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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 24, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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la nka hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: theresa may has arrived in brussels, ahead of tomorrow's summit to approve her brexit deal. the spanish prime minister says britain has given him assurances over the future of gibraltar, mrs may insists she'll always stand by the territory. the uk's position of the sovereignty of gibraltar has not changed and will not change. i am proud that gibraltar is british and i will a lwa ys gibraltar is british and i will always stand by gibraltar. in belfast, the leader of the dup, arlene foster, attacks the deal, saying it would create differences between northern ireland and britain. french police fire tear gas and a water cannon to disperse protesters in paris who are demonstrating for a second weekend against rising fuel prices. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me olly foster and holly hamilton.
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hello there, these are our headlines this evening. it's a good day so far for the home nations in the autumn internationals. england sign off with a win against australia. four more goals for manchester city as they sweep aside west ham to stay at the top of the premier league. it's still tight at the top in scotland, but celtic have gone clear after hearts slip up and rangers are on the prowl. and a good day for adil rashid and england as they close in on a series whitewash in sri lanka. also coming up in the programme... england's women go for glory at the world t20 in antigua, they play australia in the final later tonight. that will be a really good test for us that will be a really good test for us and always bring an occasion to be involved. we will have to play very well. —— and is always
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brilliant occasion. evening, all today's football coming up, but rugby union's autumn series comes to a close today. all the home nations are in action. details of wins for england and scotland coming up. ireland havejust kicked off against the usa in dublin, and wales are into the second half against south africa in cardiff... the welsh are looking to complete their first clean sweep of wins in an autumn series and they made a great start — tomas francis scoring inside the opening ten minutes. and they didn't have to wait long for a second after liam williams weaved his way to the try line. 14—3 was the score at the interval. these are live pictures from the principality stadium in cardiff. this match is over on bbc two. we'll keep you up to date throughout the programme. no addition to the score so far.
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to the rest of the days action then and england have finished their year on a high, rounding off a decent autumn with a dominant win over australia at twickenham. scotland meanwhile ground out a result at home to argentina. patrick gearey reports. 447 gears, ian robertson has been the eyes for rugby fans everywhere on the morning of his final bbc radio, treat, a last look around. —— for 47 years. his most famous words we re for 47 years. his most famous words were added in a world cup final as england beat australia within two minutes, england were beating australia once more. jonny may defender shirt of a side's perfects art. england wedge control ten putt said that israel folau spotted a hole in their plan. for a time they we re hole in their plan. for a time they were from air when pharaoh an
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illegal tackle but not a penalty try. england got away with that and after the break, elliot daly got away from australia once he does that, the road becomes inevitable. it daily is the express, a key and a halfjoe is a freight train with several heavy carriages, no stopping him either. but finally, he will be stopped. they mumble into england's year and stopped. they mumble into england's yearand a stopped. they mumble into england's year and a legendary career. he would have happened i had a tame once played for, scotland thrashed argentina five months ago and 10,000 miles away, and number on a damp day seemed a world apart but crucially for scotland, still won. sean maitland's try created with a sort of rugby they have shown themselves capable of all year, the next challenge will be to do more often. i thought we controlled the game ended enough to win the conditions kicked in. rugby is about winning. we defeated a strong argentina team today. we are delighted with the
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wind. you have to be patient on days like this. give credit to the whole time. they got us in the right areas. a great call by howdy to go up areas. a great call by howdy to go up the short side. let's head back to twickenham and get some reaction from england's big win over australia. they say that best for last. the uninspiring victories across japan and south africa and the feed by a point to the all blacks. they started the year with a terrible six nations, finishing second bottom of the table, and questions were being asked of head coach eddiejones ahead of next year's world cup. so how's he feeling after the last month? he's been speaking to sonja mclaughlin. for us, we're moving in the right direction. probably accelerate our progress a little bit. i am happy. three wins, when the feet, would you have ta ken that three wins, when the feet, would you have taken that at the beginning november? sometimes you don't get the result you like. in terms of
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where the team is going and where we are moving in the depth of selection we have created, it is a very positive move for us. dylan hartley thinks that was their best performance. would you agree? thinks that was their best performance. would you agree ?|i thought performance. would you agree?” thought first 30 against new zealand was pretty good. not a bad autumn. what would you say has been the main positive for england across the four te st positive for england across the four test matches? the togetherness of the squad. dylan alcott had done a fantastic job of coca ptains. the squad. dylan alcott had done a fantasticjob of cocaptains. a real understanding and feeling. —— dylan and allen have done. we are going in the right direction. we haven't played our best rugby yet but that is coming in i am really pleased with how they have stuck together. eddiejones really eddie jones really happy eddiejones really happy with a november. a quick update from cardiff. well still leading. arlen haven't really tried. they lead 7—0. we'll keep you updated. busy day in the premier league today, holly has all the details. quite a lot to bring you in the
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premier league. let's start with delay kick—off. —— the late kick—off. a huge london derby clash with spurs hosting chelsea at wembley. . .. and maurizio sarri's side look to be heading for their first defeat this season. spurs currently ahead after deli alli opened the scoring afterjust eight minutes and harry kane doubling their lead with a long range strike. 49 minutes left in that game... let's stay at the top of the premier league, where manchester city remain firmly lodged after comfortably batting aside west ham 4—0 at the london stadium — all the ss with the goals — silva, sterling and two for leroy sane. i had the feeling we would be a little bit lucky today, arriving five times, we scored four goals.
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0k. i'm pretty sure that sooner than later we will come back to what we normally are. liverpool stay within two points of the league leaders after another convincing victory — this time over watford. they left it late though with all three of their goals coming in the first half. mo salah with the opener followed by trent alexander—arnold and roberto firmino. jordan henderson will miss out on next weekend's merseyside derby though after was sent off with two yellow cards. it is a difficult place to go. they played a good season. the position they are in and the points they have is not a coincidence. they have been really good. you can't take it for granted. you have to work for it here. i am pleased with how the boys were today. really brilliant, tactical, good. brilliant match at craven cottage
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between two sides scrapping at the wrong end of the table. claudio ranieri's reign as manager starting with a 3—2 win over southampton. they had been facing the prospect of a seven match losing streak in the league for the first time in 56 years but instead — their second win this season to move off the bottom of the table. very important for me to give the idea of the fighting spirit and direction after being down was amazing for us. they do the match and again, we wanted to win and it was very important. this is the spirit that i like. just going down a key moments and sometimes you have to play your foot through it and clear lines, as for the third goal, we were out wide had
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opportunity to clear it. we made a poor decision and other consequence, will that happen sometimes you are vulnerable and you can concede which houghton for us. —— which happened for us. so here are the rest of the results in the premier league. a draw for manchester united at home to crystal palace — that leavesjose mourinho's side in seventh. james maddison was sent off for leicester as they drew 1—1 away at brighton. and gylfi sigurdson got the only goal as everton beat cardiff. all the goals on match of the day on bbc one at 10:20 tonight. up—to—date with all the permit late. spurs and chelsea were made to nil. —— premier league. given my high across that. jesse trying to get back into it. more coming up later with holly. —— chelsea are trying. still to come on sportsday. we'll take you to the season ending abu dhabi grand prix,
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and guess who is on the front of the grid again. and farewell to robbo, after almost 50 years with the bbc, he's commentated on his final game. hejobs for the world he jobs for the world cup glory! it is over! he has done! jonny wilkinson is england's iran! —— he drops for world cup glory! —— england's iran! still gives you goose bumps. england already won the series and it was another good day for england's cricketers on the second day of the final test in colombo. they have a 99 run lead, adil rashid taking five wickets as sri lanka collapsed to 240 all out. ben croucher was watching. pitchers in sri lanka have a tendency to turn and crumble, and the same can apply to sri lankans batting orders. a high five for adil rashid before he spun the game england's way. he watched on as their tale
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took their way to 336 all out. if you thought that catch was good, jennings started a competition with himself. it doesn't matter how you take them, just that you do. whatever he had a lunch wasn't catching joe root, he had to take this one of the ten as back into groups he was dismissed within a split second. if you missed it, here is almost a carbon copy, different ball, different batsmen, same field and an even more stunning result. sri lanka were being blown away by a rashid whirlwind twisting the ball to his tune, to 222—5 became 222—6 and then seven, then eight, sri lanka even managed to find a new way to get themselves out, never run on a missed field, he found out the hard way. the fielder, you know who. sri lanka completed the collapse
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with this fifth wicket as sri lanka lost their last nine for 67 runs, this test match is england's to lose but a saturday in colombo has shown it takes just an instance for this match to turn. we always have that belief going into that session, just before lunch, we had him i said and we knew that it we sipped our plan things would change. not giving up. —— we had the mindset. we came out after tea and had them i said. thingsjust change. you have to always have that mind set knowing that things happen eventually. career-best numbers for adil rashid. england well on top then, and the former england international lydia greenway told my colleague mike bushell that she's been impressed with the way that england have kep their focus. credit to them as well because they have already run lilley won the series and for them to go out and just show that the ruthlessness and
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going on for the whitewash i think is really pleasing to see and everybody has shipped in as well which i think is really promising for this team. ketogenic jennings reminded us all how important fielding can be, it can turn a match. that sharpness is incredible. it is. i'm not sure it is one of those positions which people are lining up to do but the thing is they has been such a good job now andi they has been such a good job now and i think he has made his own. some of those catches as much as when you watch it on the tv you might think they look simple, they are might think they look simple, they a re really might think they look simple, they are really tough. must also pay tribute to an amazing best ever test numberforadil tribute to an amazing best ever test number for adil rashid.” tribute to an amazing best ever test number for adil rashid. i think the conditions and shall like soupe spinners, a bit slower and take a lot a term. —— thessalonica. you still have to console and the control that he has in the variation at the right time sort of led to him picking up such good numbers. —— sri
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lanka. controversy earlier in the year with template test cricket but a goes to show you that he is well worth this place. —— for him play test cricket. does this mean in a done deal? your like to think so. probably a bit of hope still force the sri lanka group if they can bowl for underwent 20. the way that england is playing at the moment that will be really hard for them to do. this team had a lot of character and they are robust group as well. i think you will like hopefully that is the whitewash done but you don't wa nt to is the whitewash done but you don't want to preempt thinks too much. what a week and it is for england cricket fans because tonight, england's women can once again become double world champions and the t20 final. against australia, three—time champions.” the t20 final. against australia, three-time champions. i think it will be a brilliant game. there is a lot of things leading into this that
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consider. also you have been in every single final of the world t20 apart from when, when it three times, and of course england have also won the trophy wants as well. they all know there is a lot riding on it. australia have been in brilliant form, the number one ranked team in the world at the moment with england just behind. the two best teams ever see final and hoping that england the line and get the win. already the champion, with the win. already the champion, with the need to do as a player to get that extra in the t20 version of the game. what do you need to change? and is much more unpredictable with that version. 0ne and is much more unpredictable with that version. one player can have a game of the life and that can be the difference between winning and losing. from england's one of you they have brought into uncapped left arm spinners, kirsty gordon and lindsey smith, both of them players have already made a big market and especially out in the west indies with the conditions we have seen the spenders probably have the most influence. —— made a big impact.
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they have made brilliant contributions and i think with the backing we have seen that if you can bet for us you get the best of the batting conditions post the score at and the final you just never know what is going to happen. hopefully england can win the test and get a good total on the board. well as lydia mentioned it's a huge night for england's women. they are in the caribbean where they face australia in the final of the world t20. heather knight's side are looking to become double world champions for a second time. jo currie is in antigua. the sir viv richards stadium is one of the most iconic grounds in the world and cricket fans will be hoping this final does itjustice. but why wouldn't it? the rivalry between england and australia is as old as cricket itself. but this final doesn't just give england the opportunity to get one over on a familiar foe, it gives them the opportunity to make history. that's because it's been almost a decade now since they were last crowned double world champions and now they find themselves just one game away from adding the world
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t20 to the one—day title they claimed last year. for captain heather knight, she says it's a huge opportunity. it's a probably once in a career opportunity that comes along. if we manage to do it, it will be a real achievement. we have put ourselves in the best possible place to do that and now it's about how we perform tomorrow. it would put the team of 2017—2018 in the history books the same way 2009 was. that is what you want as a player, you want to be remembered for winning trophies and being successful and that is no different for this team. england on the verge of being crowned double world champions for the first time since 2009. if it's australia who claim this final, they will also make history, being their fourth title, more than any other team. if you want to follow the action, you can listen to full match commentary on test match on 5live. tune in, set your alarm that it will be an absolutely cracking final. my
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my heart bleeds for this. i think we need to be sure sean 0'hair. how are we here and she is in antigua? laissez case little pot. update the football. —— let's take a little pot. to have occurred against chelsea. a beautiful third goal, set down the left—hand side by dele alli cutting inside and slotting past kappa. 3—0 to the spurs. i'll update you on the rugby. ireland has scored a second try and andrew conway will boyle tries converted, 14—7 to now. south ireland have comeback against wales. it is all going on. our heads are spinning. we will need about
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five to by this afternoon. let's move five to by this afternoon. let's m ove o nto five to by this afternoon. let's move onto formula 1. —— five sets of eyes. lewis hamilton sealed his fifth formula one world title a few weeks ago but he isn't taking his foot off the pedal. he's on pole for tomorrow's final race of the year, the abu dhabi grand prix it's the the 11th time this season that he'll start at the front of the grid. the mercedes driver finished ahead of team—mate valtteri bottas, with ferrari's sebastian vettel third — nick parrott has the details. the sun has already set on formula 1's championship battle, but there is still pride to race for in abu dhabi. fernando alonso is getting a royal send—off at his final race weekend. but the former king of spain and a special paintjob couldn't make his mcclaren go faster. he did become the only driver to beat his team—mate in every qualifying this season, but he will have his work cut out to get a points finish starting from 15. finish starting from 15th. lewis hamilton will be expecting a much easier ride, he hasn't eased off of the gas since becoming world champion, and broke the track record three
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times on the way to his 11th pole of the season. ferrari have never won this race and although sebastian vettel has, he finds himself third behind the other mercedes. an 11th win of the season would be the perfect ending for hamilton. it was so much the fun to go out there and express yourself and push there and express yourself and push the car you want. no better feeling. and to come back and see the reception from the fans, i really do appreciate it. how about this for british domination motorsports. george russell. the future of british racing looks rosey as britain's george russell won the formula two championship. he won the penultimate race of the season in abu dhabi. the 20—year—old will race for williams in formula one next season. let's wrap up the rest of the day's football action with holly. not all about the premier league
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today. a busy day in the scottish premiership — and a relatively straightforward afternoon for brendan rogers side as celtic claimed a comfortable 3—0 win over hamilton accies. dominating from the whistle, it was ryan christie with the inevitable opener after 13 minutes. after the break, an 0wn goal, as scott sinclair had a header deflected into the net by scott martin. and then welcome back leigh griffiths — his first game back since the beginning of october — barely off the bench before drilling in a late free kick to put the game to bed. elsewhere, rangers are up to second in the league after they beat livingston 3—0. they leap—frog hearts who had a bad day, losing 2—0 to st mirren who remain second from bottom. in the championship, a stoppage time equaliser saw rotherham snatch a point in the south yorkshire showdown with sheffied united. the millers twice had to come from behind with substitute jamie proctor denying the blades the top spot. all the results from the championship and the rest
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of the efl are on the bbc sport website and app. to spain next, where there was a shock result in la liga. real madrid beaten by eibar for the first time in history. and what a win — 3—0, putting an end to santiago solari's winning start as head coach. his first match since being given the job on a permanent basis. real stuck down in sixth in the league. still to come this evening — it's the final to end all finals. south america's version of the champions league — the copa libertadores. and an historic one at that. it's the second leg between boca juniors and river plate — the first time the two have met in the final — and a rivalry like no other. these are the scenes from training this week — 50,000fans turned up to watch — away fans aren't allowed to attend games in argentina.. this is what happened when a pitch
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invader ran on though — carlos tevez stepping in to help. and gave the fan his shirt, before he was taken away from the pitch. it's 2—2 all after the first leg with the second leg kicking off at the monumental stadium at eight o'clock tonight. ican i can figure that is going to be a very exciting match. looking forward to it. i don't think anybody has slept for days in buenos aires. it will be bonkers. thank you. let's have a look at some of the day's other sports stories. great britain lost 1—0 to argentina in theirfinal round robin game at hockey‘s champions trophy — ending their hopes of winning a medal. instead the olympic champions will face japan on sunday to see who wins the wooden spoon phil mickelson claimed the seven million pounds winner—takes—all prize in a one—off play—off with with tiger woods. the matchplay between the two americans went to a 22nd hole, and finished under floodlights in las vegas. haydock specialist bristol de mai, ridden by darleacob, got the better of cheltenham gold cup winner native river to land the betfair chase
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for the second year in a row. it's a fourth win in four races at the merseyside track for the horse trained by nigel twiston davis scotland have won gold at the european curling championships. they beat sweden 9—5 in the final in estonia. the result gives scotland's men their first european gold since david murdoch's team beat norway in 2008. let's got back to the principality stadium in cardiff to catch up on wales vs south africa. the score there, 14—11 to wells. south africa are mounting a little bit of a comeback in the second half. possession you can see, 76% so far this half. it will be an incredible result for wells if they do come back. this would be a clean sweep if they can continue to keep this one and beat south africa and this. they have won all games for
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the first time. we'll be back at 7.30, but we'll leave the final word tonight to the bbc‘s rugby union. correspondent ian robertson. after covering the sport on the bbc for almost 50 years, today's radio commentary of england against australia was his last and this was the last try that he'll ever call. pops it up to courtney lawes come he goes with the help of partly to the five metre out, then it comes along the line... he will walk through an touchdown for the tried! against england at a tremendous victor break here! the captain running off a great day for english rugby. i am so looking i have work with you guys for a large chunk of my 47 years, i
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have loved every minute of it. thank you very very much. hello. the weather is looking better for the southern counties tomorrow. today was not a great day. cloud operates a rain and tomorrow i think quite a bit brighter than not being too optimistic, still a bit of clutter around. and some rain and showers but over all the weather will not be too bad but still chilly. it will stay like this for another three days or so. that air is coming out of central and northern parts of europe, temperatures will continue to struggle to around single digits. this evening, overnight the last of the rain floating with the south coast that tends to dry out, clear spells around and some western every is. almost anywhere is possible to get some clear weather and a touch
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of frost but bigger towns and cities will stay above freezing. around four or will stay above freezing. around fouror5 will stay above freezing. around four or 5 degrees. tomorrow morning, is it starts off cloudy in many eastern and southern areas, it may stay cloudy in the south but a little bit of brightness, maybe talking to the clouds, the best of the sunshine will be across these western and northwestern areas. a few showers of northern ireland but overall the weather is not looking bad at all in belfast. single figures across most of the uk. 0n the whole, not a bad sunday on the way. monday is the last of the really simple days, probably squeezing out some decent weather on tuesday but my was charged tuesday the weather fronts approaching and it could be quite messy and filed the first thing on monday but you can see in the west the weather is starting to turn in the winds are starting to turn in the winds are starting to turn in the winds are starting to freshen in the weather front is approaching and moving across our letter by the time we get to monday that it is early tuesday.
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monday still some fine weather around but then tuesday, and wednesday we will really see the weather going downhill. you can see the weather systems and low—pressure spiralling up towards the elected but also pushing and milder air in our direction so a lot of weather fronts and isobars here. so many of them. that spells a very windy weather spell. second half of the week. from tuesday into wednesday, week. from tuesday into wednesday, we really will start to see those winds picking up but you can see none of the greens and yellows indicating that milder air temperatures back into double figures. three more days of a relatively quiet weather and then i looks like the autumn gales will be unleashed. goodbye. this is bbc news.
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i'm christian fraser. the headlines at 7pm: the british prime minister arrives in brussels as the eu says it's ready to sign the brexit withdrawal agreement. the spanish prime minister says britain has given him assurances over the future of gibraltar — mrs may insists she'll always stand by the territory. the uk's position on the sovereignty of gibraltar has not changed and will not changed. i'm proud that gibraltar is british and i will a lwa ys gibraltar is british and i will always stand by gibraltar. i'm here in brussels where theresa may has met eu leaders this evening. we'll bring you live reaction from spain and gibraltar. i'm martine croxall in london — the other news this evening. in belfast, the dup renews its attack on theresa may's brexit deal,


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