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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 24, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm GMT

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this is bbc news, i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 10pm. rescue workers continue the search for survivors of the tsunami in indonesia, more than 370 people are now known to have died. there are fears the death toll could rise, with warnings of more deadly waves triggered by volcanic eruptions. the families of those still missing are hoping and praying that perhaps there will be miracles here, as people grieve over what's been lost, and yet another natural disaster to hit indonesia. the couple arrested over the drone chaos at gatwick airport say they feel "completely violated". elaine kirk and paul gait, who were released without charge, say their privacy was exposed. we're feeling completely violated, our home has been searched and our privacy and identity completely exposed, our names, photos and other personal information have been broadcast throughout the world. the actor kevin spacey has been
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charged with sexual assault in the united states, he's accused of assaulting a teenager at a bar in boston, injuly 2016. respect and understanding, the queen will use her christmas speech to deliver a message of goodwill to all. chris evans bids a festive farewell to listeners as he hosts his final radio 2 breakfast show. and in half an hour, mark kermode takes a look back on the big releases of the year, in review 2018: the year in film. indonesia's disaster agency now say at least 373 people were killed,
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and a further 128 are still missing, following the volcanic eruption and tsunami that swept through sunda strait on saturday. more than 1,400 people have been injured. thousands of people who live on the islands of java and sumatra, have been forced to evacuate to higher ground, as the tsunami hit coastal areas. today there've been more eruptions from the anak krakatau volcano, sparking fears of another tsunami. rebecca henschke reports. rescue workers clear away the rubble in a race to find any survivors. today in this villa, none have been found. this, the state of the swimming pool and the villa now.
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teams from the military and search and rescue teams are here clearing away the rubble to make way for what will be a slow rebuilding process here. the tsunami hit this popular local tourist destination at night without warning. the national disaster agency admitting their tsunami detection buoy system has been broken since 2012. when presidentjoko widodo visited to inspect the relief effort here, he faced some tough questions, and vowed to do better. translation: we don't know yet for sure where the source of the tsunami was. it's still being checked. in the future, the relevant agencies will provide detection equipment, systems that can give a warning to everyone. that comes too late for these families, here to find loved
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ones amongst the dead. those identified, ta ken away in ambulances. others, like this man, are still searching. translation: we are not at peace. we just want him returned to us in some way. we are preparing ourselves to accept the worst. the vocalist of the band seventeen, which was performing on stage when the tsunami hit, is here to put his wife to rest. posting this video on social media, he says, we are travelling again together, my love. authorities are warning it may not be over yet, telling people to keep away from the beaches due to fears that ongoing activity from the anak krakatoa volcano could trigger a new tsunami. rebecca henschke reporting there.
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the security minister, ben wallace says security forces can deploy detection systems throughout the country to combat the threat of drones, following the travel chaos at gatwick airport. officers say the investigation remains active, after the release, without charge, of a couple from crawley. despite earlier saying sightings may have been mistaken, 67 reports made by the public, passengers, airport officials and police officers are being investigated. a reward of £60,000 has been offered for information. and the couple arrested over the drone chaos at gatwick airport say they feel "completely violated". paul gait and elaine kirk, who were released without charge, said their "privacy and identity" had been "completely exposed", after being named in the media, and their home searched. as you can probably imagine,
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we are feeling completely violated. our home has been searched and our privacy and identity completely exposed. 0ur names, photos and other personal information has been broadcast throughout the world. we are deeply distressed, as our family and friends, and we are currently receiving medical care. the actor kevin spacey has been charged with sexual assault in the us, after allegedly assaulting an 18—year—old man in a bar in boston. after the news broke the "house of cards" star posted a video on youtube. in the clip, he appears to be in character as president underwood, from the hit netflix show. kevin spacey has rarely been seen in public since allegations first emerged against him in october last year. he's due to appear in court early next month, and has previously said he didn't remember the incident. 0ur correspondent gary
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0'donoghue joins us now. first off, tell us more about these charges. while the results from the incident in 2016 in nantucket, which is alleged that kevin spacey supplied an 18—year—old man with drinks, attempted to assault them, and the charges are indecent assault and the charges are indecent assault and battery. we understand there will be an arraignment hearing on the 7th of january to hear those charges, and presumably at that stage kevin spacey will enter a plea. he hasn't commented directly on this case since the court date was announced, although as you mentioned there is a bizarre youtube video that he posted within minutes of that becoming public where he
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appears to be in his character as frank underwood from the netflix series, and he appears to be urging viewers, though not specifically to only believe things based on evidence and facts. now you will know that kevin spacey is looking at several, at least a couple dozen charges from separate individuals. none of those others have come near court. 0ne none of those others have come near court. one was dismissed or los angeles because of the statute of limitations recently. police in london are investigating a number of allegations from what he was the artistic director at the old vic theatre, but this is the first time theatre, but this is the first time the allegations against him which go back over a number of years, this is the first time that legal proceedings have got this far. 0k, thank you so much gary. donald trump has blamed the federal reserve for the ongoing turmoil in the us financial markets, saying the only problem the american economy hadwas the fed itself.
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his comments came as the dowjones industrial average continued to tumble, closing down 2.9% today. in that highly critical tweet, president trump said... earlier, we heard from our correspondent in new york, samira hussain. she explained more about what has been going on in the markets. on sunday we saw that the treasury secretary steve mnuchin released a statement indicating that he had spoken to six of america's biggest banks, and that those banks have enough cash on hand to shore up the us economy should it need to. now, the reason for the statement
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was really to try and give us investors some more confidence in the wake of all of these big falls on us financial markets. that said, the statement did the exact opposite, and it really got investors very nervous, in fact even more nervous than they already were, because what it really signaled to investors was that look, this is not something they were worried about, they were not worried about banks not having enough cash to support the us economy, so now investors are thinking, well what is it the treasury secretary and, in turn the white house knows that we investors don't? 28 people have been killed in an attack on an afghan government ministry compound in the capital, kabul. gunmen stormed the complex after detonating a suicide car bomb at its entrance. women, children, and one police officer were among the dead. several people were injured including some who had reportedly jumped from the third floor to escape. it's not yet clear who is
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responsible for the attack. around 3,000 people have been evacuated from an apartment building in sydney, after residents heard a "loud crack". police say, the newly opened 0pal tower had moved "1—2 millimetres". residents are now preparing to spend christmas in an evacuation centre, as an emergency operation takes place, to determine the extent of the damage. fire and rescue, specialists, ambulance, paramedics and public works engineers will be making enrtry to level ten to investigate the cause of the crack and to determine whether the building is safe to inhabit, or if any further remediation works are required. the queen will urge people to treat each other with respect during her annual christmas message, which will be broadcast tomorrow. the comments, which have been released by buckingham palace to newspapers, are likely to be seen as an attempt by the monarch to calm
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the debate over brexit. here's our royal correspondent, nicholas witchell. throughout her reign, the queen has always been notably cautious whenever it's come to making a comment which could be construed as an observation about the political debate. but with the nation divided over brexit, it would be strange if the head of state, in her one personal message of the year, did not make some attempt to address people's concerns. her christmas message was recorded earlier this month at buckingham palace, when the brexit debate in parliament was at its height. in the broadcast she will say this. the context of those remarks isn't clear from what buckingham palace has released. it may be doubted whether the queen has said anything explicit about brexit, but it's clear that the palace is hoping these few words, and a reference to the need for the christmas spirit of good
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will to be heeded, will be construed as an attempt by the monarch to soothe the brexit debate. nicholas witchell, bbc news. theresa may has written a letter, published in the daily express, urging people to put aside their differences over leaving the eu, and to focus instead on what they can achieve together. in a separate christmas message to british servicemen and women, the prime minister praises the work done after the novichok attack in salisbury and their role in fighting international terrorism. in his christmas message, the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, praises the compassion of those who help the homeless and refugees. a british—iranian academic from imperial college in london, who was arrested in iran earlier this year, has been released and has returned back to london. professor abbas edalat, an expert in computer science, spent eight months in detention on security charges. meanwhile, london's mayor,
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sadiq khan, has renewed his call for the charity—worker, nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, to be released from prison in iran today, in time for christmas and her birthday on boxing day. jim wee—bull reports. he is a renowned expert in computer science at london's imperial college and also a prominent campaigner. he was giving media interviews often about his opposition to sanctions and military intervention in iran. yet despite this, while visiting tehran professor abbas edalat, a dual british citizen, was arrested and accused of being a spy. the foreign office and imperial college london both confirmed today that professor edalat had returned to the uk, ending his eight—month ordeal. no doubt providing relief for his family and for the many in the academic world who campaigned for his release. but he is not the only dual british citizen who has been held in iran. nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, from west hampstead, will be spending her second christmas in an iranianjail,
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in prison for spying. a charge she vehemently denies. today, along with her husband richard ratcliffe, the mayor issued a statement saying that: i think today's news is obviously positive. there have been other positives recently. there have also been some negatives and you know, i spend my time looking at the tea leaves of everything that happens and trying to read what it means for us. politics in iran is volatile, politics in the uk is pretty volatile these days so you know, it is a bit taking it day by day and keep hoping and keep pushing. anyone's guess what happens next. in november the foreign secretary, jeremy hunt, met with iranian officials to press the case for the release of nazanin and others being held in iran. for richard ratcliffe, the goal is not to spend another christmas apart from his wife. the headlines on bbc news.
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rescue workers continue the search for survivors of the tsunami in indonesia, more than 370 people are now known to have died. the couple arrested over the drone chaos at gatwick airport say they feel "completely violated". elaine kirk and paul gait, who were released without charge, say their privacy was exposed. the actor kevin spacey has been charged with sexual assault in the united states. he's accused of assaulting a teenager at a bar in boston, injuly 2016. customers have made the most of the last hours of christmas shopping. footfall in uk high streets and shopping centres was around 10% higher at midday today, compared with yesterday. shops on this year's christmas eve are estimated to have been around 7% busier compared with christmas eve of last year. it's been a tough year
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for retailers, with a number of notable high street names closing, including poundworld and maplin. the decline in the value of the pound has provided an unexpected christmas boost to retailers in northern ireland, with shoppers from the republic, which uses the euro, crossing the border in droves to grab a bargain. colletta smith has beenjoining them for a bit of last minute shopping and finding out what all the fuss is about. it's the last—minute christmas dash. there's a lot of stuff actually that they've sold out already. this week, stores in northern ireland have seen the biggest increase in shoppers of anywhere in the uk. and there's one big reason for that. much better value with the sterling conversion, yes, and the booze is quite cheap. what's in the bags? wow, you've got kids' stuff. yeah, lots of presents, yep. christmas present shopping. any grocery shopping today?
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no. a bit of shopping, that's the height of it. where do you come from today? i'm from monaghan, county monaghan. and have you done a big shop today? yes, a big christmas shop, yes. groceries. exactly, yes. irish government statistics show that one in five shoppers from the republic have travelled north this year to get more for their money. border towns like newry have felt the boost. it's been a tough year for retailers, as broadly broadcast but as i say, we benefit greatly from the southern trade, shoppers coming from as far off as dublin. it's something we've always benefited from. 66.28, please. down the road, the tills are ringing, in two currencies. a euro, 33.67, please. the fall in the value of the pound has been a huge boost to seamus' business. 75% of his customers cross the border. northern ireland's retail sales are driven by southern irish people, there's no doubt about it.
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we're one of the people that is quite happy there's been a vote to leave the european union. so much fluctuation with the currency, it's been very advantageous for us. each of these would have cost you 1 euro, 23, a couple of christmases ago. now that'sjust1 euro, ten. if you multiply that across a big family shop, spending hundreds of pounds, the savings add up. the washing powder, for me, is cheaper, right, you know. there's great bargains in that shop. and in the off—licence as well. while retailers across the uk have had a tough year, a steady stream of shoppers travelling across the border have given northern ireland shops a christmas bonus. colletta smith, bbc news, in newry. nearly 400 soldiers from the east of england will celebrate christmas in one of the most dangerous cities in the world. service men and women from the royal anglians and the colchester based parachute regiment are in afghanistan, half way through a six month tour of duty in the capital,
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kabul. alex dunlop reports. four years after frontline british troops pulled out of afghanistan, soldiers from the east are still here and in harms way. 280 of them, royal anglians. their role, to be bodyguards for diplomats and advisers in and around kabul. afghanistan, and our time here... on an intermittent line from their base, the battalion‘s commander told me it is a vitaljob. those advisers need to be taken to work and brought home again every day. that is the role of our soldiers, they have been trained specifically to look after the livelihood and to enable advisers to do their work on a day—to—day basis so we can build those strong institutions for the afghan government. this battalion has a profound link with this war—torn country. seven tours in 17 years, from fighting insurgents to trying to keep the peace. afghanistan is in our dna now. it means something to us and it...
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emotions in all of us, for those that have served once or served five, so there is a bond here that will forever be. for afghans, tomorrow is just another day but for the anglians they will take time out to celebrate but most of all to contact loved ones back at home. we will have a traditional christmas lunch and i think importantly, we will try and make sure we give all the soldiers as much time as possible to get on facetime and whatsapp and everything else to speak to their families. just keeping that link is probably just as important as sitting down and having roast turkey out here. this latest tour of duty is not about contact but about avoiding it. the anglians will leave kabul in march, without, they hope, firing a single shot. alex dunlop, bbc look east. chris evans has bid an emotional farewell to listeners during his final radio 2 breakfast show this morning.
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he said it was a "sad day" as he left after nine years at the helm. evans is off to virgin radio, but will be back on the bbc in the next series of strictly come dancing. 0ur arts editor will gompertz listened in to his last show. there's flash photography in his report. singing. ta—ra! and with that, chris evans signed off for the last time as host of britain's most popular radio show. he took it over in 2010 from a broadcaster who was inspiration to him — the late sir terry wogan. he said, because he was such a wise guy, he said there may not ever be right time to go, but there could be wrong time to stay, so i'm taking the great man's advice. the kind of show we wanted to do today, was we really wanted to leave them laughing, not crying, because there's been a lot of tears throughout the show. hopefully always for the right reasons, but enough now. happy christmas, everyone.
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and there was plenty of laughter, but also, at times, a very emotional presenter. most of all, most of all, of course i would like to thank my wife natasha... my gravity, my compass, my guiding light. he then put his wife on air, who also choked up. today's gobsmackers are chosen by noah and eli evans for their mum tash. oh, for goodness' sake! now do you get it? do you get it now? thanks for that! so, this is the radio 2 breakfast show studio that chris evans made his own for nearly nine years. he might have gone, but there's still a hint of him here, in the shape of this cart deck, which played all his well known jingles, wonderful day, wonderful week, this is london, tarzan yell, and all the rest of it. and in a way, that gives a hint of his talent as a broadcaster, that he was able to transform this quite dull, soundproof space
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into a vivid wonderful world, which interviewees responded to and listeners loved. and there's no cheaty turbo charging here. it wasn't all plain sailing for him at the bbc. his then £2.2 million plus salary proved controversial when made public, and then there was a short lived and much criticised stint as a presenter on top gear. delivers all that power right to the back of your head. but his high energy, good humoured breakfast show was a success. zoe ball will take it over in the new year as he moves over to virgin radio, before returning to the bbc to strut his stuff on strictly come dancing 2019. will gompertz, bbc news. pilgrims from across the world gathered in bethlehem this christmas eve, to listen to midnight mass there, pilgrims from across the world gathered in bethlehem this christmas eve, to listen to midnight mass there, this is the scene there live. earlier —in the city, palestinian scouts and a bagpipe
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band paraded in manger square across from the church of the nativity, built where christians say mary gave birth tojesus queueing to see the grotto wherejesus is believed to have been born and taking in a festive parade. 0ur middle east correspondent yolande knell is outside the church of nativity, and gave us this update. we have international choirs entertaining the crowd. earlier the scouts escorted church leaders ahead of the midnight mass at the nativity church which isjust over there. there has actually been a church on that site since the fourth century, that gives you an idea of how long bethlehem has really been a reliance on religious tourism for its economy, and according to the palestinian ministry of tourism, this is been a record year for the number of visitors who have come to visit which gives
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people hear something extra to celebrate because often tourism does take a hit because of flare—ups and violence because of the israel palestinian conflict. last year, a lot of parties were cancelled after president trump recognised jerusalem as israel's capital. this year, people really do want to come out and party. they say that christmas must be ajoyfultime, a happy time, and you can see plenty of evidence of that. pope francis has been holding mass in st peter's basilica, in the vatican, as christians celebrate the traditional day ofjesus's birth. earlier the pontiff criticised the "insatiable greed" of today's consumerism, calling on people in his christmas homily to make "sharing and giving" more a part of their lives.
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pope francis, who turned 82 earlier this month, will deliver his sixth "urbi et 0rbi" address tomorrow on christmas day. we're going to take you outside, look at that beautiful side of the vatican. a distinctly and that this christmas paper mass is the first that has been helped with new energy—saving lighting systems. —— has been held with new energy—saving. .. this has been held with new energy—saving... this is the largest employed church system which employs around 300,000 leds. pope frances moving on with the times. the christmas carol "silent night" is celebrating its 200th birthday. the carol was first performed in austria, in a village near salzburg on christmas eve, 1818.
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bethany bell reports. sings silent night in german. # stille nacht # heilige nacht # alles schlaft # einsam wacht # nur das traute hochheilige paar it's one of the world's favourite christmas carols. silent night, or stille nacht as it's known in german. oh, i think it's the best christmas song ever. it's familiar, we learned it when we were a child, and everyone sings it. the carol is 200 years old this christmas and it comes from austria. this is where silent night was first sung, on christmas eve 1818 in the village of 0berndorf near salzburg. the original church doesn't exist any more. it was badly damaged by floods at the end of the 19th—century and had to be demolished. this little chapel was built in place. a priest called joseph mohr wrote the words.
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he asked franz xaver gruber, a school teacher and an organist, to compose the melody. according to legend, the church organ had broken down, damaged by mice chewing at the bellows, so they had to sing it with this guitar. but historians believe that the mice and the broken organ are probablyjust a myth. it was, with the guitar, more people friendly and with an instrument which was very common outside, of course, the church. you can take the guitar wherever you go and therefore also the song itself was known very quick all around the world. silent night quickly spread across europe and on to the united states. it was sung across the trenches during the first world war. and for many people, it's simply the carol which means christmas. and if that doesn't put
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you in a festive mood, this from canterbury is guaranteed to. what looks like almost the entire town has been led by the archbishop carol singing, every inch of the town centre filled with crowds harking the heralds. what a wonderful site. 0k, here's chris's weather with darren that. hello there, the main hazard is going to be fog. picking up near eastern england and the midlands. further west clouds are


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