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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 30, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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evander holyfield was here at his awkward style could cause problems for wilder. if he makes this fight so for wilder. if he makes this fight so sloppy and ugly, what's going to happen? serbia begun deerskin and i think that tyson fury gets under his skina think that tyson fury gets under his skin a little bit. if they get sloppy and up—and—down fight. when you are a good fighter know how to educate people. ithink you are a good fighter know how to educate people. i think the only way they can beat him is to agitate him. tyson fury has said all week that he isa tyson fury has said all week that he is a bigger draw than wilder and when he got onstage he was heckled by the fans. that's an indication that fury will enjoy a sizeable support. at the staples center buying me a new three years to the
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day when he won the title against vladimirand can he day when he won the title against vladimir and can he cause other upsetin vladimir and can he cause other upset in boxing? cardiff manager neil warnock‘s seventieth birthday celebrations may have started early after his side came from behind to beat wolves 2—1. junior hoilett produced a stunning second half winner to move the welsh team out of the premier league relegation zone on the eve of his manager's landmark birthday. national league side solihull moors will be in the third round draw of the fa cup for the first time after they held league one blackpool to a goalless draw. a record crowd at their damson park ground saw solihull find the net in the first half, but alex gudger‘s goal was disallowed because darren carter was ruled offside during the corner kick. in rugby union's premiership, exeter chiefs have lost for the first time this season. the league leaders were beaten 28—26 by harlequins at the twickenham stoop.
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exeter scored an early try but quins were in front for most of the match. nathan earle scored twice before joe marchant crossed the line late on to seal the win and a bonus point. it's exeter‘s first defeat away from home since february. england were denied a win in their opening match at the hockey world cup — drawing 2—2 with china. mark gleghorne scored the first from a penalty corner to equalise after china had gone ahead. and it took until the fourth quarter for england to take the lead thanks to this one from liam ansell. china though levelled it up though in the the closing seconds. england beat uganda 65—53 in their second test at the copperbox in london tonight, and with it claimed the three match series 2—0. the roses stormed into a 39—22 half—time lead, thanks to helen housby and rachel dunn. uganda rallied in the third and fourth quarters as roses head coach tracey neville rotated her squad, but the match
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ended with george fisher scoring the final points. game three is on sunday. great britain won silver in the men's team sprint on day one of the track cycling world cup in berlin. the three man team ofjason kenny, philip hines and ryan owens go off to a flying start against the netherlands, in the gold medal race. // but the brits were overtaken by the world champions heading into the final lap... and were forced to settle for silver. well, we've already been looking ahead to the weekend's big wilder — fury fight — which takes place early on sunday morning.. fury has battled and conqurered depression before beginning his journey back into the sport. he's not the only former british boxer to have suffered mental health problems. the former wbc heavyweight champion frank bruno has spoken honestly about his own personal battles. and earlier today he spoke to our correspondent natalie pirks.
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very, very, very low. he has got himself together and at least a lot of people out there suffering and just down in the candid themselves out. little dark patches or whatever. some people have that and it's unbelievable what he has done. he has got his minds together and is on point with respect to him. do you think boxing does not to help it?|j don't think anyone does enough of. the government should be the main ones that you should go see about help for mental health rather than getting the medication. atticus three years you have been off of medication. yeah. what do you attribute to being medication free? agut the gym every day and have a turkish bath. i try to look after
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myself and eat the right food. 0h myself and eat the right food. 0h myself in the red zone and look at different things on television. read stories about people suffering and ta ke stories about people suffering and take things into perspective and look after yourself and be able to hear that. we all go through bad times and break—ups, mortgage and losing a job, this that and the other. life is good to go on. back to tomorrow night, what would be your prediction ultimately? is a very tricky one. if deontay wilder catches tyson fury he will do some break dancing. break dancing in the ring. you never know. good to see frank bruno doing so well. that's all from sportsday. we'll have lots more squirt for you throughout the weekend. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are tim stanley , leader writer for the telegraph and susie boniface , columnist for the daily mirror. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. let's start with the guardian — which has the headline ‘the outsiders' — and shows saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman and russian president vladimir putin — who met at the g20 summit. and the times shows the two leaders' enthusiastic embrace — the high five between the two leaders — with donald trump in the background. the ft claims theresa may is planning to sack the chairman of the hs2 rail programme — terry morgan — after only four months in the job.
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rail fares rise 37% in a decade writes the i — saying there is fury over the increase in prices after cancellations and timetable chaos. ‘christmas bonanza if brexit is agreed' — promises the daily express — saying that if theresa may's deal is backed by mps, it will prompt a boom on the high street and on the subject of christmas, the star says the country could face the snowiest winter in seven decades ‘dreaming of a white out christmas' the paper says. 0k, well let's start with the g20. take a look at these photographs or one of the photographs i mentioned. infamous i think this will become now that high five on the front page of the times. the high five between president putin and the saudi crown prince. and maybe perhaps in
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contrast with the photos at the independent has got on their front page. of emmanuel macron with the saudi crown prince. reflections? why is he so controversial? wise no unsure how to be seen? the ongoing war in yemen is partly made possible by british and american arms sales. also the recent appalling murder of the journalist mr khashoggi which they have blamed the crown prince. the big question is how is one scene and approaching him? you have two very different strategies here. vladimir putin seen greeting him and giving him but midway high five and by contrast emmanuel macron the french president ray skillfully managed to choreograph a meeting with the crown prince which was not only seen talking to him quite certainly but overheard little snippets of the conversation saying things like i am very concerned and
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you don't listen to me. and i am a man of his word. we now have images not on these front pages of theresa may meeting the crown prince as she shakes his hand she doesn't look for a happy about it in the meeting was obviously very uncomfortable and i think number ten has put out a statement saying she did raise the issue of the murder and said that if saudi arabia wants to rebuild trust in their administration they will have to deal with the crime of transparency and be seen to actually a nswer transparency and be seen to actually answer questions and work with the turkish authorities. these pictures tell a story really of a tense meeting, don't they? a tense and soui’ meeting, don't they? a tense and sour summit. also things happening behind the scenes that matter at these summits and if the bilateral meetings between leaders and what is discussed and happens away from the cameras as tim was saying. the meeting looked extremely awkward and stiff and sheila has a face looks
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like it's been hit with a kicker. i'm sure she will have made the point quite well and macron has staged a wonderful one which they need. i'm standing up and vladimir putin does not care. he's fine with killing journalists and use them himself or his regime has been accused of that. we've got here is that a few years ago we were talking about the axis of evil. now you have the bullies on the playground gathering together actually forming alliances and the bad people he would really rather not and to have and saudi arabia and donald trump and saudi arabia and donald trump and everyone else is going oh no, when will the teachers come a and straighten them out? that is what is happening. and they always have to have something to do. where does this leave a summit that is supposedly about international coordination? it's worth pointing out that of course are good this of what is publicly seen between
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vladimir putin and the crown prince was perhaps more significant is the relationship with dump trump since he became president. donald trump of saudi arabia at the centre of a regional alliance against iran and bring it closer to israel. there was also some hope that made this more a cce pta ble also some hope that made this more acceptable that the crown prince was acceptable that the crown prince was a reformer because there were changes in saudi arabia in relation to women's rights. all of that now looks rather foolish and to women's rights. all of that now looks ratherfoolish and rather embarrassing for western powers. one of the problems of these summits is that when you go together there's no guarantee of course the people running them are democrats or liberals. it's the only saudi arabia thatis liberals. it's the only saudi arabia that is an embarrassment at the conference, china is there as well. and their human rights record is not perfect either. to stop dealing with saudi arabia and treat them as per as we have the problem in the middle east were allowed them as a stabilising factor without that we
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have some issues and secondly especially at these summits of free will stop talking to saudi arabia putin will make friends with them and they will form alliances with the other bullies in the playground the other bullies in the playground the rather they wouldn't. we would rather than talk to us and under some very limited influence them i'd have rather than talking to the other guys is an awful lot of act stage worrying that the chess move along with the one you dealing with right now is notjust about along with the one you dealing with right now is not just about who along with the one you dealing with right now is notjust about who is meeting but high—fiving everyone planning 14 years down the line.|j wa nt to planning 14 years down the line.|j want to move on a just a moment to one observation you talked about some of for several minutes now without mentioning president trump. that's quite interesting. it's good to me isn't it? let's try to get through the whole evening like that. that'll probably change tomorrow when he meets the chinese president. he's also refusing to meet people so he is less likely to get pictures.
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o nto he is less likely to get pictures. onto brexit in the first page of the daily mail which has an article written by the environment secretary and the headline is i've backed me's deal. points about notjust this article but also the daily mail. they have changed their position markedly and usually when editors change in his favours the general public might not get much of a clue that anything has happened but with paul goings by the upstairs at the associated newspapers and geordie cumming and it has been noticed that we have been talking aboutjudges cumming and it has been noticed that we have been talking about judges as enemies of the people when they were considering the article 50 legislation to now we have had to talk about the real saboteurs and traders being as politicians not supporting theresa may. and here we have a front page article written by michael gove and one of the arch brexiteers, i hate them calling them
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that. makes them sound like musketeers. the musketeers all died. well, they did. one of them got switched. talking about brexit people. he's saying we can't have 100% of the dealer wanted no did not have 100% the vote. that's perfectly valid, moral and democratic point perhaps and he had to take the rest of the electorate with you as well. but it's not the kind of thing michael would have said or did get a to put on their front page with anything of a supportive ring to it. this would have been that. it represents the daily mail is not just a change in editor but a change in tone and the country in general. the very programmes that are wondering whether this is the brexit they voted for. just before you come m, they voted for. just before you come in, tim, to the capture the capture the daily telegraph that the
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conservative minister sam has resigned in protest. you are keeping under your hat. i was told don't tell anyone at the bbc. you can now freely speak about it. tell us more. yes, minister has said he cannot support the deal and... quite right. the way of the present crimes. —— pros and cons. i can say that he has taken a stand and it's very significant because he is a minister and because this will dominate the news over the weekend. he has made a coherent and clear critique of the deal and i think a lot of people will be talking about that and this comes at a moment when the government needs supported can get. soa government needs supported can get. so a particularly bad moment for theresa may after going


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