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tv   100 Women  BBC News  November 25, 2018 12:30am-1:01am GMT

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the headlines: one of the biggest football matches in argentina's history, the copa libertadores final, has been postponed after the boca juniors team bus was attacked by rival fans in buenos aires. they were due to play river plate. theresa may has written an open letter to the nation urging people to back her brexit deal. the plan was finalised with the european commission president, jean—claude juncker, in brussels ahead of a historic summit on sunday. but it faces widespread opposition in the british parliament. police in paris have used tear gas and water cannon to disperse tens of thousands of protesters calling for an end to fuel tax rises. protests by a grassroots movement identified by their hi—vizjackets have been held across france for the second weekend running. the search is on for missing footage of sir david attenborough first aired on the bbc
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almost 50 years ago. staff at the royal institution are asking the public to look in their attics for any recordings of their christmas science lectures, including those by sir david, after realising 31 broadcasts are missing from their collection. david sillito reports. the sena and the science of music. these were first broadcast on the bbc in 1936. but not all of them have survived. some of david attenborough's messages have gone
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missing. also gaps in 66, 67 and 71. the royal institution was to put all of these televised lectures online, and is asking the public if they have copies of the missing programmes hidden in a loft or stored in a garage. they were television's first ever science programme, and they are hoping that some of their technologically inclined viewers might be able to help them complete the full collection. now on bbc news — a special programme as part of the bbc‘s 100 women season. in this first episode of trailblazers, we hear from women as they reflect on the moment they decided to stand up — and the change they inspired. you may find some parts of this programme upsetting. welcome to the bbc‘s 100 women season. welcome to the bbc‘s 100 women season. the last 12 months since
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angerfrom season. the last 12 months since anger from women around the world the sexual harassment. the movement has taken hold for women demanding change and equal treatment. the films we are about to show you focus on women who have become trailblazers. our contributors share the moment they have decided to stand up and make a difference themselves and for others. from the protesters removed their hijabs in the run, to the woman badly scarred in russia who is redefining guilty. we begin in iran weather lore says winning must wear hijabs in public but some are now starting to push back. they've held protests and posted photos on line. when i wear
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huabs posted photos on line. when i wear hijabs a sly, post but when i don't, it's like i'm free. when i decided to ta ke it's like i'm free. when i decided to take it off in public, it was like, i have a power and to take it off in public, it was like, i have a powerand bringing back my dignity. i remember women without hijabs.
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i was not wearing a scarf on purpose. i was just a normal movement woman and i want to do some think my rights. i am on the 27th of december. as usual, there were lots of photos of women wearing white or saying some sentences about hijab but among them were pictures of a girl, very proud, who got up on a utility box and wave white scarf on a stick like a white flag. she was
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on that box for almost half an hour. after that, when she came down, they arrested her. she was in prison for one month. for me, it was the symbol of civil disobedience. in a very beautiful way. i asked the other women, from now on, let's start having our white scarf on a stick so it started. i was just moving that white flag for almost five, six minutes and in a police car came. and they arrested me. i was interrogated for almost
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two, three hours. i was furious, i was scared. she was beating my face and she was grabbing my air with one hand —— my hair with one hand. there we re hand —— my hair with one hand. there were lots of bruises on my face. i was in prison for seven days and i was in prison for seven days and i was on a hunger strike for five days. after two, three weeks, i went to that office to get back my mobile phone. i got arrested again. they rested my husband. he was waiting for me in the street. we were in an
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interrogation room for almost three, four hours. it was actually the first time i saw fear and my husband's base. the prosecutors decided to let us free because they didn't have anything. in may, i went out with my nine—year—old son and one of my friends. one day, we went toa one of my friends. one day, we went to a park. also, we were wearing beautiful head garlands and we were very happy. the next day, five police officers came to arrest us. i just asked my friend to take care of my son. the guide pointed the toilet. i went there. and she said, yeah, you are going to spend the first night there. it was like a
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little rock beside a toilet. i don't know, i couldn't even sit. i was in there for nine days and i was on hunger strike for nine days. after the second arrest and the third one, and being in prison in quchan, i realised there is no law, and they can do anything with you. then i was so can do anything with you. then i was so scared of my life, my son ‘s life. i was given the number of the man who could help me get out of the country. when i called him, he told me, it's the perfect time if you wa nt me, it's the perfect time if you want go out, you have to hours to leave. at first, i was shocked. and then i said, i'm going to do it.
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leaving my husband behind was excruciating. i only had two hours to leave the house. ijust took a few items. toothbrush, a simple phone and sunscreen. and my sunglasses, just that. i had proper hijab because i didn't want to attract any attention. i took a look attract any attention. i took a look at my house. i was living in that house. i don't know, for 12 years. and i had my baby there. ijust took a few items with me and that was it, that was the only thing i could take with me and i left the house. the
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journey took eight, nine hours to the borders. i was shaking, and when i was climbing the mountain, it was just the sound of my heartbeat. the quy just the sound of my heartbeat. the guy told me, what's going on with your heart. i can hear your heart, relax, i'm going to help you. i was holding him like he was my best friend or my brother or something. when we got to the top of the mountain, it was like daylight. it was moon and floodlights —— floodlight of the stations. not only i could see the colour of the flowers, i could see the shape of the flowers. they were beautiful.
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they were all covered with flowers. and now that i see this beautiful scenery, and now that i see this beautiful scenery, i'm leaving this country for the last time. the guard told me, you are safe now. you're not in any more. a turkish guy came with a horse and the guy told him, be careful, she is like my sister. i had another 1.5 hours of horseriding to get to a village. i used to wear make—up and happily go out, is for the city, walking around the city but now i am like an illegal person hiding ina
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but now i am like an illegal person hiding in a room. when the news of me leaving the country came out, there was lots of backlash from government supporters and also anti—government. those days we re and also anti—government. those days were the most difficult days of my life. i respect the women who choose to wear hijab and i'm really happy
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for them and i support them but i wa nt for them and i support them but i want them to understand and respect our choice. i know the women inside iran are going to be brave enough to support each other. nobody can put out this little flame. it will grow. around the world, little by little, in our countries, women are getting back the rights and it is time for iranian women and they can't stop us. over in russia, sveta's childhood was filled with pain and abuse. her mother was an alcoholic and an accidentalfire mother was an alcoholic and an accidental fire letter with bones
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over half the body. she gave herself the nickname charcoal and at her lowest point, she tried to kill herself. but now, sveta is redefining beauty, taking photos of her burns and scars and sharing them on social media in the hope they will help others. there are some disturbing images. in our next programme, we will have more stories of women who have become trailblazers, like those who are fighting spy cam pornography in south korea. and the lawyer in peru who is using shocking video of her own abuse to fight domestic violence. that's all for now. thank you for
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watching. hello, thanks forjoining me. in the short term, no big changes to our weather. that will come, but it won't arrive until the middle part of the week. as far as sunday's concerned, actually, for most of us it's looking decent enough, and pretty good as well across the south of the country, where recently we've had a lot of cloud and some rain too. now, here's the big picture across the continent. a lot of blue, so that means that the air‘s still cold, and it's coming out of eastern parts of europe and also scandinavia. but that will change, as i say.
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by the time we get to around about tuesday, wednesday, milder air starts to arrive off the atlantic. here's the early hours of sunday morning. temperatures will be above freezing in bigger towns and cities, two degrees, say, in edinburgh, around about six or seven in the south. but we will have pockets of frost here and there, especially where we have seen clearer skies overnight, and that's probably across western scotland and northern ireland. now, sunday itself at times will be cloudy, so not promising clear blue skies, and in fact you might even need your umbrella from time to time in the north—west of the country. there could be a few showers here, carried by that easterly wind, but in the south a better day. temperatures will get up to about eight degrees in london, so still pretty chilly, and only six celsius expected in edinburgh. now, here's the big picture on monday. you'll notice a big low pressure sitting out there in the atlantic. it is heading our way, but it won't reach us until monday night, early hours of tuesday it'll reach western parts of the uk. so monday still a quiet day — in fact, very little wind first
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thing in the morning on monday. there'll be some mist and fog around. quite tricky driving conditions, maybe, out in the countryside first thing on monday, particularly around say western and central areas of the uk. but the day itself is going to be fairly decent, and still chilly. temperatures will be no higher than around six again in edinburgh, seven maybe in liverpool, possibly getting up to around 10 degrees in plymouth. and then monday night into tuesday, we start to see a change. that big low in the atlantic starts whooshing in much milder air, much, much milder air, in our direction. but with that, you can see a lot of arrows here, so that means stronger winds — in fact, risk of gails on the way. and it is a big area of low pressure with smaller lows even running around it, and these could be responsible for bringing some very strong winds to some parts of the country during the course of the week. so we're keeping an eye on next week. there'll be a fair bit of rain on our way, but look at that, look at those temperatures — 1a degrees celsius. but remember, gale—force winds, potentially, almost anywhere
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in the uk. that's it from me. bye— bye. hello. you're watching to bbc news. i'm reged ahmad. officials have postponed one of the biggest football matches in argentina's history after a bus carrying one of the teams was attacked by rival fans, injuring several of the players. the final of the south american club championship, the copa libertadores, was due to take place between two rival clubs from buenos aires. it will now take place on sunday. mani djazmi from bbc sport is inside the stadium in buenos aires — and joins me on the line now.
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