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confidentiality agreements are under scrutiny, as topshop owner sir philip green, ends his legal battle, against the daily telegraph. the billionaire, has condemned the allegations and denies unlawful sexual and racist behaviour. some of his alleged victims, still can't speak out. they really genuinely think, he thought he could come get in this lawsuit with the telegraph and win and again kind of, buy and push his way through, silencing people. the daily telegraph says it's about to publish new allegations against sir philip. also on the programme.... the family of the footballer, emiliano sala, say they can now mourn, after his body was recovered from the english channel. after the death of four children in a house fire in stafford, two people are arrested, on suspicion of manslaughter by gross negligence. three more cases of equine flu are discovered, at a stables in cheshire. i would take a tip from the fishes. never bite unless the bait‘s good. and the accalimed actor,
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albert finney, has died after a short illness. he was 82. coming up on sportsday on bbc news. we are live in scotland ahead of the second weekend of rugby union's six nations championship as scotland take on ireland. good evening and welcome to the bbc news at six. the use of confidentiality, or non disclosure agreements, is in the spotlight again this evening, after sir philip green's legal action against the daily telegraph newspaper, was formally ended by a high courtjudge. the owner of topshop, who denies claims of unlawful sexual and racist behaviour made by the newspaper, has condemned it's reporting, and accused the telegraph of a ‘vendetta' against him. however his alleged victims,
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are still prevented from speaking out, because they signed non—disclosure agreements. here's our special correspondent, lucy manning. sir philip green has the yacht, the business empire and the knighthood but his reputation has been damaged by allegations from former employees that he tried to block the telegraph publishing them and today dropped his injunction against the paper. the five former staff members alleging sexual harassment and racial abuse are still tight and the paperfailed to racial abuse are still tight and the paper failed to get their nondisclosure agreement overturned. this woman was not prevented from speaking out. she worked for survival in las vegas and claimed he sexually harassed are numerous occasions. i do not think he thought he could get into this lawsuit with the telegraph and win and kind of
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pie and pushes way through silencing people and it did not work out in his favour and i think that the former or current employees that have been restrained by these agreements in the uk should be able to speak out. the editor of the telegraph have been warned by sir philip that the paper might end up bankrupt ever printed the allegations about him. sir philip described the allegations as no more than banterand if described the allegations as no more than banter and if that is so, then he could very easily lift those agreements and allow them to speak freely and that is what we urge him to do. what do you want the government to do? i would like parliament to take up this issue andl
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and i would like mrs may to act. she has spoken about being uneasy about the use of these agreements after we have identified how they have been misused and so far she has only spoken about reviews and i would like to see action. sir philip green has denied allegations of unlawful sexual racist behaviour but his lawyers conceded he was hot—headed, made comments about the clothes and weight of people and put his arms around them in a nonsexual way. sir philip green in the statement accused the telegraph of pursuing a vendetta against him, his company and offer ras insta. he called on them to do the decent thing and respect the agreements, otherwise he warned of potential legal and financial implications for his former employers. his view of the confidentiality agreements, that those who did to sign them illegally after giving —— getting advice, but some mps think change is overdue. after giving —— getting advice, but some mps think change is overduem cannot be right that wealthy, powerful businesses can use the law to silence victims. we have to make sure that we have got better protections in place and i think that the court ruling today has shown that parliament needs to look
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at this and look at it quickly. the businessman decided to drop his court case against the telegraph, calling them pointless, after his identity was revealed in the house of lords by peter hain. the fact that sir philip green withdrew his injunction and refused to proceed with it is a vindication of what i did. some of sir philip 's michael former employees are still silence but the telegraph blogger is, so the businessmen will be back on the front page tomorrow. lizzie manning, bbc news. the family of the cardiff city footballer, emiliano sala, say they can now begin to mourn his death, after police confirmed his body was found in the wreckage of a plane in the english channel. the 28 year old was travelling to cardiff in a light aircraft piloted by david ibbotson, which went missing off guernsey last month. duncan kennedy is at bournemouth coroner's court for us this evening. well, clive, the coroner here has confirmed it is the body will
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emiliano sala and his family have today spoken of their sorrow and their pain and loss. tomorrow, all their pain and loss. tomorrow, all the teams in the premier league and the teams in the premier league and the english football league will wear black armbands as a mark of respect for emiliano and also for david ibbotson whose body has not yet been found. the news that it was emiliano sala and not david ibbotson that had been found came from the dorset coroner. emiliano's family, seen here earlier said today, it is with infinite sadness that we confirmed the identity. their statement said, we would like to thank you for all your signs of affection and support in what is the most painful time of our lives. thanks to you, we are now able to mourn our son, our brother. the statement added, our thoughts go to david ibbotson and his family, hoping that the authorities will do their best to find him. at cardiff city today, the colours on the ground stood out against the grey of the sky. and the confirmation that emiliano sala had been found
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brought renewed reflection. whilst everybody expects the worst, you know, when it happens, you know, i got a phone call last night, in the evening, and it was strange, really. obviously, it brings the family peace and i think that is it, it offers some comfort, doesn't it? the search for david ibbotson has been called off in the channel because of bad weather. for emiliano sala, whose speed often left defenders chasing his number nine shirt, the ultimate players‘ tribute. his club nantes say they will now retire that shirt in his memory. duncan kennedy, bbc news. two people have been arrested, on suspicion of manslaughter by gross negligence, after the deaths of four children, in a house fire in staffordshire. our correspondent sima kotecha is in stafford for us this evening. bring us up—to—date with the latest.
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just to remind you, but fire happened in the early hours of tuesday morning, around 2:40 a:m., four children died in that fire aged between three and eight years old. today police have said that they have arrested two people in connection with the fire, a 24—year—old woman and a 28—year—old man. ina 24—year—old woman and a 28—year—old man. in a statement, they say, they we re man. in a statement, they say, they were arrested at around 1:30pm today on suspicion of manslaughter by gross negligence. the police are urging people not to speculate as to what happened on the morning. this fire has hit this community incredibly hard and just to convey the outpouring of support to you, or just giving page that is raising money for the funerals has reached the £29,000 mark. clive. thank you. ten people have died in a fire at a youth team training centre, at one of brazil's biggest football clubs. three other people were injured,
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when the blaze broke out at the training ground of flamengo football club in rio de janeiro. it's thought many of the victims were young players, aged 14 and 15. the cause of the fire isn't yet known. theresa may is travelling to dublin tonight to meet the irish prime minister leo varadkar. it's her latest attempt to resolve issues over the so—called irish "backstop", the mechanism to prevent a hard border between northern ireland and the republic after brexit. mr varadkar was himself in belfast earlier today, urging political leaders at stormont to restore the power—sharing executive, which collapsed more than two years ago. our ireland correspondent, emma vardy, has the latest... far from the noise of westminster. it is much quieter here. because this part of the uk has not had a government since the parties fell out over a green energy scheme. that is officially why the irish taoiseach came to belfast. but the tussle over the most
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controversial part of the brexit deal took centre stage. the decision that we have made as the european union is that the withdrawal agreement and the backstop are not up for negotiation, but we can talk about the joint political declaration and what changes might be made to that. but theresa may's partners in government are demanding more than ireland is willing to give. the important thing is that the backstop is the problem in the withdrawal agreement for most people in the house of commons who voted against it by an overwhelming majority and it is that that has got to be addressed. well, the dup are on the wrong side of the argument. the dup are actively working against citizens here in the north. the dup are saddling up with the tories. so, no sign of any quick resolution here. ticket to dublin, please. next up for leo varadkar is on down to dublin. the shuttle diplomacy continues. this train calls
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at dublin connolly... from belfast to dublin, you would hardly know you are crossing or become at new eu frontier. the backstop is a last—ditch measure to ensure no return to border checks in ireland, but both sides today showed they are still far from reaching a new compromise. i would congratulate leo varadkar on his stance. he isjust standing up for irish interest, both north and south. who do you think should give way? i think london should, really. why? because we want peace to continue and if there is any danger is that not continuing, that would be the worry. as theresa may heads to dublin, over dinner at the two prime ministers will again try to find common ground. knowing it could affect so many livelihoods if they do not. we rely heavily on the uk as a trading partner, an awful lot of products from around the world, especially in this business, come through the uk into ireland. we are quite a small market
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and we rely on our larger neighbour. how do you think people in ireland will view theresa may's visit here? diplomacy. a shell of diplomacy. the show of doing the utmost, is that the most that can come probably not. both sides have agreed to keep on talking, but hope for the concessions theresa may needs is in danger of being snuffed out. well, this is where that private working dinner will take place tonight here in the official irish state residents, but don't expect any breakthrough tonight. wing will be emphasising the legally binding changes to the withdrawal agreement that she needs to get her deal through parliament —— theresa may. it is more likely that double in and brussels will await the vote in parliament next week before anyone makes her next move. 0k, emma, thank
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you. emma vardy there. the time is 30 minutes past six. our top story this evening. confidentiality agreements are under scrutiny, as topshop owner sir philip green, ends his legal battle, against the daily telegraph and denies unlawful sexual and racist behaviour. and still to come the amazon founder and world's richest man, jeff bayzos, accuses an american tabloid magazine, of extortion and blackmail. coming up on sports day we are live in scotland and scotland take on ireland, but the irish, after that defeat to england are desperate to get the campaign back on track. coming up in sportsday on bbc news, we're in gala in the borders as scotland take on ireland with the irish, after that defeat to england desperate to get their campaign back on track. three more racehorses have tested positive for equine flu. they're from the same yard as the three horses already diagnosed. the outbreak has led to a total shutdown of horse racing across britain.
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our sports editor dan roan has the latest. it isa it is a sport at a standstill. this is the scene at yards across the country as racing tries to get a grip ofa country as racing tries to get a grip of a worsening crisis. this farm in cheshire, a0 horses here are being tested for symptoms of the equine flu that has forced this and many other stables into lockdown and the trainer faces a nervous wait. they come back positive and that makes it even more of a nightmare, just logistically here, we would have to clear the whole yard out, all the bedding, all the equipment. that would be the end of your season. that would be the end of your season. it could be, because the problem with the viruses containing it and problem with the viruses containing itand in problem with the viruses containing it and in the time we have found out, it has probably spread to another horse. yesterday we learned that for horses, at donald maclean‘s ya rd that for horses, at donald maclean‘s yard had the virus and one of those ran in this race on wednesday, which also featured one of two horses at the meeting trained by green all.
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these horses are the ones at these stables that ran at ayr on wednesday and asa stables that ran at ayr on wednesday and as a result, they are being kept in isolation, well away from the re st of in isolation, well away from the rest of the yard. the problem is that this virus appears to be spreading and this afternoon, the british horse racing authority have confirmed a further three positive tests. all at the original stables where this outbreak began, to six miles away from here. at the moment it can go a couple of ways and hope is that all of the movement restrictions we have done. it's like this and keep it to small numbers, and if it doesn't then there is definitely the potential for it to explode outwards here. five of these horses were meant to be racing at bangor today and instead they had to stay here, some
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distance from the outbreak. instead they had to stay here, some distance from the outbreakm instead they had to stay here, some distance from the outbreak. it is bad really because i know that we do it for the love of the sport, but obviously it pays the bills as well. and with it being the main season, it isa and with it being the main season, it is a lot of riding that is getting missed. the last time racing was cancelled due to the infectious disease was a foot and mouth outbreak in 2001 and with meetings called off until wednesday at the earliest, the racing industry is counting the cost. we're talking about a loss to the industry of millions every single day, considering the prize money lost, media rights from stations broadcasting racing, and at a lower level you want smaller businesses, trainers, self—employed jockeys, farriers, without a livelihood right 110w. farriers, without a livelihood right now. with the cheltenham festival a month away, containing this disease isa month away, containing this disease is a race against time but with 17a sta bles is a race against time but with 17a stables now in lockdown, the crisis is escalating. detectives investigating
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the disappearance of a 21—year—old girl have been granted 36 extra hours to question a man. libby squire went missing after a night out in hull about a week ago. she was last seen outside her home, less than a mile from the suspect‘s house. the woman's body was believed to have been found in her room on wednesday. the woman's body was believed to have been found in her room at the sandhurst base in berkshire, on wednesday. thames valley police said it was treating the death as unexplained but non—suspicious. a convicted killer who murdered a vulnerable woman and dismembered her body has been jailed for life. julie reilly was killed at her flat in glasgow a year ago. parts of her leg were found in the city but not the rest of her body. a2—year—old andrew wallace was ordered to serve at least 28 years in prison. trucks in supermarket car parks
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will offer lung cancer checks under a new scheme across england. hundreds of thousands of people are to be tested over the next four years, as part of an nhs drive to catch the disease early and improve survival rates. the £70 million initiative will target the areas with highest death rates for lung cancer. our health editor hugh pym reports. maria is arriving for what they call an mot for her lungs and it is in the car park near some local shops. pop the tube in your mouth and blow as hard as you can. i prefer this than the hospital, i do not like the hospital, i do not like going into hospital. it was easy enough to come here. i normally come shopping around here so it is nice tojust come in here. if you have had your lung health check here, and there's a potential area of concern, you don't have to wait very long or go far, in fact you can go straight
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here and have a scan. sophisticated equipment usually in a hospital, in this case accessible in a retail park. once inside, the scan takes place. the results and analysis come a few weeks later. 55 to 7a—year—olds at risk of lung cancer, including smokers, are invited to come along for a screening. the early pilot schemes that we ran showed that the detection of early stage lung cancer rose from about 2 in 10 people up to about 7 in 10. early detection means earlier and better treatment and ultimately to better survival and fewer deaths. the new investment in early detection of lung cancer has been welcomed, although some argue a lot more needs to be done to improve cancer care and survival rates. it is important because it is notjust about screening for lung cancer, it is all the other respiratory diseases you might find. however we have to have the right staff and services to be able
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to give patients what they need for better outcomes. the scheme will cover areas of england with most patients at risk, and will be the first lung health check programme of its kind in the uk. the world's richest man, jeff bezos, has accused the owners of american celebrity magazine, the national enquirer, of extortion and blackmail. mr bezos, who founded online retailer amazon, says the magazine's owners have demanded he stop his investigation into how the national enquirer obtained private messages between him and a woman he was having an affair with. he says he's been told if he didn't, the magazine will publish more intimate photos of him. our north america editor jon sopel reports. when the celebrity magazine national enquirer published intimate text and photographs between the owner of amazon, jeff bezos, and his lover, it looked like a classic tabloid sting against
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the world's richest man. i sold about $1 billion a year of amazon stock. butjeff bezos, who never needs to use the sentence, "i wonder if i can afford this", launched his own counter investigation into how the magazine got hold of them. this seems to have panicked the national enquirer. they now stand accused of trying to blackmail bezos into dropping his investigation. but the amazon owner didn't blink. last night he called their bluff, publishing himself what the threat was. the magazine has deeply personal and embarrassing photos of him and his lover in their possession. mr bezos wrote about the magazine's owners, ami... and this is where it gets murky.
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jeff bezos is also the owner of the washington post whose political coverage has infuriated donald trump. the owner of the national enquirer is david pecker, a close personalfriend of the president, who has done special ops for him in the past. so was this just a tabloid story, or was it a political hit job on a trump enemy? just before the election, a former playboy model, karen mcdougall, wanted to go public with long—standing allegations that she had had an affair with donald trump. the national enquirer bought the exclusive rights to her story for $150,000, and her silence, but never published it. a policy known as "catch and kill". ami have said they will launch an investigation into the claims by mr bezos. this famous magazine is on the defensive in a way it has not been before. it looks like they picked a fight with the wrong man. jon sopel, bbc news, washington.
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the oscar—nominated actor albert finney has died at the age of 82 after a short illness. he began his career at the royal shakespeare company before forging a reputation as one of britain's leading screen actors — in films such as saturday night sunday morning, tom jones, and erin brockovich. will gompertz looks back on his life. albert finney came to fame in the early 60s, one of a new breed of tough looking actors in gritty dramas i'd take a tip from the fishes. never bite unless the bait is good. i won't get married until i'm good and ready. reappeared in reappea red in kitchen—sink reappeared in kitchen—sink dramas depicting the everyday drama and frustration of working—class life in post—war britain. frustration of working—class life in post-war britain. they stashed my wages so post-war britain. they stashed my wages so they can get stuff. he won
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a award for this performance. when among friends, he would parodies laurence olivier. we were all walking around as sir lawrence walked around in the film, with a limp and a hump, and the kind of deformed strange left hand. and we used to be pressing the elevator button to get to your class, saying, i must take the lift... to fencing! turned down the lead role in lawrence of arabia, choosing instead of lead role in tom jones, an 18th century romantic adventure. albert finney had arrived, an international star stage and screen that neither the ladies in the talent to take on a wide of roles. directing in starling in charlie bubbles to playing agatha christie hercule poirot. when people look back at the
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gallery of his roles, and don't forget he was a great stage actor to in the early days, i think people will always celebrate the versatility, the power, the humour, the humanity. 40 years after his film career began a new direction of film career began a new direction of film directors discovered his remarkable screen charisma, casting him asa remarkable screen charisma, casting him as a grumpy lawyer in eric berkowitz. —— erin brock and as a gruff winston churchill in the gathering storm. first lord of the admiralty, then at the exchequer, doing pretty well, and now look at me. he never forgot his roots, he refused a knighthood because he considered it snobby, but he was an actor who, if he was in something, you paid attention.
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albert finney, he was 82. time for a look at the weather. here's phil avery. giving the tragic star stanzas early on, in devon, had reports from dorset and northern ireland, and these are just some of the gusts and these are just some of the gusts and the more populated areas recorded in the more populated areas recorded in the past couple of hours. there have been higher gusts than those. there are extensive warnings across the british isles. a band of rain is working its way across england and wales but the western side of scotland, the rain and ever present over the next few hours coming in over the next few hours coming in over northern ireland and the venture did not living with. to this out, she was rattling through on a significant win, with some of these gusts up to 50 mph. higher exposure. then things drying up at dutch going through the night, but that rain
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becoming more persistent —— going up a touch. still plenty of showers for the north. the combination of the wind and the cloud keeping temperatures well away from frost limits. overnight, through the rest of this evening and into saturday, the wind will be a feature. if you are on the move please take that into account. plenty of showers to start with, dying away across the bottom two thirds of the british isles. for a time, the rain ever present across the north. you see this strength in those gusts later in the day on saturday. but it is coming from a westerly direction so the weekend is not a cold one. through the course of the evening and overnight, more rain coming to the southern half of britain. this more northerly feature gang though showers together to give along with the brain which will be a feature for scotland at the north odinga during sunday. further south, eventually that rain will pull away. in between, decent sunny spells. it does nothing for the temperatures,
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sunday, noticeably cooler than saturday. a reminder of our top story: the owner of top shops are philip green has ended his legal case against the daily telegraph, comparing allegations of little racist and sexist behaviour. that's all from the bbc news at six. the headlines the high court has allowed the billionaire sir philip green to drop an injunction that would stop the daily telegraph publishing accusations against him for sexual racial abuse. the paper says it will publish more allegations against the businessmen tonight. the family of the cardiff
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city footballer emiliano sala say they can now mourn him after police confirmed yesterday that it was his body recovered from the english channel. a man and woman have been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter by gross make that negligence after four children died a house fire on tuesday. politicians from belfast and dublin have met to try to break the brexit deadlock over the issue of the irish border. the pm meets her counterpart tonight in dublin. and the star of stage and screen, albert finney, has died. at the age of 82. in a moment, it will be time for sports day, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. we will get the latest from washington afterjess
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bezos was blackmailed. and we will be taking a first look at their front


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