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and the government is studying that request. hugh woozencroft. knocking the offenders off where should we start? shall we start with the men? their bikes. cricketerjonny bairstow must be a very and a day to remember forjonny bairstow... happy man. yes, a fantastic day for him. made his century and he is pretty happy, he silenced his doubters. yes happy, he silenced his doubters. their style is a sleepy boards present to back —— jonny bairstow. present to back —— jonny bairstow. indeed. worth today, a controlled sentry from him. twenty20 final, we will discuss it at around half past. at around half past. from him. —— as well as the women's team. the women's team. and the weather, how is toss, they chose to bat, it wasn't a great start for them. it looking? how is it looking? guesstimate it upon us. to 312
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for 7 upon us. but most of us will need our stick coats. at stumps coats. wednesday, until then, it is on the chilly side. first "upside down house". in colombo. work that has gone into getting back into the field is massive. good into the field is massive. long—term, who knows what is going to happen. to happen. afternoon. together over her plans long—term but yet, as you said i am happy with my performance. "castigated" for being for brexit. negotiated with brussels is the right deal injured. for britain. "won't give us any more.
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our political correspondent nick eardley reports. cricketers because they could become double world champions? it is not looking easy for theresa may around here. india in antigua... produced a 92—run partnership to next is far from certain. see england home with 17 and trying to persuade you. the prime minister theresa may is here with me in the studio... now is the point where actually i want the country to come together. balls to spare. us to get after they thrashed on with it. and the pm had this warning. if this deal does not go through, we end up back at square one. west indies. been clear and we knew our game plan. one," we won't get... they're not going to say, "we will give you a better deal. so it's this or no deal? this is the deal that i think works for the uk. but what would that deal mean for —— preparation. the economy? partnership, we would be in a here's michael. good place. better off with
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your deal? place. the way, it will always be a case of who wins it on the day. now, i think we'll be... things and are able to who wins it on the day. varies with a lot of drama so i'm sure there will be even more. trade around the rest of sure there will be even more. the world. —— stelios x —— that attract australia. autumn international against england with a neck injury. we will be taking to things. in the starting line up for the match at twickenham... her troubles are far from over. that the wallabies would not risk his in parliament she faces attack from long—term health. all sides. a new five—year deal at stamford bridge. in his first season and to vote hers down. is worse than staying in. fa cup in his second. this deal may be worse than staying in the eu in your mind?
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this would be worse than that. others are not happy. member of france's world cup winning squad in russia this summer. costs are going to rise big time for the people of britain. he is determined playerfor us so i is not being delivered. am really very happy. am really very they want mps to send the decision back. and the future happy. him and it is a very important news i think. of our children formula one is in abu dhabi for the final grand prix of the season... and grandchildren. vote this shower out, speaking as and it's mercedes who have topped second practice. valtteri bottas finished ahead of red a labour politician. bull's max verstappen. in third and world champion lewis of staying in the eu. the road to brexit will see plenty of twists and hamilton in fourth. things, that god that world title was wrapped up. that's all the sport for now. turns. the public seemed to show a i'll have more for you in the next hour.
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to the bbc newsrooms around the uk. theme. if her deal gets voted down, in the commons, what is rather than local authorities. emily ford is in southampton for us. first ‘upsidedown house'. we'll find out what that next? means exactly in a few brexit. so i wanted to drill down on what is plan b? we didn't get a clear answer minutes' time. on that. amy if i could start with you. on this deal and in doing that, she's linked to it. the final decision. it is completely hers. so if she doesn't get it through parliament, will she resign? to make it about her.
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public servant, that is very much her personality. resigning around her? in that respect. when i said, "do you go home and swear about it? i'm not sure i would've answered how she why is the government considering this change? answered it. so that shell gas can be extracted here. despite his sort of dad's army failed coup against her. when there aren't answers. here. or i would need if we wanted to put an extension in our back garden. it is striking what you didn't learn as much as what you did. to that script pretty solidly, didn't what are local concerns about these proposals? well, the north york moors park bosses have expressed concern. she? a while to say, "philip and i might geta drink. she said she'd had a large drink, was that right? yes, just a drink, i think. there was no quantity attached to it.
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bosses have expressed concern. site in britain no, i don't think there was. in derbyshire pretty ears are. in a platform like radio. but we always want to try to give ears are. them the chance to reply. she said residents should have a greater say. ", and he said no. so scripts go out the window. by a little girl to cheer greater say. her up. we have taken more and more of our democracy away from us. democracy away from isn't her most comfortable spot. us. take decisions on planning in local areas out of local peoples hands. areas out of local peoples hands. it should be be council '5 decision. i did it in our office, should be be council just after that election. return the majority she'd hoped for. '5 decision. control should not be taken with starting to share a bit away at a local level. a local level. sense to produce gas that we would otherwise import. of herself. and the personal is
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otherwise import. political. north yorkshire, i would be very worried about control. worried about control. to be short, i am against it. i am against it. the government will assess and make a decision. assess and make a decision. these changes are for pesticides only. how they are coping. a key sticking point. the pm's proposal deal. changes are for pesticides only. who are continuing to lobby against it. that they will always listen to local concerns. local concerns. this at 630 pm at looked off tonight. —— look north tonight. our ireland correspondent emma vardy reports. with the eu on sunday. of problems with the border in becky. —— thank u. you have been visiting an upside—down house. what exactly is the house? northern ireland. for northern i have indeed. ireland. the house was actually built upside down, upwards. i think we'll get the best of both worlds.
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actually built upside down, i prefer northern ireland with britain — better market. upwards. the poor as it is supposed to be and it is just a really good laugh. the poor as it is supposed to be and it isjust a really good laugh. both in ireland and the uk, and its relationship it isjust a really good laugh. get that perfect instagram picture obviously. with europe. democratic unionist party, who are urging people to obviously. bit of a chat with us about what he had in mind for it in the future. had in mind for it in reject it. the future. is upside down and that makes it i'd unique system. unique system. been producing some great photos of the past week as being open. the past week as being open. things done in westminster. bit of fun, what is on their support in it like being inside it? inside it? a huge fan of it when i first went inside. parliament. of the united kingdom. inside. we want to see a better deal. expect the ring to be the normal way around but then it is not. we don't want to see no deal. the prime minister's deal and no around but then it is not. deal. ceiling and it does make you feel a little bit sick.
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deal and we should look for that little bit sick. laugh, i did feel for some of the kids. better deal. the prime minister their backing. it is an agreement. kids. down to railings and ending up at the angle. the angle. it's a compromise between all the parties. tom is seeing a future for it. for it. which is no deal. here's hoping it will become a staple in the uk. northern ireland to address the a staple in the uk. dup‘s party conference. something different, it is art and it is an attraction. appears to be a near—impossible act. it is an attraction. explain, it is like motion sickness, like you are on a boat. like you are on a boat. emma vardy, bbc news, belfast. honest, i don't think i need that in my life. jailed for life for alleged my life. spying. solution' can be found. this was also an unusual case. without breaking our laws.
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and everyone great tip up to you both and have a lovely weekend. can request a pardon nationwide every afternoon at ii:30pm here. from our emergency departments in president. england. and the government is studying the care patients get — varies depending that request. on where they live. our diplomatic correspondent paul adams is our social affairs correspondent alison holt reports. hello, trafford assessment team ? james is a psychiatric nurse based at this hospital in birmingham. here. looks like this might be a potential for progress? hallucinations. a mental health crisis. for progress? will be released from jail and probably within a matter of days. james needs to see him quickly to work out how to help him. simply doesn't happen. hello, is he in 126? probably within a matter of days. they don't have any records of the patient brought in by police. unless it was pretty likely that the consideration would result positive.
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what is going consideration would on. result positive. get the impression that the uae would like this to be over quickly. hi i'mjames, i'm from rapid response team. to assess someone would like this to quickly? day, it varies day to day but it can be very busy. be over quickly. help and support. then, there is some talk about that being a tradition. being a tradition. it's very likely mr hedges will be a free man. free man. treated and about his so—called trial. i put that and they're not sure where to go so it is the first port of call. in inverted commas. commas. importance of the uaejudiciary committee and he? you get support on this, depends on where you live. what you make of that? when there is a psychiatric liaison team, they are his wife is a very angry woman. she has every not always called.
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in front of a car. right to be. and reasons why they really doubt that this has been done properly. he must that this has been have been despairing in the end. well, he was seen and he survived after it. done properly. it was always likely to be short hearing. hearing. he has faced due process, he said. on this occasion he was not seen and therefore, he did not survive. sees the right sort of he said. may be there in depositional spying it different from ours. it different from ours. gulf is a rather poisonous specialists. one at the moment. by the people who are fully trained by the. the moment. lots of suspicions and regional rivalries. you need
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this in mental health. should help regional rivalries. been asking their four years, without being interfered with. without being interfered with. his recovery. what is your take us what's hot and what's not in on this? is your take on this? somewhat taken aback by the level of international outrage? the business news. international is the right deal for britain. outrage? him chris webb i think yes to the first part of that. academic matthew hedges — jailed for life for alleged first part of that. this blew up in theirface. spying. this blew up in their face. robberies: knocking the offenders off their bikes. here's your business headlines their face. themselves with an extended week legal process and the hand. legal process and the on afternoon live. hand. want it is under way, it's not quite like that. like that. business in the run up to christmas. they found themselves dealing with this. vauxhall has announced it is to cut 24! dealing with this. will remain quiet until daniela, his wife, went public in early october. from its ellesmere port operations wife, went public in early october. in january. and at that point the future of the plant and the remaining 900 it became a diplomatic
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incident. jobs. the future of the site and not related to brexit. diplomatic incident. and oil prices uptake but once it was public, we saw a concerted effort. just keep on falling. brent crude dropped to its lowest level saw a concerted effort. for over a year. verdict and my sudden —— whistled jeremy hunt. jeremy hunt. and diesal at its he thought it would be before them. forecourts. the benefit of that before them. when we fill up then a pardon or clemency would follow. follow. not like the potential damage that this case have done. ourcars? this case have done. just as much as the british government does. —— they want this over. of a litre of unleaded and 2p for a litre of diesel. still pretty high
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thank you. is the right deal prices. for britain. critics are saying, the academic matthew hedges — jailed for life for alleged prices just don't fall fast enough. spying. robberies — knocking the offenders off don't fall fast enough. their bikes. final test against sri lanka in colombo. talking about it all day, it is black friday. and the other kid is going on and on. colombo. face australia in on. the title tomorrow.
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tomorrow. bottas narrowly beat the new world champion lewis carmichael. champion lewis are saying maybe we have had enough today. carmichael. christmas but they are saying it is not related to brexit? back on all those stories at half past. bash mac boxall. —— lewis hamilton. consulate in the pakistani city of karachi. and two civilians. carried out the assault. —— boxall. we are going to start off talking with our next secunder kermani reports. guest. consulate in the heart of pakistan's commercial capital. with our next commercial capital. grenades, didn't manage to enter the building. guest. this is a massive cost—cutting exercise, is that right? but they did killed two policemen. policemen. exercise, is also died but the consular staff were unharmed. that right? believe the fact that it is not brexit related? were unharmed. translation: i took the people inside and locked the door. inside and locked the door. the chinese asked what was happening.
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chinese asked what was happening. told them they were terrorists and to stay inside. to stay inside. door with chairs and a cupboard but the terrorist kept firing. the terrorist kept firing. militant separatist group claimed responsibility for the attack. brexit related? job cuts that we have seen but it does read? about as long responsibility for the attack. term viability. viability. they're trying to make it more sufficient so it is a suitable. natural resources and now say china is doing the same. more sufficient so it is a suitable. —— sustainable. -- is doing the same. which will link it sustainable. the lowest it has been for over a year now. to the arabian sea. year now. but not so good for the health of our global economy. sea. attack will not undermine the relationship. relationship. safe and smooth development of the china — pakistan economic corridor.
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china — pakistan economic corridor. relieved the death tolls today were not higher. not higher. most high—profile on a chinese target in pakistan so far. target in pakistan so far. our global economy. way, it and that will raise concern. is a self—correcting mechanism. mechanism. falling oil prices are both good and bad news. to knock offenders off their mopeds. both good and bad news. do you think we will see them fall further than? since specialist teams were set up to tackle we will see them fall further the problem. tom symonds report disturbing. they can be lightning fast or deeply intimidating. for the met, scooter gangs have become a than? whether a company device to maintain our cut production. our cut production. the oil price so it is really down to what the decision is. big problem. to what the decision is. what is your take on black friday? anti—scooter operation appears to be working. it's partly the kit, high—powered slimline your take on black friday?
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motorbikes. it feels like a couple of weeks, not just a couple of days. and then retracts to allow police cars to just a couple of days. pass. better up and doesn't really want to spend any more? but it's also about this. spend any more? about the strength of our high—street? yes, that's a police about the strength of our high-street? car driving into a scooter rider, deliberately. they are trained to do high-street? it at as low a are welcome and we are seeing the high—street embrace that. speed as possible. so far there have been no high—street embrace that. everyone else is doing it with the like they have two. serious injuries. like they have two. foreword sales for december that they would have made anyway. upon that course of action. dangerously through london. continuing and ending a pursuit based on all sorts of criteria. they would have made anyway. discounting stuff it is not so good for the proper bid —— profits. are a helmet is for the proper bid —— profits. not necessarily one of them. will get the updates it's a after christmas. myth.
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if they take their crash helmet off they think we will not pursue. they need to know that we will. it is for their safety, and christmas. january to see what the fall out is from back friday. we will risk assess it. 24joining which are very valuable to thieves. but you can add to that the fact it is an efficient crime to carry out. us. one scooter can be used there is a sea of red and it is not a surprise. a surprise. the oil price is weighing down on ftse. for a string of offences. weighing being used regularly. down the met says they have helped cut scooter crime by 44%. on tom symonds, bbc news, at new scotland yard. ftse. especially with spain and gibraltar and the relationship of the e0. the practice of female genital mutilation in africa. -- said "we can't end fgm eu. in the uk without ending it globally.
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good to talk to you, thank you. naomi grimley reports. in sudan decided to stop shown here until now. all female circumcision 30 years new year's eve since 1972. today it finally has its first uk public screening. our entertainment correspondent colin paterson has the story. ago. the same procedure as last year? of all women are still cut a 90th today. birthday party. is hoping to put an end to the practice entirely by 2030. guest, getting more tipsy as the and if they're coming evening goes on. from far every new year's eve. afield... it is essential viewing. deal with fgm cases. every child in germany knows dinner for one. you are waiting for it the whole year. she believes money spent abroad can have a beneficial effect here. over here and somehow, you know, swapped to end fgm globally. we are planning on doing that by 2030. over to germany. grassroots campaigns. performance was turned into a german tv programme. we need the conversation to the whole thing was filmed
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in one 15—minute take. start... ten years later it became an annual institution. everyday in herjob. my brother and i impersonated this her patients often have to contend with multiple complications. all the time. infection, bleeding, premiere at a weekend of slapstick here in campbeltown. it is almost like seeing him do it in a theatre, live. infertility. this is the one thing he really enjoyed doing. on the girl or woman who has had fgm. it was his baby. the campaign against fgm is already gaining ground across africa. by using its aid budget to help empower girls. you are freddie frinton's son, what reaction do you get? is always brilliant. people always want to have their picture taken with you, selfies. naomi grimley, bbc news. by a british audience. offering discounts. freddie frinton is a comedy genius. but shoppers are being warned that some promotions may his timing is perfect. it is an absolute masterpiece of slapstick. be misleading. raised particular concerns about online offers. our consumer affairs correspondent colletta smith reports. 50 years after his death, his reputation continues to grow. retailers both on and a museum dedicated to off—line are geared up him opens in bremerhaven.
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for a frenzied weekend. and, of course, it's very excited for black friday. already part of new we booked the day off work. year plans. and i think we will watch it before we start to have dinner together. but you can still get good deals on the high street. they all know they will be watching dinner for one? and take it home with you. yeah, sure, everybody does it. it is tradition. the same procedure as last year? online, you've got to basically order it and wait for it to turn up. the same procedure as every year, james. colin paterson, bbc news... i'll do my very best. 5 billion. shoppers in wrexham. i was walking past a shop and i saw the big sale sign. what they've got in there. even if you don't need it, you just... you buy it! yeah! but how easy it to spot a misleading offer? after about 12 minutes you just campbeltown. it's going to stay cold in the short—term. until next week, probably the middle part of get mentally exhausted.
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side, oh, it's a glossy one. it says best buy. the week. i'll get one of those. in the forecast as well. and how do you know it's actually cheaper? so, like, how do you know that what they are saying is true? especially for the southern counties. that's a question for the atlantic. and from the east, that is where the winds are coming. clipping parts of southern wales too. advertising standards authority. at risk of further showers throughout this evening. with any problems we sunshine, lake district, ayrshire, can. of the uk's retail year. dumfries, galloway. shoppers are expecting money off. south—western corner time for a look at the here.
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weather. first thing in the morning. have you bagged any bargains? a time for a cup of coffee let alone shopping! at the arrows —— haven't had time. here. whether you're going shopping or not, it will be quite chilly. not, it will be quite chilly. week but with that, we get wind and rain. rain. here's the weekend headline, stein tilly basically. counties wet on saturday. stein tilly basically. there are some rain forecast as well. in some western areas. that was saturday, this is sunday. some rain forecast as well. clouds and some have been pretty nasty. could see some damp weather through the afternoon. scotland, the western isles are in for a fine nasty. and lightning earlier on across part of the south west of england. of the south west of england. are even reports of lightning striking some properties here. striking some properties here. has been some fish is whether locally across the south west. locally across the south
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west. day. the odd shower here and there and it is chilly. strengthen so we are watching for a turbulent is chilly. winds steeds switch direction if you want the warmer atlantic air. want the warmer atlantic air. have easterly winds blowing through doing because tonight. doing because tonight. cornwall to cant we can see some rain from the morning onwards. rain from the morning onwards. are still within the area of blue, basically blew air, the atmosphere. basically blew air, the atmosphere. it but so blue is told and yellow is milder. milder. plymouth, southampton, tunbridge wells as well possibly. wells as well possibly. southern counties but the rest is looking good. looking good. much of western scotland on saturday.
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let's look at sunday. it will be the south—east, so plymouth getting a bit of sunshine. plymouth getting a bit of sunshine. in fact, many western areas on sunday looking fairly decent. sunday looking fairly decent. the single figure temperatures as well. single figure temperatures as well. heading our way, potentially windier and stormier. and stormier. lows develop in the atlantic and had our way. our way. course, so we are at some point in for some wind and rain for sore. for some wind and rain for sore. will start to go downhill from about late tuesday into wednesday. late tuesday into wednesday.
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