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a very warm welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: the duke of edinburgh, the queen's 97 year—old husband, is involved in a car crash. his car overturned, but the royal family says he's not injured. one of north korea's top diplomats arrives in washington, fuelling speculation of a second summit betweem kim jong—un and donald trump. thousands take to the streets of the sudanese capital, khartoum, demanding the resignation of president omar al—bashir. and we report from gaza on the hospitals facing possible closure because of shortages of fuel and medicine. hello to you. prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, has been involved in a road accident close to sandringham, queen elizabeth's estate in eastern england.
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the queen's husband, who is 97, was driving a land rover, which collided with another car and overturned. a statement from the royal family says he is unhurt. two women in the other vehicle suffered minor injuries. caroline rigby reports. smashed glass and a broken wing mirror, discarded on the road. evidence of the crash which happened shortly after 3pm on thursday afternoon. the duke had been at the wheel when his land rover rolled over. he was helped out of the vehicle by passers—by. according to one witness, he was conscious but very shocked. the land rover was on its side, on the drivers side actually, it would be on his side it were. there is quite a bit broken plastic and glass in the car and in the hedge. 68 ordinary cars or parked around with people helping. the accident happened on a busy road close to the queen's sandringham estate in norfolk. it is understood the duke was pulling out of a private driveway onto the road when
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collision occurred. emergency services were on the scene quickly. two women on the other vehicle were treated for minor injuries in hospital but has since been discharged. buckingham palace is the duke was checked over by a doctor, who confirmed he had escaped unhurt. norfolk police says its policy to bet their stride is involved in collisions. —— said it is. both have provided negative readings. the last duke and formal seen together at a formal occasion was in october at g- of it is . months the it is months the duke i it is . months the duke retired . months the duke retired . m public since the duke retired from public 7,5 55, although he since the duke retired from public a; 25, although he has remained since the duke retired from public l; 25, although he has remained at life, although he has remained at it, spending g.‘ you it, spending most of his time you that windsor castle will sandringham. both he and the queen enjoy driving on the private estates. in april 2016, at the age of 95, the duke of the then us president the ruck obama and his wife michelle to windsor castle.
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president the ruck obama and his wife michelle to windsor castlelj have wife michelle to windsor castle.” have to say i have never been driven byaa have to say i have never been driven by a a duke of edinburgh before. and ican by a a duke of edinburgh before. and i can report that it was very smooth riding. but today's accident is bound to raise questions about whether it's why for someone who is five months short of his 98 birth they to be driving on public roads. -- 98 they to be driving on public roads. —— 98 birthday. our correspondent daniel sandford has been to the scene of the accident — a main road through the county of norfolk in the east of england. the a149 here is a busy road between kings lynn and hunstanton, and vehicles have been going up and down this road all evening at really quite a speed. this is not a place where vehicles drive slowly. what appears to have happened is that the duke of edinburgh, driving his land rover freelander, pulled into this road and was struck by a vehicle coming down the road. now, that vehicle hit it with such force that his freelander was forced on its side, and ended up
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on its side with the driver's door down here. this is the broken glass and the broken wing mirror from his vehicle. the vehicle that struck his then ended up in the trees, and frankly, it's quite fortunate that people weren't more seriously injured. daniel sandford there for us. a senior north korean negotiator has arrived in the united states, as the two sides try to arrange a second summit between kim jong—un and donald trump. south korean reports say kim yong—chol is carrying a letter from the north korean leader to mr trump. he's expected to meet the us secretary of state and the president later on friday. let's go now to the bbc‘s laura bicker in seoul. what are you eating into this? well, i think they mean that comes to kim yong—chol‘s visit, it is in the sense that it is laying the groundwork for a potential second summit between kim jong—un and donald trump. remember, the last time this senior aide to kim jong—un travel to washington, it was just
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before donald trump met kimjong—un in singapore. you may remember that very large letter that he handed over from very large letter that he handed overfrom kim very large letter that he handed over from kim jong—un to the us president, so it may well be that these talks taking place in washington over the next couple of days are all about laying the groundwork for a second summit. we aware that there are talks taking place between the north korea and south korea in sweden. this is not a man the south koreans are going to wa nt to man the south koreans are going to want to see, is that? of a controversial figure. well, want to see, is that? of a controversialfigure. well, kim yong—chol is the former spymaster in pyongyang and certainly, he is thought to have ordered the torpedoing of the south korean warship where 44 south korean sailors died. so when it comes to kim yong—chol, he is a very controversial figure but he has seemed to have emerged as its chief negotiator when it comes to talks
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over north korea's nuclear weapons. so yes, he is one of those figures where he and south korea they do raise a few eyebrows, although north korea has always denied attacking those warship. there is speculation about whether some of might be, signs are pointing to be anon, and they? they are pointing to be anon. we have heard from our voices colleague, james pearson, he says that he has sources that tell him that he has sources that tell him that kim jong—un will be making a state visit to vietnam after the lunar new year, which runs on the roof forth to february eight. —— vietnam. it may well be that that is also a hint to wear the second summit might be. just briefly, it is as likely queer situation because the talks that have usually taken place at the senior level, had not been happening. nour, for the last few months, we have been looking to
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see whether parts of south korea north korea would implement parts of the agreement, the problem is that the agreement, the problem is that the agreement, the problem is that the agreement was so vague and different sides have interpreted parts of it differently. north korea, kim jong—un, have parts of it differently. north korea, kimjong—un, have been saying that it korea, kimjong—un, have been saying thatitis korea, kimjong—un, have been saying that it is time for the us to offer sanctions and the us have been saying no, no, we need concrete proposals for you to be getting rid of your nuclear weapons. so there has been this 12 —— seven—month stare down when neither side has offered concessions. we'll have to wait and see what happens this weekend and if indeed, any second summit is to take place, what details they managed to pin down and stop right thank you very much for that. —— thank you very much for that. president trump has said he plans to expand missile defences in the us, including, he's suggested, creating a layer
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of sensors in space. his goal, he says, is to shield every american city from all types of missile attacks. we will terminate any missile launches from hostile powers, 01’ even from powers that make a mistake. it won't happen, regardless of the missile type or geographic origins of the attack. we will ensure that any missiles no century on earth or in the skies above. —— sanctuary. let's get some of the day's other news. the colombian president, ivan duque, has called a car bomb blast on the national police academy in bogota a terrorist attack. at least ten people were killed. most were police cadets. another 50 people were hurt in the blast. the french government has launched its preparations for a no—deal brexit. the equivalent of about $57 million has been earmarked for airports and sea ports, and the eurotunnel rail link to britain, in particular. the french prime minister has said a no—deal brexit is looking "less and less unlikely".
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the american poet mary oliver, who won both the pulitzer prize and the national book award, has died at the age of 83. much of her work was themed around nature and wildlife. she died at her home in florida from lymphoma. devoted fans include hillary clinton and gwyneth paltrow. thousands of people have been demonstrating in the streets of the sudanese capital, khartoum, demanding the resignation of president omar al—bashir. there are reports of two people — a child and a doctor — being killed. protests have been going on for a month, but on monday, the president insisted they would not lead to a change in government. bill hayton reports. the heavy hand of sudan's security forces, tear gas and bullets fired to break up an angry crowd. there we re to break up an angry crowd. there were casualties and elsewhere, heavy beatings for those caught the police. this is a relatively
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well—off neighbourhood in the capital, sudan's middle classes price of have triggeredaneutpeuzlng—ef g: .:.:.: have have triggeredaneutpeuzlng—ef e have been u nfifi , ' ’.i.’:n%n:né{;; from six different cities. reported from six. i'jlfferentufiel the man they blag the this is't‘i'ie' mafi'theybla me'fcrrthg president this is'ths mafi'thsybla msfcrrths president omar ruled sudan for 30 years. he is by the wanted by the international criminal . court on allegations of genocide, wanted by the international criminal . court on allegai been if genocide, wanted by the international criminal . court on allegai been if ge to ide, wanted by the international criminal . cour he allegai been if ge to bnseat wanted by the international criminal . cour he has gai been if ge to bnseat wanted by the international criminal . cour he iand ai been if ge to bnseat wanted by the international criminal . cour he land the sen if ge to bnseat wanted by the international criminal . cour he land the splitting :o bnseat wanted by the international criminal . cour he land the splitting of inseat wanted by the international criminal . cour he land the splitting of his eat éfféstffé z—% 225 a??? if; if "i'zi 5272557? z—a 5l; 5??? 51? i5 '5':5 in half 5272557? z—a 5l; 5??? 513; z5 '5'z5 in half loss 52525555 z—a zle 55555 53:5 z5 '5'z5 in half loss of of its i revenue, and he most of its oil revenue, and he wa nts to most of its oil revenue, and he wants to change the constitution to stay in power. but on the streets, the protesters a re stay in power. but on the streets, the protesters are demanding freedom, and the —— and an end to his rule. human rights groups say more than a0 people have been killed in the past month. security forces still seen in control but at an
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increasingly heavy cost. stay with us on bbc news, still to come: it is billed as the largest peaceful gathering in the world. we will be visiting india to take a look donald [romp isnowtbe—lfitb.‘ 2555 555555 55.55.55. '5. ezaz5z—5—5555z55z5g5 5 5 55 5 55 5 demonstrators waiting for mike gatting and his rebel cricket team were attacked with tear gas and set upon by police dogs. anti—apartheid campaigners say they will carry on the protests throughout the tour. they call him 'the butcher of lyon'. klaus altmann is being held on a fraud charge in bolivia,
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but the west germans want to extradite him for crimes committed in wartime france. there, he was the gestapo chief, klaus barbie. millions came to bathe as close as possible to this spot, a tide of humanity that's believed by officials to have broken all records. this is bbc news. the latest headlines for you this hour: the duke of edinburgh is uninjured, after being involved in a car crash near the queen's sandringham estate. his vehicle overturned. and one of north korea's top diplomats arrives in washington, fuelling speculation of a second summit betweem kim jong—un and donald trump. hospitals in the gaza strip are facing closure because of severe fuel shortages, putting lives at risk. the palestinian health ministry says the system was already on the verge of collapse following years of an israeli blockade. now, it is overburdened with casualties from protests which have been ongoing since march.
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the bbc‘s mishal husain visited gaza. it is a new and extreme burden on a health system that is already stretched to the limit. thousands of people with gunshot wounds. 1a—year—old walid is one of those who've been injured at the weekly protest near the perimeter fence with israel. his father says he went along just as other young people have. an israeli bullet went through both of his legs. there've now been months of demonstrations at the boundary. many palestinians say their intentions were peaceful, although some have thrown stones, burned tyres, and sent incendiary kites and balloons over the fence. israel says it's only used live fire when necessary, to protect infrastructure, its soldiers, and israeli civilians living nearby. the vast majority of the gunshot wounds have been to the lower limbs. doctors here say health care
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in gaza isoverwhetmeos one calls it an epidemic of gunshot injuries. from experience, i think... and, you know, from some friends and colleagues in the united kingdom and france and the united states... if they had the same number of injuries received in the emergency department, the health system would collapse. no other places in the world can cope with this... with this huge number of injuries. even before this, hospitals here had acute and unmet needs. this is gaza's biggest emergency department, which sees around 500 patients every day. there's a long list of what hospitals here are short of.
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it's beds, drugs, medicalsupplies. but also, there's a chronic shortage of power. there isn't enough fuel for their back—up generators. and then they don't even have enough clean water, whether for the patients to drink, for the staff to wash their hands, or even to sterilise their instruments. for the last few years, staff here have received only half their salaries. some are paid by hamas, which controls gaza. others by the palestinian authority, in the west bank. the blockade of gaza and its effect on the economy comes up again and again. israel says it doesn't restrict most medical supplies, but gaza has little money to pay for the health needs of its people. our civilians, people, died and injured all the time. big question — why, why? and why we are in the siege for 12 years? who do you hold responsible for what you are experiencing at the hospital?
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all people, the united nations, red cross, israel, palestinian authority... here, in authority, all of them are responsible. those at the very start of their lives are among the most vulnerable, dependent on specialist equipment, and in some cases, with conditions that can't be treated here. because the blockade restricts the movement of people, patients need to request permission to leave. this two—day—old baby with a congenital heart defect was waiting for an exit permit when we filmed him. four days later, he died. his permission hadn't come through. when the new york knicks played in london on thursday night, there was something missing — their star centre enes ka nter. that is because the all—star from turkey feared for his life if he made the trip.
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kanter has been a critic of turkey's president erdogan. turkish media say that prosecutors have issued an international warrant for his arrest, and he has been afraid to even speak with his own parents for years. kanter has been speaking to our correspondent nomia iqbal in new york. he is the nba star who is not afraid of confrontation, both on the court, and now off. enes kanter is a wanted man in turkey. the government there claim that he is linked to the failed plot to overthrow the turkish president, which he denies. speaking to me in his home city of new york, kanter explains his fears have been justified. are you worried that you'll be sent back to turkey? yes, because now everybody was saying, oh, you're just talking about it, you don't have no evidence. but, when my team was flying to london, the turkish government just put a red notice under my name with interpol.
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as soon as i left the plane, they would have sent me back to turkey. do you feel you've been proven right? yes. kanter has been a long—standing critic of president erdogan, the turkishgovernment believe. if i step in turkey, you probably won't hear a word from me ever again. so you fear that you will be killed? i will be killed — well, i don't know what they would do, but i know it would be very ugly. we put this to the turkish authorities, but haven't had a response. the 26—year—old says it has been years since he had contact with his parents in turkey, for fear of reprisal. he is worried about even going to the shops here in the us on his own. the new york knicks play here at madison square garden, one of the world's most famous arenas, and the nba wants to take basketball around the world. but it seems going global
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means getting caught up in other countries' problems. kanter admits he feels bad about letting his team—mates down by not travelling to the uk for the match tonight, but believes his cause is bigger than basketball. well, i'm risking everything. i'm risking my life, i'm risking my family, i'm risking everybody i love around me, to do only one thing — stand up for human rights, stand up for freedom and stand up for democracy. and, whatever happens to me to my family or anybody, i will not back down. he is the latest sport star in america who is using his platform to highlight political issues, but it comes at a cost. enes kanter says he is now effectively trapped in the country for years to come. president trump has cancelled his
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country's trip to the world economic forum next week and a fact—finding mission to afghanistan by his main political rival, who leads the democratic majority in the house of representatives. he said the trip was inappropriate at a time when federal workers are going without pgy- scientists have come up with a diet that promises some big things — to keep us healthy, to feed the world's growing population, and to prevent further damage to the planet. but there is a downside. we would all have to cut back significantly on our meat and dairy consumption. here is the bbc‘s science editor david shukman. all over the world, there are 7 billion people to feed. some in developing countries struggle to afford one meal a day. while others in richer nations overindulge on mass—produced food that could do them real harm, and at the same time damage the environment. the challenge outlined in the report is how to sustain a global population of 10 billion by 2050, and prevent the 11 million premature deaths every year
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because of bad diet. in north america, for example, people eat 6.5 times more meat than is recommended. but switching to a new diet won't be easy. how practical is this for, let's say, a single parent with a busy life and lots of kids? virtually impossible, i would say. because very often, firstly, this depends on really good home cooking, and on planning. if you're feeding your children instant food — impossible. the new report says these are the ingredients of an ideal diet, with much less meat and a lot more veg. it is really surprisingly when you see just how little the report recommends that we eat every day, and here are some of the key suggestions. it says no more than 1a grams of red meat a day. that's just this little tiny piece here. no more than 13 grams of egg. that isn't a whole egg, it's just a quarter of one. now, for whole grains, it says we should have 232 grams. we've represented that with this
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rice and these rolls. and for veg, they say 300 grams a day, but it's got to be colourful. red, green and orange. the authors reckon that if we all stick to this diet, it will be not only good for our health, but also good for the planet. it corresponds to roughly one fairly good—sized hamburger per week, or if you like big juicy steak, once a month. so it's not eliminating red meat, by any means. beef in particular has an impact, because cattle give off methane, which adds to global warming. and eating too much can lead to heart trouble and obesity. so choosing what we eat has implications for us and for the planet. david shukman, bbc news. it is billed as the largest peaceful gathering in the world — tens of millions of people coming together for the hindu festival of kumbh mela in the northern indian city of allahabad. the bbc‘s yogita limaye is there.
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the holy men go first. these waters are considered most sacred of all in hinduism, and when india's famed naked sages take a dip, the world's largest festival begins. then come the ordinary people, tens of millions of them, many from hundreds of miles away. the water is freezing, the wind is cold, but it is faith that brings them here. we believe that mother ganges blesses us and fulfils all our wishes. my daughter got a job because of her. teqhsléeqe’ translation: i have come because i have heard that all our sins can be washed off by bathing here. this time, the festival comes just months before a national election, and so it has got much more of a political colour than usual.
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all around this zone there are lots of posters of the ruling bjp party, and here behind me, on the path that leads right up to the banks of the river, cutouts of prime minister narendra modi. for the hindu nationalist bjp, such a large gathering of people from the religion presents a political opportunity. there is no overt campaigning here, but the message seems clear. earlier, their involvement with organising, but they were not in full front. no, they were organising, but this time they're owning it. this is their festival, this is their festival. so they are saying clearly, we are the people who are good to manage these kind of hindu festivals, and we give importance to hindu festivals. the space given to the festival is nearly two times the last one, held six years ago. the money spent has more than doubled, and the city's muslim
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name has been changed to one from ancient hindu texts. but the bjp denies a political agenda. translation: it'sjust a coincidence that this has come close to the election. our leaders made the festival a priority because of people's faith in it. of course, when they experience the good festivities we provided, people will want the same government back. over the next few weeks, more than 100 million are expected to bathe here. much more for you on all the news on the bbc news website. you can reach me on twitter. i'm @bbcmikeembley. hello there, good morning. the cold weather has arrived, and it looks like it's going to stick around for quite some time.
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and it's really cold and frosty in many places right now. not everywhere, because we've got a weather front coming in, bringing in more cloud, bringing some rain. but it's moving into the cold air, so there will be a bit of sleet and snow, mainly over the hills. but ahead of that, still some icy patches, following those earlier showers on the northerly wind. widespread frost, and we could be down as low as minus seven celsius. but there's more cloud coming into northern ireland, into wales and the south—west, bringing with it some rain, a bit of sleet and snow over the welsh hills, then over the cumbrian fells, the pennines, the southern uplands as well. but there may be even a little bit of sleet and snow at lower levels through the midlands, the west country too. temperatures in the west will recover a bit later on, but for the eastern side of the uk, where it's going to be dry but nowhere near as sunny as it was on thursday, it's another cold day. but at least we don't have the northerly wind, and it's not set to return this weekend either. it will stay cold, mind you, although a lot of places will be dry, particularly on sunday.
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now, this area of low pressure is bringing in that band of cloud and patchy wet weather. and it tends to weaken and stall as we head into saturday, and things turn a little more showery. now, it won't be as cold and frosty in the morning, because there'll be more cloud around. there'll be some showers, as well, mostly of rain, but a bit of sleet and snow in those, particularly if they head further north across england towards northern ireland, as well. here, it's probably going to be a dull day for the most part. the best of the sunshine across northern parts of scotland, but temperatures struggling — four, five or six degrees generally across the uk. now, as we move into sunday, pressure starts to rise a bit more. so that will tend to push away the showers, break up the cloud a little bit, and into that, we've got a weak weather front arriving from the north—west. but there's probably going to be more frost ahead of that. not as cold as it is right now, minus one or minus two, but some more sunshine across the uk on sunday. we've got that weak weather front bringing a little bit of rain, maybe some sleet and snow over the hills, nothing very much, and behind it, a north—westerly wind pushing in the sunshine back into scotland and northern ireland.
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but again, it's quite a cold day, with temperatures about six degrees or so. let's look ahead into the beginning of next week, and another frost to come as we move into monday morning. then we get these weather fronts coming in from the atlantic, and at some point they're going to stop, and that means we run the risk of some sleet and some snow, particularly in the west for a while. but an easterly wind may pick up as the week goes on, and therefore it is staying cold. the latest headlines: prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, has been involved ina carcrash, but was unhurt. it happened near queen elizabeth's sandringham estate. buckingham palace said prince philip was driving a land rover and that the vehicle landed on its side. two other women involved suffered minor injuries. a senior north korean negotiator has arrived
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in the united states, as the two sides try to arrange a second summit between kim jong—un and donald trump. south korean reports say kim yong—chol is carrying a letter from the north korean leader to mr trump. thousands have been demonstrating in the sudanese capital khartoum, demanding the resignation of president omar al—bashir. the president insisted the month—long protests would not lead to a change in government. two people — a child and a doctor — are reported killed. it's about 2:30am.
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