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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  February 6, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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it is for that here on bbc news. now it is a sport today. cu seven. it is hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme... no fairy—tale, just a heavy fall, as lindsey vonn‘s penultimate race before retirement ends in a spectacular crash. nojail time forjose, but there is a massive fine for mourinho, as he avoids a prison term in spain for tax fraud. absolute scenes. six goals, four of them in extra time, as weder bremen knock borussia dortmund out of the german cup. hello and thanks for joining us on sport today. we start at the alpine world ski championships in sweden, where lindsey vonn‘s fairytale finish to her amazing career suffered a nasty blip. the most dominant female skier in history announced last week her retirement, saying her body was "broken beyond repair."
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tuesday's super—g, her penultimate race, won by compatriot mikkela shiffrin, certainly won't have helped things, as craig templeton explains. so the pitch to the skiing world championships in the final competition of lindsey vonn‘s career. the american is one of the greatest skiers of all time, but she announced her retirement on friday, saying her body is broken beyond repair. —— sweden is the picturesque setting. her pen ultimate race was on the super—g, but the start did not go to plan as she hit a bump in the course, veering into the safety netting. there was concern amongst fellow professionals but after medical attention, she was able to gingerly ski to the finish. it is what is, i can't change it. i've done my best my entire career, her work as as humanly possible. i have come back and way too many injuries and i'm not able to do it and that
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is just live, not everyone can be tom brady and keep winning the super bowl for a million times. i think 82 winds is something to be really proud of. lindsey vonn's teammate mikkela shiffrin has been a stand—up performer this season and this race proved no different, as she took victory by just two proved no different, as she took victory byjust two hundredths of a second, but she was keen to pitch a colleague. there is not much that you can say, she has had this amazing, incredible, inspiring career, and she has really paid the way in us ski racing and in ski racing all over the world, but especially in the us for the next generation to come up and we have a lot to be thankful for because of that. and lindsey vonn will be hoping she is fit for sunday's downhill, as the curtain comes down ona downhill, as the curtain comes down on a glittering career. another skier retiring after the championships is the downhill and super—g star, aksel lund svindal. he will race on wednesday after recovering from injury,
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but having seen what happened to vonn, ski journalist hanne davis isn't sure that the norwegian will get the fond farewell he's hoping for either. he is coming in very fresh, but that being said, he is one of the big guys. he is, at you know, he is a skier carries a lot of speed. if we see a course again like today, it is not going to necessarily suit these big, powerful guys, aksel lund svindal, dominic harris who won the downhill, they are heavy, so i would be looking towards the austrians, perhaps the olympic champion, he has not really come to this season, he is looking for a big win. now, while 2018 is probably a year jose mourinho will want to forget following his sacking from manchester united, 2019 hasn't exactly got off to the most auspicious start for the former united boss. he's been handed a one year suspended prison sentence and agreed
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to pay a fine of some $2.5 million to the spanish tax authorities. no jail time then forjose, but a sizeable chunk of change out of his account, as miriam walker—khan explains. this all dates back to when mourinho was in charge of real madrid seven yea rs was in charge of real madrid seven years ago. he is accused of bowing 3.3 million euros to spanish tax authorities. he allegedly created offshore companies in the british virgin islands to manage earnings on his image rights, which are lucrative in the world afoot all. except the a one—year prison sentence but in spain, it is normal to convert short—term prison sentences in defiance. this shortens will be exchanged for a fine of i82 will be exchanged for a fine of 182 -- 182,500 will be exchanged for a fine of 182 —— 182,500 euros. will be exchanged for a fine of 182 ——182,500 euros. last month, cristiano ronaldo did the same thing. his case also centred around tax owed on image rights are related to when he was playing at real madrid, then owned by mourinho.
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lionel messi is another huge name who has been in trouble with the spanish tax man. again, it was earnings on tax rates. he was found guilty and affording spanish tax authorities of 4.1 million euros between 2007 and 2009. like the others, his prison sentence of 21 months was converted into a fine. courts made the argentinian pay 400 euros for each day of his sentence. it seems likely that more could follow. more fines in football. this time, the former head of the guatemalan football governing body has been fined $350 million for his role in the fifa corruption scandal. vettel guidelines call for prison sentence of up to four years that the us court took into consideration
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the us court took into consideration the 50 days the us court took into consideration the 50 dastiminez had been held in custody and his time spent in detention. there was a dramatic night of action in germany as bundesliga leaders borussia dortmund were sent tumbling out of the german cup at the round of 16. they lost to weder bremen on penalties. captain marco reus had scored a fine free—kick to cancel out milot rashica's fifth—minute opener, before a rather crazy sequence of scoring in extra time. first, chelsea bound christian pulisic put dortmund 2—1 up in the tie, before quadragenarian claudio pizarro equalised for bremen three minutes later. dortmund looked to be in charge when achraf hakimi scored with seven minutes left in extra time, but martin harnik made it 3—3 in the 119th minute. paco alcacer and max philipp missed dortmund's first two penalty kicks, and in the end, max kruse sent bremen into the quarterfinals, inflicting borussia dortmund's first
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defeat of the season at the westfalenstadion. it was back to earth with a bump for bayer leverkusen on tuesday. having beaten bayern munich 3—1 in the bundesliga at the weekend, they suffered a rather chastening third round exit in the german cup, losing 2—1 to second tier heidenheim. in the uk, four fa cup fourth round replays on tuesday and the big winner was newport county. having seen off leicester city in the last round, middlesborough were the next scalp for the four tier side. newport winning 2—0 at home. the prize for their impressive victory, they'll take on premier league champions manchester city in the next round. there was also a five goal thriller at the molineux as wolves came from behind to beat shrewsbury 3—2, there were wins as well for brentford and qpr. finally, becoming a professional sportsman for many would be a dream come true. to make a career out of their greatest passion day—in—day—out, often get paid hansomly to do so.
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but in the case of dutch boxer rudi lubbers, a successful life in the ring didn't bring him lasting fame or fortune. the former olympian needed the help of a crowdfunding campaign to get him through one of the toughest fights of his life. austin halewood has the story. ja ka rta jakarta 1973, muhammad ali, the greatest of all time. you got to see him fight in the flesh, even if you actually got to go in the ring with him and only a small minority of those managed to last until the end. dutch fighter rudi lubbers was one of that select few. on the 20th of october 1973, he rumbled with the king and survived. but for the former olympian, that was as good as it got. after time in prison for drug trafficking and seeing his carnival business plunge into bankruptcy, he became homeless. this is rudi now. at 72 years old, he lives out a campervan with his
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partner and their dogs in rule bulgaria. i may live a normal life but i do not know if i can live in a house, like a or caravan. the couple have survived freezing conditions in their broken down van without electricity, water, and even proper sanitary facilities. throughout it all, he has managed to keep his fighting spirit. just be happy. if i have one, maybe it goes down. last it all changed. a documentary about rudi's current situation got so much attention in the netherlands that crown funding campaign took off, was $15,000 has already been raised to help the couple pay for food, care and shelter. —— crowd funding. the former champion was certainly down
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that he is not yet out. —— but. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. good morning. in the last few hours, we've got a weather front that's moving its way from west to east. it's bringing some rain, some of it quite heavy, but it will clear away from the south—east corner, perhaps leaving a legacy of cloud first thing in the morning and outbreaks of rain. behind it, quite breezy, with a scattering of showers into the north—west. so that kind of sums up wednesday's weather, really. we'll start off the morning cloudy, dull and damp, with some outbreaks of rain across that essex and kent coast. sunnier spells behind. a south—westerly breeze, so a mild source, but it will continue to drive in the risk of showers through northern ireland and western scotland as we go through the day,
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some of them pushing inland. 7—11 degrees the high. now, there's the potentialfor some of that rain to pep up a little in the south—east later on in the day. we'll need to keep an eye on that. that weather front riddles its way off into the near continent, but it's a bit of a mess wednesday night into thursday. it's joined by another weather front, which as it moves its way west to east overnight, could bring in something a little bit cooler and the potential for some snow to higher ground as it moves its way through scotland. behind it, it's going to be a breezy affair on thursday, with that westerly wind still driving in the showers along those exposed west—facing coasts. but again, it's still a relatively mild story, particularly in comparison to where we were a week ago, 5—10 degrees the overall high. now, as we move out of thursday into friday, it does look as though we'll see more of a significant area of low pressure starting to push in from the atlantic, and with that low plenty of isobars squeezing together, particularly on the southern flank, that is where we're likely to see the strongest of the winds, gale force gusts not out of the question. and some of the rain on friday
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will be quite heavy as that low pressure moves its way steadily north and east. so by the middle of the afternoon, there'll be outbreaks of rain, some of it heavy. the strongest of the winds perhaps into the afternoon, down towards the south—west, 50—60 mile an hour gusts not out of the question. and so, with the cloud, the wind and the rain, temperatures perhaps, possibly irrelevant but nevertheless, here they are, 9—12 degrees. still relatively mild across the country. now, as we move out of friday into the start of the weekend, that area of low pressure will push off into scandinavia. but we'll need to keep an eye on another potential developing low into the south, which may well bring more rain for the start of the weekend. again, the isobars stay tightly packed, it stays pretty windy with it. so, for the end of the week, it's going to be a mild story but a windy one, and we have the potential to see some gusts of winds 50—70 miles an hour, with further rain at times. take care. trump
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welcome to this bbc news special. i'm katty kay in washington and in a few minutes president trump will deliver his second state of the union address to congress and the world. but it is the first time he's giving this speech with democrats in control of the house of representatives. indeed, speaker nancy pelosi will be sitting right behind him — quite literally looking over his shoulder. he is holding the address a week late because of the government shutdown.
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with us throughout the evening will be ron christie, former advisor to george w bush and stephanie schriock,
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