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barclays has reported a profit of £3.5 billion for 2018, unchanged on the previous year. the bank also announced a provision of £150 million for "anticipated economic uncertainty" related to brexit. you are bothered wear black clothing you are bothered by flies far more than if you were closing with a pattern like this. terry, you are tom jones‘ owner. the bank is under pressure what sort of use does this research from ed bramson, the us—based but british born activist investor have for you potentially as a horse who controls over 5% owner and breeder? it's great of ba rclays shares. because they can be plagued by flies he wants the bank to resctructure, scale back in the summerso because they can be plagued by flies in the summer so it's fantastic for its investment bank operation. us in the summer so it's fantastic for us to be able to put something on to it‘s worth noting barclays shares are 30% down from 2015 alleviate them from those problems. when the present boss thank you to both of you were thank you to martin, let‘s have a quick inspection, looking closely at the stripes. no flies on tom jones! jes staley took over. great stuff, thank you, jon kay in bristol. let‘s look at the weather prospects now, ben rich is here. a let‘s talk to laith khalaf, senior beautiful blue sky in bristol for the horses and zebras. analyst at hargreaves lansdown. we have winter dressed up as spring, first, putting money aside for brexit, everyone is doing it at the the temperatures are way above where moment, do you think they are doing they should be at the moment, some of us are seeing some sunshine enough? is the reality is that we including sheep here in shropshire don't know. the amount they have put and on this air must chart it shows where the air has been coming from, aside, £150 million for barclays, could prove to be overly cautious, from close to the caribbean. it‘s and it could be insufficient as
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really warm air that has been scooped up and brought in our direction and that‘s giving us some well. we don't know when they don't pretty high temperatures. some of us started off pretty cloudy this morning but there are some holes know. and that is the problem with appearing in the cloud, parts of east wales and the midlands very the uk banking sector at the moment and explains the lowly share prices sunny indeed and this hole in the we have seen on a lot of that banks. cloud across north—east scotland the performance for barclays over have allowed temperatures to get the three years has been poor, and thatis the three years has been poor, and that is a big factor in that, close to 17 degrees. the record in brexit. so the market doesn't like february 17 .9 degrees in february, uncertainty, and given that we have i wouldn‘t completely rule that out brexit looming, we don't know through this afternoon because where looking at the year forward whether we keep spells of sunshine temperatures widely 14—17 but maybe the bank will be in good health or in northern scotland could get up to 18 degrees. this evening and overnight many will be dry with clear spells. we start to develop poor health. we will talk about ed fog down towards the south—east. branson in a second but one of the topic, the money they are putting after a one day the temperatures aside the legal deals and legal overnight are going to drop away. issues, is that a big problem still question part they put over 2 you seem the and blueish colour is billion last year. never say never but that should be disappearing in developing particularly towards the the rear—view mirror. last year, south and east, a fairly chilly £1.11 the rear—view mirror. last year, £1.4 billion put aside for misdemeanours from a long time ago, night, nothing exceptional for the selling mortgage—backed securities time of year. more cloud and patchy in the us, so that should be a rain in the south—west —— in the one—off. ppi was also a big part of that. the ppi claims deadline is north—west. tomorrow morning, if you have travel plans across the south this august, so this should be the
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very la st this august, so this should be the very last year we get any ppi east, central southern england, the midlands, east anglia, fog could be charges from the banking sector, so in theory that should all be behind a problem. it will be a mixture of us. mist and low cloud but potentially in theory that should all be behind us. with banking conduct, it is a dense fog which could reduce perpetual risk. what about ed visibility. some may spread into east wales, parts of northern branson, he wants to reduce the england and some could be quite slow to clear and could spoil the day exposure to investment banking, has tomorrow but for the majority we are he got a point? we don't officially going to see lots of blue sky, lots know what edward branson wants, and of sunshine. a bit of cloud for i don't think the board knows either. we know he wants a seat on scotla nd of sunshine. a bit of cloud for scotland and northern ireland but the board and there will be an agm temperatures widely13—14 but one or two places could get to 17—18. not on that later this spring. the much will change as we head into the i’uitioui's are on that later this spring. the rumours are he on that later this spring. the i’uitioui's are he wants on that later this spring. the rumours are he wants to shrink the investment bank but weekend. i pressure in charge across europe. frontal systems trying to push on from the west. this will bring a bit of cloud and rain across northern ireland and western scotland, maybe into west wales during saturday. further east we hold onto some sunshine once any actually the investment bank over the last quarter was relatively early fog has cleared. temperatures strong. that gives the current board a little more resilience to go into those negotiations with a slightly 13-15, early fog has cleared. temperatures 13—15, we should be more like 6—9 at bigger bargaining chip. and some other business stories. standard chartered bank is putting this time of year. sunday morning aside £690 million for potential fines involving investigations looks set to start off graeme murty in britain and the us. the money will cover separate with fog in places but the fog
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investigations into breaches of us sanctions and foreign exchange trading issues. it also covers a fine ofjust over should clear to reveal sunshine —— grey and murky. temperatures 12—14. £100 million from the uk‘s financial conduct authority related to financial crime controls. city centres are in danger as we head through the next few of becoming ghost towns as shopping habits change. dates towards the weekend we can this is a warning from expect some warm days with some a committee of mps. sunshine, still the potential for they says it needs to "level some chilly nights and some foggy the playing field" for high street retailers possibly by raising taxes mornings. on online giants such as amazon. the mps also called for lower a reminder of our main business rates and more story this lunchtime. regeneration in town centres. the 11 mps who make up the new independent group in parliament say they expect more mps to join them, with two former government ministers saying they‘ll resign from the conservative party if there‘s a deal the food giant nestle and several other big companies have pulled their adverts from youtube brexit. following claims they appeared next that‘s all from the bbc news at one. to offensive content. it‘s goodbye from me. on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. the firm, which shares a parent company with google, has been criticised for not removing offensive content fast enough in the past. good afternoon, it‘s 1.30pm and here‘s your latest sports news... the six nations returns on saturday the ftse100 has been weighed down after a week‘s break and excitment
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on this morning by a clutch is building as the home nations of disappointing results for some name their teams of the markets biggest companies. for the third round. centrica, which owns british gas, wales and england face each other has warned it will struggle to meet in cardiff on saturday with both cash flow targets this year. sides undefeated so far meaning there‘s still potential for either side to win the triple crown and grand slam. our rugby correspondent chrisjones was at eddiejones‘ team announcement this morning. that‘s all the business news. tea m raf and us air force planes team selection was pretty will perform a fly—past above a park straightforward for the england in sheffield tomorrow where an american bomber crashed boss, eddiejones. during the second world war killing straightforward for the england boss, eddie jones. two straightforward for the england boss, eddiejones. two enforced changes at loose head prop, ben moon all ten men on board. comes in for the injured mack could a young boy called tony foulds saw polo with chris ashton ruled out on the plane come down that day in 19114 and has spent the last 75 years tending to the memorial in the park. the wing, joe goggin seeger will get john maguire has the story. his first taste of six nations action if he comes on as a replacement. despite those two fabulous wins england have had so far, eddiejones fabulous wins england have had so far, eddie jones has fabulous wins england have had so far, eddiejones has been keen to play the underdog. he says all the focus has been on wales this week when it probably hasn‘t and says eve ryo ne when it probably hasn‘t and says everyone expects wales to win, when on the 22nd of february 19114, they probably don‘t. all part of
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the crew of the mi amigo took off creating this siege mentality. for a bombing raid over northern hoping to help put a halt to that denmark. it was to be their last flight. run is gareth anscombe who has been the aircraft crashed into endcliffe park in sheffield, named at fly—half for wales ahead having deliberately of dan biggar. avoided nearby houses. very few of the b—17 warren gatand has also recalled flying fortresses remain. gareth davvies to partner anscombe here at the american air museum, while dragons lock cory hill takes part of the imperial war museum over from adam beard. in duxford, you can walk under scotland also have a new fly—half the wings of the iconic bomber. and for megan leo, a relative of one in their starting 15. peter home is one of four changes of the crew, imagine what flying made by gregor townsend as they aim on board must have been like. for theirfirst win in france for 20 years. he replaces finn russell who sustained a concussion playing for his club. blair kinghorn, nick grigg and magnus bradbury also come into the starting 15. he was my age when he would have been in there, and when he died. and just seeing all that, i can‘t even imagine. there aren‘t words for it, really. gregor melchor hernandez was the one rangers say they will do "everything possible" to stamp out the type who gave the mi amigo, "my friend" in spanish, its nickname. of abuse aimed at kilmarnock boss steve clarke in wednesday‘s hisjob on board as the bombardier scottish cup tie. would have meant him sitting clarke said he faced "sectarian" here at the very nose of the plane. abuse from the "dark ages" at ibrox as his side lost 5—0 in their last—16 replay. a rangers statement said the club i can‘t even imagine sitting in that "wishes to make it clear that unacceptable behaviour will not be cramped space with nine other men whose lives are so connected to mine.
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tolerated at ibrox." and just remembering the names, i think, and knowing the ten and knowing the mi amigo and having that forever etched in our hearts eleven—time women‘s world champion and in our memories. reanne evans will make history when she becomes one of two female players to compete on television the aircraft were popular in the final stages of a world with their crews who lived, ranking event in the uk. flew and fought together, evans is preparing to play jimmy white at the snooker shoot out this evening, while emma parker a band of brothers. takes on india‘s laxman rawat tomorrow. timing is everything in the event, with a limit of 15 seconds allowed you're in there with ten guys per shot in the one—frame matches. who you're flying with all the time, and you'll be living with them, so yes, the camaraderie, and getting through mission after mission after mission, you know, you build up that friendship and that... obviously, you look out for each other. and those strong bonds of camaraderie remain among modern day aircrews. this is raf lakenheath, i‘ve just got to hope the nerves the home of the b—15 strike eagle calm me down a little bit and don‘t jets that will form the main body of tomorrow‘s fly—past. take over my playing. these crews will have flown hundreds of missions, but knowingjimmy, i‘m hoping it both in training and in combat, will stand in good stead, make me feel a little bit more but this memorial flight over sheffield is something very comfortable on the table different, something very special. and obviously it‘s not your and one aircraft will leave traditional snooker so it‘s not the formation as it flies over, going to be really quiet the symbolic missing man. and things like that, so it‘s going to be a lot harder to concentrate i think, but we will see what happens. i‘m really looking forward to it. england have recalled
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sam billings and dawid malan for the three—match twenty20 series against the west indies next month. wicketkeeper billings and batsman it is a very rare honour, malan return to the t20 squad for the first time since last year‘s and it‘s only bestowed on air crew that have passed and for special tour of australia and new zealand. all—rounder ben stokes and events like this, and again, when this got brought forward, wicketkeeperjos buttler are rested. it‘s a special way for all of us break dancing has been proposed to honour all those aircrew, both american and in for the 2024 olympic games in paris. the raf, that passed. it was included in last so for us, this is not only year‘s youth olympic games a special way for us to honour but there were no british competitors in what was the fallen mi amigo aircrew, an invitation event. but also all the aircrew that have team gb says they welcome new sports and will work with the relevant passed leading up to those events. bodies to develop our relationships at the appropriate time. the world dance sports federations says "it is an incredible we love the opportunity to take honour and privilege that, the opportunity to honour for the first time, the crew of the mi amigo, a dance discipline is being and the guys that came before us and were able to pave the way considered for inclusion" for us is a huge honour. 75 years ago, ten young men gave their lives serving their country and ours. the fly—past aircraft will carry their names as they are commemorated by their present—day counterparts, by their families and by thousands that‘s all the sport for now. of thankful strangers. you can find more on all those lest we forget. stories on the bbc sport website. john maguire, bbc news, that‘s at raf lakenheath in suffolk.
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more now on brexit — now it‘s time for a the labour leaderjeremy corbyn has been in brussels this afternoon look at the weather. meeting the eu‘s chief negotiator michel barnier. let‘s cross to the newsroom and join he‘s been speaking to journalists in the last few minutes — ben rich. good afternoon, what a day let‘s listen to what he had to say. it is for many of us, not all of us we‘ve just had a series of very useful, informative and very frank discussions with representatives of the european union, and of course with michelle barnier. the danger of seeing blue sunny skies like this, a with michelle barnier. the danger of 3110 with michelle barnier. the danger of but many of us are, and where we a no deal exit from the european union from britain is a very serious have the sunshine, we have some warmth as well, temperatures have and very present one. we from the only been heading upwards, the air labour party have made it very clear heading our way has come from a long that we do not countenance a no deal way south, close to the caribbean. we have scooped that very warm exit, because of the danger to jobs tropical air up, we have moved it in and supply chains in the that direction, it is that air mass that direction, it is that air mass that we sit within today. the where manufacturing industry, as well as the cloud has broken up, we have the food processing and many other seen some the cloud has broken up, we have seen some spells of sunshine, temperatures have been climbing, industries. we‘ve put forward what parts of eastern scotland have seen we believe to be a credible process, temperatures up to 17.9 degrees. notice the february record for scotla nd notice the february record for scotland is also 17.9 degrees, so we which would be to negotiate a are very close to breaking a temperature record in scotland. through the rest of this afternoon customs union with the european where we see that sunshine, those union, and alignment to ensure market access. we are strongly of temperatures will continue to respond. during this evening and
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tonight come a bit more cloud feeding and across parts of northern the belief that these proposals are ireland and western scotland, may be credible, and that has been the odd spot of rain here, quite confirmed by our meetings today, and that they could be negotiated. the breezy. as a consequence, not especially chilly but further east problem is the prime minister is and south, after that warm day, insisting on her deal, which has watch the colour drain away from the already been defeated very heavily chart, temperatures will dip away in parliament, and running down the just a few degrees above freezing in clock by trying to keep the threat places and also across this of no deal on the table, with all south—eastern quarter of the uk, we the damage that does. and so, when could see a mixture of cloud, mist we returned to parliament, we will and fog to start off tomorrow continue to put what we believe to morning. if you are travelling first bea thing on friday through parts of continue to put what we believe to be a sensible and credible way kent for example, along the south forward , be a sensible and credible way forward, which would protectjobs coast up into the midlands, east and protect living standards in britain, and ensure there isn‘t the anglia, here there is the potential disruption of what would be a very for some fog, quite patchy but also quite dense and some of that fog dangerous no deal exit from the could even spread into parts of east european union, and very damaging to the economic interests of people in wales, may be parts of northern england as well, and where we have this country and of course within the fog it could be slow to clear, it could spoil the day across parts the european union itself. it is of the south—east but for the much easier if we do one at a time, it is the way it works, so i will majority any fog will clear, lou ta ke it is the way it works, so i will take this gentleman here first. we will put a motion to parliament, as skies and sunshine once again, just this pesky clown for northern ireland, the west of scotland, the odd spot of rain here, but in the i have already, keir starmer and myself at a motion to parliament, sunshine, 13 to 1a degrees vary
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widely, some spots will get a few which included the option of a degrees higher than that. into the weekend, changes will be slow, high pressure still sitting across the popular vote to confirm or otherwise continent, this frontal system agreements that have been reached, pushing in from the west, some and that was rejected by parliament cloud, patchy rain into northern at that stage, but clearly it is ireland, western scotland, may be very much part of the agenda put scraping into west wales is the day forward by the labour party. did mr wears on. the head of that, some spells of sunshine and some unseasonable warmth. six to 9 barnier say it would be impossible to have an extension? we have talked degrees would be typical, more like 12 to 15 on saturday. sunday could about the idea of extending article bring the return of some cloud, mist and fog, which again could be slow 50. well, it is obviously a complex to clear but i‘m hopeful by sunday and very difficult question for me afternoon, sunny skies, temperatures to a nswer and very difficult question for me to answer at this stage. the issue still doing pretty well for the time should be that the british of year. over the next few days as government should be serious about we head to the weekend, we would taking no deal off the table and expect more warm weather by day with moving in the direction of getting a some sunshine, some chilly nights political declaration, which would but the potential for some foggy lead to the kind of suggestions we have put forward on customs union. mornings. do you believe the majority of the british public would be happy with a customs union? well, there would be a say in how one does the trade
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deals within a customs union of course, but i do think the majority of people in britain, however they voted in the referendum, didn‘t vote to see their rights torn up, didn‘t hello, i‘m shaun ley vote to see jobs lost, and didn‘t and this is afternoon live. today at 2. vote to see jobs lost, and didn‘t vote for disruption on the day we after the 11 resignations of labour and conservative leave the european union. i do think mps, now more fallout. there is an understanding of the two former government need to be intelligent, sensible and ministers warn they‘ll resign if there‘s a no deal brexit. practical how we take it forward. a former attorney general says he wants his party to act in the national interest. you say you want to see a say in if i were to get to a point where i felt my party european trade deals in future, but was no longer doing that, did you get any suggestion from the then i would have to resign the whip but that wouldn‘t mean i had to go meeting today that the eu is minded off and join something else. labour leaderjeremy corbyn, says is teenager shamima begum to negotiate that? look, we can't should be allowed back into britain negotiate, we are not the and given support. government. what we can do is set out what our objectives are as the a windfall of tax receipts labour party, as the opposition in means a big boost for the government‘s finances. parliament, we have done that. what i would say is the threat of no deal dozens die in a fire that ripped through four apartment buildings in bangladesh. is something that has deeply exercised people throughout the european union, they are very an unprecendented summit at the vatican on the sexual abuse
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worried about the consequences of scandals in the catholic church. it, and that was conveyed to us in no uncertain terms during the meeting, that is why we are determined to get no deal taken off the table. many in brussels believe article 50 will have to be extended. i think it is clear that this prime minister, by refusing to change her red lines, is simply running down the clock, and that is what is instilling a concern here, and back in the uk, about the timescale, and the question really is why is the prime minister blocking a proposal, which is clearly credible, clearly capable of being negotiated, and would actually help break this impasse. that is why there is the anxiety. did it come up in the conversation today, was that something that was floated, some kind of extension? you will
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appreciate these are confidential negotiations and we don‘t want to break trust with our european friends who have been so positive and frank in their discussions with us. and frank in their discussions with us. we have so many values in common, and we have an ambition for the closest possible relationship for the good of all, and that is where we are at times at odds with some in misses may‘s party. but it is not too late for misses may to listen to a proposal that we think we can get support in the uk and crucially in the house of commons, and can be constructively negotiated with the european union. she is allowing herself to be held to ransom by a small group in her party called the erg, and that is one of the problems. she has got to realise she has to change her ways, otherwise the danger of a no deal exit and all the chaos that would cause is a very real possibility. 0k? cause is a very real possibility. ok? last question over there.
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cause is a very real possibility. 0k? last question over there. do you have further meeting scheduled with the prime minister? yes, we are prepared to meet the prime minister again, there is no planned or scheduled meeting, but yes, it would not be difficult to arrange i‘m sure another meeting with the prime minister. i wrote to her a very clear letter after our previous meeting which set out our views on this, a copy of which has been given to michelle barnier, so he is very well aware of what the position of the official opposition in parliament. jeremy corbyn and his colleague speaking to reporters in brussels. the british government has confirmed for the first time that around 100 "white helmets" rescuers and theirfamily members have been re—settled in the uk. they were evacuated from syria with the help of the uk last year. in the first tv interview with one of the resettled white helmet rescuers, the bbc spoke to a man who has left a life of pulling bodies from collapsed buildings in syria — and is starting out again in the uk with his young family. catrin nye met him.
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translation: working with the white helmets was not a merejob for me, it was my whole life. when war broke out in syria, khalil, whose name we‘ve changed, didn‘t want to help. didn‘t want to fight. he became a white helmet, part of a coordinated group of rescuers across syria. they are backed by the uk government having so far had more than £38 million of uk funding. we went through sport and rope climbing tests, they examined our fitness. where he was trained outside syria in search and rescue, fire extinguishing, life—saving, and how to drive an ambulance. often when we were transporting an injured woman, man or child, they would start praying, kissing us, thanking us. it was such a beautiful feeling. for the people who are trapped in this conflict, the white helmets was their safety net.
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khalil was a white helmet in syria for 3.5 years, but they operate in rebel areas and so became targets for the syrian regime. eventually khalil, his wife and children had to be evacuated. he was later brought to the uk. do you remember when you first arrived? i was shocked that, after being threatened by death or arrest, i was now in a safe country. here, there is freedom, democracy, peace, a multitude of all different religions, side by side, and many other things that i‘ve been living without. the white helmets went through a thorough vetting process, and were given refugee status before arrival as part of the uk‘s government vulnerable persons resettlement scheme. for the first time the government has confirmed it has resettled around 100 refugees who were syrian white helmets and their family members. i would hope they will play a full part in their communities here, that they will find safety, that they will learn english, that they will move into employment and they will find security,
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safety and stability. a few months in, khalil and his family are getting used to life in the uk. life has completely changed. now i have goals, firstly to take care of my children and theirfuture, and i‘m working hard on learning the language here. i also want to return the favour to the united kingdom and its people who supported us while i was still in syria. catrin nye, bbc news. and you can see the full film at in a moment we‘ll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news... the 11 mps who make up the new independent group say they expect more mps to join them, with two former government ministers warning they‘ll resign if there‘s a no—deal brexit. a windfall of tax receipts means a big boost for the government‘s finances. dozens die in a fire that ripped
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through four apartment buildings in bangladesh. i‘m jamie robertson in the business news... the chancellors in the money — for now. public sector finances registered their biggest surplus on record in january ofjust under £15 billion. barclays sets aside £150 million for the cost of brexit — as the boss assured investors that the bank remains committed to the uk and urges them to reject the advances of the activist investor ed bramson. what does he want? we‘ll explain in just a second. centrica, which owns british gas, warns it will struggle to meet cash flow targets this year as it comes under pressure from a cap 00:18:46,481 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 on energy prices in the uk.
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