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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  November 29, 2018 5:45am-6:00am GMT

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with russia off crimea. he told germany's bild newspaper he hoped the ships could be relocated to assist ukraine and provide security. on the front of the arab news, us secretary of state mike pompeosaid saudi arabia is a powerful force for stability in the middle east and warned against any attempts to harm us relations with the kingdom. and finally, on the vox news website, a passenger who was flying from singapore to japan on the budget airline scoot asked for a cup of water while his flight was delayed. the flight attendant then told him he would have to buy a bottle of water. the passenger declined to pay asking for tap water instead leading to the an attendant placing a cup of ice in front of him, telling him to wait for it to melt. it was quite a long flight so i imagine they would melt. with me is oliver cornock, who's editor—in—chief of the oxford business group. the daily telegraph with a quote
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from jacob rees—mogg. the daily telegraph with a quote from jacob rees-mogg. on one level he would say that, a brexiteer, a bit of a clown, really a group of people becoming an embarrassment here and abroad. we did look at the simple fact that the uk living the eu will have an economic impact is clear. the deal that theresa may is presenting will give you better figures than no deal. you have to get through the blast. the big problem here is that brexit is not party political but personal. the bank of england is saying that there will be an impact and this is our
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worst case scenario. will be an impact and this is our worst case scenario. banks took a grubbing after not predicting the global financial crisis. forecasting is fiendishly difficult. the governor of the bank of england is a saying there will be an impact. the banks need to prepare for worse case scenario and need it tested. it is not hugely shocking. but to say that the many in the uk who voted for brexit, jacob rees—mogg's voice is important. they say him and others as seeing them fighting in their corner. many viewers have been in touch with us this morning to say that it touch with us this morning to say thatitis touch with us this morning to say that it is his —— hysterical. people
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predicted the uk economy would be under threat after the referendum and that did not come to fruition.” would argue that the bank of england's governor once the economy to be prepared for the worst case. his prediction of what happened in 2016 meant that the economy survived precisely because of the things put in place. keath, one of our viewers, said that it must be obvious that crashing out of the eu without a deal would damage the economy. others saying this is scaremongering. a lot of projects
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via going on. i do not think a lot of people who voted for brexit would care. they point out it is the very wealthy who will hit hardest. care. they point out it is the very wealthy who will hit hardestlj understand wealthy who will hit hardest.” understand those positions as well. when you have borisjohnson talking about a mythical figure of £350 million, which will not materialise, apparently. in the independent, the labour shadow chancellorjohn mcdonnell speaking to our political editor. basically, he implied, after the grim post— brexit forecasts, and
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from the point of view of the prime minister, she's doing her bid to persuade mps to vote on her deal, john mcdonald saying it will go the other way. —— john mcdonnell. john mcdonald saying it will go the other way. -- john mcdonnell. there are two angles to this. the labour party are playing catch up here. it is dreadful given the state of the tory party, that they should be paying such catch up. it is opportunistic and predictable they would want a general election should theresa may's deal not get through parliament but failing that, they are calling for a second referendum and if you speak to the average man on the street, people are sick to death of the politicians and brexit and this opportunistic pointscoring really is not helping... you do not
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think there's a case for a second referendum bass i personally do not have a strong view on that.” referendum bass i personally do not have a strong view on that. i happen to believe the deal theresa may is putting forward is that the best possible deals. theresa may should try and set back, call it the uk deal because mps are so toxic in the uk at the moment. the situation with regards to ukraine and russia. petro poroshenko saying don't believe vladimir putin's lies. ukraine is not a member of nato. on one level you have the increasing rhetoric between russia and the west and this isa between russia and the west and this is a part of that. we have seen it crimea, the expansion of russia channelled into that area. this is just a notch up. it is interesting
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it is ina just a notch up. it is interesting it is in a german paper. ukraine and germany have a strong relationship. petro poroshenko is very unpopular and has an election coming up. he's talking about introducing martial law. he did not introduce martial law. he did not introduce martial law after the invasion. it is not a balanced picture. it is increasing in terms of rhetoric and it will be alarming nato. it will be interesting to see what happens with the un as well. a saudi backed paper, a strong headline, mike and pay saying saudi arabia is a powerful force of stability in the region. —— mike pompeo. powerful force of stability in the region. -- mike pompeo. the secretary of state and president trump are very supportive of the
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saudi arabian regime however the house and senate are not happy with the killing of jamal house and senate are not happy with the killing ofjamal khashoggi and the killing ofjamal khashoggi and the increasing disaster which is in yemen. the senate very posed now and despite that, the vote is going to the wire. even if it gets passed, donald trump has said it will veto it. what mike pompeo is saying is what many of us know, saudi arabia is the key ally, and the one the us will support against their folk, iran. the second point, boil. —— oil. we will perhaps be more gentle when it comes to human rights. the
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mandatory in crisis in yemen is absolute. a cup of ice. singapore to japan, a budgetairline. absolute. a cup of ice. singapore to japan, a budget airline. not good for the airline are looking at the social media comments, little sympathy for this person. if you go ona sympathy for this person. if you go on a cheap airline, what do you expect. take a bottle of water with you. there is a race to the bottom here! will they charge to use the steps, soon? thank you for all your comments, i will see you so on. hello there. the atlantic is set to be pretty relentless in terms of throwing spells of wet and windy weather our way in the coming days.
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this hook of cloud here is the spell of windy weather and rain that we had on wednesday, that low centre rolling away. this one, though, developing quite explosively as well to the south—west as we go through the early part of thursday, promises even stronger winds than we saw yesterday, and some very heavy rain. certainly not looking great for the morning rush hour. there will be a risk of some disruption, and bbc local radio is a great place to head to, to get the details where you are. this is what that picture will look like, however. 6:00am, well, pretty muchjust about everywhere seeing some rain at this stage. on the plus side, it's a mild start, temperatures in double figures. through the morning, the wettest weather will start to push its way northwards pretty quickly. the strong winds, though, will remain an issue, i think, throughout in the morning, especially across the western side of the uk, around the coasts and across the hills. these are the gust strengths in the black circles. you can see 50, 60, maybe even 70 mph there off the coast of pembrokeshire. the stronger winds, as well, pushing further north into northern england and the south—east
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of scotland as the morning goes on. so, as a rough rule of thumb, 50—60 possible just about anywhere towards the west. in exposure, we could be talking 70 or a little bit more. the rain pushes its way northwards pretty quickly through the morning, many areas actually seeing a great improvement come the afternoon. quite a few showers, though, packing into the west, the north—east of scotland keeping the rain until the end of the day. a mild story, though, thanks to that air coming in from the south—west. 13 or 1a degrees as a high. quite a few showers around in western exposures through thursday evening. low pressure stays in charge. that's what's feeding those showers in. it just, though, starts to change its orientation slightly for friday, bringing the air in from the north—west, and that will be just a slightly cooler direction. still some showers, thanks to that low, for western exposures on friday. but for many, actually, a much quieter day. yes, still breezy, but nothing like the winds of thursday. and i think many areas could escape with a dry day, temperatures just a couple of degrees down on those we see on thursday.
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now, onto the weekend. another couple of these little areas of low pressure look like they're going to head our way. the question is, will they be around in the daytime or will they come rolling through overnight? at the moment, it looks like some of the wettest weather could be first thing on saturday and first thing on sunday, and as the day goes on, we could see increasing amounts of sunshine. but stay tuned to keep up—to—date with the detail for your weekend weather. good morning. welcome to breakfast, with naga munchetty and charlie stayt. our headlines today: the parliamentary battle over brexit. details begin to emerge of how five days of debate will play out. jeremy corbyn says he will call on parliament to prevent the uk crashing out of the eu without a deal. branded unsafe — the hospital trust being investigated over the death or injury of more than a0 babies is rated inadequate by inspectors. improving the road network for disabled users. why more needs to be done to improve signage, services and assistance for drivers with disabilities. in sport: it is down to the wire
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for spurs and liverpool in the champions league.
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