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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  February 12, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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hello, i'm chetan pathak, and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: 28 years after his first pga tour title, american phil mickelson wins his 44th after victory at pebble beach in california. and another manchester united legend becomes a manager, as paul scholes takes charge of the english league 2 side he supported as a boy. and a return to form forjoe root, as england's captain hits a century on day three of the final test against the west indies. hello, welcome to the programme. thanks forjoining us. fading light with two holes to play prevented him from closing out victory a day earlier in california, but nothing was going to stop phil mickelson from securing a record—equalling fifth title at the pga tour event at pebble beach on monday. the 48—year—old american returned to finish the job and ended 19—under, three shots clear of paul casey,
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to secure his 44th pga tour title. joe lynskey reports. pebble beach is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world but it wasn't looking too pretty on sunday as rain and hail battered the coast. it does look like there would be much golf played at all. when it finally did get under way, phil mickelson wasted no time. a blemish free round saw him storm into the lead, three shots clear with two to play. victory was in his sights, but with light fading came a conversation he was hoping to avoid. phil mickelson seemed happy to carry on, but paul casey in second felt otherwise. we can't finish two holes in six minutes. i would like to. the
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lay of the green. we are going to be in position. that's fine. mickelson‘s body language said it all. in the day five, and both players looked a bit chirpy, with mickelson just needing to stay out of trouble, the tournament was his to lose. in the end, he won it in style, this approach on the 18th setting up a birdie finish. the victory means he is now a record equalling five—time winner in this event. it's been a very special week. this is a special place for me. my grandfather, 1919, was one of the first caddies here at pebble beach, and every time i get here i have such feelings of gratitude for all that this place has done for my family, starting with my grandfather, and to have my pro career start here, to have this victory, means a lot. winning on a course he clearly loves could be
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significant. us open the only major he is yet to win, will be played here in june. in the english premier league, newcastle united missed the chance to go three points clear of the relegation zone after conceding a 95th—minute equaliser at wolves. rafa benitez‘s side looked to have done enough with isaac hayden's second—half strike. but deep in stoppage—time, wolves defender willy boly climbed above the newcastle keeper to head in a dramatic equaliser and make it1—1. he was part of manchester united's golden generation, and regarded as one of the best midfielders in world football. now, paul scholes is turning his hand to management for the first time, after being named boss of english league 2 side oldham, a club he supported as a boy. he says he has had opportunities to take the job in the past few years, but didn't feel ready until now. i feel like i've done enough time, spent enough time preparing
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for this. like i say, there is only the next few months when we will know if it is the right thing to do. for now, i've got a good feeling about it, and hopefully it will be the right thing to do. well, despite oldham athletic‘s position, success will still be hard to come by for scholes. he isn't the first of manchester united's famous class of 92 to become a manager. so how have the others fared? ben croucher takes a look. now, this is manchester united's class of ‘92, with phil neville following on a couple of years later. david beckham — well, he's decided mainly be the big superstar david beckham, for starters. he is working mainly on football ownership with his franchise in miami. as for the others, well, gary neville started his career as roy hodgson‘s assistant before an ill—fated spell at valencia. he lasted four months,
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winning just three of 16 league games. he is sticking to punditry in the uk, mainly. as for his brother, well, philip was at valencia with him, before getting his first managerial job with england women. he guided them to the world cup in france this summer. his first test will be at least matching their third place from canada four years ago. as for nicky butt, well, since he retired he has spent most of his time at united. he heads up their academy, and could be a good ally if scholes fancies a couple of loan signings at any point. ryan giggs took charge of four games when david moyes was sacked in 2014, then worked under louis van gaal, before taking over at wales. moderate success in their fledgling managerial careers. now, remember the old question of who was best in england's midfield, scholes, frank lampard or steven gerrard? well, as many of you have been pointing out on social media today, that debate is going to reopen, with all three now in their first managerialjobs. scholes at oldham, lampard at derby county, and gerrard with glasgow rangers in scotland.
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i reckon they would all love to manage in the premier league one day. who will get there first? who will be most successful? only time will tell. the british horseracing authority has announced that racing in britain will resume on wednesday after a six—day shutdown following an outbreak of equine flu. a total of 174 racing stables had been placed in lockdown, but officials say a risk—managed return to racing will now take place, with four meetings set to go ahead on wednesday. next, the alpine world championships in sweden continues to provide more extraordinary stories, this time involving france's alexis pinturault in the men's combined. the olympic silver medalist looked like he would be well off the podium places, after disappointment in the downhill, only to then put in a breathtaking performance in the slalom. it was enough to win him gold. hanne davis was watching the day's action the alpine combined is such an
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interesting event because it is not an event that anyone excels, like you say, at both halves. it is one run of downhill and one run of slalom. today we saw the super—g world champion from earlier this week, dominik paris, take the lead, and very much downhill has taken control, and in turns of slalom skiers it is all about limiting your losses. so the favourite had been alexis pinturault, of france. he set about midway through the starting pack into that second run. a lot of people kind of discount at him, a second and a half too far back, but the course was set by the french coach which played to his advantage, and we saw an absolutely great run from him, really smooth, but again i don't think he felt he had done enough. but as we saw the downhill skiers come down, none of them could get her down, right, none of them could get the risk right, because it is all or nothing, and from paris he went from being first to being nights. so the difference is huge,
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and an american speed racer has called for the race to be changed, because he feels it favours slalom skiers more, and that is what we saw today. captainjoe root hit an unbeaten century in england's second innings against the west indies, to leave the tourists in a commanding position at the end of day three of the third and final test in st lucia. playing for pride, having already lost the series, root made 111 off 189 balls as england reached 325—4. there was also a half—century from joe denly, who made 69, whilstjos buttler hit 56 as england piled on the runs. they have a lead of 448, with six wickets remaining, and root still at the crease after finally returning to form. well, it was a good innings, i think it was one of his less demanding centuries. and he has had a curious time recently. very inconsistent, whereas the peak
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year of his career, 2014 to 2017 was remarkably consistent, one of the most consistent players in text cricket. since then, the 50s have dried up, but he has started converting when he does get to 50. the last three he has converted to centuries, having failed to do so in his previous 11. so he's had a curious three months, but at least england are emerging from this test with some positives from what has been a disastrous series up till now. robert kubica says it has been a long journey back to formula one but he is hoping to make the most of his first appearance on the grid for eight years when the new season resumes in melbourne next month. he is racing for williams in the new season, defying the odds to return to the sport after suffering severe hand and arm injuries in a rallying accident. his team mate at williams is british rookie george russell, as they look to rebuild from a disappointing season. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that's but, from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye.
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hello there. we may well be heading towards the final few weeks of winter now, but actually, the weather is feeling almost springlike, some slightly milder conditions certainly on the cards over the next few days. this was the scene taken near eastbourne by one of our weather watchers on monday. some blue sky, a bit of sunshine around too. now, as we head through the course of the next few days, still quite a lot of dry weather. there'll be a little rain across northern and western parts of the uk. things turning mild by day, but we've still got a few chilly nights to come, could be the odd spot of frost, and perhaps a bit of mistiness around too. but you can see the yellow colours moving in from the south—west gradually over the next couple of days, introducing
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that milder air. the blue colours, the colder air, kept at bay for now. so, through tuesday morning, then, it will be quite a chilly start across much of england and wales, particularly in the south and the east. we've got more cloud from the word go further north and west. a few spots of rain for parts of northern england, but also for scotland and for northern ireland as well, as a frontal system just moves its way gradually south—eastwards through the day. it should brighten up for scotland and for northern ireland during the afternoon, as those south—westerly winds help to break up the cloud. a bit of rain lingering for north—west england, but central and southern and eastern england should stay dry through the day. now, temperatures up to between around 10—13 degrees, so a little above—average, really, for this time of year. now, as we move through tuesday night and on into wednesday, high pressure sits towards the south. we've still got this frontal system which is just pushing its way gradually further north—eastwards moving on into wednesday morning. so, through the day on wednesday, still quite cloudy across northern and western parts of the uk. a few spots of rain, particularly for parts of scotland, england and wales certainly staying dry through the day,
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and there'll be a bit more sunshine on wednesday, i think, compared to tuesday. so temperatures will be doing reasonably well once again, around 10—13 degrees or so, could see 14 celsius in the warmest spot. so, we've got that mild air with us into the start of the week, with high pressure sitting across the continent. we're drawing in these south—westerly winds. they stay with us into thursday, as well, as weather fronts clear off towards the north. so i think thursday not a bad day, should be quite a deal of sunshine, especially across england, wales, northern ireland too. perhaps a little bit of cloud for scotland, with one or two showers in the far north. but a largely dry today, and with those southerly winds, again temperatures will be up again in double figures after a bit of a chilly start, 12 or 13 the warmer spots on thursday afternoon. looking towards the end of the week, then, and we keep that mild theme to the weather. but it will turn a little bit more unsettled towards the end of the week as those winds strengthen, with some rain
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particularly in the north and the west at times. bye for now. welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: president trump arrives in texas to rally support for his border wall, a potential deal may have been agreed. heading home — the bahraini footballer freed from a thai jail will soon arrive back in australia where he has refugee status. one of brazil's best known political journalists ricardo boechat dies in a helicopter crash. small creatures — big problem — why the threat of insect extinction could have catastrophic results for us all.
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