quick look at the weather forecast. whether your tuesday has been cloudy and wet or you have been one of the lucky few to have sunny spells, we would like to escape that cold, raw easterly wind, here is the view from cumbria, sleet into the hills, moment of blue skies in cornwall,
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that brisk and chilly wind. the wind will ease a bit across southern england, wales and the midlands, if few clear spells, sunspots will end up close to freezing, most of us around three to 5 degrees, one or two mist and fog patches as well. into tomorrow, the bulk of the cloudy wet weather will be into scotland and northern ireland, southern scotland will brighten into the afternoon, improving picture in england and wales, some sunny spells developing, here is how it looks at 3pm. quite heavy showers running up through parts of south—west england, wales, into the west midlands that could have hailstones thunder with them. northern ireland, frequent showers, outbreaks of rain, southern scotland brightening up, northern scotland, rain, sleet and no, look at the strength of the wind, windier
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picture for scotland and northern ireland tomorrow, compared with today. certainly going to feel cold in the wind, for many of us, temperatures a little bit higher, particularly so across parts of southern england. wind chill, where it has felt like it is closer to freezing, it is not quite as chilly tomorrow. they're in mind, tomorrow evening, tomorrow night, it will become mainly dry and mainly clear as well and that will allow temperature to dip a way to give a widespread frost into thursday morning, before cloud increasing on the east, best of any sunny spells in the west, still on the damp side through eastern scotland and north—east england, temperatures still rooted in single figures. low pressure to the south, high—pressure to the north, south easterly flow into the weekend, parts of southern england could be close enough to the area of low pressure to seek a bit of rain. we will keep you updated. picture overall, dry weather to
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come, cloudy weather, still quite chilly. you're watching beyond 100 days. donald trump says he'll stick with saudi arabia, even if the crown prince knew about the murder ofjamal khashoggi. in a remarkably frank two—page statement the us president makes a clear calculation — this is all about america first. mr trump says the real problem is iran and he will continue to side with the saudis against that threat — whatever happened to the journalist. as a caravan of migrants heads to america, a san franciscojudge counters the white house, saying people can apply for asylum in the us even if they enter the country illegally. also on the programme... downing street is looking again at technical solutions to the irish border problem. 0ne dutch expert tells this programme europe already has the answer. i hereby grant you a full pardon.
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