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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 26, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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british summers could be five degrees hotter by 2070 if greenhouse gas emissions aren't cut — that's according to new met office projections. pardoned and freed by the united arab emirates — the british academic matthew hedges — who'd been sentenced to life in prison for spying. after getting her deal signed off by the eu's 27 member states yesterday, theresa may heads to the house of commons to persuade mps to back it. ukraine's parliament is considering declaring martial law after russia seized three of its nazy ships in a move the united states called an ‘outrageous violation of sovereign territory‘ the first spacecraft designed to study the internal structure of mars is set to attempt a difficult landing on the planet tonight. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... we'll be live in pasadena from about ten to eight, to see if the nasa insight mission spacecraft can make
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the tricky landing on mars. we'll also be discussing russia's reaction to the news that ukraine is considering declaring martial law after three of its navy ships were seized. and at10:1i0pm, we'll take a first look at tomorrow's front pages in the papers with our guests caroline wheeler, deputy political editor at the sunday times, and freelance journalist jane merrick. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster, this is sportsday and here's what's coming up for you. completing the clean sweep in colombo — england's cricketers head home as history makers. ireland entrust their future to farrell, this time next year he'll be head coach. and after her horror crash and an 11 hour operation sophie floersch is heading home. it was my first big crash. it took
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me awhile to get over but i'm over it now and i think a chapter starts. —— a new chapter. the final to end all finals...but when will it be played after violence in buenos aires saw the copa libertdores postponed? hello and welcome to sportsday. hello there, england's cricketers can enjoy a decent break now after a fantastic tour of sri lanka they won the one day series, won a one—off t20 match, and today, after a 42 run win in colombo, completed a 3—nil whitewash in the test series. only two other sides have managed that in sri lanka, and it's over 50 years since england
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last completed a clean sweep overseas. here's our sports correspondent andy swiss. it's all over! the perfect ending to what, on paper, has been a perfect series. but how england had to work for it. sri lanka's target of 327 had looked impossible but no one appeared to have told kusal mendis. suddenly, the hosts had hope, but just when england needed something special, they found it. direct hit! that might be what gets england going! jack leach with the flash of brilliance. mendis gone for 86 along, seemingly, with sri lanka's chances as england's spinners once again turned things their way. soon they needed just one more wicket, with the hosts still needing more than a hundred. surely all over? not quite, as sri lanka's final pair blazed away, but amid the rising tension, leach held his nerve. what do they think this time?
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gone! replays confirmed it was hitting the stumps and at last, england could celebrate. their first series whitewash in sri lanka. it was some fight, but some feat. andy swiss, bbc news. hopefully this can be a start of this team really growing. it's easy to sit here and take the continents without that group of players pushing each other, being open to learning and improving, we wouldn't have achieved what we have. even the coaching staff, some of the planning that went into this trip, and the co nsta nt that went into this trip, and the constant pushing of different individuals, at different times throughout, has been vital. great tea m throughout, has been vital. great team performance all round. let's get some more on this now, you might have caught the cricket social on the bbc sport website over the past few weeks. graham onions and ryan sidebottom were on the panel today and told me how impressed they have been by england in what is always
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a tough place to tour. i think england have completely outplayed a decent sri lankan side. they obviously lost quite a few key players in this tour as well with their captain being missing. i think he has been quite a big miss in the end. matthew trying to hold the team together as a senior player. the way england have played their spinners with their ability to manoeuvre the field and play, a conscious effort to play sweeps, and of course their spinners have come out on top and really dominated the series. rightly deserved, people always talk about that number three spot or how can we get there, but just that number three spot or how can we get there, butjust give them credit, they have been fantastic. getting into an england team is about getting the opportunity and taking it. ben stokes has certainly done that. jonny bairstow has struggled to get them back. are still coming in at number three.
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these are good decisions going forward for the selectors. it's absolutely great to see. keepers who are all outstanding batsmen as well. i think it's really good johnny coming in, doing well at number three. that's great. burns and his jennings have played really well. you need to give them time. we can't keep chopping and changing. for me this has been a really great team effort. it has been a fairly short but when you read captains of the biographies and they talk about taking a team away, how tough it is to maintain and keep results going, how impressed had you been withjoe root? he was very quick to say, it's not me, it has been all about the team. i have no great experience of captaining a side but, especially the subcontinent, you learn a lot about your the characters. and about yourself, you haven't got your family with you, i'm sure he misses
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them like crazy. he will cherish the moment is even them like crazy. he will cherish the moment is even more them like crazy. he will cherish the moment is even more when he is back home. without a doubt, he has learnt a lot about himself and his team. he has made it clear he wants to back a numberfour. has made it clear he wants to back a number four. there will be some guys that will be slightly disappointed by not playing. i think england have a great sounding board to go forward and hopefully become that number one test side. i totally agree, let's not underestimate how good a series victory disses. going away, it's never easy. sri lanka played some good cricket against international teams. this is a really good team. it has been a great series win. to go anywhere in the subcontinent and win 3—0 is a fantastic achievement. irealand had a fantastic night at the world rugby awards. the six nations grand slam champions who also beat the all blacks a few weeks ago, were team of the year, fly—half jonny sexton, player of the year and joe schmidt, coach of the year. schmidt though is going to step down after next years world cup and taking over will be defence
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coach andy farrell. gavin andrews look back at schmidt's time in charge and how he has turned them into potential world champions. (vt) joe schmidt. applause ireland dominated the world rugby awards. for many, joe schmidt takes much of the credit. in his five yea rs much of the credit. in his five years in charge she has brought huge success on the pitch, but for the players his influence is greater than that. joe's legacy in ireland will obviously be the trophies he has won with leinster, ireland, but probably more so weird will be potentially the coaches he brings through. —— potentially more so will be. you would like to think in the next number of years there will be some coaches that have worked under joe schmidt as players that will come through and bring that attention to detail, i suppose that
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are driven nurse to be the best in the world. his records speak for themselves, the trophies he has one. two championships, one grand slam. beat the all blacks twice. the fantastic thing about joe is that he is leaving irish rugby in a much better place. he will commit to making sure there is a contingency plan and ensure that this irish team is going on to continue to try and be competitive at the very top level. is there anotherjoe schmidt out there? probably not. irish rugby has never been as strong as it is now. the six nations grand slam champions were named team of the year. jonathan sexton the player of the year. joe schmidt's ireland finished their autumn series unbeaten with the number one coach in charge until the end of the world cup. 2019 is the potential —— has the potential to be even better. they had a team to beat at the
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moment. ireland won all four of their november tests as did wales for the first time. looking back at 2018, here's our rugby union correspondent chris jones and ugo monye who were at last this season of international rugby union ended in monaco at the world rugby awards. no surprise, the ireland suite the boards. they are ina great ireland suite the boards. they are in a great place. they are the team of 2018. they had the team everyone wants to chase. we see the gap between the southern and northern and this —— hemisphere really show. the people in the stands, .--it .—— it has been a . —— it has been a wonderful year for them. theyjust . —— it has been a wonderful year for them. they just have . —— it has been a wonderful year for them. theyjust have to go one better next year. what we make of what england ? better next year. what we make of what england? middling results, middling year but a very encouraging autumn ina middling year but a very encouraging autumn in a strange kind of way. absolutely. their weakness became their strength. so much opportunity
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for guys to come through. wilson, singer, outstanding performances. results brilliance. they needed to get three out of four and managed to do that. as it is for them and every other team, 2019 will be huge. mixed bag in parts for england. not been a mixed by for wales, though. for the first time ever, unbeaten autumn. we talk about our lives being ina autumn. we talk about our lives being in a great position, the welsh are ina being in a great position, the welsh are in a great position as well. they certainly had. an unfortunate injury at the weekends. to know —— it has made that squad even more competitive. this is the best and most into additive squads in the la st most into additive squads in the last 11 years. mine from nine, unbeaten autumn. it will be one heck ofa unbeaten autumn. it will be one heck of a six nations. are scotland's just a little bit below ireland and wales but still 18, as we have seen against argentina, that can compete
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with the very best, even if they don't always get the results? that is the narrative that has really changed, the fact that they can compete with the best. it isjust how they can keep that consistency. game management versus style of play isa game management versus style of play is a massive thing for them. if they can get the balance, they will be massive contenders. where everyone will want to be at their very best next year. a fantastic autumn internationals. six nations start in february. then the rugby world cup which is now under a year away. this time last week, we showed you that terrible crash in formula three. the german teenager sophia floersch airborne in her car at around 170 miles an hour at the macau grand prix. she needed an 11 hour operation for a fractured spine, but she was speaking today before heading home to germany. you may find the picture of the crash coming up distressing. it was my first ever big crash.
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it took me a while to get over it but i am over it now and i think now a mew chapter starts. as i say, it was a bad crash. but i had a stable chassis and i am walking again and i will be racing soon and chasing my dream. to be honest, i can't really believe this happened and i survived. i survived very good. axe to the hospital. now i will continue and work back again to where i am. i am very thankfulfor work back again to where i am. i am very thankful for actually being here and having quite a good recovery already up until now. i think i am quite good and walking already. i will have to work the next month but i will for sure come back here. the government's being urged to bring in more efficient measures to protect against concussion in sport. it comes after an all—party group found that schools,
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universities and even some healthcare professionals lack understanding about how to deal with head injuries. two of the parliamentary members looking into acquired brain injury underwent mri brain scans to highlight how they feel protocols in some sports are "ineffective", and that many players continue to play sport despite suffering concussion, such as liverpool goalkeeper loris karius in last year's champions league final. the government says it takes the issue of player safety incredibly seriously, but one expert believes more needs to be done to prevent athletes suffering long term problems. we already —— we only have one brain and what brain does not recover that well if it gets repeated, it gets injured repeatedly or does not get time to recover properly. these are perhaps avoidable long—term issues, so perhaps avoidable long—term issues, so that's why i think it's important to recognise that concussion needs to recognise that concussion needs to be addressed medically in a
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certain way and needs to be treated with respect. now let's have a look at some of the other headlines this evening, this weekend saw the final of the women's world t20. australia beating england. they could face each other at the 2022 commonwealth games in birmingham. the icc has submitted a bid for a women's competition to be included in the programme. the last time cricket feaetured at the games was a men's 50—over competition in 1998. pakistan look like they will level their test series after bowling new zealand out forjust 90 in dubai. yasir shah took 8 wickets and then two more in the black caps second innings as they were forced to follow on. they still trail by 197. british born driver alexander albon is going to race alexander albon is going to race in formula one for toro rosso next year 22—year—old came third in this year's formula 2 championship. he will be the f1 driver from thailand in the modern era. the uk snooker championship starts tomorrow in york. judd trump has told bbc sport he's
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been "hurt" by some of the criticism he's received during his career, and particularly the suggestion he doesn't always try hard enough. he says the comments often made about him and ronnie o'sullivan simply aren't fair. when you look at me and ronnie, if we are losing its because we are not trying or don't want to be there, compared to maybe john trying or don't want to be there, compared to maybejohn higgins, they will always be the same, taking their time over the shops. they a lwa ys their time over the shops. they always look like they're trying their best. me, ronnie, jack, we are all trying our best to the same every game, we are trying our heart out. i know myself how much work i have put in each tremens. it does hurt sometimes when people say you're not trying. —— each tournament. judd trump speaking there ahead of his opening match tomorrow at the uk championship.
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there'll be regular updates here on the news channel, bbc 5 live and the bbc sport website, and the main bbc on saturday we should have seen the conclusion of the copa libertadores final between buenos aires rivals boca juniors and river plate. but boca players were injured when their team—bus was attacked by hooligans on the way to the stadium. the match was rescheduled for yesterday but then postponed again. a new date for the second leg should be agreed tomorrow. patrick gearey reports. the football match that matt ritchie too much. the fantasy factor team bus of city rivals as it made its way to the second leg of the final. —— the fans attacked the team bus. as pa rt of —— the fans attacked the team bus. as part of when sara ‘s turn to chaos, the biggest game argentina has ever seen chaos, the biggest game argentina has ever seen was chaos, the biggest game argentina has ever seen was postponed and cancelled a day later. they said some of those what were mentally and physically affected by what had happened. i think the best thing for
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us was happened. i think the best thing for us was not to play because we were not arriving in the same condition as the other team. unfortunately we have to live with this fact. the tidy four hours since have had nothing to do with the party or the final. in terms of sports, we were clearly at a disadvantage and could not play. this was the first time both won as far as teams have met in the final of south america's biggest clu b the final of south america's biggest club drummond, a matched donors this super classic had been hyped up still further. but the crowd for a training session last week. the rivalry was forged in downtown by nazario is and is bound up in class, identity and history. such is the risk of violence that no way fans we re risk of violence that no way fans were allowed at eden lake but that wasn't enough to stop the trouble. maybe more at play than simply overflowing passion. —— were allowed at either leg of the determinants.
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there was a police operation cracking down on some of these illegal activities. there is a theory that the attack was a reprisal to the fact that their moneymaking schemes were being hindered. in football terms, the second leg was perfectly poised after a raucous, rambunctious 2— all draw in the first leg. it promised to be some game but the appeal had problem of this fixture is it's much more than a game. our reporter mani djazmi is in the argentine capital and he told us how this has damaged the reputation of the game in the country. i spoke to the president last week and he was saying this is such an honourfor and he was saying this is such an honour for us and he was saying this is such an honourfor us to and he was saying this is such an honour for us to host such an important game. the eyes of the world a re important game. the eyes of the world are on us. the president will be here, the uefa president will be here, or the dignitaries and eve ryo ne here, or the dignitaries and everyone around the world is
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watching the game. it's a chance for us watching the game. it's a chance for us to show people what argentinian football is really about. u nfortu nately football is really about. unfortunately they have shown a confirmation of the lazy stereotype of argentinian football. being one dominated by hooliganism. don't forget that argentina are thinking about bidding as co—hosts for the 2030 world cup. that's a long way off but this incident, this weekend, will stay in everyone's memories for yea rs will stay in everyone's memories for years to come. maradona won the league with boca juniors, and the argentinian world cup winner is currently managing in the mexican second division, with dorados, i remember saying that this appointment would surely end in tears, but not yet, here he is after their latest win. they were flirting with relegation when he took over a couple of months ago but they have reached the play—off final,
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two matches over the next six days


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