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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  February 5, 2019 1:45am-2:00am GMT

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hello. sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up... another game, another draw for liverpool, who miss the chance to go five points clear at the top of the english premier league after a 1—1 draw at west ham. touchdown for the super bowl champions. the new england patriots arrive home in boston and now turn their attention to tuesday's victory parade. and the world of ski—jumping mourns, as four—time olympic gold medallist matti nykanan dies at the age of 55. welcome to the programme. thank you forjoining us. we start in the english premier league, where the leaders liverpool have been held to a 1—1 draw at west ham, which now leaves the door open for manchester city to go top of the table when they play later in the week. jurgen klopp was disappointed at the end, but fortunate that sadio mane's opening goal on 22 minutes was allowed to stand. replays showed james milner‘s cross was offside. west ham were level six minutes later thanks to mikhail antonio, and they had several great chances
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to win the match thereafter. we just wejust did not we just did not enjoy the game enough, to be honest, and it was tough, it was tough because of the changes, it was not easy. with the counter—attacking threat and the good set pieces, we struggled most with the set pieces. apart from that, we had a bit of open downs. at the end, we were up and down again, we could have scored in these situations. we were good on the fla nks situations. we were good on the flanks and the wings, when we came to the first half, unfortunately we did not find a free player. that is of course very decisive and now we ta ke of course very decisive and now we take the point. playing against the leader, the team that has played so many goals, the best defence of the league, conceding so few chances for them, i repeat, and created so many chances.
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the performance, i repeat, and created so many chances. the performance, lam happy repeat, and created so many chances. the performance, i am happy about, and very disappointed with the result. the reuslt means that liverpool are three points clear of man city in second, but city will go top on goal difference if they beat everton on wednesday. very much in this title race. they still have to play at both liverpool and city. meanwhile in spain, there was one game on monday in la liga of significance. at the bottom of the table, leganes beat rayo vallecano 2—1, despite playing for the last 30 minutes with only ten men. the win moves them three points clear of the relegation zone, whilst their opponents remain in the bottom three. in serie a, meanwhile, lazio beat frosinone 1—0, who remain in the relegation zone. atalanta are fifth after they won 1—0 at cagliari. next — the new england patriots have landed back in boston after their historic night in atlanta. it wasn't a classic super bowl,
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their supporters though won't care. the patriots arrive home with a record equalling sixth super bowl title, after their victory over the la rams by 13—3. a parade will take place in boston on tuesday. as per tradition, the super bowl mvp julian edelman was honoured at disney world the day after the big game, and this time he brought along a friend. the man who himself has been named the most valuable player four times and who now has a record six super bowl rings to his name, tom brady. i think wejust i think we just got six. did we get six? is tom brady to old? here is the goat. i just six? is tom brady to old? here is the goat. ijust want six? is tom brady to old? here is the goat. i just want to say one thing, it is unbelievable to see the love and support that all you guys have franchise. it was a home game
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out there in atlanta. coming here and seeing new guise, it is so unreal. we love you guys and let's go! meanwhile, hours after his team won the super bowl, the patriots linebackers coach brian flores has been named the miami dolphins's head coach. the franchise is hoping some of his success will rub off on them. they missed the play—offs this season for the 15th time in 17 years. flores has been at the patriots since 2004 and became their defensive coordinator a year ago. i was not in a rush to pick up my head coach, i really was not. you know, had a good job. i was not in a rush, i took this over withjenny and myfamily rush, i took this over withjenny and my family and we talked about it, we said we are not going to be ina rush, it, we said we are not going to be in a rush, it has got to be the right fit, it has got to be the right fit, it has got to be the right place, it had to have the right place, it had to have the right feel, and when i met with chris, steve, tom, maps, brandon, we
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came out of that and jenny will tell you, i was excited when i came out of that meeting. —— matt. time now for some of today's other stories. french midfielder hatem ben arfa is seeking up to 8 million euros in compensation from paris saint—germain for not playing him during the last 15 months. the suit alleges that psg "did everything to push him to leave." hakeem al—araibi has been given 60 days to prepare his defence against extradition from thailand, where he was arrested in november when he arrived on honeymoon. the bahraini footballer is fighting charges he says are politically motivated and says he'll be tortured if he's forced to go back. the australian cricket captain tim paine says steve smith and david warner will have a "huge part" to play in the ashes this summer. the pair were suspended for a year for their part in a ball tampering scandal against south africa. they can return to playing next month. staying with cricket,
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england pace bowler mark wood has defended west indies captain, jason holder, after he was banned from the third test due to a slow over rate. that was despite the windies winning the series with two days to spare. holder will be replaced by kraigg brathwaite. to win in three days, to be penalise the over rate, i know he could have kept more overs in but i think that is slightly harsh, that is just my personal opinion. i know from if it was flipped around, we are quite strict on making sure that we get overs in that, so of seat both sides. i will sit on that fans very nicely there. —— so i sort of see. the finnish ski jumping star and four—time olympic gold medallist matti nykanen has died at the age of 55. he's regarded as one of the best ever in the sport after a glittering 10 year career, which included 46 individual world cup titles. jari porttila followed his careerfor many years.
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he was the first of all a real athlete, if you wanted to win and very close to the competition, the only thing he won't that is to win it. -- only thing he won't that is to win it. —— wanted. behind that commie was very sensitive, very, very nice quy was very sensitive, very, very nice guy and do not think that people got the right idea what matti nykanen really was, what kind of person he really was, what kind of person he really was. and he said that in that moment, when he was winning the 0lympic moment, when he was winning the olympic gold medals or the world championship, it was not really i am so championship, it was not really i am so special now, but afterwards he said that it feels that it was something special. lindsey vonn took part in downhill training in sweden on monday ahead of the world skiing championships, which get underway on tuesday. it'll be herfinal competition before retiring. the american, who has 82
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world cup wins to her name, announced she'll hang up her skis after the championship due to persistent pain in her knees. the former champion will race for the super—g title on tuesday and the downhill on sunday. another skiier retiring after the competition is the downhill and super—g star aksel lund svindal. the norwegian says he's determined to savour a "special" last outing and says a "dream scenario" would be him and departing lindsey vonn to both win a gold. if that would happen, obviously i would be very, very happy, but if that would happen, obviously i would be very, very happy, but i know i have a good chance i know she has a good chance, but it is the best in the world, so you have got to be faster than the competition. in horse racing, australian trainer darren weir is facing a four year ban after deciding not to contest charges for posessing equipment used to deliver electric shocks to horses. weir is one of australia's top trainers and won the prestigious melbourne cup in 2015. police seized taser type devices from his stables last week,
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and racing victoria says it wants him to be disqualified for four years. yamaha have unveiled their new bike for the 2019 motogp season. maverick vinales and valentino rossi make up theirteam. rossi, who's a0 later this month, is preparing for his 24th season of motogp racing. he failed to win a race for the first time as a yamaha rider last year. this is a moment of decision, you a lwa ys this is a moment of decision, you always very excited. it is a shame because it is the only thing i finish. we are ready, we are ready, we expect more and we will try to improve and to be stronger. that is it, we are totally out of time. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. but from me and the rest of the sport today team, for now, goodbye.
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hello. monday saw a transition to much milder weather across much of the uk. tuesday though will start off on a pretty chilly note, at least first thing. this picture was taken on monday evening, by one of our weather watchers, in hertfordshire, showing that the fog's already been forming. so i think we are likely to start with quite a bit of mist and fog around, also some frost here and there first thing tuesday morning. rain will move in from the west later on in the day, so we'll see those skies clouding over. a clear start for many of us. you can see the the blue colours indicating where the lowest of the temperatures and the frost will be. there's also going to be some fog problems, particularly through the vale of york, also through parts of southern england, perhaps east wales as well. through the day, we do start with that sunshine for much of scotland, northern england, eastern england too. but you can see the cloud rolling in from the west, ahead of the arrival of some wet weather.
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so later in the morning, there'll be some rain for northern ireland, wales, the south—west of england too. that rain pushing its way eastwards through the day. eastern scotland and eastern england should stay mostly dry, although skies will cloud over and temperatures will range between around 6—12 degrees on tuesday afternoon. now, we'll keep all the cloud and the outbreaks of patchy rain overnight tuesday into wednesday. still quite a breeze too. so for many of us it will be a reasonably mild night but where we do see those skies clear, particularly in the north, could just be a touch of frost, but generally a frost—free and a mild start to your wednesday. now, through the day on wednesday, showers from the word go across the north—west of the country. initially some rain in the south—east too and that's down to this weather front that you can see on the map here. it is clearing its way off towards the south—east and then we're all left with this westerly flow of air. so quite a showery scene for northern ireland, western scotland too. and through the day, we'll see some of that rain in the south just pushing back in, so a bit of a soggy afternoon, i think, for south—east england, the london region and east anglia too, but elsewhere actually
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some sunny spells coming through and temperatures not far off what we'd expect for the time of year. between around about 8—10 degrees for most of us. looking ahead now towards the end of the week and things will turn increasingly unsettled. we could see a spell of rain, perhaps even a bit of snow over the hills, moving through into the early hours of thursday morning. so overnight wednesday into thursday, chance of seeing a little bit of hill snow here and there. through the day on thursday, then the worst of the rain and hill snow should clear away. and then again we're left with a westerly flow, a mix of sunny spells and a few scattered showers but it could turn quite stormy, quite windy and unsettled as we look towards the end of the week. that's it for now. bye— bye. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: a group of latin american countries, along with canada, call for a change of government in venezuela as its crippled economy teeters on the brink.
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if you buyjust this much, you've spent a third of the average monthly wage, and prices are skyrocketing. they've doubled in a month. as theresa may heads to northern ireland she says she's determined to find a way to deliver brexit and avoid a hard border with ireland. countdown to nigeria's presidential elections. we investigate the so—called godfathers behind the candidates, who can make or break the outcome. and the outrageous heist through the sewers of antwerp's diamond district.
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