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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  February 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:46pm GMT

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today at five — the daily telegraph says it will publish more details of allegations against retail billionaire sir philip green this evening. it comes after sir philip dropped an injunction against the paper that had prevented it reporting allegations of racial and sexual harassment. these gagging orders are being used to cover up allegations of sexual misconduct and racial abuse by powerful means. sir philip denies allegations he behaved wrongly. we'll have the latest from the high court — the other main stories on bbc news at five... the family of cardiff city footballer emiliano sala say they can now mourn him — after police confirm it was his body recovered from the english channel. the british horse racing authority says there are another three cases of equine flu at a stables in cheshire. politicians from belfast and dublin meet to try to break the brexit deadlock over the issue of the irish border. the star of stage and screen — albert finney — has died aged 82
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after a short illness. and the oscar nominated director barryjenkins returns to the big screen with if beale street could talk 7 see what mark kermode thought of that — and this week's other releases — in the film review at quarter—to—six. it's five o'clock — our top story. the daily telegraph says it will publish tonight further allegations about the retail billionaire sir philip green. it comes after his legal action against the newspaper was formally ended by a high courtjudge.
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sir philip, the owner of topshop, had gagged the telegraph from reporting allegations of racial and sexual harrassment against five employees — claims which he denies. today sir philip accused the telegraph of a ‘vendetta' against him. our business correspondent theo leggett reports. it is a bitter legal battle between one of the country's best—known businessmen and the daily telegraph. the newspaper wanted to publish allegations of bullying, sexual harassment and racism against sir philip green. he emphatically denies the claims and took out an injunction which prevented the paper from naming him. and in phone calls which have now been published, he said the case might end up bankru pting the newspaper. the telegraph, called the affair the #metoo scandal which could not be revealed but revelations did follow.
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sir philip hain used parliamentary privilege to name sir philip in the house of lords. i feel it is my duty under parliamentary privilege to name philip green as the individual in question. sir philip denies allegations categorically but in court documents which have been released by his lawyers conceded he is a passionate businessman... they added... they also said. sir philip and his lawyers wanted to drop the injunction because they said it had become pointless as he had already been named. but the daily telegraph wanted conditions, they wanted to prevent him from taking further legal action against victims of bullying and harassment who had already signed so—called nondisclosure agreements, otherwise known as gagging orders. the judge refused. so now the telegraph is free to publish its story and says it plans to report details of the claims made against the billionaire.
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sir philip described its actions as a vendetta against him. the threat of further legal action remains. the debate the whole affair has started about privacy, the public interest and gagging orders is likely to gather even more momentum. and theojoins me now. is you suggested, this is a case which highlights wider legal issues. absolutely, the daily telegraph has chosen to highlight these issues, especially as of nondisclosure agreements, which is when someone has received a payment to settle a dispute and agreed to keep quiet. these two have legitimate uses but have also been described as gagging orders. the concern is wealthy individuals might use them to silence complaints about their behaviour. that is what the daily
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telegraph has been trying to highlight. here's what chris evans had to say. it is partly about place freedom but also about the misuse of nondisclosure agreements. these gagging orders are being used to cover up gagging orders are being used to cover up allegations of sexual misconduct and racial abuse by wealthy, powerful men who had the ability to intimidate their employees. that is the wider issue but we should say sir philip green emphatically denies all the allegations there telegraph has made and will make tomorrow. thank you very much indeed. the family of the footballer emiliano sala has thanked the public for their support in what they say is ‘the most painful time' of their lives. a body pulled from the seabed in the channel earlier this week has now been formally identified as the cardiff city player. the argentine and his pilot, david ibbotson, crashed into the sea near guernsey last month. attempts to bring the aircraft back to the surface have been
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hampered by bad weather. duncan kennedy reports from bournemouth coroner's court. although emiliano sala died alongside david ibbotson, it is only the cardiff city footballer who has been found. his body was brought ashore yesterday, taken to bournemouth where the dorset coroner will oversee the process. emiliano sala's family, seen here, said this morning it is with infinite sadness we confirm the identity. speaking from france, their statement said... the confirmation of emiliano sala's death
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was also marked by cardiff city, the club he was en route to play for. whilst everybody expects the worst, when it happens, you know, i got a phone call last night early in the evening and it was strange really. obviously it brings the family some peace. it offers them comfort, doesn't it? fellow players have shown their respect as well. arsenal's mesut ozil said it was whilst wayne rooney added that his thoughts are with friends and family. in nantes, emiliano's former french club, fans and players paid their tribute. he was as much adored here
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as he was anticipated in cardiff. the search for david ibbotson has been called off in the channel because of bad weather. his family must wait longer as that of emiliano sala begin to mourn. our correspondent tomos morganjoins me now from the cardiff city stadium. what are people in cardiff saying about the news which has been confirmed that it was the player's body? earlier the manager, neil warnock said he hoped this news would give peace and comfort to the family which has been in their words, the most difficult
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time of their lives. you can see behind me the tributes which have been made for the player. he never got to play for the bluebirds but nevertheless, hundreds of tributes here outside the stadium. the club are not sure what to do with these tributes. we had a statement in the last hour from the owner of cardiff city who said i wish to express my deepest, heartfelt condolences to the family of emiliano sala. may his soul rest in peace. i am very sad and cardiff city will continue to work with the air accident investigation branch to find out how the crash happened. cardiff city have also offered to pa his body to be transported back to argentina. and of course tomorrow, all the players playing in the premier
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league will be reading black arm bands in respect for the argentinian striker and the pilot, david edson. thank you very much indeed. just some breaking news to bring you these in wales see a driver has died after a tree fell across the road in west wales and collided with a man as he was driving. the police say this happened shortly after ten o'clock this morning. in carmarthenshire. the driver was declared dead at the scene and his party a bit —— is fun they are being supported by the police. weather conditions were very pure with strong winds and heavy rain according to the police. that is strong winds bringing that fatality it seems. the driver dying after a large tree fell across the
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road in carmarthenshire —— in carmarthenshire. we will bring you more on that as it comes to us. a man and a woman in their twenties have been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter by gross negligence afterfour children died in a house fire in stafford. our correspondent sima kotecha is in stafford . what can utilise about what the police are saying? just to remain due what happens here in stafford on tuesday morning at around 2:45am. the fire adopted in one of the houses behind me. it destroyed the u psta i rs houses behind me. it destroyed the upstairs of the house and part of the roof. for my children died in that fire. one child was eight, another was six and another was
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three as was the fourth. staffordshi re three as was the fourth. staffordshire police said two people have been arrested in connection with the fire, a 24—year—old women under 28—year—old man. they say they have been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter by gross negligence. they also say they do not want people to rush to conclusions here and speculate. they say the two people arrested are in custody. thank you very much indeed. the headlines on bbc news... a high courtjudge allows the billionaire, sir philip green, to formally end his legal action against the daily telegraph. the family of cardiff city footballer emiliano sala say they can now mourn him — after police confirm it was his body recovered from the english channel. the british horse racing authority confirms another three cases of equine flu at a stables in cheshire. in sport, the equine flu crisis
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deepens. maurice's confirmed, all at the stables of donald mccain. 174 for pop —— horse trading stables are in lockdown. there will be one minute's silence across the premier league to commemorate emiliano sala who died in the plane crash. england have already lost the series 2—. a full round—up just after her past. —— mike half past. the body governing horse racing has confirmed another three cases of equine flu at a stables in cheshire. three horses based there had already been diagnosed with the virus, despite being vaccinated against it. all horse racing fixtures in britain have been cancelled until next wednesday, while officials assess the scale of the outbreak. our sports news correspondent,
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richard conway is here. more cases? yes. bha say they want to isolate cases they find, they wa nt to to isolate cases they find, they want to protect animals but get racing back on as soon as possible. it is suspended until wednesday. we 110w it is suspended until wednesday. we now know there are three more horse —— horses from the original yard and another suspicious case. testing will continue over the weekend and bha will evaluate on monday if they can proceed with racing after wednesday. the big question is how these vaccinated horses caught this equine flu. speaking to the chief regulatory officer at bha explained why this might have happened. regulatory officer at bha explained why this might have happenedm regulatory officer at bha explained why this might have happened. in the
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weeks leading up to this occurring, there had been a small number of positive findings in other equines, not resources. from uninviting —— unvaccinated populations which tells us unvaccinated populations which tells us this particular strain of equine influe nza us this particular strain of equine influenza appears to be one which is circulating in north america, not prevalent here in europe. so no horse racing in this country until next wednesday. how long could this go on far, cheltenham isjust next wednesday. how long could this go on far, cheltenham is just around the corner? it is, ithink go on far, cheltenham is just around the corner? it is, i think bha think by being cautious in taking this early action, they will reduce the time that racing is suspended. yes, cheltenham is just over one time that racing is suspended. yes, cheltenham isjust over one month away, the olympics havejumped horse racing. this is a huge industry worth billions of pounds. bookmakers are losing money, jockeys want to
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get back racing, so do trainers. yes, the clock is ticking towards the big one, cheltenham injust over a month. thank you very much indeed. theresa may will hold talks in dublin this evening with the irish prime minister, leo varadkar, to try and break the deadlock over brexit. and ahead of that meeting, mr varadkar is in belfast this afternoon, talking to northern ireland's political parties. it's the first time he's done so since the draft withdrawal agreement was published in november. our ireland correspondent chris page is in belfast. in the run—up to these talks, the irish government have been careful to stress these are not negotiations. the european union carries out brexit negotiations so these are discussions. they are
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officially being built more about the political crisis in northern ireland, the lack of government at stormont. there is no doubt that because brexit is the main issue which impacts on everything else which impacts on everything else which is going on politically in ireland, brexit has been high on the agenda in these discussions. one thing the overt care was asked about was the latest labour party proposals, the proposals from jeremy corbyn, britain remaining in a permanent customs union. he said the proposal were interesting. the dup with a first party to meet with the irish prime minister afterwards and they said those talks were wide—ranging and good but when it came to the labour plan, the leader of the dup in westminster suggested it was not the way forward. on the labour party proposal, i read with interest whatjeremy corbyn has now belatedly come up with. i think it might be plan f or g or whatever it is. it does not have the support of his own party obviously either.
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but the way to a majority for a deal in the united kingdom is with the conservative party and the dup. i don't believe theresa may is going to split her party in order to reach out to a jeremy corbyn who's going to find it very difficult to bring his own party along and he can't be relied upon to deliver the brexit which the prime minister believes people voted for in the referendum. the dup very opposed to the backstop, they will not want checks oi'i backstop, they will not want checks on the irish border on any circumstance. the sinn fein will say encourage the taoiseach to stand firm. they will hold him to account to continue to maintain a strong line on the backstop. the nationalist sdlp where the last
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party into the talks and they the irish prime minister will be travelling to dublin for dinner with theresa may. she will be outlining what she wants to happen to the withdrawal agreement but ireland and the eu are clear there will be no renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement and the backstop is the bottom line. i don't think anyone expects a brexit break tonight but also all these meetings and conversations in ireland are sending out a signal that both british and irish governments are doing what they can to work something out around these complex issues. the eu and british negotiators meeting again on monday and the vote in the house of commons next week. again on monday and the vote in the house of commons next week. for more on this we're joined by webcam from dublin byjohn bruton — who was the taoiseach from 1994 to 1997. thank you forjoining us. is there
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anything you think theresa may can say to leo vradakar to encourage him tojoin with her? say to leo vradakar to encourage him to join with her? i think she is looking for all parties to find majority in westminster but the scale of the defeat of her original proposal was such she will not get a majority simply by looking to own party and the dup. she will have to look across the house. i think she needs to come with the proposal that she can convince the european union she can convince the european union she is in a position to pass in parliament. the eu is not going to negotiate in circumstances where any offer they might meet with not pass because that would not be politically realistic. is there any sort of concession that dublin can make on the issue of the backstop that could conceivably help the prime minister get this through the
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ice of comments? the prime minister has already negotiated this backstop. this is at ucatt because she believed it was right. —— this is ideal she agreed to. she believed to preserve the good friday agreement and good connections between britain and ireland. she wa nts to between britain and ireland. she wants to be forward an alternative, she needs to be sure it is at least as good as the backstop. so far we have had no detail at all from the british government as to what they could propose. ithink british government as to what they could propose. i think at this stage, it is a great pity we have not got a clear idea of what britain wa nts. not got a clear idea of what britain wants. we can assure you some pictures we have just received of the british prime minister arriving in dublin this evening for this talks with leo vradakar. that is the prime minister's motorcade. how
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worried the thing people in dublin are about the prospect of a no—deal brexit? clearly it would be hugely damaging for the irish republic, wouldn't it? it would but brexit is not an irish idea. it is something which is being imposed on us because ofa which is being imposed on us because of a british decision. it wasn't a scottish decision or a northern ireland decision, both of those voted against brexit. england and wales are essentially other one is promoting brexit. they are promoting it in promoting brexit. they are promoting itina promoting brexit. they are promoting it in a fashion which has serious adverse effects on ireland which have not been taken into account by people in westminster. very good to talk to you, thank you forjoining us. talk to you, thank you forjoining us. the former irish prime minister in dublin. tributes have been paid to the oscar—nominated english actor, albert finney, who has died after a short illness. he was 82.
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finney enjoyed a long and distinguished career on stage and screen. nick higham looks back at his life. albert finney came to fame in the early ‘60s, one of the new breed of tough—looking actors in gritty dramas about working—class life. the fishes never bite unless the bait is good. i won't get married until i am good and ready. he was a bookmaker‘s son and excelled at acting and sport in school. professional success came early. he played macbeth at 21 and his range was wide. on stage he played a working—class northern lad and john osborne's tortured luther in london and broadway. he turned down the film of lawrence of arabia but accepted the title role in tom jones. he directed himself in charlie bubbles,
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more working—class grit. ladies and gentlemen we now come to my own reconstruction of the night of the murder. he then came perilously close to being typecast as hercule poirot. say what you have to say with speed and put the audience out of their misery. in the dresser he played a monstrous actor manager. finney had worked with the last grat actor manager laurence olivier and as a drama student had parodied his richard iii. we were walking with a limp and a hump and a very strange left hand and we used to press the elevator button to a class and say "i must take the lift to fencing". he was always a character actor.
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playing a gay dublin bus conductor in a man of no importance. and in erin brokovich he returned to hollywood stardom as a gruff lawyer. whoever did this to you made a mistake and we will make him pay for it. in the gathering storm he proved a distinguished impersonator of winston churchill. look at me now. no power, no prospect of power. he was never a conventional star but he was a big actor, forceful, versatile and compelling.
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albert finney has died at the age of 82. let us reflect on his extraordinary life and career. we can talk to the film director who directed him income shoe in 1971. thank you forjoining us, that was your directorial debut? it was and albert was very generous and put up with me. how was it to work with and how did he make the transition from stage to screen, he had been such a blow in stage actor and then he was a brilliant film actor? he could do either. he worked with very clever people in the cinema most of the time. carol rice and tony richardson we re time. carol rice and tony richardson were clever d i rectors. time. carol rice and tony richardson were clever directors. it was never a problem. what were his special
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qualities? he was monumental. the idea that he has died is shocking for someone of my age. it is like a life has slid away. he was very charismatic, very attractive, obviously when he was young. a real, huge presence. people say he was one of that breed of finding young men millionaires? he was because that was when he was born and if he were my age in the late 50s, he was in saturday night sunday morning, he was like working class men in nottingham. he drank a pint of beer like a proper person, not like an actor. so in essence he was a proper man. nominated many times for oscars. i believe so. belief five
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times. the thing he got the recognition he deserved as a star? he didn't one point. i do not think he wanted to be a star. after the mid—term jones, he went on the world for a year to get away from it. he did not find it comfortable to be a star. he didn't choose rules to be a star. he didn't choose rules to be a star. he didn't choose rules to be a star. he was in a film with audrey hepburn, he was crazy about orgy heparin. he would go to the cinema just to stay at her, it was very sweet. —— about audrey hepburn. just to stay at her, it was very sweet. -- about audrey hepburn. he was 82. his last film was skyfall with daniel craig. that is correct. he was very original and much more eccentric than a lot of stars are. he would choose old films to do. --
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ordered thousands. was he one—of—a—kind in some way? ordered thousands. was he one-of-a-kind in some way? he was because he embodied his times. he was wonderful on saturday night and sunday morning. all the rest was propaganda, he was the real thing. maybe actors don't —— do get that opportunity every now and again. he had the opportunity to be discreet working class actor. there are very good actors around now and there is no need for them to be daunted by albert. and easy to work with? yes, he laughed a lot —— laughed a lot and light jokes like he laughed a lot —— laughed a lot and lightjokes like the rest of us. great to talk to you thank you. talking about albert finney has died at the age of 82. time through the
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weather. the study today has been about storm eric which has caused some fatalities already. hill snow further south. it turns drier and hill snow further south. it turns drierand a hill snow further south. it turns drier and a pretty decent end for the day. the wind is gusting around 50 mph and may continue overnight. be aware of that if you are up and about on saturday morning. with time, things begin to improve. further south, somewhat brighter skies and the rain assisting thorough time. not a particularly cold day. we lose the temperatures on sunday. a cooler and less windy day with some rain for some parts of
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the uk. this is bbc news. the headlines... the high court has allowed the billionaire sir philip green to drop an injunction that had stopped the daily telegraph publishing accusations against him of sexual and racial abuse. the paper says it will publish more allegations against the businessman tonight. he denies the allegations. the family of cardiff city footballer emiliano sala say they can now mourn himl, after police confirmed yesterday that it was his body recovered from the english channel. three more horses have been confirmed with the equine flu virus that's lead to the cancellation of all race meetings in the uk until at least next wednesday. politicians from belfast and dublin have met to try to break the brexit deadlock over the issue of the irish border. and the star of stage and screen,
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albert finney, whose big film break came as "angry young man" arthur seaton in saturday night and sunday morning, has died at the age of 82. those are our headlines. let's get the sport now. we have more for you on the horse racing. racing's lock down shows no signs of ending quickly after three more cases of equine flu tested positive today — all of them from the yard of donald mccain, the source of the original outbreak. 174 racing yards are now essentially in quarantine while trainers await any possible symptoms. currently, racing is cancelled until atleast wednesday causing huge financial loss and concern aboutjump racing's biggest and most lucrative event, the cheltenham festival which is just 32 days away. we are talking about a loss of
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millions every single day if you consider the prize money lost, the media rates from bookmakers and tv stations broadcasting the action and ata stations broadcasting the action and at a much lower level you have got small businesses, trainers, farriers, self—employed jockeys, who are all without a livelihood now. cricket now. england have dropped wicketkeeper ben foakes for the final test match against the west indies tomorrow, withjonny bairstow to keep wicket. ben stokes has been named in the 12 man squad along with mark wood and keaton jennings, who was dropped for the second test. stokes had been a doubt after suffering a bruised heel earlier in the week. the premier league and the football league have confirmed that all teams will wear black armbands as a mark of respect to cardiff striker emiliano sala following the recovery of his body from a plane in the english channel. the cardiff city owner vincent tan has issued a statement this afternoon expressing his condolences. there will also be a minute's silence at st mary's ahead of cardiff's game at southampton tomorrow. teams in france will hold a minute's applause.
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rugby union. england wing chris ashton says he's very grateful to be given his first england start in six years when he plays against france on sunday having spent time playing in france over the last few years, ashton moved back to england last summer to boost his chances in a world cup year. he replaces jack nowell for the second six nations fixture. courtney lawes is in for the injured maro itoje. ireland lock devin toner has been ruled out of the rest of the tournament. he aggravated an ankle injury against england last weekend and has now undergone surgery. england's women will be missing the 2014 world cup winnr marlie packer for their match against france in doncaster on sunday. the saracens flanker has failed to recover from a shoulder injury, picked up in their win over ireland. poppy leitch has been brought in to replace her. judd trump has beaten world number one mark selby in the quarterfinals of snooker‘s world grand prix in cheltenham trump won 5—1 to book his place
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in tomorrow's semifinal. he'll face barry hawkins in that semifinal, who just beat kyren wilson 4—2. switzerland's wendy holdener has won back—to—back world titles in the alpine combined event at skiiing's world championship. holdener finished fifth in the downhill before holding off the challenge of petra vlhova byjust three hundreths of a second in the slalom discipline to add to the title she won in 2017. sam ward scored a hat—trick as great britain's men made it two wins from two. they beat new zealand 6—2 to go top of their group. the winning's tea m top of their group. the winning's team ended in defeat. as in 5—1. this competition serves as a qualifierfor this competition serves as a qualifier for the 2020 olympics and
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the 2022 world cup. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website, including the latest from great britain's must win fed cup tie with hungary. that's and we will have much more for you on spot state lies at half past six. —— 6:30pm. thank you. we will see you later on. a female officer cadet has been found dead at the sandhurst military academy. the 21—year—old was found in her room on the site in berkshire on wednesday. thames valley police says her death is being treated as unexplained but not suspicious. the ministry of defence says its thoughts are with the officer's family. our defence correspondent jonathan beale is here. what more can you tell us? it is a sad case. it looks like it is a suicide. at the weekend, there was a party at sandhurst and that prompted
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an internal investigation over what has been described to be a minor disciplinary incident, and then on wednesday her body was found in a room at sandhurst. i also have been told that prior to this, during her training, she had received some mental health support from the army over an incident earlier in her training. ithink over an incident earlier in her training. i think it is important to say that suicides are rare at sandhurst. the last suicide was in 2003. you have got to look at this very differently to that trend is committing suicide because of ptsd, combat operations, and in the 90s when there were allegations of bullying that were linked to suicides at another site. it is tragic and the ministry of defence said their thoughts are with the family. thank you very much. jeff bezos, the founder of amazon, has accused the owners of a us gossip magazine of trying to blackmail him.
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mr bezos, the world's richest man, has posted online what he says are emailed threats from the national enquirer‘s lawyers to publish intimate photographs of him and a woman he'd been having an affair with. american media, which owns the enquirer has said it acted lawfully and would thoroughly investigate the blackmail claims. dave lee reports. last month, the world's richest man, jeff bezos, said he was getting a divorce from mackenzie bezos, his wife of 25 years. very soon after that announcement, the national enquirer published a story about his extramarital affair with lauren sanchez, a former tv host. the magazine story included quotes from private messages sent between the couple. eager to know how the magazine came to possess that material, mr bezos paid for a private investigation. now, in an extra ordinary message posted online, mr bezos has shared what he says are e—mails from ami threatening to publish a number of intimate, private photographs of him
5:39 pm
and ms sanchez unless his leak investigation is stopped. he said the publisher was also demanding he make a public statement, saying the stories in the magazine about his personal life were not politically motivated. in his message, mr mr bezos wrote... mr bezos said his ownership of the washington post newspaper had been a ‘complexifier‘ that made him an enemy to certain powerful people, specifically president trump, who has regularly criticised the newspaper and mr bezos on twitter. the president and ami chairman david pecker are said to be close friends. in december, ami admitted that it had, in co—ordination the trump campaign, paid hush money to a playboy model to keep quiet about an alleged affair with mr trump before he took office. neither the national enquirer nor its publisher have responded
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to the bbc‘s request for comment. dave lee, bbc news, in san francisco. conservationists say grey seal colonies in norfolk are being threatened by tiny plastic pellets called nurdles. researchers says the beaches in the north of the county, which are important breeding grounds, are covered with the potentially toxic pellets. seals are known to ingest the nurdles through the food they eat. mike liggins reports. the seal colony at horsey on the norfolk coast. we already know seals are getting entangled in plastic. but what effect are micro plastics having on these animals? scientists from cambridge working for the conservation organisation flora and fauna international are looking at how plastic pellets — or "nurdles" — are getting into the environment. so i've heard of micro beads. yes. but i've never heard of nurdles before. yes. what's the difference,
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apart from size? i'm not surprised you say that, most people have not heard of nurdles. they are both micro plastics. these are the microbeads. they are usually much smaller and we find them in cosmetics, toothpaste, things that we put on our face and we wash them down the drain. these nurdles are the building blocks of all plastic products that we use, it's the raw material of plastic production. just along the coast from horsey, at sea palling, we went looking for nurdles. and we found them. it's estimated there could be up to 53 billion nurdles in uk waters. the wind has been blowing the nurdles around the beach but even in the short time we've been looking, 15—20 minutes, we've found between 30 and 40 of them. so, at the moment you don't know that these nurdles are a problem for seals, but you think they might be — why is that? we don't know the exact long—term impact of nurdles, or pellet pollution on the seals, but we would expect,
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like other micro plastics, that they will be eaten by the prey of seals. we also find micro plastics in seals, coming from fish. at the same time, what we know is that micro plastics are really good at sucking up contaminants from the water and releasing them to the animals that eat them and that is the big concern. for the people who love and look out for the seals, the idea that they might be troubled by plastic pellets is heartbreaking. they were here before we were, i suspect, and they will probably be here after we are gone. but, yes, look at them, you couldn't ask for a better sight than that, could you? they are relaxed, the breeding season is over, all they have got to do now is flop about, they will be moulting soon. volunteers will be scouring beaches across the world to try and provide a better picture of where and how many nurdles there are. the answer is unlikely to be good news for our seal populations. the headlines on bbc news...
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news for our seal populations. a high courtjudge allows the billionaire, sir philip green, to formally end his legal action against the daily telegraph. the family of cardiff city footballer emiliano sala say they can now mourn him, after police confirm it was his body recovered from the english channel the british horse racing authority confirms another three cases of equine flu at a stables in cheshire. an update on the market numbers for you. they are all down. the film review is coming up very soon. a quick look ahead to spot day at 6:30pm. coming up, we analyse ahead of the second round of rugby
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union's six nations championship. scotla nd ta ke union's six nations championship. scotland take on ireland at murrayfield. wales are against italy in rome. england are against france, hoping to follow up that impressive victory on the opening weekend. we have the views of former grand slam champion, we will be with the welsh and english camps and the rest of the day's spot as well. but now it is time for the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so, mark, what do we have this week? something for everyone. we have the lego movie 2. i know you are a huge
5:45 pm
fan. we have it beale street could talk. and alita: battle angel, a dystopian future. is there any other kind? the question is, are you a huge lego movie fan?|j kind? the question is, are you a huge lego movie fan? i am. i loved the first one and the batman one. along comes lego movie to take get back on track. i fell in love again and laughed all the way through. did you see the first one? it entirely plays out in the imagination of a young barry who has a huge lego land that his father owns. this begins at the end of that film. his sister is allowed to come in and play and causes chaos.


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