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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  February 5, 2019 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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in bangkok dressed as pigs to make the start of the chinese new year. with me is andrew tuck who's editor of monocle, a global news and business magazine. this story is dominating and has been since last friday, the news that the sun will not be making x—trail its in the uk. —— nissan. this article looks at what was offered if they went ahead and made this car. this letter has revealed that up to £80 million was guaranteed to nissan if they made this car and stayed committed to the uk. what is fascinating, at that time, when the government was questioned, they said there was no money offered and that nissan liked
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the uk. it turns out there was a lot of money offered and now the government says it will not pay it any more because it has fallen apart. the readers wondering is this because nissan hasn't lost interest in the uk or make other reasons? the business secretary greg clark revealed this detail in parliament. he has been very vocal about the fa ct he has been very vocal about the fact that the prime minister needs to ta ke fact that the prime minister needs to take the no deal scenario of the table because business leaders are making these sorts of decisions. in the case of nissan it has to do with regulations around diesel vehicles as opposed to brexit, except was another layer of concern. —— the brexit. there are different lady is.
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this is a diesel vehicle. injapan, the former head of nissan injail. many complicated elements in this but i do not think that, if you can pick it, even the company says part of these has to do with the brexit negotiations and it shows how complicated and messy it is. this is just one company securing the future in the uk and you can imagine, conversations about how to secure jobs and the present in the uk. when you think about the timing, today ‘s articles are about what greg clark had to say in parliament at the eu andjapan had to say in parliament at the eu and japan have just ratified the new trade deal and the movement of cars and parts across eu and japan will
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be almost tariff free in the month a head but if the uk were to leave the eu without a deal, that would not be the case with japan unless they do a new deal. yesterday angela merkel was injapan new deal. yesterday angela merkel was in japan talking new deal. yesterday angela merkel was injapan talking to shinzo abe, saying let's hope things will work out. they were talking about very concrete things there. japan was saying we are looking to you for help was there have been relying on the uk economy and now we need an easy axis point to the uk. —— access. staying with brexit and angela merkel, the olive branch. the
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german chancellor saying the eu needs to be creative and show goodwill. how will use this to theresa may? you would have to go through this story very carefully to find much more than this one sentence. that there needs to be creativity and goodwill but what else can she say? it is not exactly a huge offer. there were other meetings in brussels yesterday and it was clear from the eu site, while eve i’yo ne it was clear from the eu site, while everyone is talking that the eu is going to budge, so far brussels say we may be able to give you some legal reassurances about the back stop and clarify some points but not much movement. —— backstop. it felt like angular michael had moved on, talking about germany and the collaboration with japan. —— angela
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merkel. we need to see some concrete movement on both sides if there is going to be a deal. it is not the first time she is seemingly trying to be the negotiator bringing the two sides together. she has been quite encouraging to theresa may but we will see how far that goes. let's move on to the times and talks about white women ‘s grey matter look for yea rs white women ‘s grey matter look for years younger than men's. that is very likely and more than true. years younger than men's. that is very likely and more than truem is interesting to see what scientists have found out measuring the brain activity of 200 people. more than 200 people does not seem like very many. i am happy for anyone to be more intelligent than me... it does not mean you are not
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as intelligent... i wonder if it is because women have better friendships and networks, is it something about the way they live their lives... how we exercise our brain... it is so strange that these newspapers always love a battle between men and women, it is hard to read and it is just 200 people but, if it is the case, i need to start wiring. sugar and how that is changing brain development and the fa ct changing brain development and the fact that there is an aerobic by coolio —— that as we get older, we don'tjust coolio —— that as we get older, we don't just less sugar coolio —— that as we get older, we don'tjust less sugar and it has a
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big impact on the brain. you can spot this in very young ages, are ready to shift the division happening between men and women. the new york times, another career at home. the number of hours women spent in japan when home. the number of hours women spent injapan when it comes to chop at, domestic act unity, jobs and chores and the gap is huge. this is a new york time special. i was not surprised to read this at all because when it comes to gender inequality in japan because when it comes to gender inequality injapan the gap is pretty wide. the great and the terrible thing about japan is tradition. we love the country because it has many of the things it believes still in place, a very traditional society but the downside is it locks women into these roles of domestic service. before they even go to work, the amount of things that had to log and do for their children to get to school even
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if extraordinary. shinzo abe again talking about getting women into work. but so far it is shifting women into the more menialjobs because they are stuck with so many of these chores. this one lady who is 38, she does 2a hours of housework a week and men do less than five hours. that is the disparity. let's quickly move on. many are hopefully having a break and not working because it is the lunar new yearand and not working because it is the lunar new year and china, is well as many other countries are celebrating holidays. give us your take on this. it isa holidays. give us your take on this. it is a massive event. today we have been looking at peppa pig. millions
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of chinese children have downloaded the film, because it is the year of the film, because it is the year of the pig. he had... sheedy! she has had a debut in cinema yesterday and the following for peppa pig its extraordinary. even our viewers elsewhere in the well, thank you very much. sarah in los angeles says she has done all my cleaning and chores so i can spend the lunar new year celebrating. enjoy. iwill see you year celebrating. enjoy. iwill see you soon. year celebrating. enjoy. iwill see you soon. bye—bye. hello. monday saw a transition to much milder weather across much of the uk. tuesday though will start off on a pretty chilly note, at least first thing. this picture was taken
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on monday evening, by one of our weather watchers, in hertfordshire, showing that the fog's already been forming. so i think we are likely to start with quite a bit of mist and fog around, also some frost here and there, first thing tuesday morning. rain will move in from the west later on in the day, so we'll see those skies clouding over. a clear start for many of us. you can see the the blue colours indicating where the lowest of the temperatures and the frost will be. there's also going to be some fog problems, particularly through the vale of york, also through parts of southern england, perhaps east wales as well. through the day, we do start with that sunshine for much of scotland, northern england, eastern england too. but you can see the cloud rolling in from the west, ahead of the arrival of some wet weather. so later in the morning, there'll be some rain for northern ireland, wales, the south—west of england too. that rain pushing its way eastwards through the day. eastern scotland and eastern england should stay mostly dry, although skies will cloud over and temperature will range between around 6—12 degrees on tuesday afternoon. now, we'll keep all the cloud and the outbreaks of patchy rain overnight tuesday into wednesday. still quite a breeze too.
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so for many of us it will be a reasonably mild night but where we do see those skies clear, particularly in the north, could just be a touch of frost, but generally a frost—free and a mild start to your wednesday. now, through the day on wednesday, showers from the word go across the north—west of the country. initially some rain in the south—east too and that's down to this weather front that you can see on the map here. it is clearing its way off towards the south—east and then we're all left with this westerly flow of air. so quite a showery scene for northern ireland, western scotland too. and through the day, we'll see some of that rain in the south just pushing back in, so a bit of a soggy afternoon, i think, for south—east england, the london region and east anglia too, but elsewhere actually some sunny spells coming through and temperatures not far off what we'd expect for the time of year. between around about 8—10 degrees for most of us. looking ahead now towards the end of the week and things will turn increasingly unsettled. we could see a spell of rain, perhaps even a bit of snow over the hills, moving through into the early hours of thursday morning. so overnight wednesday into thursday, chance of seeing
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a little bit of hill snow here and there. through the day on thursday, then the worst of the rain and hill snow should clear away. and then again we're left with a westerly flow, a mix of sunny spells and a few scattered showers but it could turn quite stormy, quite windy and unsettled as we look towards the end of the week. that's it for now. bye— bye. good morning. welcome to breakfast with louise minchin and dan walker. 0ur headlines at 6am: the prime minister travels to northern ireland to try find a way to deliver brexit and avoid a hard border with ireland. good morning for ballynahinch in ballynahinch, where i am at an electronics manufacturer. i'm going to be talking to them about what they are hoping to hear the prime minister when she visits the area and what they want from brexit. more than 600 people a day said to be leaving theirjob
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because of the demands of being a carerfor a sick or elderly relative. ministers warn that harmful online images are so widespread they've become "normalised", and threaten action against social
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