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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 2, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm GMT

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hello this is bbc news... the headlines.... nissan is expected to announce next week that it's cancelling plans to build its new model suv at its plant in sunderland. russia has suspended its participation in a key nuclear arms control agreement, after the united states announced yesterday that it would do the same. thousands of opposition supporters have taken to the streets across venezuela in a bid to force president nicolas maduro to stand down and agree to new elections. here, the met office issues weather warnings for ice in many parts of england as wintry conditions continue to disrupt the uk. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday... hello and welcome to sportsday, with katherine downes and karthi gna nasegaram. the headlines this evening.... drama in dublin — england beat defending champions ireland in the six nations clash—of—the weekend. scotland switch off towards the final whistle — but they'd already done enough to beat italy at murrayfield. the struggle continues for england as they trail
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west indies in the second test. and son is the one — spurs leave it late at wembley, but they're up to second in the premier league after a win against newcastle. good evening — we start with the opening weekend of the six nations which has drawn to a close with an impressive win for england over defending champions ireland in dublin. england produced one of their best performances for years to beat last year's grand slam winners on home soil. 32—20 the final score — sarah mulkerrins is in dublin for us. this was certainly a big way. they
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came to the stadium and they beat the graceland champions of last year ireland, and they beat them well. they have not won here since 2013. tonight, date and at the six year drought. it started very quickly. they kicked off the mark, except johnny mayjust over a minute to run over at the first escort. they have not scored here in eight years. shortly after, carly was sent by that high tackle. just as he was coming back on, bundling overt, following a line out. dignified to break it with advantage england. they went back on front. the lovely ca ke they went back on front. the lovely cake and chase, finding his reward. 17-10 it
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cake and chase, finding his reward. 17—10 it was at the break. the second half was all about one man. he scored twice. his face coming from thatjohnny may kick. the wrath was questioning it. it was given. johnny sex ed summing up the day for island. score and intercept try. i'll have try in the end, by far, england was the more superior team. a big went for england. six nations is all about momentum. that is the buzzword was not we certainly got that tonight. you would imagine that eddiejones is that tonight. you would imagine that eddie jones is pretty that tonight. you would imagine that eddiejones is pretty chapped. let's hear from the england coach then eddiejones we were playing one of the best
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teams in the world, particularly art response in that second half of the first was really good. we fell off a little bit that went back. we reasserted our authority after half—time. in the earlier game — scotland got their campaign underway with a bonus point win over italy, holding off a late italian fightback at murrayfield. jim lumsden was watching: scottish rugby has been making a noise but the belief that the national could go fight this year. it only on a 17 game winning streak in the competition was breached. more at the same soon after. this
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was an injury depleted scotland, but it hammered away, it cracks emerged again. it all started to look familiar. italy was running out of stea m, familiar. italy was running out of steam, then that irreplaceable hat check child. winning bonus points. the italians came within a whisker of them last year, here, they were put to the test. the scots rebuilt that there defence was far from indomitable. the team appeared to be already in the pub as by the scores came from different players. 0verall, came from different players. overall, it wasjob came from different players. overall, it was job done for the scots, although if they had any serious aspirations of the title, they will probably need to beat england. at the has eluded them for 36 years. they had their moments in the first
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half. we needed it tomorrow. the second half, we picked it up. we wrecked hard with the ball, we make the most with the bot that we had. the last 15 minutes was very disappointing. running the ball from deep, so we've got a few places to improve, but for the full time we we re improve, but for the full time we were police. so the opening weekend of the six nations is over — and this is how the table looks after those first fixtures — scotland and england with those bonus point wins leading the way. france beaten by scotland get a bonus for scoring their three tries — defending champins ireland and italy yet to get off the mark... england's cricketers are facing defeat in the second test in antigua. they bowled west indies out for 306 — so england were 119 runs behind already coming into their second innings.
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they're 102 for 6. lydia greenway is a world cup winner with england — and part of the cricket social team covering the series on the bbc sport website and app — rory burns — 16joe denly looked nervous to start... it is turning into a nightmare for england. it is safe to state that the test for the semis is now lost? we would not be too far off or say that. people from england did not like they had that, but it seems like they had that, but it seems like they had that, but it seems like they are going to be outplayed by the west indies. the west indies applied themselves brilliantly. the england players just had applied themselves brilliantly. the england playersjust had not applied themselves brilliantly. the england players just had not been able to demonstrate the same discipline to wait that they got out, which is unlucky i think. the
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other wickets have followed, a force of the batteries. i think the england team will have to reflect on how they are going to go about their back think. is a batting strategy by batting order? what do you think is the problem? i think it is a of the both i think. that's a bit of both. for me, there is no question that the player within the line—up are outstanding players but it is about trying to find some continuity in the back and. getting a chance and the back and. getting a chance and the test match and one of the players has not come off. at times, you have to give people a good brand as well because people are going to have bad performances, but of course, people are going to talk negatively if they do. for me, it is
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a tough one. they need to help break out the order and that the players need to apply themselves more. doesn't matter if the order of how the guys will go into that, if date going —— making big brass decisions admitting mistakes, rory burns 16, stokes admitting mistakes, rory burns 16, sto kes o n admitting mistakes, rory burns 16, stokes on 11, he was furious with himself, is a really dramatic —— doesn't really matter where you are in the batting order, shaking focus on what you have to do?” in the batting order, shaking focus on what you have to do? i think the key position for me is number three, johnny who has been given the opportunity. he has shown that he has a great and determination. certainly, this test match, he has not had that discipline. number three is a really key position for anything. in that scenario, i think england is not quite sure of. but let, in that middle order can be
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plenty settled. i think as a player, it is about narrowing your role. no one is really grab that number three position by the scruff of the neck. at that the success in sri lanka, coming into west indies series, what has gone wrong? why is it so different in performance that we are seeing here? firstly, ithink different in performance that we are seeing here? firstly, i think sri la nka seeing here? firstly, i think sri lanka are not strong at the moment so that helped england in terms of the outcome of the results. secondly, the west indies had played brilliantly. we can slate england as much as we want to, but we have to give credit to the west indies. they have applied themselves at the bat. for a global gate, that is brilliant, what does he do global teams compete against each other. for england, they are going to have to reflect and they have become a batting overnight. they have to piece everything together. australia is rubbing their hands together head
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of the series. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. let's take a quick look at the scorecard in antigua. 106. not looking good for england. before we get all the latest football news from karthi — lets take a look at the scorecard for england's second innings. tottenham have moved up to second place in teh premier legaue, jsut four points behind league leaders, liverpool after a 1—nil win over newcaslte. son heung min scored the winner late in to the second half — his ninth goal in his past 10 spurs appearances. as john pakey reports. there was another, this time it was
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only inches off. at the holding of the early pressure, newcastle gave some confidence and had their own openings. having tried and failed in the first half, it was time for space to make an appeal. but focus going forward, they were inches away, the bot failing to squeeze over the line in this corner. there isa over the line in this corner. there is a strength that the space needed, and it went home. with a bit of fortune with some questionable goal keeping. he made sure that north london kraut was that the title race for now. it has been an emotional couple of weeks for cardiff city. today their players and fans paid tribute to their stiriker emiliano sala who went missing
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when his plane disappeared over the channel islands. this was their first home game since the tragedy. both the cardiff and bouremotuh captains laid flowers on the pitch and cardiff's fans created a mosaic in honour of the argentine striker, who would have made his home debut for the club in this match. neil warnock has spoken about the mental and emtional reilience that his players have shown over the last two weeks. and they showed that with a 2—nil win today. bobby reid opened the scoring with a penalty in the fifth minute — he and his teammates held up a shirt with a picture of sala on it in celebration. reid added a second at the start of the second half — so fast warnock wasn't even out of the dressing room. a 2-0 a 2—0 went for cardiff. chelsea beats huddersfield 5—0. chelsea were themsevles
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thrashed a—nil by bournemouth in midweek, but they are now back into the top four. gonzalo higuain scored twice — his first chelsea goals — and eden hazard also struck twice.. luiz fifth goal. huddersfield remain rooted to the bottom of the table — 13 points from safety sarri. i think is all positive. we played for 90 minutes. we defended really well. i think... for 90 minutes. we defended really well. ithink... is for 90 minutes. we defended really well. i think... is very good match, but as i said before, we need consistency now. we have to... to continue to play with the same mentality in the matches. he's worried about consistency. crystal palace 2-0 fulham jeff schlupp added their second. fulham remain in deep trouble after another defeat. they're seven points adrift of safety after losing 2—nil at crystal palace. surely second half, he had to get
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them the credit. i think their ability to keep the ball and ask questions was very gate. we were fortu nate to questions was very gate. we were fortunate to get the call, i think, because it was a clear penalty. i do not think it was a question about it. a strange penalty but you cannot quite understand what is going through the defender‘s had. quite understand what is going through the defender's had. the first half was dead until the penalty, we controlled the match, —— wasn't good. the second half we desire to win. they are seven points adrift from safety. everton1—3 wolves, goals from neves wtih a penalty, jimenez, dendoncker.
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evreton fans have been unhappy for a while — the fans had been unhappy with him. he knows that. they year end plate fantastic football. they do things in a different way better. to them. when we are leaving, we meet again this afternoon, it is tough us to understand. results from all of the day's games here. including brighton and watford playing out a goalless draw. and burnely and soutahmpton — both hovering just above the relegation zone — drew 1—all. confirmation of the results. it has been a difficult one to fight them.
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top of the table, we will have a look at that. the main thing to point out is this. wolves are in seventh place. they have gone above and the top half, down in the bottom half. well bottom for the bottom and three. cardiff city not able to move despite that went. in the scottish premiership, rangers scored three of four penalties they were awarded in beating bottom side st mirren a—nil to move to within three points of scottish premiership leaders celtic. jermaine defoe converting one of those spot kicks. motherwell and aberdeen also won, while hamilton and dundee drew 1—all. ranges arejust
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ranges are just behind the celtics. in the championship, norwich city beat leeds united 3—1 in a top—of—the—table clash at elland road. mario vran—sich opened the scoring with free kick that took a deflection off leeds midfielder adam forshaw. teemu pukki added another 30 minutes later, before a second from vran—sich sealed a dramatic win for norwich — who are now level on points with leeds at the top of the championship. the women's cup has three nail. —— 3-0. the women's cup has three nail. —— 3—0. let's get on to the rest of that did they sports drama unfolded at the
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inaugural saudi 0pen on saturday, as sergio garcia was disqualified from the third round for serious misconduct, as the 2017 masters champion was found to have damaged putting surfaces. the decision comes a day after he was seen slamming a club in a bunker in frustration. meanwhile, china's li haotong made a total of four eagles in his third—round 62. the 23—year—old shares the lead with dustin johnson, with the pair five clear at the top of the leaderboard. and warrington wolves have eased to victory in their opening game of the new super league season. they thrashed the leeds rhinos 26—6. josh charnley with the second of warrington‘s four tries. a poor start for dave furner, in his first game in charge of leeds. and tom daley‘s made the best possible start for his 2019 season..... after a year away from the sport, he and his new partner matty lee won today's10—metre sychronised event at the british national diving cup. one of the biggest sporting events of the year takes place tomorrow night as the la rams play
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the new england patriots in superbowl 53. it's a third successive superbowl appearance for the patriots, and it's set to be a huge night for their coach bill belichick, who's aiming to win a sixth championship. seth bennett is there... welcome to atlanta on what is a gorgeous spring saturday afternoon. earlier this week, that the rights of the big heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures but the weather has played away. if you look behind me, i am weather has played away. if you look behind me, iam neck said weather has played away. if you look behind me, i am neck said the nfl experience. this is in the centre of the time, people are having a great afternoon. the music is thumping. everybody is getting into super bowl spirits. it is a really huge at that. i have covered 0lympic spirits. it is a really huge at that. i have covered olympic games
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and it is a very similar kind of atmosphere but that there are tens of thousands of people here. let's go back to those new england patriots, that are looking to set records with the victory on sunday. you sense that bill belichick had turned the whole of the franchise away —— around. it was not a full on conclusion that he was going to be a coach that will be in the history books. from the start, he was a fiercely competitive coach with an attention to detail which gives his players the chance to win every night. but it was not always obvious that bill belichick was going to grow on to become a great. he was 5—11, then he was 0—2 to start the second season. so he lost 13 of his first 18 games. then tom brady came into his life in the nick of time. there was a injury to the former quarterback on the sunday after 9/11, and then tom brady is on the field and the rest is history. belichick credits his former mentor bill parsells for the foundation for all of his coaching success.
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obviously, bill was a great defensive coach. he taught me the defence that we used for the giants. fundamentally, even though we have used the different variations of the defence plan, the fundamental system was consistent through the years was there, bill has been a great friend, and i am pride to coach for him and i learned a lot from him. he always reminded me of the alex ferguson and i think the presentation was part of that. i do not think he is as accomplished as ferguson, but i think he will be in a few years. in the same ballpark. bill belichick can underline his greatness with victory, surely super bowl 53 victory would bring a smile to his face even though being named a coach that is usually grumpy. bill belichick, we thought that
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smile on monday night with the bank nfl welcome. will we in the next 2a hours' time. will he win the super bowl title that would be something what annette? and the patriots, particularly tom brady, there are some big names for that uk audience who do not watch nfl weekend and week out. everyone is behind the patriots, friday? they do at that manchester united syndrome. this is bad repeated super bowl in a role. it is an empire of evil to the rest of the sporting here in north america. you know what is interesting? when i speak to people, what can you tell me about the two teams? what the best who do you think is going to win? they say i love the rants, i let the story, we
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would love to see them do it, but you know what, we do not think they well. our money is on belichick and brady. the new england patriots at the back of the majority of people here. that is what the safe money is. thank you so much for that in atla nta. is. thank you so much for that in atlanta. the fa cup, 3—0, the wills, they are hoping to pull something off. the fourth tier side are taking on super league side arsenal —— who've lifted the trophy 1a times in the past. it's a daunting task —— but the wasps say they're looking forward to taking on the very best, at their home ground in crawley. juliette parkin reports. cold, dark, and late night training, they had trained harder than ever in finding out the dry but that they face the biggest game of their life against the giants of the women's game, arsenal. it is probably the
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envy of most people to drop arsenault. and without question it is no great surprise that it is the biggest day in the club's history. arseenal has won the trophy 1a times and white enjoyed nine of them. the former arsenal captain knows about david and goliath draws. we play at arsenault wanted, i think it is going to be a tough one for them. but you never know with the fa cup. this is a site already showing it wa nts to this is a site already showing it wants to move up the legal matter. no one here would deny that it is going to be a tough match this weekend against one of the top teams in the leeds super league, but this side will not go down without a fight. they are all pushing for promotion with their site set on
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promotional —— professional football. for all of us, i think it is going to be a game that we will rememberfor the rest is going to be a game that we will remember for the rest of our lives. they will get 2000 pounds in prize money compared to the hundred £80,000 for the next competition. money compared to the hundred £80,000 for the next competitionlj £80,000 for the next competition.” think it is more than the prize money, it is that achievement. at achievement to make it this far. who knows what can happen on sunday? f8 when his cup, and keep an eye out on it on our website. before we go, they are 120 348, so they have only just past west indies first innings total. for england. that defeat is inevitable. that's all from sportsday.
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we'll have more throughout the evening. it is already a cold night out there. minus double figures across there. minus double figures across the deepest snow in southern england. it has been the greatest departure of the overnight lowest temperatures. that is where the temperatures. that is where the temperatures will be overnight where you had the most no by the past few days. today, there was plenty of sunshine. clear skies for many. if you want to reach iris in northwest scotland. clearing. even in town cities, overnight, it is a widespread hard frost, a patch of fog around. it is that cold start, we bring atlantic weather system
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onto sunday. southeast of the uk will state dry and sunny us for the longest. is that northern ireland and northern england, ifound a breed. preceded by sleet and snow, especially on hills. south of all of that, it will stay mainly dry, cloud increases. scotland, summertime is at the wet weather. rain comes back to them. when standing south—westerly, strengthening the sunday night into monday, pushing white wet weather across the uk. many of us was the brain at of this, let some sun fall —— snowfall. several centimetres of snow, clearly it is not as cold going into monday morning. went and what whether around. the wet weather will clear away, but my snowfall in the hills here. gradually eases as we go deeper and said that day. when the
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dove farther south you go. temperatures they are a degree or two higher. creeping into double figures the farther south you are. a frost south on tuesday. now the air from the southwest. it will often be windy and wet. if you can take one thing from the tracks, it will be the upward trend of temperatures, and some of us getting a back above average. that is the latest forecast. this is bbc news. i'm rachel schofield. the headlines at eight. nissan is expected to announce next week that it's cancelling plans to build its new model suv at its plant in sunderland. russia joins america in suspending
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its involvement in a cold war nuclear weapons treaty. thousands take to the streets across venezuela to demand that president maduro steps down. for the first time in years, venezuela's opposition feels optimistic. protesters here want to try to keep up their momentum to bring down the fall of a government they detest. the met office issues weather warnings for ice in many parts of england, as wintry conditions continue to disrupt the uk. police searching for a 21—year—old student in hull, who went missing after leaving a club, say they have "significant


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