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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 12, 2019 6:30pm-6:50pm GMT

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: he's been described as "england's safest pair of hands. " tributes have been paid throughout the day to one of the greats of football, gordon banks, who's died at the age of 81. asa as a goalkeeper, he's up there with the best of all time. in that era and the modern—day era. the notorious mexican drug traffiker, known as "el chapo," has been found guilty on all ten counts in his drugs trial, in america. theresa may has updated mps on her latest brexit plans, and she's denied accusations she's simply running down the clock to force mps to back her brussels deal. it's emerged that an nhs nurse who died last week, was told six times by the health service that she didn't have cancer. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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our main headlines this evening... football pays tribute to england's world cup winning goalkeeper gordon banks, who has died at the age of 81. you ask anyone about gordon and they will tell you first and foremost what a great person he was. i'm here at old trafford where manchester united take on psg at old trafford where manchester united take on p56 in the champions league. also coming up in the programme... james anderson tears through the west indian top order to take england closer to victory in the third test against west indies. good evening.
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‘a legend', ‘a champion', ‘a modest and good man' — just a few of the sentiments expressed today, following the death of gordon back at the age of 81. the 1966 world cup winner with england was seen as one the greats of the sport globally, winining fifa's ‘goalkeeper of the year‘ award on no less than six occasions... sports correspondent andy swiss looks back on his life and career... it remains a footballing miracle, england versus brazil and that save. the greatest ever from one of the greatest ever. four years earlier gordon banks had been a cornerstone of england's world cup triumph and those who played alongside him were today united in tribute. sir bobby
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charlton said gordon was fantastic goalkeeper and i was proud to call him the team—mate. sir geoff hurst described him as one of the very greatest, a sentiment echoed throughout the game. it was my hero obviously, growing up. training with him, they think the big thing i can say about him was he had in an era that was totally different today, he had this great positional sense. thanks first made his name with leicester city. —— banks. but it wasn't long before he attracted england's attention and he was pivotal to their 1966 triumph, winning the world cup he later said changed his life. tremendous! i mean, when we came back, you wouldn't believe the people in the streets. it was just incredible, and
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we felt so proud. although england fell short at the next world cup in 1970, banks was at his peak, most famously against brazil and what has been described as the save of the century. quite how he denied her like —— denied pele dumbfounded everybody. i looked down, i said "g°___u! everybody. i looked down, i said ‘go..."! in everybody. i looked down, i said "go..."! in 1972, the everybody. i looked down, i said ‘go..."! in 1972, the club's first major trophy came, but then a car crash cost him his sight in one eye. amid emotional scenes, he was forced to retire from the game although remarkably he made a brief comeback in the us. but his fame and popularity proved enduring. honoured his achievements for stoke and england, in 2012 he carried the olympic torch, where decades earlier
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he had played. his family said they could not be more proud of him, for them the greatest keeper english football has ever seen. well, it was a fantastic career of course but in many ways it's the depth of warmth in the descriptions of gordon banks's character and personality that are so striking. there have been many, many, more tributes to him today. especially from his good friend and the man who he made that save in the 1970 world cup, pele. he released an extensive statement but this is a small snapshot. "i scored so many goals in my life, but many people, when they meet me, always ask me about that save. while it was indeed phenomenal, my memory of gordon is not defined by that — it is defined by his friendship. he was a kind and warm man who gave so much to people. rest in peace, my friend.
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yes, you were a goalkeeper with magic. but you were also so much more. you were a fine human being." that sentiment echoed on social media today. tributes from the german national team, they tweeted a picture of the 1966 world cup final showing banks embracing one of their players after the final whistle. they said he was a fierce opponent and a good man. one of the current crop of england stars raheem sterling was on twitter today. he said... there was also a tribute from stoke city. their manager out on the training ground this morning, as all of their players and staff held a minute ‘s silence before they took pa rt minute ‘s silence before they took part in training today. banks helping stoke to their only major trophy in 1972. their keeper is jack
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butland. it means a lot. over the last few years i got to know gordon really well, he invited me into his home, i met his family. we spoke about everything from the world cup to defending corners and everything else, so for me it has an extra little bit to it, knowing him very well, which was an honour for me to have met him first of all. is he your hero? yes, obviously i wasn't around for 1966 and the pele says, but he just had a way of making eve ryo ne but he just had a way of making everyone feel brilliant, he had a way of rubbing off on people and bringing happiness. he always made me feel extremely happy and it's testa m e nt to me feel extremely happy and it's testament to him as a person. ask anyone about gordon and they will tell you first and foremost what a great person he was, and just what a
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gentleman he was, and he had a way of cheering people off and making them happy. he managed to win a world cup, but also that save four yea rs world cup, but also that save four years later. do you see that as the greatest dingell save football has ever seen? yes, from the man he was, the goalkeeper he was, everything fa ct the goalkeeper he was, everything fact it that goes with it and the fact it was an incredible save. i have heard him talk to me about it in his words, every equation of the save was special so yes, it has got to be up was special so yes, it has got to be up there with one of the best. personally for me it is the best ever. i imagine there will be some tribute to his life when manchester united play paris saint—germain. in the champions league injust
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over an hour's time. our sport correspondent katie gornall is outside old trafford. yes, the manchester united fans are probably dreading the visit of psg and the day after the draw was made jose mourinho was sacked, now there is this wave of positivity under their caretaker manager, ole gunnar solskjar. the team are unbeaten in 11 games, players are playing with freedom and confidence, perhaps no one more so freedom and confidence, perhaps no one more so than paul pogba who has spearheaded this revival with eight goals and five assists in that time. psg, the french champions, come here with many big names missing. there is no neymar, and theirfirst choice right back is not here as well.
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those injury problems is something both managers have been talking about ahead of this game. first ole gunnar solskjar who says the players missing makes psg more unpredictable. of course the team are missing players like neymar and cavani book that gives the other players a chance so that makes it more unpredictable for us today. when you have seen the front three over the whole season you know what to expect at this time round we are getting a little bit how they will, but you have got a good guess on how they are approaching this game. would manchester united miss pogba if he was not there? of course. you cannot replace quality players like
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this. neymar is one of the key players in europe and we cannot replace him, and of course we miss him a lot, and we missed the second key player with eddie. it should be a fantastic match. it is live on radio five live this evening and john murray is inside old trafford joined by henry winter. welcome inside old trafford or bienvenue as it says on this programme. inside old trafford or bienvenue as it says on this programmelj inside old trafford or bienvenue as it says on this programme. i think two of psg's great attacking players are not playing so clearly it will be another lift. manchester united are back in their —— back injune
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with their dna, that attacking embodied by marcus rushford, rejuvenation embodied by pol pot playing with a smile. because of that everything pointing towards ole gunnar solskjaer getting this job on a permanent basis? 40 years behind you is where edward would sit and he's sitting pretty at the moment because he doesn't need to make a decision. if they announce ole gunnar solskjaer now, will the players continue to play with the same intensity? i'm sure they will but why risk it? we have some contract announcements, phil jones in particular, so no need to hurry but solskjaer has to get the job because he's in with what this great is about. the tie is so keenly anticipated and also on the day gordon banks' sad death was announced, it is fitting that we will have the great goalkeeper buffon playing in this match.
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manchester united aren't the only english side in champions league action this week. although england's jadon sancho almost missed his trip with borussia dortmund afterforgetting his passport. he delayed the team for two hours. he's well on the way now though. mauricio pochettino's spurs side lie in wait. a good run of results but not playing the football they would have wanted at the moment with harry kane and dele alli still sidelined. but their manager is still confident. we know the competition will be tough. we are going to face a team that sits on the top of the table and every season that sits on the top of the table and every season is doing well. it's and every season is doing well. it's a very competitive team, and of course it's going to be tough with all of the respect of course. i am a person that will always believe they can beat any team. now, england have been enjoying another relaxing day in the caribbean as they edge closer to a big win over west indies. the west indies are
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currently 136 for 6 on day four in st lucia, trailing by 349 runs. matthew hoggard joins me now. this isjoe matthew hoggard joins me now. this is joe root‘s matthew hoggard joins me now. this isjoe root‘s reaction after a comment during the third test. what we may have heard isjoe root saying there's nothing wrong with being gay. as a former cricketer and sportsperson, what is it like to hear someone speaking about what is an alleged homophobic slur? first of all we don't know what gabriel said but the wayjoe root has dealt with it showed good morals, almost fatherly, wasn't he? talking to his
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son saying there's nothing wrong to be gay. standing up in the heat of the moment but a good stands on it, it showed joe root in very good light. the century put him in good light. the century put him in good light as well. he declared after losing his wickets leading ben stokes losing his wickets leading ben sto kes o n losing his wickets leading ben stokes on 48, a bit harsh. a bit harsh but there was nothing to be gained from batting on, the hard work had been done. we saw from the shots they were playing, it was more twe nty20 shots they were playing, it was more twenty20 practice and putting the icing on the cake. and a good performance from anderson with the ball in hand, what have you made of him? james anderson has not been as potent with the new policy would have liked and we have seen footage of him during the day's play yesterday going into the nets with the england bowling coach because
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something wasn't quite right. we saw him bowling which he doesn't normally do at the start of the day so normally do at the start of the day so he still working on his game, showing and leading the ball is saying i'm never too old to learn new things and put the hard work in, and to see the three wickets he got was fantastic. putting the pressure back on the west indies and reaping the reward. and the third test has been a soup of —— superb performance from england. is this the best of england? no, i think from england. is this the best of england? no, ithink we from england. is this the best of england? no, i think we saw the best of the west indies in the first two test matches, putting pressure on a fragile england batting line—up. u nfortu nately for west fragile england batting line—up. unfortunately for west indies, they lost a bowl and we saw the england top order take some time out of the game to let the lower order come in and score the runs required to put the west indies under pressure. we have just seen a reverse of the game where the west indies and the first two test matches, they were leaving
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the ball, making the english bowlers play a lot and bowl a lot and in this innings we have seen some poor shots from the west indies. and england on top, and it took a run out because there was a fine partnership happening between chase and matt, going in and putting england back under pressure. they also lost the wicket because of the injury, so they will not come out to bat, so with england it's a matter of when and not if. matthew hoggard, thank you forjoining us on sportsday. there's been a huge blow for england's rugby union side, with the news that prop mako vunipola has been ruled out of the rest of the six nations with an ankle injury. he's been one of the standout performers for england so far in the championship but suffered ligament damage during the win over france on sunday. he's expected to be out for ten weeks. coach eddiejones said it was very disappointing but it "provided an opportunity
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for the team to grow". exeter‘s ben moon and ellis genge of leicester could replace him. there's a boost for wales though, with full—back leigh halfpenny returning to full training tomorrow ahead of the england clash. he hasn't played since suffering concussion against australia in november. ok, let's have a look at some of the other stories that are making the sports news today. ronnie o'sullivan survived a scare to progress to the second round of the welsh open snooker. the rocket looked very erratic in the early stages of his match against sanderson lam in cardiff. he was trailing by two frames to one before coming back to win 4—2. great britain are out of the mixed team event at the alpine world skiing championships in sweden. they failed to make the quarterfinals after dave ryding was the only member of the team to win a race. and great britain's fed cup team have landed a home tie against kazakhstan in april, in a play—off to reach world group two and a chance to make it into the top tier for the first time since 1993. they'll probably play
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at london's copper box arena. the british horse racing authority say strict bio—security control measures will be in place when racing resumes tomorrow after a six—day suspension. among the courses preparing to start up again is chelmsford, where racing returns on thursday, following the outbreak of equine flu in the sport. they've been doing everything they can to make sure there are no further cases. there's lots of bio—security been put in place, i mean we have com pletely put in place, i mean we have completely emptied our stables. they have been disinfected, steam cleaned and they will be bedded down, we have done the same to starting stalls and boxes so we are doing everything physically possible to make sure the horses that come here have a sterile environment to work from. well that's all from sportsday but let's give gordon banks the final word, after he passed away
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