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this week directors cut into. this week that game of cat and mouse became more elaborate as a platform was built at the college green, presumably to outfox mr bray and cuba's advertisements are scaffolding company achieve these in bitmap pictures of the platform saying it was installed in a last—minute question the bbc. sadly for the bbc did not work. thanks to the purchase ofa did not work. thanks to the purchase of a couple of very long poles, steve bray treated these photos in turn treating that mac —— tweeting. . .. this is turn treating that mac —— tweeting.... this is what appeared at the top of monday's news that one. good afternoon and welcome to the bbc news at one. theresa may has been holding a meeting of the cabinet as she begins to be pushed to convince the country and mps to get her brexit deal. a number of yourself told us they find broadcast like that very distracting and we
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will be kidding from a couple of them shortly. we also hope to speak toa them shortly. we also hope to speak to a senior bbc editor about this but none was available. is that they give us a statement. —— instead they gave us the statement. let's see the opinions of two viewers in the studio. mike, what bothered you about the placards?” find it disturbing watching him prance around behind your presenters andi prance around behind your presenters and ifind it incredibly annoying. they want to elaborate on that? i find it annoying because that is
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more than 50% of the people don't hold his opinion and he has a right to have an opinion obviously c of the right to present that behind every news report on bbc television? do you think there is an impartiality advertising issue? do you think there is an impartiality advertising issue ?m would seem that way, couldn't it? many people believe that the bbc is left—wing biased, that is opinion some people and by allowing this chapter do this it could be suggested that they are covered later in agreement with them. jean—paul and, what about for you?” entirely agree with mike. it is the comment that i made with the bbc a few weeks ago and as he says having these demonstrators behind norman smith or his colleagues is extremely distracting and you can concentrate and listen to what the journalist as to say. the other point is mike says is it really can lead viewers to
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think that the bbc has a sympathetic camera towards these people on the size of the debate. what do you think the bbc can do about it? they don't want it happening but it is public land behind them. don't want it happening but it is public land behind themm don't want it happening but it is public land behind them. it is public land behind them. it is public land behind them. it is public land that you have several spots around the house of parliament we're journalists can stand and talk such as the top of number four millbank are other places. i'm sure that if the bbc really wanted to avoid having these demonstrators by the journalists they could find a spot. mike, we heard jean paul say maybe the bbc should be in a different private location. could they put a banner up behind a scaffold ? they put a banner up behind a scaffold? i have thought about that because they are still working organisation public races so i'm a big fan of errol spencer and hessian cloth but i think the feather fellow is clever enough to get around that.
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maybe the bbc need to make more use of the law. if they can't get rid of this problem should bejust think about staying indoors? yes, indoors and someone else where the protesters and this chap can be seen. jean paul and mike, thank you both so much. on monday, simon mccoy was presented, afternoon, glide from outside parliament and top the audience through what was going on around him. as you can see the banners are back out. we are on a platform this week. that's the platform this week. that's the platform and what they have done is they have managed to get extension poles for the banners. for those of you treating me and seeing how on earth do you let that happen, we can stop if that's what they are doing. so what is it like trying to broadcast of the nation poll placards are being weighed behind you? for his personal perspective
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that i'm joined by simon mccoy. simon, we know viewers had been an happy about the placards for weeks. what has been like for you?m happy about the placards for weeks. what has been like for you? it can be off—putting. my worry is that it is putting people off who we have got there to talk to his view the viewers want to hear. that is my real concern about it. it doesn't bother me so much, it does a bit from the directors are cutting different shots up to try to avoid the banner going on because i can see a monitor and i can see that's what's going on. and more importantly and more recently that is exactly what the people holding the banners have been able to see and they've got very wise to how we work. we try and adapt on a daily basis to try and minimise any potential disruption but it is not great. he is like to be here and we are there as well. we accommodate. is it personally distracting for you asa is it personally distracting for you as a presenter? i'm also aware that they are there. just by seeing a
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monitor to my eyes down in front of mei monitor to my eyes down in front of me i know he is there or he is there. but the worrying thing for any interviewer is what it is doing to the person you're talking to because i off a look at them and they are getting distracted a loser train of thought. the only person loses with that is the view who are switching on to try and hear somebody talk about something that they perhaps want to hear. if that person is extracted that is nobody a service and that gets a bit annoying. some viewers say giving all these distractions why don't you just inside a nice warm cereal?“ all these distractions why don't you just inside a nice warm cereal? if i had the choice i would be in a once you do every time it gets very cold out there. you are there in college green with the house of commons behind you and you're telling the viewers we are with the story is happening and we are in westminster and one of the things about being the is the mps are walking past and often we' re the is the mps are walking past and often we're just grabbing them and asking to borrow them for a couple of minutes for a quick interview. that would not happen if you were sitting in a cosy warm studio and
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trying to get them on the phone. when you were talking about the anticipation of the birth of prince george and you were very honest saying nothing is going on. why be so saying nothing is going on. why be so honest about that? because and i'm sure you have been there if you get sent in the story and you waiting for something to happen there was a time when they wouldn't come to you and ask you what was happening because they knew nothing was happening. now the pressure of 24 was happening. now the pressure of 2a hour news and people desperate to find out has been a royal birth of whatever they will come to you. your heart sinks and a little bit of your soul dies away because you know you have nothing new to tell them. i think we've got the point we may as well be honest about it. until then well be honest about it. until then we will be speculating about as well birth. there is no fax. —— facts. back to you, ben. i will not tell lies and start speculating on the level of dilation which one of my collea g u es level of dilation which one of my colleagues was doing at the time which really i thought in this
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business was going too far. i think honesty pays anything that is what the viewer once in the faeces see someone can the viewer once in the faeces see someone can do that and if that is a bit of humour in that as well that is great and nobody loses. i know the royal family were not unhappy with the way we did it. if i can be a bit cynical, as well as your deadpan observations about royal news that have been other incidents such as the one we had with a pad of paper rather than ipad. are you in danger of letting your on—screen paper taking control of the news?“ that happens people stop watching. we have viewers who if they don't like what they see they tell us and eventually they will switch off. we know, we keep an eye on the figures and at the moment people seem to like what they see and i think we pitch it about right and a think the important thing is when you're on three i was a time as we are on, afternoon, glide you need that difference, the light in the shade. and as long as you can do that and a human way and that requires a bit of
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a sense of humour, long as it is appropriate at the time, actually viewers are quite relieved that they are hearing the news to my human being rather than necessarily going online all the time. thank you very much. finally, a bizarre tale about the identity of a member of the audience in a newsnight debate about brexit on monday. he is the leading question. the reason i'm sitting here and these gentlemen and ladies sitting there is because they know far more about what is going on than we do. we know what we know that they are members of parliament for a reason. we are not. so being a conservative born and bred my campbell backed by minister theresa may. some viewers recognise that not asa may. some viewers recognise that not as a vicar as a dog collar suggested but as an actress who appears under her middle name marina which gave speculation she had been hired by
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newsnight as a fake contribute. one correspondent what i find this very worrying and approves the credibility of the programme and the bbc at rest. please can you assure you do not get actors to take the place of members of the public in this or any other programme? newsnight firmly rebutted those accusations putting out the statement. thank you for all your comments this week. if you want to share your opinions on bbc news and current affairs and even appear on the programme you can call us on this number. you can you mail us on here. a you can e—mail us here. that's all for us. we would be back to hear
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your thoughts on bbc news coverage again next week. for most of us are mixed weekend on the way. there will be sunshine, showers and saturday morning not looking great across the southern half of the uk. we have some quite heavy rain on the way. surely when it comes from. this is a satellite image from last few hours and it is this weather front making a beeline for southern parts of the uk. through tonight it will turn wet and south—western areas of the uk. the time we get to midnight winning for sure in south—western england and southern parts of wales and through the night this weather front will spread its rain across other parts of the country as well stop on the beachin of the country as well stop on the beach in london by earlier on saturday morning. it will be cold a career in the north. tomorrow i really miserable start of the day on the side. a bit of a breeze out there as well, not pleasant at all.
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you can see the bands of rain sweeping southern counties. not bad in the midlands. it will come and go. in the midlands. it will come and 90- by in the midlands. it will come and go. by the end of the by the middle of the morning just a few dribs and drabs here and there and in the lowla nds drabs here and there and in the lowlands of scotland it will be quite crisp, three degrees sunshine. a lot of drizzle and low grey cloud. that weather front out of the way by mid—afternoon and i don't think it will turn necessarily sunny but at least it will dry out for most of us. least it will dry out for most of us. that might be a few glimmers of sunshine here on the site. as we head into sunday, saturday night into sunday, one weather front there. another one here heading our way. i repeat performance, sunday morning will see some rain. this is very early hours of sunday morning. the timing is uncertain but there will be winged serpent of the site. some chilly weather in the north earlier on sunday morning frost in aberdeen. the site a lot milder and the split between the weld
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westerlies and with some rain is evident during the afternoon. mild in the south and in the north it will be cold and some rain expected in the north during the course of sunday. 7 degrees in aberdeen that london to get up to 15 celsius and maybe some sunshine around. it looks very next this weekend and this very mixed weather is going to continue into next week as well and will continue with the contrast in temperatures between the south and the north. this is bbc news. the headlines at 8pm. a breach of data at the marriott international hotel chain's starwood division, 500 million guests have their personal details compromised. theresa may calls on mps to deliver on the brexit referendum, but doesn't rule out another commons vote if they reject her deal the first time round. i'm focused on the vote that is taking place on december 11, and i want everybody who is going to participate,
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all members of parliament to focus on what this vote does. you're not ruling out a second vote? i am focusing on the vote in two weeks' time. the prime minister is at the g20 summit of world leaders in argentina, where global tensions are dominating the meeting. elsewhere, there's an enthusiastic greeting between president putin and the saudi crown prince, who's suspected of ordering
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