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tv   Meet the Biohackers  BBC News  December 8, 2018 5:40pm-6:00pm GMT

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dated on run—r m it"ui‘ii rl—r m it"ui‘il nlurner keep you up dated on that throughout the rugby union's champions cup returned this weekend, after the international break, and holders leinster have taken a big step towards the knockout stage, with a 17—10 win over bath at the rec. the match was in the ballance in the second half at 7—all, untiljordan larmour caught this interception to put the irish side in front. the result leaves bath still without a win and effectively ends their champions cup campaign. exeter‘s hopes of reaching the knockout stage are all but over after they lost at home to gloucester in an all—premiership tie. ben morgan's try sealed a 27—19 win to send gloucester top of pool 2. exeter are still without a win in the competition. elsewhere, glasgow have gone top of pool three after they thrashed lyon 42—22 in france. toulon beat motpellier 38—28 and in the late kick—off at the ricoh arena. wasps are up 3—0. plenty more rugby on the bbc sport website. england's matt wallace is well placed going into the final day of the south african open. wallace is three shots off
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the lead in johannesburg. his third round of 68 has put him tied for second place. the home favourite louis ousthuizen leads the way on m under par, while other south africans charle schwartzel and ernie els are also in contention. and ronnie o sullivan is one win away from a record seventh uk snooker championship title. he breezed past tom ford six frames to one in his semifinal this afternoon. he'll face either masters champion mark allen, or stuart bingham in the final tomorrow: dave played about 1k tournaments and won the one, i've played five and one fourfinals in won the one, i've played five and one four finals in the semi, possibly, as i gained my confidence. i need to be playing more but, you know, this look at my shrike and might one add two, three at six,
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four that's all the sport for now. england and scotland have been drawn in the same group. now on bbc news — biohackers are people who want to make their bodies and brains function better. catrin nye meets some of those who want to push the limits of what it means to be human. all righty, are you ready? i'm ready. took a nice big breath for me. well done. my chip's in? your chip's in. you're a cyborg. yay, i'm a cyborg. meet a group of people from different corners of the world, always by a desire to make their bodies and brains function better. they're inserting technology under their skin. adopting extreme diets, trying to change the biology they
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were born with. some trying to live to 150. i would be willing to take pretty much anything to improve my biology. meet the bio hackers. i've come to leicester to meet some biohackers who are into body implants. and to find them, someone is coming to meet me here who has the directions in his hand. hello. are you carl? iam carl. carl, nice to meet you. have you got something for me? i got a chip in my hand.
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oh, my god. and that has my directions on it? yeah, it does have your directions on it. i can see the chip. it feels a bit like a there. kind of. yeah, it's about the size of a grant of rights. so, how do i get my directions from it? so, you just put your phone against the chip, hold it against it and there you go. and there it is. there it is. it's read the address of that, straight into google maps. can i go to lester road in groby? hi. jenova rain. iam. this is jenova rain and the salon has more conventional things, like ear piercing, she inserts chips into people. so we have going in your today is an nt microchip. what kind of people
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are getting these chips? definitely more people that are interested in the novelty of having one, having and, i've been upgraded to a cyborg. one of the reasons i want to do it because they have a nfc reader in my car, so i would like to be able to start my car without needing my keys. this is my entrance into bio hacking, i've been very curious about it before, i've written about extensively, i like to automate a process as much as possible, and this isjust another way of doing that. the chip is currently located around about here, just in the neck of the needle. that is pretty big. alrighty, are you ready? ready. take a nice big breath for me. well done.
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super. all done. so, press down on that. yourchip is in. my ship is in? your cyborg! woo hoo! yeah, i'm a cyborg. you're a biohacker. then, the moment of truth for raven. does it actually work. ok, so now i'm approaching my nfc tag yes! it's working! nice. the hand can now link to any website and she can hopefully programme it to open her car. i meet the next bio hacker from london, liviu babitz has developed something called the north sense. he can literally feel north. what is inside here? lots of electronics and eight come
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to she peer into that as what the staff. and how is attached? there are two titanium bars, one from here to here and one from year from here to here and one from here to here. oh yeah, i can feel it. and the bar in here. they seem a bit red. how fresh are they? they are not that fresh, but they are touching, pushing. go around, face north. oh, yeah. so that is north. yes. it's like you're getting a text message, with your phone in your pocket, vibrating when you hit north. yeah, it is a vibration yes. this bio hack is all about creating new human senses. some animals can already since north, why shouldn't we? he wants this to be the start of an entirely in—built navigation system. another things we speak
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about is the generation screen. which is that thing of walking on the street, isn't this way, is it that way? i do a lot of that. where is it? which way am i facing? and then we walk the street because want to get somewhere but have no idea what is happening in the world around you, because all you do is stare that screen. you need it because you need to get to that place. imagine if you did not need that any and you could navigate the world exactly like a bird to know exactly you need to go all the time. blind people could navigate, it would connect to social media, it could sense where your social media friends are. scotland, the north, netherlands, israel, paris, the us. rich lee is a ao—year—old cabinet—maker from st
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george in utah, in the us. some i strap this on arm and he basically charges my body. a door knob waiting for someone to open it up to get electrocuted. i think it's hilarious. he is also a grinder. a bio hacker that does extreme body modification. so i've got a magnet right here in this finger, right on the side and another one of my middle finger right here, on the other side of my hands at that small nfc chips, by the size of a grain of rice right here, i got another nfc chip right here it's about yay big. over here i've got a bio thermchip, and appear at the headphone implants right in my area, this will bit of cartilage in the front of the ear.
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and i know, when i got to a restaurant, upjust be messing with that at the table in it always catches peoples eyes and the like wow, how's he doing that? as soon as you get it, you go around the that the world is magnet pawn, and you're looking, your microwave and all these different appliances putting out really big fields it's always going on in the background and it's just like his sense of taste or something, you just take it for granted. when i have dreams, i dream about the sense. it's taken to my ears like, my implants. i've done some modifications to my own body genetically. crisper is probably the most extreme and controversial kind of bio hacking, it's a technique used by scientists to target and edit your genes. while scientists are still out the limits and dangers, riches the limits and dangers, rich's experiment at home. he says that if he gets it wrong, he could kill himself.
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we have all of these genetic engineering knowledge, the concept of being able to change your genes what did genetic modification like you would a tattoo, that's basically something, that is a world i'm fighting for. i want to see a biologically fluid society where people can just augment these things. if i need to numb myself for a procedure, tonnes of syringes and muscular injections. 0k. these are fantastic legs. this home experimentation can go very badly wrong, these are the scars left by one of his failed body hacks. in—built shin guards that got so swollen, they had to come out again. and then, we had a metal rod that was basically rod that was basically being shoved down the length of my shin and basically separating the tissue from the shin, on the removal, i did not use anaesthesia at all. took out the scissors and cut the stitches and pulled out with plyers so, does that. there are bio hackers working far less extreme methods, i've come to germany to meet some.
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less extreme methods, i've come to hi, can we come up? less extreme methods, i've come to yes, it's on the fourth floor. less extreme methods, i've come to fourth floor, wow. less extreme methods, i've come to hi! less extreme methods, i've come to sorry about all the stairs. less extreme methods, i've come to that's all right. less extreme methods, i've come to it's a good work—out. less extreme methods, i've come to i need to catch my breath. less extreme methods, i've come to corina, nice to meet you. less extreme methods, i've come to this is corina, an american event organiser living in berlin. her version of bio hacking in both a daily ritual of technology in supplements, experimenting on to try and keep it in peak physical condition. 21, 22, 23. 23. so where is bio hack zone? this way would be the best. so this is a power plate and that is an infrared light, but power plate vibrates anywhere from 30 to 50 times a second. oh, my god! and like i said, goes all the
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way down. this is a infrared light, so, that is really good for pain, that's either good for your skin as well, it helps build collagen. so i usually combine the infrared and the power plate together. corina keeps her legs bare like this, even outside in freezing cold berlin. it is a cheap bio hack version of cryotherapy or cold therapy. so these two things are what you would consider your big bio hack. these are the most tech bio hacks i also eat a ketogenic diet. what's that? so that is a high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet. i got started in all of it was i had an accident. and there was about a0 kilo metal tent that fell on my head had it knocked me out and i had a really bad concussion where i had a hard time walking, can talk, every
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time i want to talk to somebody, it was like i could sell the words of my head, but wanted to speak, nothing. so, my boss of the time told me about a specific mct oil, and you drink it in supposedly it to good for your brain. i drink it and that day also my brain turned on they can actually hold conversations and i can form sentences. this is nice. the brain octane oil was a gateway drug, just opened the floodgates, if this works this one little thing works so well, then what else can i do? bio hacking for me is taking control of your own biology. it's taking short cuts to get to a place you want to be. so your health. that's kind of how i think it'd at least. do you ever worried if he you're doing harm? no. i never think about it. never? no. my husband might, i ijust love it.
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at this ketogenic cafe, i am eating another bio hacker, dirk, as unrealistic as it sounds, would like to live to 150. what made to start bio hacking? i didn't want to go bald and i was doing some research and there is something called, the active ingredient was discovered for prostate cancer oi’ prostate enlargement, and one side effect was that you get to keep your hair. and that was the turning point where realised, i can change my biology. this started with trying to keep your hair? essentially. and spiraled. that's get this up here, that is what i take, l—carnitine, l glutamine, l tyrosine, collagen. omega three, it's pretty standard.
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mk seven, sleep optimisation, l atonement. that is the nastiest supplement i have ever, i would not recommend taking that. dirk is not actually diabetic, but he checks his blood sugar daily to make sure it that optimum stable levels. i would be willing to take pretty much anything in order to improve my biology. is this all available over—the—counter? what you see here is. how did you get it? it's not off the internet, actually get it from pharmacies. prescriptions? yes. may i ask who was doing that for you? no. my doctor doesn't know anything about this, because one important thing about bio hacking
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is taking 100% responsibility idomy i do my research myself and i do ta ke full i do my research myself and i do take full responsibility. you want to live as long as possible? at the highest quality of living. how long do you think you live? easily monitored 50 years. —— 150 yea rs. easily monitored 50 years. —— 150 years. iam easily monitored 50 years. —— 150 years. i am a dad of the i6—month—old and being a biologically young dad is one of my biggest motivations. and my son is good enough automation to be an old man. iam good enough automation to be an old man. i am not bio hacking him good enough automation to be an old man. iam not bio hacking him i'm just optimising. backin back in utah, he is working on his most ambitious project yet. the motors. a very long-running plan for
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a built—in vibrator to be installed under the skinjust a built—in vibrator to be installed under the skin just below the venus to turn him into a sex god. you lack to turn him into a sex god. you lack to simulate herflesh. i am putting a vibration motor in my body, and become a sex cyborg or something. i've been through so many things, i was very close to implanting number seven and right before implantation, we're running test and there was a small switch that broke inside, and maybe $15,000 to undo it. so i am running through hurdles but i am trying to undo it. some think they just think they're kind of gross but, i don't pester them about golf and they do not pester me about bio hacking. the rest of the day is going to be
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marked by blustery showers ripping in on quite a noticeable westerly wind. in southern parts of the british isles will be really quite strong, could be quite disruptive to your travel plans, some of the guys pushing towards 60 or 70 mph. through northern ireland doctor the borders of scotland across the rest of england. further north as the night goes on, the skies make clear, temperatures dip away, that would not be such a problem to the combination of strong winds and also some of the showers as well. of sunday, brighter skies into frosty start and increasingly to the day, as the weather was off to the near continent, the brighter skies will be saved for some of the western extremities of scotland, england and wales but also to northern ireland, but a lot of sunshine around the
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cool feeling of ten or 11. this is bbc news i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at six. police fire tear gas on the streets of paris — as anti—government protestors clash with officers in a fourth weekend of demonstrations. police in new zealand are to charge a 26—year—old man with the murder of british backpacker, grace millane — who went missing in auckland last week. sadly the evidence we have gathered to this point of the inquiry has established that this is a homicide. amber rudd becomes the first government minister to publicly discuss an alternative to theresa may's brexit deal. what happens if it is voted down? and anything could happen. there are lots of different things that could happen. most of which they will not want to happen, so when they think about this deal they need to weigh up the alternatives as well. six people — 5 of them teenagers — have died after a stampede


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