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tv   The Papers  BBC News  November 28, 2018 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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that are g to use semantics that are incredibly important when you're talking about economics. it's a crazy day of economics. it's a crazy day of economic forecasts and the papers which we will talk about our pick and mix of economic figures. mark topped them all off with this apocalyptic scenario which the worst—case scenario not necessarily a forecasts as you say but it is worse than what we had in the last financial crisis which is given that that's going to be a once in a generation event the idea that it could happen twice in a couple of decades is quite scary. in which case take us to the telegraph because they refer to project hysteria which is quoting jacob. this sums up the differences in the stances of the papers people saying they will top the store is off on they will top the store is off on the terrible warnings from mark and the terrible warnings from mark and the bad treasury forecast add to have the papers that are brexit supporting with the telegraph that of lead their story on actually his response to him which is to call a
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project hysteria which is riffing on that project fear line from referendum. he has accused him of undermining the bank of england's credibility and independence with the scenarios and it's difficult because as mark says and i think is quoted to one of the papers here his job is not to be hopeful and realistic to plan for the worst—case scenario. obviously there's politics going on here and he came out before the referendum and gave dire forecasts which led lots futile to say he's a remainer and supposed to be independent, as is anything to do with brexit. and the bank of england was asked to carry that out. it's a thread that has run through this entire story if you can call it that which is brexit. the menu, and say something people are saying you are partial in some way and utilise it up partial in some way and utilise it up because you are a remainer but there's people who also do want to know what the bank of england
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thinks. mips scenario and it's the worst—case scenario thinks. mips scenario and it's the worst—case scenario but as just depending in your disposition you wa nt to depending in your disposition you want to be prepared for that. and he doesn't hold back, does the? he's basically a sales second—rate canadian politician. before the referendum we were threatened with the plague of frogs another one of the plague of frogs another one of the death of the first—born. he is definitely not holding back. his argument would be that straight after the referendum we were told the light of the results that several their economic things would happen and they did not happen. that is true but the treasury by own forecasters are saying even if she gets her deal through today they have said over the next 15 years person would be 3.9% worse off than if we had stayed in. and they are treasury figures not bank of england. even with the treasury figures we have lived through so
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many economic forecasts and they cannot be revised. they probably will be. connected to brexit is this specific issue of the full brexit legal advice being published and there was a binding focused as it should be an error saying it won't be an outjohn burke out is stepping in. this idea of being in contempt over the summer of legal advice ta kes over the summer of legal advice takes us to a whole other chapter really when you thought it cannot get more congregated and more, i don't know what the world is, really armageddon like with the zone of characters and people being held in contempt. i don't know. itjust really is getting worse. its punishments ready for a forced apology to expulsion. hated to do with brexit is also people being
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accused of being impartial and he is seen accused of being impartial and he is seen as a remainer accused of being impartial and he is seen as a remainer and divides opinion in the house. on a raised he's seen as a remainer and therefore less people saying he would be doing that for vertical reasons rather than the wider good of parliament. it's impossible to make a move in this story and the scenario without being accused of being partial. as it stands they will publish a document setting of the legal position of the withdrawal agreement on monday but her decision to publish a summary is that of the full advice has angered mps. to publish a summary is that of the full advice has angered mp5. the difference between the government version of the most important elements as they would see it and the full thing. it's yet another facet of this incredibly complex brexit story and it's an important one. lots of people will see the full legal advice. we'll come back
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to the telegraph a moment. we'll sort that out. in the meantime as the theresa may the focus of the ft coverage which has been a staunchly pro remain paper throughout and they're saying the prime minister is happy to dollars that every scenario does not look great. from what we heard today this is correct that she his having to mike under my deal it will shrink. was i imagining it today during prime ministers questions that she said britain will not be worse off than she had to defend that against the cheering from the opposition benches? she was saying pretty one not be were soft but factually according to these forecasts it will be. i thought that was a slightly strange approach for her to take but it's very much of the theresa may ilk which is i have a message and go to push ahead with that regardless of what the coverage has been today the news. nothing has
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changed. i suppose the point there is something to philip hammond said earlier this morning and that if you measure it in purely economic terms you can clearly come to some things and thejudgement you can clearly come to some things and the judgement you alluded to by brexit and the people that voted for it was about more than money. absolutely. it's interesting the treasury has said specifically that there's almost no value in us having an independent trade policy and is economic but it's essential. these figures don't matter but they are not the be—all and end—all. figures don't matter but they are not the be-all and end-all. the treasury said today that economic eu migrants have boosted the economy and have not trained in the way that lots of brexiteers have argued. you're right and that's the problem i suppose. aside from the fact that there will be people who say even there will be people who say even the treasury figures are not impartial and the civil servants that are basically remainers and ple nty of
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that are basically remainers and plenty of people say that the brexit signed in their economic figures and the reasons people for brexit are extremely complex and not just based on economics. where does this leave the votes? there's no sign of anybody shifting as far as i can see. the problem with all of this is that however many days of debate to go and who knows how many more weather will be eminence allowed or not it is a long road to travel even it feels very short and i think that the problem with poring over this stuff is that we can sometimes overestimate what opposition or support is for something because we are poring over the detail every hour of every day. the simple answer is that we don't know. and they don't always tell us exactly what they will do. the metro front page ta kes they will do. the metro front page takes us away from brexit to a
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sobering story. incredibly sobering. some people say not entirely unconnected to brexit. i will come on today in a moment. is this awful story of the city that has gone viral of what appears to be a bullying incident amongst some school kids and the kid being targeted sends that as a searing refugee and charges of the brightest case we can discuss it that they would have a the video but it has been viewed more than 10 million times now and had huge outpouring of support for this boy on twitter and on other social media and more than £100,000 has been raised for him on a funding site now by complete strangers. what is interesting in the reason i say that people will argue it's not completely unconnected to brexit is that there's lots of people saying we wonder and see these things and are so wonder and see these things and are so shocked we wonder how they can happen that we think about the rhetoric that has been thrown around to the last few years about refugees
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and what they're doing to the country. and then it's by the disingenuous for us as a society to say we can possibly imagine where this attitude comes from. the fundraising element to this is more uplifting. it absolutely is because mother one £2000 has rd been raised in sure that figure has changed now and a co—funded me appeal to their hoping to move elsewhere within the uk. this is huddersfield i am saying and they're uk. this is huddersfield i am saying and they‘ re hoping uk. this is huddersfield i am saying and they're hoping to move somewhere else else the uk and i mean, who knows where? hopefully they can find peace if they go somewhere else.|j promised i would go back to the telegraph because people will have spotted a photograph that did not immediately looked as if it was brexit related they may have recognised the actor michael sheen. it is indeed he with now his former partner. this is the american comedian sarah silverman. the headline i should not laugh. this is
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some light relief. 0ur standards are dropping in the light relief department. my brexit break—up. a p pa re ntly department. my brexit break—up. apparently he said in the michael sheen who is known to be quite political and a member of the labour party has said that they split up because following the brexit vote in this country and the election of donald trump in america and obviously she is american they both wa nted obviously she is american they both wanted to spend more time getting back into politics to try to fix things in their words. it's a rather strange from page to photograph?“ almost as if putting summaries on front pages by any means possible is a good idea i suppose. i agree front pages by any means possible is a good idea i suppose. iagree it's one that we have been slightly perplexed by i should say. we will have to and perplexed because that's all the time we have this time around. thank you both. that's it for the papers this hour don't forget you can see the front
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pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — seven days a week at — and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer there'll be more from the papers at 11.30, but for the moment thank you to aasmah mir and jess brammar — goodbye. good evening from a sports of the country it has been a wet and windy wednesday and it is not over yet. some work of the weather in the forecast and because of this area of cloud on the satellite picture. this looks quite menacing and quite threatening. did away does a hug developing its area of cloud. an area of low pressure that is still developing and deepening. as such does a bit of uncertainty about how potent it will get and just exactly
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where it will track. it does bring the potential for some really strong winds during tomorrow. heavy rain with the risk of travel disruption. as we go through the rest of tonight and ryan clears slot for many but the southwest rain will return. heavy rain at that and what will stay windy throughout the night southwestern areas will turn really windy by the end of the night. it will at least be mild. get it to tomorrow and not a great start the day. have your personal rain moving across the southwest of england and wales in the midlands is very strong winds. why the mystery a gust of 50 to 60 maybe 70 mph or more for exposed coasts and that very windy weather extending across northern england into the south east of scotland. even away from these areas will be a blustery starch to the day as the go the morning is the afternoon we take the worst of the rain and the worst of the wins and
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move that use as well. by the afternoon things look that more calm and less windy remix of sunshine and showers and temperatures nine of 14 degrees. princess anne i'm more showers flinging themselves from the west is that we get into friday low pressure in charge of the scene. sent to the north of the uk and windy answers in the north and those wins by this stage coming down from the north west and so will feel quite chilly. lots of showers across the northwest some of them heavy and thundering of many showers for southend is more dry weather with the northwest flow and it will feel a bit more chilly at this stage and is the weekend more unsettled weather and more wind and rain, quite mild in the south and much more chilly further north. this is bbc news. the headlines at 11: the bank of england warns of a major recession worse than the crash of 2008,
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if the uk leaves the european union without a deal. for a period of time, if we reduce the degree to which we can trade with our largest trading partner, the economy has to undergo an adjustment. a teenager is to be charged with assault, after footage showing a 15 year old syrian refugee being attacked goes viral. coming up — the health watchdog issues a warning to the uk's worst performing mental health trust. norfolk and suffolk nhs foundation trust has been told it has only weeks to improve safety, after inspectors rated it inadequate for a third time. and could the island of sark about to be plunged into the dark? sark electricity has threatened to pull the plug,
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