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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 27, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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hello this is bbc news. the headlines. 18 migrants — including a baby — have been rescued from two small boats in the english channel as they tried to reach the uk. a bus company has been fined almost £2.5 million after one of its drivers crashed into a supermarket, killing two people. theresa may has started her tour of the uk to sell the controversial brexit deal — which has been widely criticised by mps. global efforts to tackle climate change are way off track — according to the un — as it details the first rise in co2 emissions in four years. and tributes have been paid to baroness trumpington — a wartime code breaker and former minister, who's died aged 96. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. as theresa may continues
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her tour of the uk in a bid to sell her brexit deal, we'll have the latest reaction. with a watchdog warning that police have been left to pick up the pieces amid a national crisis in mental health care, we'll speak to a victim's relative who thinks the authorities should be doing more. and we'll take a look at tomorrow's front pages in the papers at ten forty, with me will be the former trade minister, lord digbyjones and the guardian columnist, dawn foster. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm sarah mulkerrins. coming up. manchester city are on course for a place in the knockout stages of the champions league. neighbours united have a trickier route — they're at old trafford as long as their bus doesn't get stuck again. things are going to be much better
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than the last time. if it isn't better i will walk. and a homecoming for the gold medallists — england netballers are back in action on home soil for the first time since becoming commonwealth champions. hello and welcome to sportsday. so there's a big night ahead for both manchester clubs in the champions league — with qualification for the last i6 upforgrabs. city only need a point in lyon to go through. and united will progress if they win at home against young boys and valencia lose tojuventus. and well there's certainly contrasting form for this pair, city are unbeaten in the league
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and sit top of the table — while united are seventh and jose mourinho has told his underachieving players to "stay at home" if they can't handle the pressure of performing at old trafford. to look ahead to both games, here's austin halewood. with the premier league at the moment under control manchester city have their eyes on a bigger prize, the champions league will determine guardiola ‘s legacy in manchester and tonight his side are in lyon. one point the only thing that they need. i want to qualify, that is the first target. in that period when you start the season until now the most important issue is qualification for the champions league. with the premier league of course it is important but then you have more time at the end. but if you make one or two mistakes you can be out. god alone knowsjust how good lyon can be at exploiting those
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mistakes. a defeat abedi had the only blot on an otherwise undefeated season. only blot on an otherwise undefeated season. 13 goal since though have made city the champions league top scorers. made city the champions league top scorers. but across manchester it has been a different story for the united the only team yet to score at home in the competition and with only three wins at old trafford all season only three wins at old trafford all season jose mourinho only three wins at old trafford all seasonjose mourinho knows that his tea m seasonjose mourinho knows that his team need to perform in their own backyard. we feel pressured to play matches at home were other people come to support. come on, i never felt pressure to play at home. while the struggle for consistency in the league united fans will hope that famous bridge treat last time over juventus can be the start —— the spark that turns the european forum around. the swiss side may not be the only thing that they have to battle. but traffic outside old trafford and issue before both of their home games so far. we're going
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to stay in the hoteljust a few metres away. if it is not better, i will walk. so 12 minute stroll is all that stands in his way. if only his side had an easy route as well. both those games kick off at eight o clock — and we can go live to old trafford now — our sports correpsondent david ornstein is there for us..... is mourihno walking? the manchester united boss has arrived, on time, after the mishaps against both valencia and juventus. valencia, united played the kick—off and were fined 15,000 euros for the againstjuventus mourinho had to walk. united have relocated to the hilton hotel the other side of the stadium for where we are now but no
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such problems tonight. but the traffic behind us is intense. fans of the young boys, 3000 of them, walked from the city centre with the police escort. christmas markets and roadworks mean the city is in gridlock but for the match tonight manchester united are here now. theirfans manchester united are here now. their fans may take a bit longer and old trafford is not sold out, quite unusualfor tonight. old trafford is not sold out, quite unusual for tonight. in terms of the performance on the pitch, how under pressure is mourinho and his side particularly because they are at home tonight? the draw against crystal palace at the weekend made this manchester united's westar to a season this manchester united's westar to a season in 20 for the pressure is building onjose season in 20 for the pressure is building on jose mourinho. season in 20 for the pressure is building onjose mourinho. he is not used to this sort of pressure in clu b used to this sort of pressure in club football. manchester united just three home win this season. they have not won any of their champions league games this season,
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not scored a goal. manchester united have never failed to win for champions league games at home in a row, never failed to score in three home champions league games in a row so there is some history to be avoided here tonight. but against young boys they will be hoping to get back to winning ways. of course they beat them 3— nil in switzerland. young boys are speaking career by 16 points at the top of the swiss super league so manchester united will hope for a convincing win tonight. which as we know are looking at the table would take them through to the knockout stages of this competition with a game to spare. so plentiful manchester united to do but they will be confident. when you mentioned their form in the premier league and with the champions league it has not been too bad. they had that late comeback in turin last week and they will ta ke in turin last week and they will take a lot from that. that really was one of the greatest rap performances that manchester united have produced in european
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competition especially with the backdrop of manchester united and their domestic form, certainly european champions league has become a pleasant distraction for manchester united this season. and of course juventus have manchester united this season. and of coursejuventus have been so impressive at home and in european competition and in the italian league with all those league title. united will take confidence from that, it has not been replicated in the premier league but hopefully by then they will be able to continue that tonight. and then move on to the knockout stages. and with a game to spare if valencia failed to win atjuventus. which many would say is quite likely. it is a medical kick—off here at old trafford. manchester united hoping for a morale boosting the tree. —— victory. here's all the games then today..... two early games — in group e — ajax will be through if they beat aek athens or if benfica fail to win. full details on the bbc website.
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elsewhere tonight, leicester host southampton in their rearranged league cup fourth round tie — the game was postponed following the helicopter crash that killed the club's owner and four others at the end of october. manager claude puel had said ahead of their 1—1 draw at brighton on saturday that it was time to try to move forward and focus on football. mark scott is there. along with michael appleton. leicester city up against southampton for a place in the quarterfinals against manchester city. michael appleton is with me. looking at southampton first. marcuse is under pressure. is this a game to win the fans background? i'm
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sure he will think it is an opportunity to get one under his belt. quite a difficult time in the league for the i'm sure the attitude will be going into the game trying to get a win and get some lament. they have a big game against manchester united coming up, they have to play this evening in the champions league and i'm sure a lot of thought has gone into that. a big opportunity for leicester to get into the last eight. you think that claude doyle needs that? there's a lwa ys claude doyle needs that? there's always speculation around managers in the premier league. i think they're in a position at the minute quite secure in the table. going out in the quarterfinals last year, they have an opportunity again to put right some wrong. even affect what happened last season. thank you and full commentary on the game for you on bbc 5 live sports extra and the bbc website. you can keep up to date with leicester's carabao cup
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game with southampton, all the champions league action and some big games in the championship and football league with five live final score on bbc iplayer, the bbc sport app or via your red button from 7pm. also coming up in the programme... former england defender sol campbell has made his first steps into management after taking over at macclesfield town. and from building houses to building breaks — the part—time snooker player taking on a world champion. england's netballers play their first game at home as commonwealth champions tonight. the team won gold in austrlia in april and take on uganda in a three game series starting in liverpool — where our reporter emily croydon is for us. it has been seven months since prehistoric last—second goal which won commonwealth gold for england
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and tonight they get the chance finally to play on home soil again. a lot has changed in netball since they last played here. england are now the number two ranked side in the world and participation is sought for the big sponsors have come on board to secure the financial future of the sport for the time being. the next big challenge is the world cup which ta kes pla ce challenge is the world cup which takes place right here in liverpool nextjuly. tonight is also a great chance for england to experience the venue, something which had close —— head coach traded —— tracey neville said was so important. we have home advantage and we have to utilise that. england netball have been great providing us with the hotels we stayed in, the venue, the format of the court and the people involved in that. that is hugely important and for more point if you liverpool is not one of the biggest areas in the north—west in of netball. and to keep taking it to the venue over the
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next six months is hugely important to build into the world cup. the appellants uganda will be a good challenge for england tonight. there are athletic and energetic and have one of the most talked about goal shooters in the world right now. peace emerged from the small underprivileged community in uganda and has now secured a dream move to play in australia. so she is quite the inspiration for young women back in her home country and will give england plenty to be wary about. england plenty to be wary about. england results have been quite disappointing. they lost to australia and then a defeat in jamaica. but those squads were largely experimental. tonight the site is a bit closer to the one that start in the gold coast. you can follow all the action over on 5 live
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sports extra. apologies for some of the break—up in the sound and victors. —— pictures. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news today.... johnny bairstow has become the latest england cricketer to try his hand at the shortest form of the game. he's signed a short—term deal with kerala knights in the t10 league being played in the uae. yasir shah claimed the second best match figures by a pakistan bowler as they beat new zealand by an innings and 16 runs in the second test. the leg—spinner finished with 111—184, second behind legendary all—rounder imran khan, who took 14—116 against sri lanka in 1982. and sam burgess has claimed that "individual egos" and "selfish players" contributed to england's 2015 world cup demise. burgess was part of the rugby union squad that crashed out in the pool stage. on social media he said he was "committed" but "others had their own agendas" — following the news that andy farrell, who was fired after that world cup, will succeed the current ireland bossjoe schmidt.
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the organisation that runs south american football says the postponed second leg of the copa libertadores won't be played in argentina. but the match between local rivals boca juniors and river plate will take place on either the 8th or 9th of december, with the venue still to be decided. it's after the original fixture was postponed after boca players were injured in an attack on their team bus. spurs manager mauricio pochettino has described the violence as being a cultural problem in his home country — and one that might never be solved. he linkened the situation to that in england in previous generations. for me it is cultural and how you change that i do not know. i do not know how to change that, it is so difficult for the politicians and for the people that try hard to change. i think it is cultural
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and we need to be very tough. i'm not sure it is going to change. former england defender sol campbell has been appointed as manager of macclesfield town — the club sitting right at the bottom of the football league. it's his first managerial position and he has a tough task ahead. the silkmen have won only two of their 19 league games so far this season — and are five points adrift at the foot of league two. well earlier campbell's former manager with england sven goran eriksson spoke to tony livesey on radio 5 live about the qualities he sees in sol that could make him a good manager. i'm very happy for him. i do not ta ke i'm very happy for him. i do not take he needs any advice. he has worked under many managers. totte n ha m , worked under many managers. tottenham, arsenal, a lot. and he
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knows his football. i would say he isa knows his football. i would say he is a natural leader. and of course his skill and his power and impact in all the teams that he played in. i will guess he will be the same as manager. when he goes into the dressing room, there is a saying in football but sometimes it is difficult for those who got great skills to communicate to those who have not. how will he level the playing field from his experience with england to now managing macclesfield? he is the top of the top andi macclesfield? he is the top of the top and i think he can handle that. he played so many games for england. i'm confident he will be a natural.
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i think he is mature and ready to do it. and he's going to do thatjob. do you think he has what it takes to manage higher up the foot will permit? of course. but you never know what is going to happen tomorrow in football. you need to have a bit of luck. but he has everything to be successful. the football world is open for him and you have to start somewhere. if you're lucky and if you're good at what you are doing you will do well. then it just goes what you are doing you will do well. then itjust goes on. the uk snooker championship got under way this afternoon in york. the bbc cameras will move in on saturday, but before that, world champion mark williams will take on adam duffy in the first round. now, adam doesn't have the luxury of being able to spend all day on the practice table — he makes ends meet by working
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part—time as a builder. dave edwards has been to meet him. the two sides of adam duffy's working life. the 29—year—old from sheffield got hooked on snooker as a child, watching the world championships at the crucible in his home city. and even once stealing ronnie o'sullivan's towel as a souvenir. i was trying to take it about five times and he wasn't looking so i ran around and nicked it and he shouted at me. but luckily i was a young whippersnapper so i got away from him! does he know now that it was you? i don't think so, no! if he's not practising, here at the star snooker academy, adam is likely to be found on a building site nearby. working for his dad's construction firm. as you can see by this magnificent pointing i've done here, i'lljust be running round doing that and making the job look well. i don't want to say i'm learning the trade because i don't want to obviously end up doing this. but i pick up a lot of stuff and i am improving at it. so i am enjoying it. as much as adam enjoys
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being a builder, he is hoping for an extended break from the trade. beating the world champion would be the perfect start. and that is what he will have to do to get past the first round of the uk championship at york's barbican centre. they don't come much tougher than mark williams. to play mark on centre stage will be another dream come true. world champion. he is in form, he is a great player.


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