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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 23, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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what the cricket world cup comes to the west indies, it does not take much to drum up the crowd up with places in the final upward glance, the party atmosphere was under way way well before the action was. and you were almost gifted an early wicket, but so fumbled it. she was keen to make up her earlier mistake, starting and finishing the move this send madonna packing. there was another 26, and for india skipper, they started to find their fit. it did not last, and she could only offer 16. on a slow pitch, england's bowlers were on top and india imploded, losing their last eight wickets for just 23 runs. imploded, losing their last eight wickets forjust 23 runs. england set it target of 113 to victory. england's batters got up to a poor start, as tammy beaumont, and then danny wired were both dismissed early on leaving england with a careless play purdue. an inspiring
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partnership followed, and the housemates we made half centuries in route to an eight wicket victory. england secured a spot in the final. everyone is so happy to finish it pretty convincingly. everyone is so pleased. although not the best at charting my excitement, but i am feeling very different now. it's the final weekend of rugby union's autumn internationals. all the home nations are in action tomorrow including wales who'll be going for their 9th victory on the trot when they play south africa in cardiff. patrick gearey looks ahead to what could be wales‘ best run for nearly 20 years. while the temperatures drop wales, keep rising. past scotland, smashing through the historic barrier of australia. look what it means. way beyond home. now for south africa,
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the springboks played of this rugby league and wales will be at without their pressure for sup lee scored 713 points for his country, but it still out with a concussion. the welsh have other outlets. george scored twice in his debut against south africa eight years ago. he knows what a first queens going sleep would be. i think it would be huge without it would show where we are as a nation. it shows we're progressing from last world cup and this next cycle, and it could be a big year next year. as the english autumn ends, various setbacks have left them with only one england run out in four years. he makes the bench against an australia side lacking direction. what's more, they have last —— they have lost their
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last five matches against england. their great preparation and we're not going to be at our best, because australia will bring their best performance of the year, and as the game we have been waiting for this is their last game. we are prepared. the president is for these blokes, 01’ as some the president is for these blokes, or as some of them anyway after weight, after the year in which england has lost more than they have one, the chance to finish before they go on. that game at twickenham starts at 3 o'clock. before that scotland kick—off against argentina at 2.30. wales v south africa is at 5.20, and ireland play the usa at 6.30. with six ulstermen involved in ireland's game with the usa, and jacob stockdale and rory best given a well earned break, their absence was certainly felt this evening, beaten convincingly by a scarlets side which was also missing several international players.
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despite making a great start and taking a 7—0 lead, ulster rarely got a look in after the opening quarter, with scarlets totally dominating the second and third quarters. four tries without reply saw the welsh side clinch an impressive 29—12 victory and puts them above their opponents into second spot in pro14 conference b. meanwhile glasgow are 13 points ahead at the top of conference a. they thrashed cardiff blues 110—15 with niko matawalu scoring two tries. conference b leaders leinster beat ospreys in the other match this evening. west brom are up to second in the championship after a two one victory over ipswich at portman road. west brom took the lead through this effort from jay rodriguez in the first half. and they doubled their lead when harvey barnes cut inside to fire in a second. ipswich did pull a goal back late
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on but defeat sees them remain bottom of the league and five points off safety. chelsea midfielder n'golo kante has signed a new five—year deal at stamford bridge. he's made 81 appearances since joining from leicester two years ago, helping chelsea to the premier league title in his first season and fa cup in his second. kante said he'd "completely improved" as a player and was a key member of france's world cup winning squad in russia this summer. the goal he he is not player, he is a term in a player for us, the goal he he is not player, he is a term in a playerfor us, so the goal he he is not player, he is a term in a player for us, so with a new contract, i am really pleased for him, and it's a very important i'iews for him, and it's a very important news i think. formula one is in abu dhabi for the final grand prix of the season.
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and it's mercedes who have topped second practice. valtteri bottas finished ahead of red bull's max verstappen. with his red bull team mate daniel ricciardo back in third and world champion lewis hamilton in fourth. it's the golf event that has divided the sport. tiger woods against his big rival phil mickelson in what they're calling the match with more than £7 million on the line. it's made every golf event compelling. please welcome to the team, tiger woods. samuel ljackson introduced the two men, and so far it's mickelson who's just in front in the chase for that winner takes all prize. £7 million. hard to believe. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more sport throughout the weekend. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me arejoe twyman, the director of the polling organisation, deltapoll, and henry zeffman, who's a political correspondent at the times. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in, and only a couple lead with brexit. one of those is the daily telegraph, it says theresa may will announce a curb on low—skilled migration, in an effort to get tory eurosceptics to back her brexit deal. and the i thinks it's the ‘calm before the storm' this weekend, as the prime minister flies to brussels to seal the deal with the eu, ahead of that
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crucial vote in parliament in a few weeks' time. in other news, the times shows a still of the dramatic footage of a police car deliberately hitting a suspect off a motorbike during a high speed chase, a controversial way police are targeting muggers on mopeds. the daily express carries the same story, calling it a ‘tough new war on mobile street robbers‘. the guardian leads with its investigation into care homes, finding that some of the worst in the country are owned by companies that have made a total profit of £113 million. today‘s fall in oil prices leads the ft, prices fell to below $60 a barrel, the lowest level in more than a year according to the paper. just two gps for 1.4 million patients is the daily mail‘s headline, the paper claims the two doctors were responsible for ‘almost everyone‘ in kent in the early hours of a sunday morning. and ‘rumble in thejungle‘ writes the daily star, the ‘i‘m a celebrity‘ contestants are apparently planning a revolt
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against the ‘bossy‘ noel edmonds. duel or no duel? let‘s start then with brexit. that‘s hardly going to be the end finally. we will start with the telegraph. made to curb migration as the boat moves. she‘s a bit to curb migration, how are they responding? she is saying that migrants will have restrictions once we‘re out of the eu in whateverform have restrictions once we‘re out of the eu in whatever form that format ta kes. the eu in whatever form that format takes. before the end of the transition. that is hugely important, because at the moment the deal is not particularly popular with a lot of people. a lot of people and it does not go far enough, and we know that immigration is the key issue for a lot of people, particularly for those who voted leave. around three quarters
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say they wanted to see some control of immigration. this is seen, as i say an attempt to win people over. it's say an attempt to win people over. it‘s particular. say an attempt to win people over. it's particular. it's very particular. they have a couple of things that the prime minister is considering. one is a particular crackdown on low skilled european migrants saying they can come here oi'i migrants saying they can come here on 11 month visas on what is referred to as restricted entitlements and rights, and another option is abolishing the cap on highly skilled workers. joe buzz was absolutely right that this is an attempt to appeal to leave voters. ——joe attempt to appeal to leave voters. —— joe bob was the key parts of the referendum mandate that she hears is to crackdown on movement. i think the problem is she has to give her brexit deal through the house of commons, there have been also is of mps on the other side of the house saying this deal is not good enough. ido saying this deal is not good enough. i do not think i was heard a single
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one say this deal is good enough for what it means to immigration. there are other concerns that she has to persuade, and that is not a sign that she has managed to do that. correct normally it‘s things like the backstop that we do not have a unilateral way of getting out of that. she needs to convince her cabinet, she depicted the tarp party, she gets to convince the majority in the house of commons, and she also needs to convince the people, and i see this as an attempt to do the last group. it is not particularly the detail that is going up and dressed it is going to be the whole thing. she said she is going to go around the country explaining the deal to people not just the politicians. that's right, because ultimately this will come down to optics that the narrative around the deal. if people think this represents a real brexit, that it will appeal to leave voters. if the main voters believed at least some of their rights, and their current situations is maintained at least to some degree, they may come
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over to that. there is no point in pursuing something that only 3% of people strongly support that is going to damage a long—term. people strongly support that is going to damage a long-term. how much latitude do we have in the transition period, because surely that will come out with a withdrawal agreement is one thing, but our future relationship i imagine there will be some prescription around the transition period looks like? certainly the transition period will have access to the single market will be equivalent to what we have i'iow will be equivalent to what we have now as members of one of the controversial measures, and what she says is what the eu called the four freedoms of the single market, and one of those of the free movement of people. it is a little bit unclear what latitude the predator has on immigration during this period. it is said, that the political decoration that the statement that aims that the eu and the uk agreed to for the future relationship which is published yesterday about the eu did acknowledge that the free
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movement of people within the uk after brexit well and, so that is actually going to be a big win if you take us back to the start of the negotiations and the language the he was talking about, but, yet again this is something for the people of the prime minister has to get this deal to the house of commons, and there is not that much sign of shifting attitudes amongst the mps. even today after she came onto the bbc and talked at length, talk to the people? still no, you are not convinced? i think it is unlikely to bea convinced? i think it is unlikely to be a massive change is that in my world, we look for turning points as well as talking points. i see the discussion that theresa may had today as a talking point. ijust don‘t think yet that she has grasped enough of the initiative of the she does not have enough in the way of momentum behind her to really bring about public opinion change with up at the moment, things remains part relatively static. the question is,
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did she make the change that she needs that i wonder if the next headline is a turning point or a talking point. eu plays hardball on fishing rights in an effort to stymie brexit transition deal. and i says these are exactly opposite brexit stories is that immigration was a hot button topic without some people care about it quite intensely, but it certainly wasn't a major feature. it is something that quite a bit of mps care about. michael dell is one of them and theresa may is one of the rare positives of her general election, when she got 13 scottish conservative mps and they are exercised by two. the eu is making very clear that they want a separate agreement with fishing, and if the uk does not agree, then the whole
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deal could be off, and that is quite a big problem. that is hugely important, because it says they want the fisheries deal and it is a matter of priority. that is the last thing you want if you are going into the negotiation. the optical also says that the water fisheries are pa rt says that the water fisheries are part of a 2—page statement —— article also says that the fisheries are trying to reassure our worries to the uk brexit deal. a lot of the attention in this country has been about theresa may‘s problem about getting things through parliament, but what we haven‘t talked about is the fact that europe has to agree to this as well. yes we have a summit this as well. yes we have a summit this weekend, but it‘s not, i


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