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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 27, 2018 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with football news, and there's plenty of european champions league action to look forward to on tuesday. manchester city will be through to the knockout stages with a draw or better against lyon in france. pep guardiola has every reason to be happy, with city needing just a point to secure their place in the last 16. the premier league champions have recovered from a sluggish start, after losing at home to lyon they've won three in a row. when you lose the first game at home, the group stage can become so tough. we did ourjob, winning the next three games. we were lucky that the opponents, they didn't win. draw, draw, draw, that's why we're ina good draw, draw, draw, that's why we're in a good position but it's not very close. we try to avoid arriving at
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the last game with needing to win to qualify, so that's why tomorrow we have a big chance to be in europe in february in the champions league. by contrast, manchester united have made their worst start to a domestic campaign in 28 years. united drew 0—0 with crystal palace on saturday and are 7th in the premier league, 1a points behind leaders manchester city. they're second in their champions league group and host swiss club young boys knowing a win would definitely see them into the last 16 but the manager isn't pleased with how things are going. it's frustrating, because what i wa nt it's frustrating, because what i want is the team to start strong, is the team to go strong on the opponent, not to be waiting, not to be reactive but to be proactive. that's exactly what i want and probably you and the fans, they thinkjoe is a told them to start slow, jose told them to go nice and easy and see what would happen and for them to be losing and react is exactly the opposite thing. i want
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the team to start strong, i want the tea m the team to start strong, i want the team to start immediately and it's a bit frustrating. bayern munich are top of group e but are in something of a crisis domestically following their latest setback in the bundesliga. they drew 3—3 with promoted fortuna duesseldorf at the weekend and are 5th in the table, nine points adrift of leaders borussia dortmund. bayern host benfica on tuesday who need a win to have any hope of making it to the next stage. translation: benfica has a good team, we've seen that already from the first leg. we could and must have got more shots on goal, but nevertheless, benfica has a technically good side with players who are always able to ignore special match circumstances and bring danger to the opponents. we're aware of the fact bentley, the win to have a realistic chance at all of reaching the last 16, that means they must play more offensively. i don't believe they'll play like that from the first minute, the game lasts 90 minutes from that, everything's possible and we're
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ready. 0r everything's possible and we're ready. or get my team ready so we can fight them, we'll need to get the first goal —— i'll get my team. newcastle united have moved four points clear of the english premier league relegation zone after winning 2—1 at burnley. they went ahead after four minutes via a ben mee own goal. ciaran clark then made it 2—0 but sam vokes pulled one back before half—time although newcastle held on after the break to record their third consecutive league victory. every game for us is like a final, so every game for us is like a final, so this three points against a team thatis so this three points against a team that is close to us is massive, because it gives you more confidence. you can see the table and you can see we're in a better position. still, it's a long—running race, so position. still, it's a long—running race, so we position. still, it's a long—running race, so we have to carry position. still, it's a long—running race, so we have to carry on. position. still, it's a long—running race, so we have to carry on. at least we are doing well, and hopefully we can continue on this month. the wife of a liverpool fan critically injured before the club's match against roma in april says he'll never make a full recovery. father—of—three sean cox suffered serious brain injuries when he was assaulted by italian hooligans ahead of the champions league semi—final. martina cox has been speaking
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to our sports editor, dan roan. they were the scenes that shamed football. crowd disturbances outside anfield in april, the violence which overshadowed liverpool's champions league semi—final against roma resulted in one man fighting for his life. sean cox, the victim of an attack that left the irish father of three with severe brain injuries. at her homejust outside three with severe brain injuries. at her home just outside dublin, three with severe brain injuries. at her homejust outside dublin, his wife, martina, told mejust how tough the last seven months had been. shaun wane to a match in april and never came home. i miss sean, the children missed their dad. you know, every day life has completely changed. it was horrific looking at him, absolutely horrific. your husband lying there lifeless. it was all so senseless, you know? having been brought out of a medically induced coma, sean is now being treated in a local rehab centre. he can't sit up on his own. he can't
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talk. there are certain words and there are more words coming since he started to eat, that does help, but it's a very, very long, slow process. he's not going to make a full recovery. they said you don't get back the same person, and we know that, but the only way he will reach his maximum potential is if he gets the therapies that he needs. liverpool's fans have led the fundraising efforts for sean's due to medical care. roma have donated 130,000 pounds with liverpool managerjurgen klopp also making a contribution of his own. the fans have been absolutely amazing. even when we stayed in liverpool, you know, the letters come you know, people wanting to drive us around in their taxi is not charging us. the attack on sean cox latu support from across the game, the support he and his family still need as they continue to deal with the devastating impact. dan roan, bbc
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news, done boing. england's cricketers have become one of only three teams to have won 3—0 in sri lanka. that's after a tense 42—run win to claim the third test in colombo, as sports correspondent andy swiss reports. sri lanka's target of 327 had looked impossible, but no one appeared to have told mendis. some, suddenly the hosts had hoped butjust when england needed something special, they found it. jack leach with the flash of brilliance. mendis gone for 86 along seemingly with sri lanka's chances as england's spinners once again turned things their way. soon they needed just one more wicked with the hosts still needing more than 100. surely all over? not quite. as sri lanka's final pair blazed over way, but amid the rising tension, leach held his nerve. their first series whitewash in sri lanka. it was some fight, but something.
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andy swiss, bbc news. ireland rugby union coach joe schmidt will step down after next yea r‘s world cup, and he'll be replaced by andy farrell. schmidt's taken the team up to second in the world rankings, and they're one of the favourites for the tournament in japan after beating the all blacks just over a week ago. farrell has been ireland's defence coach under schmidt since april 2016, after holding the same position with england up until the 2015 world cup. it'll be his first head coach role, taking overfrom the new zealander who's accomplished plenty with ireland. the uk championship, one of snooker‘s big three events, gets underway on tuesday in the northern english city of york. the sport has seen a boom in the asian market over the last decade with the likes of ding junhui leading the way, but world numberfivejudd trump has told the bbc it's not overly concerning that only players from asia seem to be breaking through. i think it would be nice to sort of have the uk competing with asia on a younger level. i think china in
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particular has completely taken over with the talent. i think there's maybe 20 or 30 of them coming through now compared to not even one from the uk from what i can think of. i think it would be good for the game if it can obviously be more wide, maybe people from europe and stuff coming through to make it an even more global game in the future. to tennis, and the victorious croatia team have returned home after winning the davis cup on sunday. they beat france in the final in lille and the trophy was first shown off by marin cilic as soon as the plane landed at zagreb airport. then it was off to the city centre where thousands of fans celebrated with the team. their first triumph came in 2005, and the closest they had previously come to reclaiming the trophy was in 2016, when they finished runners—up to argentina. now to surfing and stephanie gilmore has won a record equalling 7th women's world title after her closest rival lakey peterson was eliminated in the second round of their event in hawaii. the australian equals her compatriot layne beachley‘s effort
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while at the same time in maui, 50—60ft waves greeted competitors who were competing in the jaws challenge. after a number of serious wipeouts including this by south africa's grant baker organisers were forced to postpone the event until tuesday. the good news is that baker was assessed afterwards and wasn't seriously affected. just enough time to let you know about some north american matches ongoing, and in the nfl, the end of the first quarter, they've just started the second. 14—10 in favour of the houston texans against tennessee, houston going for a franchise record eight wins in a row and at 330 gmt the orlando magic go to the golden state warriors, the golden state warriors lost their last two but —— won their last two but lost the previous four, so they're coming back into form. from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. well, we certainly started off
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the working week on a pretty chilly note for most of us, didn't we? if it was too much for you, i can offer you something a little bit more mild. unfortunately, it comes at a price, turning increasingly wet and windy over the next few days. let's take a look at the main culprits. it's these areas of low pressure pushing in from the atlantic, and they will move across the uk a little bit later on today, and they will bring some milder weather. so we lose that easterly flow that has been coming in off the north sea. the winds a swing round to a south—westerly, coming in with that area of low pressure, drags in the mild air. but the winds will be gusting to gales or severe gales over the next couple of days. we start off, though, with some patchy mist and fog around. as the breeze picks up, that will help lift that. a chilly—ish start, as you can see, with temperatures into low single figures first thing. but it won't be long before the cloud and rain starts to move into the south—west.
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so it's going to be a wet start across cornwall and south wales, and into northern ireland as well. slow improvement here for you as we go into the afternoon. let's take a look at the finer detail for this afternoon and see what's in prospect. there's the brighter weather starting to push into cornwall through the afternoon. double figures, but some heavy rain into the south—west, across wales, the midlands and stretching up into the north of england. the rain shouldn't arrive into the east of england, so here it should stay dry and relatively bright. we'll see most of the rain starting to ease out of northern ireland as we go through the afternoon. it stays relatively dry, windy with it across much of scotland. by the end of the day, you can see that rain starting to show its hand across the south—west. so that moves through overnight. the next area of low pressure moves through. then just look at the isobars squeezed together. that's where the strongest winds will be across the southern flank of that area of low pressure. so we could see gusts in excess of 60mph in exposed coasts, maybe higher,
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and it will bring heavy rain particularly through northern ireland, south—west scotland and north—west england. although the rain is lighter in nature further south, it's still going to be pretty windy with it as well. in terms of the feel of things, i did promise you something a little bit milder. double digits, in fact, mid—teens for many. but when you factor in the wind and the rain, it's probably not going to feel very great out there. and it's not long before we see another area of low pressure moving in, bringing some heavy rain. this time, the emphasis is across central and southern parts of england on thursday. so, wet and windy again to the south on thursday. something drier, brighter and a little less windy by the end of the week. welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. i'm duncan golestani. our top stories: nasa celebrates a perfect landing on mars, as the insight mission sends back its first image of the red planet. it's a very, very nice looking picture. it looks pretty flat, which makes ourjob very easy to do. and, uh, it's time to get going.
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ukraine imposes martial law, after russia seizes three naval vessels and their crew. western countries strongly condemn moscow's actions. a warning for britain, as president trump says the brexit deal could damage us—uk trade.
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