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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 3, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm GMT

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and evolving. so that the growing and evolving. so that the main headlines from today. don't forget, if you would like to continue watching round three of the snooker, we have the world champion mark williams playing and also steve maguire against ali carter. red button and online for those matches this evening. in the meantime, goodbye. let's have a quick look at some of the other stories making the headlines today. jurgen klopp has been charged with misconduct by the football association after liverpool's dramatic win over everton yesterday. it relates to this celebration. klopp ran onto the pitch to celebrate with his players after they scored the winner in the 96th minute. he's got until 6 o'clock on thursday to respond. the fa have charged arsenal and tottenham with failing to control their players in the north london derby following eric dier‘s goal celebrations at the emirates yesterday. dier put his finger to his mouth after scoring. arsenal went on to win 4—2. the clubs have until have until six o'clock on thursday to respond. uefa have confirmed that england will stage the 2021 womens european championship.
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they were the only nation that had bid to host the tournament. 16 teams will take part with group matches played at 8 venues across the country. wembley will host the final. and the england rugby league team are up to second in the world rankings. they won the recent test series against new zealand 2—1 and that sees them jump above the kiwis and close the gap on the world number one australia. scotland, wales and ireland take 8th, 11th and 12th place respectively. it's been described by many as the greatest sporting moment of the year — when england's netballers won gold at the commonwealth games back in april. since then, the sport's popularity has rocketed in the uk with london even announcing its first super league team — london pulse — and fans able to see them in action for the first time next week. sara orchard has more. a precious goal, leading to a
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perfect moment. england beating the world's number one side australia to ta ke world's number one side australia to take netball commonwealth games gold earlier this year. that impact is still being felt. i was informed that there was 1.8 million viewers watching the sport on that gold medal play—off against australia, so just to generate that as they brought on more sponsorship and investment into sport, the increase in participation. so winning a game is important, but it is the legacy and the whole legacy that we want to provide. in just the and the whole legacy that we want to provide. injust the last and the whole legacy that we want to provide. in just the last month, england netball have announced that around 130,000 women have taken up the sport or they are playing more often all of the back of the commonwealth gold. the netball world cup is in liverpool next year and england have just completed a three test series win over uganda. their last two tests were played in
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london, and at a familiar stomping ground, the copper box on the olympic park, and they gain is growing its olympic pedigree, following the announcement that next year they will be getting their own super league team, london pulse. great opportunity for the local girl who plays in a primary school and love the game. that pathway may not be that clear. as you know in london, in mall can feel like miles away. so you have to do things that are nearby and close and accessible. it seemed like no—brainer that we had to have it in the capital. the tea m had to have it in the capital. the team hasn't long been put together, and they have secured the signing of the england captain and her signature has attracted others. the england captain and her signature has attracted othersm is amazing. i literallyjust want to sit there and hear her talk. anything she says, i decide to do exactly as she says because she is the most successful and experienced captain, so having her in our team is amazing. the first match is a friendly later this month as they head to tap into the london netball markets. it could already be ready—made. well as it's december —
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does that mean we can officially mention christmas on sports day? well here's our first bit of festive cheer. hundreds of santas hitting the slopes in the states for the annual santa sunday. this is the 19th year this event has been staged in maine — with around 300 jolly old st nicks skiing and snowboarding all for a good cause, raising money for a local charity. no confirmation on whether the real santa is among them. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. you're watching bbc news. the head of mi6 you're watching bbc news. the head of m16 has warned russia not to underestimate our capabilities.
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delivering a rear speech, speaking at saint andrew's university, described to the dude and how intelligence agencies are developing a fourth generation of espionage as adversaries take advantage of the blurred lines between the cyber and physical worlds. we will be successful nonetheless, and i urge russia or any other state intent on subverting our way of life not to underestimate our determination and oui’ underestimate our determination and our capabilities. or those of our allies. we can do this to any opponent at any time. the head of mi6. opponent at any time. the head of m16. now, the latest mission to the international space station has blasted off in the first manned rocket launch since a dramatic failure in october. two astronauts from the us and canada and a russian cosmonaut lifted off from kazakhstan, and thankfully this time without incident. october's abortive trip sawtooth cosmonauts forced to
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make an emergency landing just minutes after take—off. now it is time for the weather. hello. we have a lot to talk about the rest of this week. we sat still got this atlantic influence and after tonight and tomorrow morning there will be a lot of cloud heading our way. and the rain returns around the middle part of the week before it gets potentially windy. damaging winds by the end of the week. at the moment, things are quieting down. the winds are dropping. heavier showers across england and wales. this area of low pressure arrives slowly but surely from the south—west during tomorrow. clearing skies and showers coming in from the irish sea. tending to fade away. showers going throughout the night. and here we have the threat of some icy conditions as well. you can see how the frost develops quite widely. it will be much colder than it was last night in the southern half of the uk. a touch of frost even here. —6 in eastern parts of
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scotland. maybe one or two mist and fog patches around as well. it will bea fog patches around as well. it will be a cold and frosty start for most of us on tuesday. mostly dry and sunny to begin with. very few showers across the north and west and clouding over from showers across the north and west and clouding overfrom the south—west through the day. later on we will see some spots of rain coming in to the south—west of england and into pembrokeshire. we will have the highest average was there. six — eight celsius, colder thanit there. six — eight celsius, colder than it was today across much of england and wales. on tuesday night, colder again with a lowest temperature for scotland. not quite so temperature for scotland. not quite so cold elsewhere because we have more cloud coming in and some wet weather to. cold error on tuesday and briefly some snow over the tops of the pennines and also the southern uplands into central highlands as well. elsewhere, rain, could be quite heavy at times. milder conditions for most of the uk. cold air in scotland at the cloud coming in and that frosty start. temperatures will not rise
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very much at all. a contrast as we move into thursday. much milder weather, even in scotland and northern ireland. then it gets windy as we move on to friday and all the while the rain is never too far away. still some uncertainty as we head into friday, but we've still got this deep area of low pressure approaching the uk. that could bring some gusts of 60 mph or more across the western part of the uk. no warnings at the moment but it is one to watch. you are watching beyond 100 days. the prime minister's brexit agreement has "uncomfortable, unattractive elements" says the attorney general, but it is a "useful compromise". mps demand to see the full legal advice he gave the government ahead of five days of debate that begins tomorrow. geoffrey cox said were the government to be pushed into the irish backstop, to avoid a hard border in ireland, the united kingdom could be stuck in that agreement indefinitely. the body of george hw bush is on its way from texas
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to washington where it will lie in state. america's 41st president is being remembered today as a model of civility from another era. also on the programme: the bbc‘s david attenborough open the un climate conference in poland, appealing to world leaders to act on behalf of millions world wide who are crying out for change.
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