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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  December 14, 2018 5:45pm-6:01pm GMT

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reaction to the issue of more reaction to the issue of anti—semitism at chelsea with one anti—discrimination group accusing fa ns anti—discrimination group accusing fans of using the political atmosphere as a cover for their own racism and prejudice. those comments come from the organisation fair in response to anti—semitic chanting during last night's europa league tie in budapest. the club has condemned those involved but it's the second time in just a week the blues have had to take action following alleged racist abuse against raheem sterling four days ago. we will have more on that story in sports day at 6:30pm. now on bbc news, it's time for the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news.
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to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? an interesting week. we have spider—man multiplied in into the spider—verse, an animated feature. we have mortal engines, a battle of the cities. and lizzie, an infamous murder revisited. spider—man into the spider—verse, an animation that given its origins makes perfect sense. absolutely. it brings together a series of different spider—man, spider men, spider people, from all the different universes. focusing on the central character of miles morales, bitten by a spider while doing spray paint graffiti and he develops spider powers he doesn't know what to do with. initially he thinks its
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puberty. the next thing he finds himself in a world with lots of other spider people showing him the ropes, pun intended. here's a clip. 0h. act supernormal. selecting a bagel. spider—man? you know, that's funny. i get that a lot. hey! he's got the bagel! all right, time to swing, just like talk to you. when did you teach me that? i didn't. it's a little joke, team building. all right, you ready? of course i'm not ready! whoa! i can't do this yet! everybody knows that the best way to learn is under intense life—threatening pressure. uh—oh. target‘s been spotted. what are you doing down there? i run better than i swim. you've got to swim, or they'll get you. this is what you wanted.
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i thought it was really good fun. what i like about it is, if you are a comic book fan then you will be used to the idea of several incarnations of the same character. asa incarnations of the same character. as a movie fan, we have seen at least three different versions of spider—man in the last 10—15 years. this takes all those different versions and throws them together in the same universe and has fun with them in the same world. i liked it because it looks great. it's really well done, the animation and owes an awful lot to the original comic book sources. the film—makers said they wa nted sources. the film—makers said they wanted every frame to look like it was torn from a comic book, which it does. it's really funny, thejokes really hit home. and it's really moving. there is a lovely thing, the whole thing about spider—man is that it's about an outsider and this is a group of outsiders all outside their own world, trying to find their place. i think young audiences can enjoy it as well as older audiences.
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i'm 56 and is not a huge comic books fan nora i'm 56 and is not a huge comic books fan nor a spider—man aficionado but i laughed all the way through and found it really moving. really enjoyable. some superhero films can get too dark and self—important. this looks like it avoids that. there is underlying substance to it. it is about something, someone finding their own place in the world, but it hasn't got that brooding, everything is black and grey and criminal. it's really good fun. i saw it with a paying audience and it went down terrifically well, the jokes and it went down terrifically well, thejokes all and it went down terrifically well, the jokes all hitting home. and it went down terrifically well, thejokes all hitting home. but and it went down terrifically well, the jokes all hitting home. but the bits that were meant to be moving we re bits that were meant to be moving were doing so as well. no one was more surprised by me by how much fun this was and i really liked it. second, mortal engines, based on a book by philip reeve. which i haven't read. it's in a post—apocalyptic world in which cities have basically got up and are walking around fighting each other. so we meet london, the whole of london with st paul's cathedral and bits that you recognise chasing
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after other cities. the principle that drives it is municipal darwinism. it's produced and co—written by peterjackson of the lord of the rings movies, so you're expected to look spectacular and have really arresting stuff. i think at its very best it has hints of studio ghibli cartoons like how's moving castle, and a bit of terry gilliam and jeumet. at its worst, it's big cities hitting each other. although it's visually spectacular, the script feels lumpen. the characters don't get much chance to develop it. one character strikes a nerve with an arc and development. the minute he's off screen, it's much less interesting. it's almost like the spectre of the cities themselves. it's a lot of ideas, many of which you recognise from other films, bolted many of which you recognise from otherfilms, bolted together many of which you recognise from other films, bolted together and lumping around the screen for a couple of hours. there are interesting things in it, but it is
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a shambolic movie. i did find a lot of it, a lot of the time watching it thinking, i wish the story was as good as what i'm looking at. spectacular visuals are neverjust enough. you need substance underneath. the synopsis i read seems slightly implausible. underneath. the synopsis i read seems slightly implausiblelj underneath. the synopsis i read seems slightly implausible. i don't mind implausibility. i just seems slightly implausible. i don't mind implausibility. ijust wanted to have emotional sense. i thought it lacked that. lizzie is our third film. if i say the name lizzie borden, what do you think? i don't think anything. lizzie borden took an axe and gave her mother a0 wax. simon mayo said the same thing as you. i'm in great company. the central suspect any murder case in 1872 that inspired a ghoulish nursery rhyme. this is chloe sevigny and kristen stewart are starring in a film about lizzie borden. chloe sevigny is lizzie, living in a house under the tyrannical rule of her father, who
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is really horrible, and a hated stepmother. kristen stewart is the maid, bridget, who was told her name is maggie now she works in the house. they form a shared bond that is sparked initially by their loathing of the father figure. here isa loathing of the father figure. here is a clip. sorry this is happening to you. i'm ashamed to be his daughter. i've been lying to myself for so long now. telling myself that things will get better. it won't, will it? not ever. pigeons c00. why are you kind to me?
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what's the relationship like between those two? i've read certain reviews that say the dynamic between the two is fantastic. it is. what's interesting about the film is that i imagine everybody knows a version of this story and i'm finding out more and more that that isn't true. the film seems to imagine you already do, that this is a story where nobody is sure what happened in the case. the film imagines a version of events, it looks like it's inspired bya events, it looks like it's inspired by a version of events from an ed mcbain novel. it develops a relationship between the two central characters and then works out a dynamic that seems to work out within the context will stop whether it's true, nobody knows but it makes sense within the movie. we were talking before about the very
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different film, mortal engines. i don't mind the invention of fantasy but it has to make sense in and of itself. i thought this really did. you can see from the clip it's really low— key. you can see from the clip it's really low—key. you can feel the electricity in the air. really good performances will stop it reminds me of the movie lady macbeth, a character trapped within a house. the house felt very claustrophobic, like a prison, and you get a sense of that in this. that inside the house everything is stifling and outside the house it's a very different atmosphere. i thought it was a very interesting and low—key film. clearly not for everybody. the thing that surprises me most, i thought it was a film that was saying, you know this story, and this is a different version. but it turns out that's not out. the best outcome of the old man and the gun. i love this. you have heard the gun. i love this. you have heard the stories that robert redford has said it might be his last film. who knows if it will. but if it is, what
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a fabulous note to go out on. it's based on a true story, you place an old bank robber, part of a group called the over the hill gang. it's him and his relationship with sissy spacek, looking back on his life, that becomes an ontology of robert redford's screen career. he is wonderful. supporting performances are great, including a brilliant performance from tom waits, the musician turned actor. if you are robert redford, this would be the point where you go, i'm top of the tree, thank you, i will step away. point where you go, i'm top of the tree, thank you, i will step awaylj will look forward to a custom i don't go to the cinema often enough. you will love this. the best dvd this week? they shall not grow old is out this week. there was a lot of attention around armistice day. they have taken footage from the first world war. peterjackson, this is what he has done brilliantly here, taking this old footage, using computer graphics and the special effects, to make it
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look like it was shot yesterday. it's like you are in the trenches with the faces of these very young soldiers from 100 years ago literally looking like they are right in front of you. he has added soundtrack and they got lip readers into read what is said. but the effect is extraordinary. it's like the film leaps into life. it's quite startling when it first happens, remarkable. it's very moving and i think that of the two peterjackson products around at the moment, this is the want to pay attention to.|j have put it down to go and see that as well. lovely to see you. and you. a quick reminder before we go that you'll find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online at and you can find all our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer. that's it for this week, though. thanks for watching. goodbye. after a couple of quiet but cold
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days, it looks like the weather is taking a turn for the worse into this weekend. the first really significant wintry blast with the risk of significant snow and ice. tonight will be called up and down the country. we are looking at temperatures slowly rising across the west of the uk. this area of low pressure moving in. this will be the culprit in bringing this severe weather, the isobars are tightly packed, bringing strong winds and heavy rain to stop the met office issuing an amberwarning heavy rain to stop the met office issuing an amber warning for snow and ice from saturday into saturday night particularly through northern and central parts of the country for subheading through this evening and overnight, you can see cloud piling into western areas with pretty heavy snow developing. it's this area here where we will see problems with ice. freezing rain falling on frozen surfaces leading to ice rink
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conditions on roads and pavement, giving rise to disruption throughout central and northern england and into scotland. stay tuned to your bbc local radio. there will be lots of people on the move this weekend, a busy run—up to the christmas period with people out and about shopping. a dry and cold start but we will see this rain piling into southern and western areas. the rain will be heavy for northern ireland, wales, central and southern england and we could see surface water flooding through the afternoon. further north and east of bumping into the cold air where we will see freezing rain and the risk of ice. 2-5 freezing rain and the risk of ice. 2—5 centimetres of snow over lower levels but significant accumulations of 10-20 levels but significant accumulations of 10—20 centimetres over the hills and may be more over the central belt and higher ground near the central belt. adding on the strength of the wind, there is likely to be drifting and blizzard conditions. this area of low pressure will move north, taking ice and snow with it
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as we head into sunday morning to stop the gaels will affect england and wales as well as the night wears on and into the day. looks like something quieterfor on and into the day. looks like something quieter for sunday. snow and ice clearing away from scotland. a brighter day with sunshine for much of the country. plenty of blustery showers moving the south and west. temperatures on the rise gradually through weekend. they could reach double figures across the south. no renegotiation in brussels but theresa may says the eu will provide further clarification on her brexit deal. if we are going to leave with a deal, this is it. but my discussions with colleagues today have shown that further clarification and discussion following the councils conclusions is in fact possible. but heated words between mrs may and jean—claude juncker as she accuses him of describing her latest efforts as nebulous. he denies it. i did not refer to her,
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but to the overall state of the debate in britain. and that's why i was saying that this was nebulous, foggy, in english. we'll be looking at where the negotiations are at now with the eu and where they go from here. also tonight... a baby has died after being attacked by two dogs in the family home


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