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tv   The Papers  BBC News  February 15, 2019 11:30pm-12:01am GMT

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north—east england and scotland seeing the best of the sunshine. it will be quite a breezy day but again a mild one, even when you stick with clouds, highs of 11 up to 15 in the sunnier parts of eastern england. on sunday, high pressure across a big pa rt sunday, high pressure across a big part of europe blocking weather systems trying to push in from the west. these fronts moving in will not sweep through neatly gets stuck running up against the block of high pressure so running up against the block of high pressure so shift across the western side where we will see splashes of rain. further east dry with some sunshine. temperatures again around 15 degrees. low pressure in charge at the start of the new week. it may be that a ripple runs up this front and brings some cloud and patchy rain in the parts of the midlands, east anglia and the south—east. also some showery rain pushing it through
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the north—west. temperatures in northern areas showing signs of dropping off a little bit. with the area of low pressure moving into tuesday, we are slightly change the source of our air. north north—westerly pulling some cooler air in and across parts of northern uk. still some mild air waiting in the winds in the atlantic. on tuesday, particularly across northern part, we see the effects of the walmart an. further south, relatively mild. in many tuesday is a dry day with some sunshine. on wednesday, frontal system to the north—west of the uk. northern ireland, western parts of scotland outbreaks of rain. but the winds are back to south—westerly and therefore backup in two double digits were just about all of us. that takes us
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towards the end of next week and the following weekend. high pressure building back across parts of europe towards the british isles. uncertainty at how strongly that high will build and to what extent systems will be allowed to move in from the west. there may be rain at times particularly in western areas. suddenly flow of winds favoured. relatively mild weather for next weekend and relatively chilly nights. dry the many but the chance of rain creeping into was the west. that is all from me. bye for now. hello. this is bbc news with lukwesa burak. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment — first the headlines. president trump confirms he will invoke emergency powers to pay for a border wall with mexico. the family of the british teenager shameema begum, who ran away to join the islamic state and now wants
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to come home to have her baby, call on the government to help her return to the uk as quickly as possible. —— shamima begum. thousands of pupils skip school and take to the streets in protest against climate change. a 27—year—old man is to appear in court tomorrow after he was charged with the murder of three elderly men in exeter. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the broadcaster john stapleton and benedicte paviot, who's the uk correspondent for france 2a, and the president of the foreign press association. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the times leads with more comments
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from british teenager shamima begum — following an interview this week where she asks to return to the uk after leaving the country as a schoolgirl to join is. the telegraph also leads on that story — but focuses on comments from the head of m16, who says british people have the right to return to the uk even when they have connections to terrorist groups. in the express, us president donald trump has suggested trade between america and the uk will drastically increase after brexit. the daily mail says a coalition of banks has agreed to pay into a fund supporting victims of ‘authorised push payment fraud', where customers are tricked into sending money into accounts run by criminals posing as bank staff, solicitors, and police officers. meanwhile, the financial times says new plans being considered
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by the government would force mobile phone operators to allow rivals to use their network in areas with poor signal. and the guardian features the thousands of children who walked out of classes across the country today to demand more action from the government on climate change. those are the front pages. we will go back to the times. one of the big stories that has got the country talking, really. and that is, i want my talking, really. and that is, i want b talking, really. and that is, i want my baby with me in britain, says isis bride. that is the front page of the times. benedicte, do you want to kick for us? i suspect it is a subject that has been talked about up subject that has been talked about up and down the country. it is not just about shamima begum, but it is
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also about jihadists and just about shamima begum, but it is also aboutjihadists and possibly, they can be female or they can be male, and this is a problem that britain is facing, the netherlands are facing, france, many countries are facing, france, many countries are facing. how do you identify them? have you investigate what they did? what you do with them? if they don't have a dual nationality then, you know, is it right, you're not supposed in international law, strip them their nationality, if theyjust have one, and render them stateless. interesting, we will come onto that. on the one hand you have the home secretary saint one thing and you have an m16 chief saying the other. —— saying one thing. shamima begum, the new angle on this is the statement you are reading out earlier on, and the breaking news about this very carefully worded statement, where they are talking very much parents about a daughter, the human aspect. they learned she
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is alive, they learn that she has been pregnant three times, that she has lost two of her children. this is the remarkable work of somebody at the foreign press organisation, as do other organisations, give awards to. anthony loyd is remarkable. the signet and story in the times that has to be taken up by other papers that make this significant story. the new angle in the times is that she wants to keep her baby. and she talks about coming back to the united kingdom. she doesn't want a baby to be taken away from her. it seems that is very much the thrust of the statement we have heard tonight from the family. what is interesting, we start to learn a little bit about her husband. she says she still loves him very much. she saw him as recently as two weeks ago. this was a 15—year—old who was
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radicalised and left with two other young women, at the very last minute they transited young women, at the very last minute they tra nsited through young women, at the very last minute they transited through turkey, they we re they transited through turkey, they were missed by almost half—an—hour, an hour, it is a very useful way to get into syria, and the times is revealing that this 26—year—old husbandsis revealing that this 26—year—old husbands is a convert to islam who grew up in a middle—class home and is suspected of being involved in a terrorist plot in the netherlands. he was convicted of his absence. this poses all kinds of questions. is she saved to come back? it seems she will have to make her own way. we see, finally, the family's lawyer has confirmed in the saturday edition of the times that he has been instructed to take legal steps to secure a return against the wishes of sajid javid. to secure a return against the wishes of sajid javid. the home secretary may think you can stop it from coming to this country but the head of m16 says he cannot stop. the
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former boss of the dpp, ken macdonald, they both said, quite rob lee, unless she has dual nationality you cannot take a passport offer. —— quite properly. many people watching the programme will say, you made your bed, lie in it, to this woman. she was very young when she went out there, she is now older, she has a tragedy, terrible tragedy, lost two children, etc, but she does not show any sign of amours. and if she does come back the expectation is that she will be prosecuted, she will be made part of the temporary extension order, she will be monitored closely, and there will be an attempt to tea— break laser. closely, and there will be an attempt to tea—break laser. as they should be, in my view. lukwesa, i forgot one little element. the times also says that should she make her wait back to britain, she will face legal proceedings by social services to safeguard her child. tower hamlets, the london borough in which her parents live has intervened in
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similar cases and said that keeping children safe from extremist indoctrination was vital. 0k. right. the daily telegraph talks about what you mentioned, m16. the contradiction from the home secretary and the head of m16. they will love this. they have still got a place. hearing this, we have heard about their loss of territory, they are finished now, even she says the caliphate is over, certainly. to be hearing is from m16, a viable threat. the boss of m16 is an before because the caliphate is over. that is not isis done at all. he said they will more than spread. they are all over europe, they are all over the world. don't think for a single second they have gone away. there are many seriously. he makes a point that people like this woman, shamima begum, although he did not refer to her directly, people like that, when they do return to their country of
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origin they are a worry. they are a serious worry because of the connection they have made, because what have learned, and because as it may be the case with her, the basic ideology and the beliefs remain, just as solid as when they left. the daily telegraph rightly points out that just a0 daily telegraph rightly points out thatjust a0 out of daily telegraph rightly points out that just a0 out of a00 daily telegraph rightly points out thatjust a0 out of a00 britons returning from syria have been prosecuted with the vast majority placed on rehabilitation programmes. it is deemed to be... a real alive problem. let us turn to the independent. —— leiva problem. president trump. i had the pleasure of watching president trump. 50 odd minutes. will he get away with it, do you think west i have no idea. he surprised us. he introduced this emergency order to find the wall
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because congress would not give him the money. he said ok, fine, you will give me the money, iwill declare an emergency to find the wall. he spent a great deal of time just trying tojustify wall. he spent a great deal of time just trying to justify it saying there was an invasion of people coming across the border, they were bringing drugs in, causing crime, at cetera. many of his statements will be challenged, were challenged by the democrats, saying he got his facts wrong. and sure as eggs are rick zabel taken to court, almost certainly to the supreme court to try to stop doing this —— as eggs are eggs, they will taken to court. constitutionally, they say it is not on. it is a political thing. constitutionally, they say it is not on. it is a politicalthing. it constitutionally, they say it is not on. it is a political thing. it is an election promise he made. the whole thing was completely undermined for me, having gone through all of this and try to justify, he said, "i don't have to do this". if you don't have to do it how can it possibly be a national emergency? democrats are making the
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point. this is an abuse of power. there is no national emergency. if anything, the numbers have gone down, the peak was in 2000. definitely went down to about a00,000, 300 and the thousands. many people would consider that is too much. but i thought it was interesting in dan johnson's much. but i thought it was interesting in danjohnson's report, earlier today, on the ground speaking to people for and against the wall, was the humanitarian plight of seeing a woman, i cannot remember if she was from columbia... what mahler. with a young child, starving, nothing to eat. there is a human tragedy in that sense unfolding. apparently there is a very big drugs problem as well. and what they are trying to do is get the people who want to go into the us to the actual border controls and not get a lot of diverted attention. it is at the border controls where
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the drug problem exist. it is not coming overa the drug problem exist. it is not coming over a fence a past event. lawyers will make a loss of money. the wall won't be built any time soon “— the wall won't be built any time soon —— lot of money. there is an incredible battle royal that we will watch in washington, because we have to remember that, like it or not, this was one of the main planks the main pledges of this presidential candidate, who became the president. well, one of the other things he spoke about in this speech... britain. it was covered on the front of the express. brexit boost for britain. three sentences of a speech that lasted 50 minutes. he was outlining the various things he has achieved — better relations with china, north korea, et cetera, et cetera. a new trade deal with britain, which he said they would be doing a lot more trade with britain. he said you have all heard about this brexit thing, after that we will be doing a lot more trade. the pro—brexit express love this. it is
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a great boost for us, according to the express. they're referred to it asa the express. they're referred to it as a {12.8 billion per year deal. there are others already negotiated. liam fox announced one with switzerland earlier in the week. one with chile and the faroe islands. just how much value can get out of that, but it is there, nevertheless. a great triumph for britain, according to the daily express, and all brexiteers. mr trump, according to the daily express, and all brexiteers. mrtrump, assuming he keeps his promise, saying we will be doing business with them. this is music to theresa may's years and to lee fox's in what has been a very tough week. the front of the times and mps forced to move house.
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to reduce the threat. this is a really disturbing story. and a good thing this is on the front page because this has been underreported. does it really take footage which we saw on twitter and then on british and other channels. this is the story of a female mps being forced to move house and have bodyguards because of threats, very real threats... because of their position on brexit. but this is interfering now with democracy because the times political editor, france's elliott, some mps have been bullied into changing their position on crucial votes. this is absolutely unacceptable. this is after they
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have been targeted by extremists. the former deputy labour leader has been talking about this. one fear not a lament terry and has been advised by police not to travel at night by her own. another not to travel in local part or to drive by themselves. several of those have been targeted by brexit extremists — we do not know who these people are — they said the police are failing to clamp down on threats. this is after the murder ofjob cox was security for mps is supposedly heightened. one chap was arrested for potted the killing labour mps. another one got a community sentence. this is serious stuff.
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another got threatened that they would have their children and grandchildren killed. believe it or not, £1 million a day is lost through this kind of fraud, push payment fraud whereby crooks persuade people to transfer money from one account to another. what is happening now is that the banks have set upa happening now is that the banks have set up a fund to compensate these people because previously they said it was not their fault. the customer saying they were just conned into this. now the banks have agreed to pay compensation. a source i was talking to set it is going to cost us. talking to set it is going to cost us. they will charges more on our services or whatever it might be.
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why should we pay for someone who is so why should we pay for someone who is so named i think that is slightly and charitable. vulnerable people can fall for these scams. i think it isa can fall for these scams. i think it is a good idea to pay these people for compensation. victory for consumers even if we will have to pay later. the guardian... what does that mean? i looked at this. 10,000 kids on strike from school to protest about the lack of action at government level across the world over climate change. my first reaction was, they should be in school. why can't they do this on a saturday and not a friday. i'll be encouraged that our kids are
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concerned about this.|j encouraged that our kids are concerned about this. i encouraged by their passion. but once you interviewed were extremely particular. 60 schools outside parliament and apparently they blocked some black cabs at a think it is interesting that these protests started with a remarkable 16—year—old in sweden but they have now gone into belgium, the netherlands et cetera. there is an awareness that is very much happening and the argument is, it is a very wealthy you are adults and other people who are older to make this kind of decisions but you do not have a great sense of urgency and they said there should be one and they said there should be one and actually we are the ones breathing that care and dying from the pollution. as a one-off. .. breathing that care and dying from the pollution. as a one-off... not every week. the 15th of march. very quickly, it makes you think twice.
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the lack of security at certain zoos with regards to wild animals. be on your guard. what concerns due to most? and an labelled iran that tank with an open law. take your pick. a jaguar enclosure with a week barrier. doors unlocked. what about the ingenuity of the ship —— monkey. fantastic to watch. thank you very much. it has been lovely. don't forget, all the front pages are on line. if you missed the programme,
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head to the bbc iplayer. thank you to my guests. from all of us, cheerio, good night. good evening, here's your latest sports news. it's fa cup fifth—round weekend and watford are the first team to book their place into the quarterfinals. they beat championship side queens park rangers by a goal to nil at loftus road to progress. etienne capoue scoring for the visitors just before the break. qpr had late chances to equalise against the premier league side but failed to convert. tomorrow it's a real case of david and goliath. it's the premier league champions manchester city travelling to south wales to face
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league two's newport. 82 places between them — and newport boss michael flynn has summed it up while spekaing to the bbc— admitting victory would be the biggest upset in teh compeition's history. we are playing against the elite champions, the team with a record amount of points from last year and the best manager in the world right now. he is a class act and somebody everybody wants to learn from. we have to hope we played to the best of our abilities and manchester city have one, three or four with an off day. rugby union and in the premiership this evening. leaders exeter have lost only their third league game of the season as gloucester won a tight affair at kingsholme. the visitors took the lead through a nic white try inside the first 10 minutes. jason woodward ran into the corner to put gloucester in the lead. exeter drew level with the hosts on a couple occasions before ben morgan found the try line with 5 minutes to go to take
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the victory. elsewhere bristol lost at home to wasps. there were three games in the pro1a this evening — edinburgh capped off a strong second—half performance with three tries to secure a huge bonus—point win over dragons. while an unconverted try from stuart mccloskey and a penalty from john cooney was enough for an ulster victrory over ospreys. and defending championjohn higgins has been knocked out of the welsh open snooker. he was beaten 5—3 by world number 102 joe o'connor in their quarter—final. the 23 year old will now face stuart bingham for a place in the final after he beat china's zhou zing—tong. the south african government has accused the iaaf of a gross violation of caster semenya's human rights. and said that their proposed rule to restrict testosterone levels in female athletes is targeting the two time olympic champion.
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semenya is challenging the rule at the court of arbitration for sport next week. the iaaf wants to reduce levels of the hormone through medication or compete against men. and it would apply to women who compete in the a00 metres up to the mile. the south african sports minister has asked the whole country to support semenya in her fight. the body of football player emiliano sala has been returned to argentina. the striker‘s body arrived in buenos aires from london. and the funeral cortege will make its way to progreso where a vigil is scheduled to take place at a gymnasium near to where sala played youth football. cardiff city manager neil warnock and chief executive ken choo are among those who will attend sala's funeral on saturday. ferrari have unveiled the car they hope will win them the formula one title for the first time in 10 years. they say it's not a revolution but a development of last year's model, which came close to
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matching the mercedes but fell short after a series of errors by sebastian vettel and the team. vettel is joined by charles leclerc this year, after his impressive debut season for sauber. that's all your sport for now, enjoy the rest of your evening. there are changes on the way for the weekend. if you have been enjoying the blue sky varies not as much on offer but some still available. wales, plenty of blue skies. temperatures up to 17.5dc, higher than thursday. we are going to be mild on the weekend. a couple of weather systems turning things quite wet across north—west scotland, pulling away later in the night
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across the northern isles and another one ready to come in on sunday. as a nike goes on, heavier rain across northern scotland. a bid of patchy rain sinking further south across the uk. barely any rain associated with that. temperatures at the low single figures in parts of the east south—east of england are not as cold as on recent nights. the weekend, maya and, quite breezy, dry for many of us but the weather systems will deliver some rain the western pa rt of systems will deliver some rain the western part of the uk. ——my old. mild. ill fog here and there. sunny
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spells in northern england. the best of the sunshine in scotland to the east. fairly breezy. some stronger gusts but the wind will get stronger steel into sunday as of this weather system slowly comes in from the west. we will clear a lot of the cloud away as we go into saturday night and sunday morning. many will start sunday with some sunshine. some outbreaks of rain pushing through northern ireland quick lee and weakening as it moves its way further ease. heavy bursts in northern scotland. when gusts up to 50 mph. temperatures helped by more sunshine on sunday. picking a gang in the mid teens. that your latest forecast, have a good weekend. welcome to bbc news. i'm ben bland. our top stories: walls work, says donald trump, as he invokes national emergency
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powers to fund the barrier on mexico's border. we're going to be signing, today, and registering, national emergency. and it's a great thing to do. we are going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border, and we are going to do it one way or another, we have to do it one way or another, we have to do it. a stark warning from britain's foreign intelligence service, mi6, that the islamic state group and al-qaida are regrouping for more attacks. and, she shone a light on the black british experience. the author andrea levy has died at the age of 62.
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