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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 25, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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unsafe and poorly tested medical devices are being implanted into patients according to a global investigation. hello, i'm olly foster, this is sportsday. arsenal stay in touch with the top four after a win at bournemouth and it's another second half comeback. top of the world and tops off on top of the podium, hamilton ends the formula one season with another win. and a final too far for england as they are outclassed by australia at the world t20 in antigua. in every league match so far this
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season snow seem in every league match so far this season snow seem to turn it around and so it proved at bournemouth, winning 2—1 to extend their unbeaten run. the arsenal express rolled in. with the three matches ending in draws, was the train running out of steam? the cherries moving up the table. david brooks believing he had put bournemouth ahead. the assistant disagreed. no doubting the opener. the own goal a sight to behold. not one he will want to watch again. nothing lucky about the equaliser. a counterattack showing movement and pace. king applying the final touch.
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arsenal have not enjoyed a first—half lead in the league this season. late pressure almost saw the return but the post denied him. arsenal held out even if it was not the most convincing of victories. i am happy with our players, how they are working today, and our supporters are helping us. for the next week it is good. we are going to play another match with a top team. it is a good moment for us to enjoy together.
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the most important is to win today. huddersfield started bottom of the table but they have moved out of the relegation zone up to 14. it has been a great november for the side with two wins and a draw. in the intensity of the premier league few teams have adapted like wolves. at the start of the season they had slates on the top six but a slight down the table has come with two home defeats. for huddersfield anywhere up will do. when you are bottom every goal feels priceless. that struggle lifted them six places up that struggle lifted them six places up the league and set the foundations for a performance more like the terriers of last season when spraying in that division was built on the sort of energy. we'll came within a fraction of the second half response. the header needed a
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technology check. they did not get any closer to going in. a moment and the millimetre that can change a season because huddersfield's rise up season because huddersfield's rise up the table was rubber—stamped with her second. a similar range finding the same provision. the first away win since their belly and a result that could change these teams' aspirations. wolves looking over their shoulder while huddersfield have left off. delighted. the first away victory macros in the premier league is massive and a lively mag games we have had good performances. collecting points of the most important. there was a fantastic match in the championship. the second city derby saw aston villa beat birmingham city 4—2. for a while birmingham looked to be heading for their first win at villa park in 14 years,
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lukas jutkiewitz put them in front. but villa equalised and then what a moment this was for boyhood fanjack grealish to put them 2—1 up. tammy abraham scored a villa penalty before blues got another goal back, but then this stunning solo goal from full back alan hutton sealed a win for dean smith's side in one of the great derby games between these teams. the copa libertadores final between buenos aires rivals boca juniors and river plate has been postponed again on safety grounds. violence before yesterday's second leg saw the match put back 2a hours to this evening. the boca team bus was attacked by river fans on the way to the estadio monumental in buenos aires. organisers feared would not be for to stage the match this evening, it
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would not be on equal conditions for both sides. a new date will be decided on tuesday. the formula one season has drawn to a close with lewis hamilton on top of the podium at the abu dhabi grand prix. his iith win of the year saw the five—time champion become the first driver to pass 400 points for the season. nick parrott reports. after securing a fifth world title, it is a season lewis hamilton will want to remember. securing pole here was one of many highlights and his fantastic start set up a cruise to the finish. while he strolled, others stumbled. nico hulkenberg did not even manage to complete the first lap. a heart stopping moment for the renault driver... get me out of here, there's a fire. they're coming. ..and everyone watching. kimi raikkonen's final race for ferrari did not last much longer. with racing suspended to move the finn's car, hamilton took advantage to make his only pit stop early. he regained the lead after everyone else had stopped and went on to claim his
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iith win of the year, matching his best season, of 2014. while he hopes to add to his titles, there will not be any more for fernando alonso. his final race produced a pointless iith—placed finish, but there was a break with tradition, seeing him joining hamilton and second—placed sebastian vettel on the grid to say goodbye to the fans in style. nick parrott, bbc news. england were well beaten by australia in the final of the women's world t20 this morning. the reigning one day champions lost by eight wickets in antigua as the southern stars won their 4th world t20 title. jo currie was at the match. england were dreaming of becoming double world champions. instead it has ended in bitter disappointment and they were left reflecting on what could have been at having to
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watch on as australia ended their four—year wait for a major trophy. it is raw at the moment. we have to reflect. i am chuffed for the young girls who have performed on the bigger stage. there will be some big celebrations. we have been waiting for this moment for a long time. it is very satisfying. we will celebrate accordingly. we have worked extremely hard to get this success and you do not know what is going to happen in the future so we are going to make the most of it and enjoy each other's company. they may not have been able to repeat the success of last year's one—day world cup but reaching two world finals in 16 months capped a remarkable period for this team. now it is a time for reflection because for some of these players the opportunity to be double world champion may not come round again. england are on course for a first series whitewash in sr lanka,
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they need six more wickets in the final test in colombo, with two full days remaining. after a flurry of english wickets in the morning session, joss butler top scored with 64, as england were all out for 230 in their second innings. that left sri lanka chasing a target of 327 for victory, and when moeen ali bowled opener dimuth karunaratne england looked to push their advantage further. ben stokes struck, stuart broad with the catch to dismiss angelo matthews. sri lanka were four down, finishing on 53—4 at stumps needing another 274. england are looking to become just the third team in to complete a series whitewash in sri lanka. john mccain was a war hero, a
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presidential candidate how are you? it is day by day. some
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days are good, some are not. he would not want me to be anything but strong so i left by that. during the week of his passing you carried yourself with such extraordinary poise and grace. it captured both in the us and internationally.” poise and grace. it captured both in the us and internationally. i did what i hoped john would be proud of and that was to at least remain strong and more importantly be strong and more importantly be strong for my children so i appreciate your words about that but for me it was just what it was until iam. for me it was just what it was until i am. when the news came there was this bipartisan outpouring. why do you think the nation reacted that way. he was the conscience of the
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country in many ways. people recognised him for his ability to work across the aisle and his belief in working across. also his willingness to debate but not demean. i believe we have lost those ideals forever right now. he represented so much of the country andi represented so much of the country and i hope that we begin to realise the importance of doing what he did. many people said it was notjust like a president had died, it was like a president had died, it was like a president had died, it was like a great president had died. and yet the president wasn't there. can you tell me about the decision having him not there, was that the family's coll, the senator's call? even though it was a very public
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funeral we were still a family and for all of us and for the sake of my children i did not want any disruption. this was aboutjohn, not about anything else at all in our country. it was important to me that we kept it respectful and calm and not politicise it. it was important that we kept it with dignity. i did not want anything else that came with it. there seems to be this yearning for a readership and statesmanship that he represented. our country is in a little bit of disarray. i am the first one to tell you we will remain strong and free and democratic and all of the ideals we believe in but we have our
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problems and john would be the first to say that. people i hope will learn from him and throughout their side i hope the president learns from him. when you see one of the president's tweets, what do you think? some days it is fine. i wish the president would take more time in commenting or answering or asking, but i would say that any of leaders as well. at this point in time how does america get out of this sort of heat and toxic environment? it takes all of us. you have to change the narrative. you are seeing that, you saw that in this process. it is about changing the narrative and it is about taking a breath and stepping back. let's remind each other and talk to each
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other and disagree with each other ina other and disagree with each other in a civil tone. john mccain stood for a certain approach to the world. he was morally self—confident. for a certain approach to the world. he was morally self-confident. he had an mag unwavering moral compass. that was in large part to his life experiences as with anybody. his moral compass was and always will be something to learn from. i have seen him...i something to learn from. i have seen him... iwould something to learn from. i have seen him... i would think he is probably going to do that and he would turn around and do the opposite because it was the right thing. i am not saying he ever did anything incorrect but just in saying he ever did anything incorrect butjust in the decisions on how he treated people, a perfect example was the woman who stood up in the town hall and said obama is a
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muslim, i cannot vote for him. now, here'sa muslim, i cannot vote for him. now, here's a decent citizen who i happen to have disagreements with. that was a good example. what did you think when he did that? i did not know how he was going to vote but i knew he would do the right thing. as you know he was being pressured from every side on that. it was a bad bill. it was kind of a quick fix that would not end up on a long—term level giving us quality health care and the things we should be doing. he did the right thing, itjust was not politically expedient for the republican party. there is a feeling that approach to this world is now either lost or changing. what you to the people in thejohn mccain camp who want reassurance? the people in thejohn mccain camp who want reassurance ?|j
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the people in thejohn mccain camp who want reassurance? i would tell anyone never give up on this country or on this process. it is not a perfect process but it is a process. and it works. i truly believe in the greatness of america and the greatness of america and the greatness of america and the greatness of our leaders. they will rise to the occasion. many of them are already there. i also think we will not see another one likejohn mccain. do you think there can be? i hope so. i think i am raising a few of them. i hope so. his kind of leadership and his kind of love for this country and love for the world stage in terms of making a better place is something that i hope somebody rises to it. you have
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talked about ending the rhetoric views than the president said undocumented immigrants invest the united states and has used other rhetoric, is this the us showing a proper response to refugees?” disagree with the president on that andi disagree with the president on that and i know my husband did also. i hope he learns from all these things. no reason to be afraid of anyone seeking asylum or anything else. i hope the president teams down the rhetoric and steps back and ta kes a down the rhetoric and steps back and takes a look at what is really going on in the world. do you think it is politicised? politics are a big part of it. the scare tactics that took place. we have had the mid-term elections. a democratic candidate
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won a seat in your home state of arizona. what do you think happened? for one thing the voter turnout was fairly heavy so on both sides of the aisle we were able to turn out. i think also people were frustrated with the rhetoric. people were frustrated again wanting change. one of the things thatjohn mccain stood for was bipartisan co—operation around the biggest national problems. many speakers at his memorial spoke about unity. do you think that was one of the seems that came out. soon after we had the supreme court vote and the whole kavanagh supreme court vote and the whole kava nagh fiasco. the supreme court vote and the whole kavanagh fiasco. the environment has become toxic. it is. igo kavanagh fiasco. the environment has become toxic. it is. i go back to, i hate you because you had a different
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party, this is not how it should be. this 24—hour news cycle and instant access to twitter and all these things have not helped at all. i am hoping that this election has proved that people are a little bit frustrated with what is going on and hopefully it will change. john would have been so disappointed in this election because of the nastiness and the discourse. in my home state and the discourse. in my home state and across the country. a lot of people say that today's republican party has abandoned the things that john mccain or ronald reagan stood for. where do you think the future of the republican party stands?” believe that we will once again be a strong and moderate party. we are the party of abraham lincoln. i cannot believe this party is going
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to go away. it will not. we have to learn from our mistakes and start again. does the president have your support in the 2020 elections? no. i am not sure if he is going to run. he is not sure. do you think he will not? i don't know. i have no inside track. i just hear what not? i don't know. i have no inside track. ijust hear what i hear. we all need to support the white house in anything because it is the white house. we can be free to disagree and we can be free to voice disagreement also but as far as supporting a candidate i am going to start out of elective politics for a while, i have been through enough for 30 years with my husband. i want to make sure that my kids are safe and my state is solid. based on his performance so far if there was an election would he have your vote?”
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cannot answer that. at this point i would like to see some softening of the rhetoric. it is hurtful. where you heard when the president said he was not a war hero? yes. it hurt the family too. he heard the other men that served with john who family too. he heard the other men that served withjohn who were in prison as well. it was notjust john, it was all the other people. i think that was a wrong thing to say. i don't know if i will ever get over it, to be honest, but i am the wife, i don't have to. in terms of the senate you have spoken about he was the voice of conscience in the senate, why is there no one who is stepping up now? i don't know. i can a nswer stepping up now? i don't know. i can answer that. it comes with maturity
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also. he did not start out that way. it was not that he was ever not by practising because he was bipartisan but you understand the importance of temperament. and those kinds of things that make his kind of leadership so special. somebody will bubble up, sure, because we are americans, that is what we do. your daughter hit out at the president. she was tough. the america of john mccain has no need to be made great again because america was always great. do you think she is carrying her father's straight talking manner? i think so. her father's straight talking manner? ithink so. i did her father's straight talking manner? i think so. i did not know the text of the speech. i knew she was giving one that i had read that andi was giving one that i had read that
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and i was so preoccupied. i thought she did an amazing job and she spoke her mind. i would expect nothing less from her or any other mccain either. it is interesting to watch your kids grow and especially megan because she isjohn mccain in a dress that we have been saying that since she was a kid. she has his temperament and style. is there something you can tell is aboutjohn mccain the world does not know? yes. people view him as this war hero, which he was, and all of the things we think about, but he loved birds and we think about, but he loved birds a nd flowers we think about, but he loved birds and flowers and trees and anyone that new him really well he would walk along and someone moves come down to the property and he would insta ntly down to the property and he would instantly give them a tour of the
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trees and the birds. he was a very meticulous person when it came to nature and i do not think people would expect that but he was and it was really fun to watch. john mccain changed the world. how did he change your world? my gosh. i had the good fortune of marrying this incredible man and having a family with them andi man and having a family with them and i had a front row seat to history in every way. i never expected that kind of life at all. i never expected anything close to it. it was, it still is, but it was truly amazing. it was something that i think we all... we will miss him for the obvious reasons but he was the life of the party, he was the one when he walked on the door we knew it was going to be a good night. he was just the guy. i am going to miss that. he was something
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else. thank you for your time. the weather is not changing a lot at the moment for the next 24 hours at least and after that some big changes on the way from tuesday. weather fronts and gale force winds will be knocking on our front door. monday another chilly day on the way. this evening and ten eight it is more or less the same with easterly winds, pretty chilly, temperatures 2 degrees in the lowla nds temperatures 2 degrees in the lowlands of scotland with the touch of frost by the early hours of monday morning where the skies turn clear overnight. tomorrow they split
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between east and west. eastern areas will be cloudy with showers but western areas could have blue skies, a fine day in wales and around the north—west of england and the lake district. tuesday, in the morning the first weather front moves in, high winds moving into cornwall and eventually reaching northern ireland. further east and north that will be quiet with light winds that there will be some mist and fog but by the afternoon the rain will be reaching central areas as well and across the pennines there could be transient snow lasting for a while before returns to rain. on wednesday low pressure in charge of the weather across our part of the world. very strong winds, vicious gusts to come round some of these western and north—western coasts. gales inland at times as well. these are average wind speeds you can double them to get those gusts of wind. with that comes mild air. even
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in the north of scotland temperatures will be back in double figures. on thursday will pressure is with us. weather fronts by the into the area of low pressure so many of us in for some rain at least for a time. many of us in for some rain at least fora time. rain many of us in for some rain at least for a time. rain sweeping through the southern counties into east anglia. elsewhere a mixture of sunshine and showers so it will be very turbulent on thursday and very blustery but milder on the third monitor. on friday it looks like low pressure a cross monitor. on friday it looks like low pressure across the uk once again, could be gale force winds further south across the uk as well. a very turbulent week on the way and those weather conditions could prove disruptive to transport. this is bbc news.
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the headlines at 7pm. theresa may urges parliament and the public to back her brexit deal after its endorsement at today's eu summit. the british people don't want to spend any more time arguing about brexit. they want a good deal done that fulfills the vote and allows us to together again as a country. jean claude juncker, president of the european commission, issues a warning to those mps who think the eu can be persuaded to make further changes. this is the best deal possible for britain, this is the best deal possible for europe. this is the only deal possible. donald tusk, who chaired the summit, says the european union wants to remain as close as possible to the uk after brexit.
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