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tv   100 Women  BBC News  December 9, 2018 12:30am-1:01am GMT

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will leave his post at the end of the month. he told reporters he would decide on general kelly's replacement within the next few days. as chief of staff, he was widely seen as bringing discipline to the white house. around a thousand people have been arrested in france, after a day of anti—government demonstrations by the so—called ‘yellow vest‘ protestors. there was heightened security as thousands of people gathered in towns and cities across the country for the fourth successive weekend of protests. china has warned canada of severe consequences if it doesn't release a top executive from the tech company, huawei. meng wanzhou was arrested in vancouver a week ago and faces extradition to the united states, accused of breaking american sanctions on iran. thousands of people have protested in australia's major cities against a controversial coal mine to be built in queensland in the new year.
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last week, the indian mining giant adani announced it would press ahead with plans to build a downsized version of the mine. environmentalists say it will further damage the iconic great barrier reef and contribute to australia's rising greenhouse gas emissions. lucy mcnally reports. coal, don't dig it! this was the call from australia's young generation to its current leaders. get with the times. they're angry at the government for backing an adani coal mine to be built in central queensland next year. we are taking the stand that our leaders are far too afraid to take themselves. we are the people who have been fighting, and we'll keep fighting for a brighterfuture, not just for ourselves, but for our children, and our children's children. after years of environmental and legal disputes, the queensland labor government promised not to spend taxpayer's money on the project. but the australian government says it's putting jobs
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and the economy first. it decided the mine didn't need a full environmental assessment and, on thursday, the indian energy giant announced it would go ahead, building a mine half the size of the one it originally proposed. in response, thousands of students have taken to the streets. we need to make sure adani doesn't go ahead, because we have 12 years to become carbon neutral. if we don't, it's going to be basically a reversible to stop dramatic climate change. the australian prime minister, scott morrison, is under pressure to take action on climate change, with the country's rising greenhouse gas emissions pushing it further away from its paris targets. when thousands of students skipped school to attend climate change rallies last month, the prime minister said he wanted to see them back in the classroom. schoolkids are the next generation of australia. they are potentially the future leaders. so i think they should have the biggest voice, and a bigger say in what their country does.
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adani says its mine would be fully self financed. but for conservationists keen to preserve the pristine waters of the great barrier reef, that's not the point. lucy mcnally, bbc news. now on bbc news — the surrogates club. i'm creating notjust a child for these gentleman, but i'm also creating a legacy. his dads, it was their faces. it was very, very raw emotion. if you're in this, you have to be in it for the love of giving. i use my body to help people build decks and sheds, i don't feel it is any different. women are not paid to be surrogates. it's a io—yearjail term, or $500,000 fine if you purchase your surrogate a gift. they sent police, before
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i could stand up, i had a gun to my head. that's what we like to see. i will make as many babies as i possibly can, until it gives out on me. it's not your genetics. it's somebody else's. it's an extreme version of baby—sitting. tell me someone found my suitcase. yay! so today we are anticipating between 50—60 surrogates. we run these retreats, every couple months, across canada. it's an opportunity for women to come and connect. this space is our sacred space.
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surrogacy can be very difficult. women can struggle with miscarriage or loss. the honouring of these women is what's the priority. they will come in. and this moment is a moment of self reflection. everyone thinks we're in there, we're over there. people are bringing their stuff up to the place. i don't know how to make it more clear. hey, guys. hey, hot mama. help the pregnant people with their bags. in canada, surrogacy is altruistic. women are not paid to be surrogates. it is a reimbursement of expenses given to the woman carrying by the intended parents who will eventually, hopefully, if all goes well, have a baby.
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there is no employer, and there is no employee. it means that it's a connection and a commitment that two parties make in order to build a family. so, ladies, as you come in, let'sjust get settled. for those of you who are new to our retreats, at the beginning of each retreat we start with a meditation. i don't have a whole lot of time for meditation, and i imagine many of you don't. the ones that do, i applaud you for creating this time for yourself. you know, we will stay up until ten o'clock at night making cupcakes for the class party, but we can't find three seconds to take three deep breaths to centre ourselves, and that'sjust mom rules. angie is going to lead us in the meditation. now, please, place your hand on your abdomen. where your womb is or has been. feel the power, the depth, the life, and the connection to our mothers. the cycles, the rhythm.
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i am currently pregnant. we found out yesterday that the baby is stuck. my ips, intended parents, are from montreal. there are two guys. they're absolutely fantastic man. they will make amazing fathers. we have been there and we remember that feeling ofjudgement. 0h, does that mean she is a different dad? yes. do all of your kids have different dads? well, most of them. i love pregnancy. after my five kids, i knew i didn't want any more of my own, so i got my tubes tied, but i still can be a surrogate, and i can still produce and make these babies for people, and as long my body will allow it, i will continue to be a surrogate. i will make as many babies as i possibly can until it gives out on me. i am pregnant with a little girl. for me, i see a lot of americans
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surrogates, they get paid 60,000 to 120,000 just to get pregnant, where in canada we don't do that. we're not a baby machine or whatever they call it. so to me that made it that much more special. i live in a small town so i received a lot of negative feedback. you know, how could you give up that baby? you know, what are you going to do to your children? you know, you're giving up yourfamily life. and it's nine months. i don't have to worry about my period. it's your body, it's your choice. there should not be anyone that dictates what you do to your body, even if it is your spouse, because i received a lot of negative comments from my spouse just because he is frustrated. he just doesn't understand.
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he doesn't understand why i am doing this, because only i would understand the full extent of this. one of my biggest supporters was my mum, and she just passed away on wednesday. she has been the one that told me to keep going, and even though i have had negative criticism, she just... she was right there for that for me. she definitely made sure other people did not talk badly about it, and she informed them all the time that i am my own person, and i know i have always lived outside of the box. i've lived a different life than most. so, this is my first journey as a surrogate.
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i'm trying to be more disconnected in a way so i don't get attached to the baby. a way that i am just worried about afterwards, about my emotions, so i am protecting myself a little bit. i chose a single father. that was something important to me because men have no way of having children. he is french, and i am french, and he is a teacher. as a teacher myself, i connected to that kind of world and their understanding of children. i'm 23 weeks with a french—caribbean baby. i'm glad to be here because i have had a really easy pregnancy like everyone, but not an easy relationship with my if so i'm glad to be with people that are not him. they laugh. he knows that he is anxious, and i am not at all, and i struggle with being with people, not being, helping people who are anxious. i would not do it if i knew
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i was getting paid for it. that would feel like a job to me, and i want to give somebody that gift. i use my body to help people build decks and sheds, and i don't feel it is any different although it is inside my body. i feel, as a female, that it is empowering to me that i can make that decision for myself. i'm going to come around with more colours, don't worry, ladies. all: one, two, three! it has sparkles! you boys, come clean this table. clean it now, and clean it up. don't walk on the table!
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0k, mommy will read you the riddles, see if you guys can get them? 0k, what do you do with a green monster? you wait till he ripens. 0h! right? so it goes, spencer, the jacob, zachary, chloe, and riley. so i have four surrogacyjourneys already planned out. one done, one in the middle, and two to go. maybe i will find more ips after that. this is where i keep my receipts. you get reimbursed for any pregnancy— related expenses, so groceries, lost wages, and any meds. anything that is directly related to the surrogacy, the journey is reimbursable. but if you don't have receipts, you don't get reimbursed for it. my contract this time, it's is 2,450 a month. sometimes i reached it barely,
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and other times i reached it and so much over. so, here is my meds collection. i've got my prenatals. eugh! my daughter does not like this. you have your morning and yourevening. being a surrogate, you do have to take a lot more medication. you need to take progesterone shots once a day until 12 weeks of pregnancy. it's so full because you need to do it so often. that's my progesterone i got to take. what i take for being a surrogate is the pleasure of being able to give somebody what they've wanted for who knows how long. it's a very thick oil. so it does take some
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time to get it in. i'm proud, i'm very proud that i am able to carry this child for somebody. you tell yourself, it's not my baby, you don't need to get attached, and it actually worked. i know she is not mine, and i was completely ok with that. i have five kids of my own, i don't need any more in my house. yeah, my daughter plays violin, and this is aidan's tiny viola. he plays that, i know it is little. that is my son's cello over there, but that is a pretty big one, the one on a stand. that's my husband. hello. we are making a train downstairs.
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i love it. how are you making this, like what are you going to do it them? i am finally in the third trimester, and i'm starting to feel that i am pregnant. i'm starting to feel tired, and the baby is moving a tonne. i am principal of two orchestras. i am principal cellist. any of my babies, or any of the babies i have carried have reacted differently to be playing the cello. sometimes i can feel the belly go inwards because they don't want to feel the vibrations of the cello, and another would push out so they could be right against my cello. this one seems, the baby seems to fall asleep whenever i'm actually playing. my main concern is to protect my children, and to protect my family, like our feelings, and i want things to say the same for the kids.
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hi, gabby. hi. we're just talking about the baby. 0k. are we keeping the baby afterwards? no. what do you think about it? good because we don't want four children. why? four children as a lot, and because it's hard to handle a lot of people. it is hard to handle a lot of people. especially when you get a baby. do you ever have doubts or reservations? my reservations with it were, this kind of thing isn't available to everybody in the world. i knew going in that we're going to help a well—off person get what they wanted, because they were able to afford it, they had the means, and i think i got past it for the most part, i mean, there have been a couple of incidents with intended father was acting entitled, the attitude was basically i am
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paying for this, i deserve these things. no, because we have a human here that is entitled to her own health details. even in the ultrasound, i didn't want to send the full results. that is my cervix, i really don't feel comfortable with people knowing about that. i think the intended father is used to having a lot of control in his life. what i've come to realise is that he is really excited. he is a first—time parent, he gets to have a baby. ijust cannot be as excited as them. i have three children already. i don't know if i would pick somebody else, but i would make sure that i would talk about my expectations before even going to the whole thing. there are other surrogates that have different relationships, and knowing that i am not being mean to, or selfish by not wanting to talk to him all the time. it's ok to need that space. so if we canjust let san diego know
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the intended parents are going ahead with the sono. no commitment on transfer. if you can organise the sono which will be in the next week. i started cfc 11 years ago. it was myself and one team member which has now turned into over 30 staff in three offices. in ourfirst year, we had ten surrogates. right now, we havejust over 500 active surrogates in our programme. it is illegal for intended parents to pay our agency or any other consultancy in canada to find a surrogate. so the matching is done in our programme for free.
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if the intended parents and surrogates decide to work with us on the coordination side of things, we will manage that for them. six years ago, the day started as any other day. there was a bang at the door, and they said, "police!" and before i could stand up, i had a gun to my head. fast—forward, went to court, pled guilty for two regulatory defences. it was paying surrogates and egg donors without receipts. we now know very clearly that we require a receipt. where we as an industry struggle is with what constitutes a payment. is a necklace, or small gift at the birth considered a payment? this leg is dead.
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i'm sorry. there we go. baby crying. it sucks getting stuff all over you. it's so beautiful. thank you very much. she's out in the world now.
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i just created a family. that's crazy with the it's not my own, it's someone else's family. that's crazy. good. i thought i was going to get more tears out of you. or are they still coming? she is beautiful. she is very gorgeous. so today, i'm going to go down and see the guys,
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and i'm going to bring them some colostrum. this is just overnight. my colostrum is still coming, so, yeah, i'm going to take that down to them, and they'll mix it with theirformula or give it to her like this and then give herformula. it's better if ijust pump, because the baby won't have to get confused with, a, "no, i only want the breast and not the bottle" and, b, that connection, it helps me with my emotional, mental health. hello. you guys set this up to. so cute, eh? i don't know how to work that one. he knows how to work it. you can probably
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smell my milk as well. i'm sorry, no. i know at the retreat i had spoke of my fiance not being very supportive. he has really struggled with this process. my kids, on the other hand, love it. they realise it's not our baby, but that they are going to be a part of our life for a very long time. my mom, she now passed, she really encouraged me to keep going, so not having her during the birth was really hard.
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my dad, having him there, and he was holding a picture of her the whole time. itjust made me feel like she was there. she would be very proud of me because she has been very proud of me this whole process, so completing it successfully without totally losing my mind, i think that's... i think that's what really got me through, knowing my mom was proud. good morning. saturday was a windy, showery day for many of us, and there's still plenty of showers to come, with the winds still remaining a feature. but they're slowly going to ease over the next few hours, and for the bulk of us on sunday, a dry one with sunny spells, but
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noticeably cooler. the strongest of the winds will slowly start to ease, but we could still potentially see gale —force but we could still potentially see gale—force gusts in places and a rash of showers to come. one of the reasons they're going to ease away isa reasons they're going to ease away is a change of wind direction, and that will push that little frontal system further south in the early hours of sunday morning. introducing some colder air behind it, the wind direction coming from a north—westerly. so we could have some early showers, they will ease away and it's an improving picture. a few showers into north wales and northern ireland during the afternoon, maybe one or two for the western isles, not as windy as the last few days, but you have to factor in the direction of the wind, because that will make it feel cooler out there. 6 to 7 degrees in the north, ii cooler out there. 6 to 7 degrees in the north, 11 down in the south—west. overnight sunday night,
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we keep the clear skies and the winds falling lighter still. the temperatures are likely to fall away. scotland and northern england, temperatures falling below freezing in rural spots, and a frost first thing. a chilly start across the country. a cold start to the new working week, but a dry bright one, some sunshine coming through, a few isolated showers out to the west. this will be the trend as we move into the week. the best of the drier sunnier weather is likely to be sheltered eastern areas, but that's where the coolest of the weather will be. 4—6 degrees, 10—12 the high further west. to the east, always dragging in the colder airfrom the near continent, but the west wants to drag back to milder air and the south—westerly winds, and that could also bring more unsettled weather with it. we see this again on tuesday, a southerly wind drives in the weather front, and further east,
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the weather front, and further east, the drier the brighter but the colder the weather is likely to be. and it does look as though further ahead, we start to see that milder weather pushing its way in, as the bumps into the cold air, it could get a bit tricky with some wintery weather to higher ground. or you're watching bbc news. i'm reged ahmad. our top stories. chief of staffjohn kelly is the latest member of donald trump's administration told to leave the white house. a fragile order is restored to the streets in france. hundreds are arrested in the fourth weekend of anti—government protests. donald trump is searching for a new chief of staff
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after announcing that john kelly will leave the white house at the end of the year. the retired marine corps general was first homeland security secretary before stepping up to the chief of staff job last year. the president says a replacement will be announced sometime
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