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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  January 13, 2019 8:30pm-9:00pm GMT

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have much in the cloud or winter to have much in the way of cold weather overnight, with temperatures in towns and cities more widely around 6—8. i'll start the day, quite a lot of cloud around. after a sunny, frosty start in scotland it clouds over and we see some rain arriving across north—western areas as we head into the afternoon. it's across the west and south that we have the mildest air. it will feel quite a lot cooler on monday afternoon across the north and east of the united kingdom. a bit of cold weather doesn't last long. we will be into milder air as we headed to tuesday. that's your weather. hello, this is bbc news. the headlines. theresa may has warned mps preparing to vote on her eu withdrawal deal that a failure to deliver brexit would be "a catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust in our democracy." tributes are paid after an 11—year—old boy is killed in a hit and run accident in beswick in greater manchester. three people have been killed — and a fourth is missing ,
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after an avalanche near the austrian ski resort of lech. there have been more than 20 weather related deaths across parts of the alps this month. two men have died in separate falls while walking in the mourne mountains in county down. the first victim fell on wee binnian mountain, while the second man fell on slieve commedagh. there's pressure on donald trump as the partial shutdown of the us government becomes the longest in history with no end in sight to the political stand off. now it's time for the travel show. my name is tony giles.
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i'm from england. i'm totally blind and severely deaf in both ears. and i'm travelling around the world trying to visit every country. we're in the old city! israel is country 124. i see a place with my senses — i see a place by the sounds, by the smells, by the textures. the hustle and bustle of people shouting, buy this, buy this, come and look at this! i feel the atmosphere, the energy, the buzz. i was born with my eye condition, so i don't have any vision apart
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from sunlight sensitivity. and i've gradually gone deaf as i've got older and i am now 80% or severely deaf in both ears but i use digital hearing aids. i travel alone, because it's the biggest challenge i can get. and the travelling by myself... excuse me! ..i get to interact with more people. if i travel with someone, particularly someone sighted, they would be doing all the work, they'd be doing all the guiding, and i would not get to touch and find as many things as i do by myself. today i'm going to catch a bus into the old city to go to the western wall. western wall? western wall, yeah. ok, let's go. i will help you. 0k.
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let me hold your arm like that. where are you from? i'm from england. huh? england! i was lucky that the bus driver was nearby waiting, so it was really easy to find the bus. yeah, i've got it... let go, let go. new orleans was the first place i went to by myself — a foreign city by myself. didn't know where i was going, i was blind, and ijust froze. and then i took a couple of deep breaths and said to myself, "tony, this is what you want — if you don't want it go home." a couple more deep breaths, turn left, walk down the street, and the rest is history. excuse me, are you hear me...? this is your stop station. my stop? yes. you can get off. 0k, thank you. you want any help?
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i'm good. just trying to get my bearings, trying to work out which way the traffic is going, and if i can use the sunlight, but i can't sense any sun at all. i have to be careful going down the steps, because they're all marble and slippery and worn so i have to go slowly and take care. no, no, it's ok. yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah. all right, thank you. two people came to try and help me but they were a bit aggressive, theyjust grabbed me, which is not the correct way to help — it's a bit frightening. if people want to help, and many people do, ideally you would want them to speak to you and say "hello, can i help?" but obviously not everyone speaks english. so if they don't, then touch you gently on the hand, on the arm, but not pull and not grab, ideally.
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you have to be patient, you get lost all the time. it's very difficult if you're looking for something specific when you can't see. because obviously you can't pinpoint it. excuse me? you might get ten people walk past and then someone will stop, "are you lost, do you need help?" and then you can interact with them — that's how it works. excuse me, is this damascus gate? yeah. straight in front of me, no? 0k. want to help? yeah. i like this! i like the atmosphere
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and the smells. and it's all close, and compact. it feels authentic. i'm going to the western wall, and on the way i'm going to hopefully explore some of the via dolorosa, which is stages of the cross thatjesus walked. good morning, how are you? good, good, how are you? you want to see my shop souvenir? i could have a brief look, why not? yes? come on. what do you sell? very good! laughs. beautiful! yeah. this is coffee. coffee yea h ? ok, i get this. about $3.
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that's five? that's two five, yeah? yes. two five. thank you. i probably write a blog once a week, so i document myjourneys, and my travels, and i want to share it with the world, really, and try and inspire people to believe in themselves, and they can overcome whatever their challenges are. and i also add pictures i've taken. originally i did it because i thought it would just be funny, someone seeing a blind person take photos. it's an extra way of sharing, i can show my family and friends and stuff, that's the idea, to try and share with everyone. thank you.
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excuse me! take the hand! people... don't leave him! over here... ok, thank you. someone on a motorbike coming through, that's not very clever. hello. looking for the station of the cross... this way, this way... this is the station of the cross? come back. 0k... then to the left... this is where he put his hand, here. this is where christ... up, up, up, up... to the right... yes, exactly. 0h, 0k! thank you! welcome. apparently i'm at one of the stages of the cross, wherejesus put his hand on the wall and leant against a wall. defined handprint, very smooth,
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also quite rigid, quite bumpy. it's a lovely texture. right, this is some barrier, i presume. hmm. is this the way in? hello? sorry, machine? womans. woman? yeah, it's not man. the wall is sort of separated, male and female, and the guy took me into the male section and took me up to the wall. 0k. there's all these notes in it.
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massive blocks, very smooth. the texture, the shape of the wall, the bricks, from a historical and a spiritual point of view, it's worth visiting. tony at the western wall. so, i'm heading to bethlehem, which is in palestinian territory. and it's separated by a dividing wall and a checkpoint. so, i'm going to have to get off the bus, get through the checkpoint, and somehow meet my host. i e—mailed him using my laptop with speech software, and he sent me his phone number, and i memorised it, and i'm trying to call him with my phone now. i can use the phone
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because the buttons are tactile. i couldn't travel without my memory, my memory is my biggest asset. i'm using my memory constantly, i'm exercising it all the time — i have to remember phone numbers, i have to remember directions. it allows me to find things. my memory gives me my independence, along with my cane. i'm now at the checkpoint betweenjerusalem and bethlehem. i've got to walk across the checkpoint and go past the dividing wall. railings... getting through the checkpoint is a little bit complicated. slightly more complicated than i thought, slightly more confusing. and then we'd just have to sort of try and follow other people,
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people sort of pushing me from one way to the other. have to get past this... looks like we're on the palestinian side, the palestinian territories. it's quite exhilarating. as you "me as!!! aw and where the wall is, you can hear all the people talking and smell the food and coffee and stuff. that's quite lively, that's quite interesting. can you show me to a taxi? taxi cab. i'm looking for a taxi. where? church of the nativity. 0k.
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maybe you want, i'll take you for photo at the wall, we stop and take photo. ok, cool. you happy? yeah, always! how big is the wall? it's very big. 30... 20 metres? yes. it's far. tony... yeah? welcome to bethlehem, you're going to church? yeah, the church of the nativity. all this way... yes, wall. behind the wall you have hotel banksy behind the wall, you have hotel. i'm feeling excited to be in bethlehem, it's a new city, new town, new experiences. driving through bethlehem,
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along the wall, has sort of given me a brief sense of how long the wall could be. it certainly feels quite long travelling along it. in my mind it would seem quite impressive. and i guess quite scary to a lot of people. here the church, tony. yes, this the church. ijust called my host to let him know i'm still coming. adam, we're at the church. hello?! hello... ? adam? give me, i call him... hello? i call him, he's coming, one minute he coming here.
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thanks, mohammed. thank you. hi, tony, how are you? hi, adam, good to meet you, looking forward to seeing your place. how many country you visit before? i've visited 124 countries. oh, my god, that's nice! yeah. yeah! you're like ali baba. i'm very lucky! i love to travel! have you done much travelling? not... just here, it's not easy to go move, or to travelling another country. so you get travellers to come to you? yeah! you have steps here... this is actually couch surfing,
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so in theory you stay for free. ok, have steps, five... you live in a castle! yeah. it's a website and you can find people on it, they have profiles, and they want to travel or they want to meet travellers, and that's how it works. now, come here, the lift. now, come here, the left. oh, this is home! we've landed, thank you! shukran. i have had a wide range of couch experiences, i've slept on floors, on mattresses like this, i've slept on couches, and also i have couch slept in africa where the toilet‘s outside, and it's a hole in the ground. i think it probably helps not seeing, i don't see the dirt
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or the danger or the holes, ijust get on with it. the main thing is you're meeting the people, the local hosts and sharing their food and their culture and their knowledge and whatever they can offer you. and hopefully you make friends at the end of it. good night and good dreams. shukran, and to you. people think being blind must be terrible, poor you, they don't understand, they don't know what they're talking about. i'm so lucky and i'm leading a fantastic life, to be able to go country to country when i want, where i want... this is the way to travel! with very few restrictions on what i want to photograph or do, and you come here and you see people, yeah, they can see and they can walk but they can't go places, it's just sad. you know for directions to go trains? ok, so can you give me directions?
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just a straight, not left, not right. so, just straight? yeah. and i wish you be happy and lucky in your life. 0k. shukran. bye—bye, good to meet you, adam. bye — bye. bye— bye. is this the entrance to the church? you can go in straight now. ok, thank you. i can roughly hear a voice but it's a bit disconcerting. the echo splits the sound, so it takes away the direction. we'll get there, it can't be far. there is a big metal thing
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with studs which could be... yes, that's a gate! oh, yes! yes, oil, candles... it's got a waxy smell... polish. finding the entrance is like reaching my goal, it's like reaching my target, and everything else after this is a bonus. once they've started singing, isuppose, louder, and i thought i've got to get close to this, because there's going to be a lot of energy involved, and then i've got to try and get closer and closer, eventually using my cane and picking out
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the steps, then a guy helped me down. realising that i was the only person to get close to hear that, feel that, makes me feel very privileged, very warm inside. i'm absolutely buzzing after that. energy is incredible! that was cool, just to be here for that if nothing else. it was quite crowded going down those steps, and they're quite slippery, very deep. oh, my goodness! from the fire into the furnace. very hot in here, and i guess
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it's from candles and more people coming in. this is my hand, yeah? this is the place where jesus was born, here is the star where he was born. kneel down on your knees. kneel down... more, more, more, more, more, more, more... you can touch the place wherejesus was born. this is the star, it has 14... it's a flower, or? no, it's a star. the star of david, yeah. marble? no, it's silver. this is marble. yeah, this is marble. the ground wherejesus was born is down here, you feel it, he was born here. so this is the grotto. yes, he was born here. 0k.
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about there? yeah, it's not ok like this, let me help you a little bit, it's like this, you can take a photo now... definitely an experience, a very humbling experience, to sort of be in a place where one might argue history occurred 2000 years or so ago. visiting the church, the smells, the sounds, that's what makes travelling, for me, special. i travel by myself because it's my challenge, it's like climbing a mountain, you feel, oh, this is difficult, it's a struggle, and then you get to the top, and you're like, yeah, i've made it, this is magical. that's what it's all about.
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broadens my horizons. and makes me become, hopefully, a better person. his there, for many it has been another mild day today but the weather is set to turn colder towards the end of the week ahead. we do have a whiff of winter in the air tonight, because we have got a cold front moving in across northern scotla nd cold front moving in across northern scotland and behind that, yes, the air is properly turning colder, we will see a few sleet or perhaps snow showers pushing into shetland for a time overnight. it's a glancing blow of cold airand time overnight. it's a glancing blow of cold air and the cold really limited to scotland, where a frost will set in in the countryside, away from that, there is too much in the way of cloud or breeze for it to be particularly cold overnight. temperatures more widely round sings to eight degrees, after a sunny and ferocity start to day in scotland. the weather will cloud over and through the afternoon we will see rain arriving in the north—west of
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the country, there will be dry and bright weather elsewhere, but, the mildest weather will be in southern and western parts of the uk, a glancing blow of cold after fenneling the north east, where it will feel much cooler than the weather we have had over the weekend. the cold weather doesn't last long, we are back into the mild stuff as we head into tuesday, slow moving weather fronts will bring heavy rain to western scotland, and in the highlands, that rain could amount to round 50—100 millimetres of rain before it eases south wards. tuesday, temperatures for most of the uk reefing double figure, ten or 11, the uk reefing double figure, ten or ii, temperatures rising as well in the northern isles with shetland lerwick seeing a high of 7 degree, through tuesday into wednesday, the weather front pushes southwards, the rain moves from scotland finally into northern ireland, and across into northern ireland, and across into parts of england and wales as well. this area of rain is a cold front pushing southwards, some uncertainty the exact position through wednesday afternoon but to
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the south of our front we still have the south of our front we still have the mild air hanging round so ten degrees on wednesday, further north temperatures taking a tumble. cold enough for snow to move into the scottish mountains through wednesday afternoon as the colder air arrives. as the cold air clears we are into straight northerly wind coming down from the arctic, as well fads colder air, for most of us there will be a lot of dry and sunny weather a a cold and ferocity start. temperatures struggle somewhat. this will be some wintry showers in the north of mainland scotland and the northern isles, temperatures struggling, highs between three and seven degrees. this is bbc world news today. i'm karin giannone. our top stories... america's most senior diplomat arrives in riyadh, as a senior member of the saudi royal family tells us donald trump's decision to pull out of syria is very negative. it will further entrench not only
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the iranians, but also the russians. overwhelmed with snow — parts of europe grapple with the worst winter weather for years. underneath this white blanket is a tarmac road. this area hasn't seen this much snow in well over a decade. a former italian communist militant who's been on the run for 37 years has been arrested in bolivia.
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