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tv   The Papers  BBC News  December 5, 2018 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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deal triggering the deal, dragging her feet when the brexiteers are already trying to talk about the transition so trying to talk about the transition so will be delayed, a real feeling of brexit about two years on. and i didn't be even longer than that, that would be a totemic matter. theresa may is hoping to do to hammer her deal through, hopefully is to basically, to try and nullify the backstop because one is essentially bad mps are given the power to not go into the backstop that they do not want to and another one is still about the power to choose no deal if they would do not wa nt to choose no deal if they would do not want to as well. one is an insult to the mps intelligence, because it's meant to be an insurance policy, and at the same point, the eu is not going to ratify a deal if it is the uk saying, yes, we contained this we wa nt uk saying, yes, we contained this we want to. so many different
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scenarios, before us. this is very interesting from the eu perspective because this is not in our impression, up until now the thinking was, if the eu did delay withdrawal, then it would be for a good reason. ie, there's been a change of government or change of plan, there is in a referendum that has brought in mandate in the eu can say ok, things have changed, we will move everything. because the eu, moving everything is a big deal. they have elections coming up in may, britain's seats have already been redistributed. there is a lot of work for the to do to change. so the fact that they are willing to offer theresa may a delay, i think is very significant and, you know, if she had any sense, she would say yes, you know what, this is a mass, we could do would be extra time. and maybe to stick a little humiliation
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oi'i maybe to stick a little humiliation on the chin for the greater good of the country. but the fundamentals would not change. because labour would not change. because labour would say, we would like to vote this down even though the custom unions. it's really all the mps. they would say that, that is one reason it does not hit their six tasks, and which he is offering is a temporary measure of the backstop. apartment taking control of the situation parliament taking control of the situation, during things and that direction. but when a delay have to be approved by parliament? and that could be pretty difficult, commit? they can throw their weight around and. throw their weight around? otherwise, exercise democracy. when you're talking about
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the contempt of parliament and all that happening and publishing legal advice, brexiteers will point out that that is a matter of motions rather than law. no, that is not a matter of motions. parliament is showing, given the government lacks a majority, it is hard to disobey. obviously, people think that theresa may can be sent back. theresa may is doing everything she possibly can to try and squeeze every available boat and they are saying that she is trying to wild backstop is reignited because the full text of the advice is falling faster after the three defeats last night. the government was forced to publish the legal advice after it was defeated very
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badly in parliament last night and it does set out quite clearly that this backstop is a backstop. it is a binding backstop and the two parties have to agree to it in britain cannot unilaterally agreed to leave it. two people watching this, this would seem blatantly obvious. the backstop is there for a reason, which is to prevent a heart border between ireland and northern ireland, given that that is the case, of course the eu is going to mandate that it's going to be protected in this way, with a backstop. with everyone remaining in the customs union, unless the brexiteers provides the other way that they almost always promised existed. of course that is how the eu is going to operate when it comes to its own members. but the whole point about the backstop which, many brexiteers are concerned about because they fear and the legal
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advice seemed to reinforce this, that it would be impossible for the uk to get out of this. which ties it into those very tight customs rules with the eu, unless the eu was agreed to it. one that is what dominick attracted change when he was the brexit secretary and he was told where to go by dublin and the eu because they wanted it to be something that cannot be torn up by one side, because it's meant to be the baseline. something that the uk is still making sure the border is as frictionless as possible. and the government has started to make a partial defence to the backstop saying that it could extend the transition for a period if need be, but the same time, if there has to be one, if the sake of argument, it isa be one, if the sake of argument, it is a way of having access to the single market without having to have free movement and pain. but also,
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turkey is in that position. a lot of other stores to get through. the independent is going back to the original lead vote and saying that illegal facebook spending the boat. one the vote. leaf campaign, who turns out overspent during the referendum campaign, there is an oxford professor that is the director of the internet institute. yes intensely researched these numbers and done some border modelling on it and has concluded that tens of millions of people were reached by the vote leave campaign and its last days of the spending had been breached and that was
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enough to change the outcome. his workings are premised on the information that 20 to 30% of the public decided to vote in the last week. and that the vote leaf campaign after its legal spending during that last week, and he says the voter modelling showed that 800,000 voters were converted by the vote league campaign. and a few thousand with the other way. and that his information has given. another story that i wanted to get quick look at, another facebook story talking about the scale of how facebook was, as the paper puts it, spied on you your pals. punchy
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headline based on the documents that headline based on the documents that he has unearthed on facebook, how it has been monetizing all the activity and data it collects on users in that way. it is striking because in the archives, 2009, the younger mark zuckerberg to the channel and was asked by going to try to make money off of user data. he said no, never. but business model is us, we supply the material in it themselves to the highest bidder, and the cash shows that the company values advertisers and more privileged access to the data as well. this is going to run and run. quite significant that is, i'm sure people will be slightly concerned about this idea that the dated they share is somehow being shared around all these other companies. , there are a couple of things going on, it is a very
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significant reveal from these e—mails obtained from facebook. amongst other things, it is saying that basically a thing as saying that basically a thing as saying that the company was prepared to sacrifice user privacy for the sake of company growth. it is looking at e—mails from 2015 and facebook is saying they are taken out of context and they are not sequential. however, they do point out to two things, one, the company began uploading calls for android phones, so uploading calls for android phones, so those were using it through android phones, have the information harvested by facebook, which interestingly, one staff member warned that this would be very bad pr because quote, writing stories about facebook users new update to pry into your private life and terrifying ways, tracking your
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business, which seems a very pressing and understanding of the headline. and a lot of papers picking up on that, we have run out of time for this hour, that is it for the papers, but do not forget you can see the front pages of the papers online at the bbc news website, it is all there for you seven days a week/ papers. and if you missed the programme in the evening, you can watch it later on the i player. and the author and journalist, will be back for a longer look at the papers at 1130. but for the moment, goodbye. hello, it might be a bit icy, with slippery conditions on the roads and pavements but milderfor slippery conditions on the roads and pavements but milder for all as we head into tomorrow. early risers
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board atlantic winds coming in, there is more rain to come, this is there is more rain to come, this is the cloud pushing its way in, but today, we have a window of whether, but both places dry overnight as the rain is cleared, i will lead to some mist and fog patches as you can see my made in the morning, west of scotland, you'll see some rain pushed its way into by the end of the night, temperatures we can expect, seven to 11 or 12 degrees, fairly mild, so much mild and the date to another part of scotland hovering around freezing for some all day on wednesday, a bit of rain and heavy across western parts of scotland. eddy bursts early on for northern ireland, but that rain would be patchy through the morning rush hour, western coast, the bristly picking up and will start to see some splashes of rain pushed its way and. once the rain sets in across the end of northwest wells, they'll be down for much of the day.
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dry ina they'll be down for much of the day. dry in a on northern ireland iraq, to the south, there'll be some patchy rain here and there, one and two spots of what it all together. a very breezy day compared to wednesday, but it is that when in the atlantic that will boost the temperatures between ten and 15 degrees. not into wednesday and thursday night, we should start drive the demo wet weather spreads across the country and the wind picks up again, all linked into the area of low pressure targeting northwest scotland, or some the strongest winds are, 17 or 18 mile gusts, 70 or 80 mile gusts, and these parts, what starts across the southeastern corner of england initially turning brighter for it before we hit the afternoon, a few showers and lots of sunshine, frequent showers to the west, heavy with hail and thunder and parts of southern and northern scotland, was the persistent rain and will continue. by the end of friday, we
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will see some more milder push with a bright start, more rain to come much colder conditions does. this is bbc news. i'm carol walker. the headlines at 11pm: have you lost control of brexit, prime minister? theresa may faces questions as the government's full brexit legal advice is published. she denies misleading parliament over measures to avoid a hard border on the island of ireland. the benefits for patients now as british scientists complete the world's largest gene sequencing project in healthcare. carbon emissions reach an all—time high in 2018, according to a new study, because we're using more coal and buying more cars. a bbc investigation has found that a student from bath set up an extreme neo—nazi group which urged attacks on public figures. four goals but it's still a draw at old trafford,
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as manchester united fight back from behind and arsenal extend their unbeaten run.
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