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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  February 11, 2019 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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our top story: an entire town in new zealand is evacuated, as a large forest fire threatens the homes of over three thousand people. a state of emergency has been declared around the south island town of wakefield. helicopters, planes and more than 150 firefighters have been trying to contain the blaze. health officials in the philippines are going door to door, to immunise children to try and control a measles outbreak across the country, where vaccination rates are low. at least 25 people have died in the last month. and this story is trending on the stars have been out in force at the bafta awards in london. the favourite has dominated this year's event, winning seven awards including outstanding british film. the top award went to the foreign language film roma. that's all. stay with bbc world news. and the top story in the uk: the british prime minister, theresa may, has rejected an opposition call for britain to remain in a customs union with the eu after brexit. the labour opposition leader corbyn
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had set out his conditions for giving parliamentary support for the government's brexit deal. now on bbc news live to singapore for asia business report. crunch time for us china talks. the negotiations start today in beijing. they attempt to end the trade war. japan's worker — life balance crisis. what the country is doing to rattle the phenomenon. it is the start of a brand—new trading week. i i'm rico hizon. let's start off with us- i'm rico hizon. let's start off with us— china trade talks and they are crucial because they take waste this
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week —— take place. top officials from both countries will meet on thursday and friday. they are working against a march on one deadline when chinese exports face an increase in us tariffs. —— march one. three rounds of tariffs have been stacked up on china adding up to $250 billion worth of goods. the duties range from 10— 25% and cover a wide range of items like handbags and railroad equipment. china retaliated hitting $110 billion of american products with duties. they targeted to terms of exports. products like harley—davidson is made in areas where it president trump has political support and goods that can be purchased from other countries like soya beans. in december, both countries held off on new tariffs for 90 days. if they can
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strike a deal, the us said it will increase tariffs on $200 billion of chinese goods from 10— 25%. earlier i spoke to an analyst and he told me who he thinks has the strongest hand in these negotiations.” who he thinks has the strongest hand in these negotiations. i think actually the chinese are the ones that need to move the most. nobody wins a trade war with the us anyway. the problem is, as the us perceive them, from the chinese side intellectual property theft, uneven playing fields, et cetera. for the us companies entering those markets andindeed us companies entering those markets and indeed globally. i think the market globally needs to come from the chinese and they are the ones most at risk. but what if the chinese play hard ball? most at risk. but what if the chinese play hardball? they won't really give too much in terms of intellectual property and a deal is not reached because of this. what
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happens next? i actually think with president trump at the helm, the ta riffs president trump at the helm, the tariffs will go ahead and they will see the united states impose them on march the first. what if this deal does not reach on march the first. will there be winners? it's hard to say. there are third—party countries that can source a lot of good. people have talked about vietnam's being a winner on the manufacturing side but i don't think overall there is any winners from a trade war. side but i don't think overall there is any winners from a trade wanm no deal is reached, when will it start impacting most of the asian economies and if that happens, are we going to see some economies falling into a recession? that is definitely the worry. if you look at indonesia and malaysia that exporter lot of primary products to china. singapore is a crossroads of global
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trade. i would think the impact would start, the chill winds would start lolling through those countries quite quickly after the deadline expires. worklife balance is an issue to many of us but in japan it is a specially acute. 0verwork is a serious social problem meaning in some cases to death —— leading. injapan, this is known as mccoy three. this week on asia business report, we are looking at how companies try to change how people work in the country. —— this is known as karoshi. mariko 0i weight went to meet a karoshi victim. went. it is the start of another grinding day. most commuting to work on packed peak hour train. it is a work culture where the emphasis has long been on conformity, not individualism. many of these people
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will be making the return journey way past their office hours. for some, the stress gets too much. it's a uniquely japanese epidemic some, the stress gets too much. it's a uniquelyjapanese epidemic called karoshi which literally means death from overwork. these were tweets of 24 from overwork. these were tweets of 2a year rolled —— old, five days after her last tweet, she jumped to her death. she had only been at the advertising firm for eight months. her mother has been campaigning to prevent the repeat of her daughter's tragedy. from heart attacks two strokes to depression, karoshi cases
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have been reported for decades but the tweets that clear evidence forcing companies to address this issue. her employer have reformed how their employees work including a new rule to turn off the office lights at ten pm. the japanese government has also passed a new law to centre legal cap of 100 hours per month on overtime work. but critics say it doesn't go far enough to tackle the fundamental issues. they wa nt tackle the fundamental issues. they want harsher penalties for companies and managers who violate the law. the company was fined less than $5,000 for causing hurt karoshi and none of her managers were prosecuted. mariko 0i weight on work—life
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balance in japan. mariko 0i weight on work—life balance injapan. —— on tuesday, the trial of malaysia's promina set is set to begin. he faces corruption charges related to the 1mbd scandal. china's surplus widened in december. congress has until february 15 to reach a budget deal with the white house to avert a second government shutdown. josh deluca started collecting trainers when he was just a boy and now he owns the world's biggest website for reselling comfortable footwear and accessories. stock x is the first stock market of things and musician
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eminem, model karlie kloss. people say just put eminem, model karlie kloss. people sayjust put one foot in front of the other. people say, with the first that —— perfect solution. whatever it is, it is one put in front of the other. you need to take the first step. the reality is, ideas are essentially worthless. execution is
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the only thing that matters. there is no way that if you have some great idea, you go, talk to somebody, somebody is going to steal youridea somebody, somebody is going to steal your idea and run and do it. if they are sitting around and with nothing to do, it'sjust are sitting around and with nothing to do, it's just not what happens. for me as a ceo, the only part of the day today business that i am still 100% tuned into an part of its hiring. you can focus on what you are doing at that moment and you have the team to get you along. the ceo and leadership is the marathon on and everyone else is running sprints around them to get to that place in the marathons. that was the owner of stockx. crunch time for us— china trade talks. they take place this week with negotiations starting
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later today. they will be followed by meetings with top officials on thursday and friday. they are working against a march one deadline when exports face an increase in us ta riffs of when exports face an increase in us tariffs of between 10— 25%. before we go, here is a look at the markets. we currently have a couple of asia—pacific markets open for trade. the all ordinaries index is down by 13 points and sang index losing 19 point. the japanese nikkei 225 is closed today due to a public holiday. —— hang seng. sport today is coming up next. this is bbc news the top stories this hour. an entire town in new zealand has had to be evacuated as a huge forest fire threatens the homes of three thousand people. health officials struggle to contain a deadly measles outbreak across the philippines where vaccination rates are low. the prime minister has responded
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tojeremy corbyn's demands on the kind of brexit deal which he says his party would be able to support. in a letter to the labour leader, theresa may does not reject his calls outright, but areas of disagreement remain. the move comes as mrs may asked mps for more time to negotiate with brussels, with ministers promising that there will be opportunities to hold votes on brexit by the end of the month. 0ur political correspondent iain watson reports. fewer than 50 days to brexit — this week, theresa may's government will renew its efforts to renegotiate a deal with brussels. today, one cabinet member admitted that a revised deal may not be in place by the end of the month. i think it's important to stress that the government will commit that if the meaningful vote, in other words the deal coming back, has not happened by the 27th of february, then we would allow a further motion, votable in parliament, to take place, to give that sense of assurance as to the process moving forward.
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so just to translate from his parliamentary language, if theresa may's new vision isn't agreed with brussels by the end of the month, mps will be given another chance to vote on their own ideas. the prime minister's promise of more brexit votes is significant. some of her own ministers are now so worried about the prospect of no—deal that they have been considering resigning and rebelling to try to force her to delay our departure from the eu. with more votes in parliament this week on brexit, the prime minister is under pressure, so her message to them is quite clear — don't do anything hasty, give me until the end of the month before deciding whether to take matters into your own hands. but labour and some conservative mps say this is simply kicking the brexit can further down the road, and the opposition is warning the prime minister,
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if she can't reach an agreement with them, she might still face the possibility of another referendum. if she's prepared to come and meet us then we'll talk to her, but of course if she doesn't go that way, if she chooses to go with her hard right people who want to crash out, then we've still got the people's vote option. in the prime minister's letter to jeremy corbyn, it is clear it will be difficult to bridge the gap between them on some key issues. with less than seven weeks to go until we're due to leave the european union, and agreement with brussels and at westminster is still proving elusive. iain watson, bbc news. now on bbc news, sport today. hello, i'm chetan pathak and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on the programme:
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sensational city — six goals for the champions as they stun chelsea to go back on top of the premier league. blown away — france are thrashed in the six nations as england's outstanding start continues. and breaking records to the very end at the alpine world championships. lindsey vonn retires, but only after another medal to her name. hello, and welcome to the programme. thanks forjoining us. we start with chelsea's worst defeat in nearly 30 years after they were beaten 6—0 at manchester city. the champions are back on top of the english premier league with a stunning victory, which saw chelsea manager maurizio sarri head down the tunnel at the end of the match and not shake city boss pep guardiola's hand. he said afterwards he didn't see him and there are no problems between them. guardiola said they still have an incredible relationship.


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