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tv   Beyond 100 Days  BBC News  February 21, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm GMT

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this is beyond 100 days this is bbc news. with me, jane o'brien in washington. the headlines at 8pm. matthew price is in london. our top stories... a 16—year—old boy has been found guilty of the abduction, rain and murder, of six—year—old alesha macphail on the isle of bute last summer you're watching beyond 100 days. britain's theresa may holds meetings with leading tory remainers -- rain. from victim to offender, amid speculation about further actorjussie smollett is accused defections from her party. of faking a hate crime why do zebras have black and white stripes? scientists think they've crimes such as this are extremely to promote his career. found the answer. rare and i'm glad to have been able coming up in the next half hour... to get justice for alesha police say it was a slap in the face a new exhibition in new york takes and her family. a bbc investigation finds people a closer look at the work having to wait six months for disability payments, to the city of chicago of legendary lord of the rings because assessors, are too tough. author, jrr tolkien. leading conservative remainers are and ahead of hollywood's biggest all for a publicity stunt. to the city of chicago night on sunday, we ask called to downing street for talks — jussie smollett is charged how exactly do you go amid speculation more with falsifying a police report. the noose, the chemical attack, could leave the party. the racist slogans, more than 70 people have died police say it was all a hoax. about winning an oscar? in a fire that ripped through four apartment buildings in bangladesh's this announcement today recognises capital dhaka police arrest the american tv actorjussie smollet — that the empire actor, jussie who they claim pretended to be smollet, took advantage of the pain the victim of a racist you don't get a quiet week and anger of racism to promote his in british politics any more. career. a moment of reckoning but this week, children for the catholic church as a summit were on a break from school on child sex abuse by priests begins and parliament was — at the vatican. as usual — expected also on the programme. to wind down a bit. an officer in the us coast guard then on monday seven labour is arrested on charges mps left their party. of planning a massive domestic
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terrorist attack, it's on tuesday another one followed, claimed he hoped to kill and on wednesday three conservative mps left their party. every person on earth. plus, a species of giant tortoise all of them said politics believed to have been extinct for more than 100 years, in the uk was broken — is discovered in the that their respective parties had galapagos islands. moved too far to the extreme. take a listen to the week so far. i cannot remain in a party that i have today come hello and welcome, i'm jane o'brien in washington to the sickening conclusion and matthew price is in london. is institutionally anti—semitic. a month ago, few had really heard i am furious that the labour leadership is complicit of the tv actorjussie smollett until he said he was the victim in facilitating brexit. of a racist and homophobic attack in chicago. his allegations sparked a national outcry. any criticism of the leadership several presidential candidates is responded to with abuse. and many media outlets denounced the attack. the honourable thing, the usual thing for them to do now it quickly fed into america's is to stand down and fight deepening racial and political divides. by—elections back in their constituencies. i am not leading to leaving the fast forward in this remarkable story to today. after weeks of swirling rumour conservative party, it has left us. about what actually happened, police now say he made it up. we have a prime minister bullied into submission by the erg they called his actions and is now dragging the country shameful and despicable. smollett — the police say — hired two men to stage the assault and parliament kicking and screaming
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as a publicity stunt because he was dissatisfied with his salary. aleem maqbool reports from chicago. to the edge of a no—deal abiss. i'm done. i very much hope that in time they will feel able to come back into the conservative family, it isa which is a very, very broad church. it is a humiliating fall from grace. i'm joined now by academic used two appearances on the red maya goodfellow and journalist tom harwood. carpet, actorjussie smollet has now good evening. a question that... been snapped for his mugshot. come, follow on. which party comes arrested for concocting a fake hate out worse? it is not good for any crime against him. party. it is going to be difficult # sometimes you feel insecure... is best known to us audiences for to lose mps. party. it is going to be difficult to lose mp5. the conservative party at the party of government. they are playing a sensitive, slightly in control of brexit negotiations troubled r&b singer in the tv series and the economic policy of the last empire. this is exactly wherejussie smollet says he was attacked in the few years. it is damaging. losing early hours of the morning when he had gone out to get food. he says two men punched him, subjected him mps few years. it is damaging. losing mp5 for few years. it is damaging. losing mps forany few years. it is damaging. losing mp5 for any party is not a good to racist and homophobic abuse, even look. we have to remember the at one point shouting at him that context. the labour party have lost this was make america great again eight mps and they are expected to country, suggesting they'd been lose up to 30. the conservatives
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trump supporters. my manager was still on the phone so i picked up have only lost three mps who are the phone and i said, brandon, and basically independence anyway. the he said, "what's going on?" i said i labour party has driven out these wasjumped. i mps through the seismic shift it has he said, "what's going on?" i said i was jumped. i saw there was a rope around my neck. the president been under. there is no question himself was among many who came out that the labour party has come off worst from this. the polls bear this to condemn the attack. himself was among many who came out to condemn the attacklj himself was among many who came out to condemn the attack. i think it is horrible, doesn't get worse. but out. the conservative party have an police now say two brothers, seen 8% lead. you have here buying ski masks and head of out. the conservative party have an 896 lead. you have 30 days are under to go to brexit, what do the achieve the incident, were paid by smollet by leaving their parties at this himself to stage the attack because, they say, he was unhappy with his point? i think this is part of the problem. it seems to be a bad time salary. empire actorjussie smollet took advantage of the pain and anger to do this. if they had these of racism to promote his career. i'm objections, and particularly these conservative mps, why did they not left hanging my head and asking why. jump conservative mps, why did they not jump ship earlier? the question should be why are we not having why would anyone, especially an by—elections? why do they think they can stand down from the party but african—american man, use the symbolism of a news to make false remain as mp5 when they stood in an election on the party manifestos and accusations? hate crimes have seen a as representatives of these parties? dramatic increase in the us of late very few people in the country can
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but the police and rights advocates name theirmp, they alike have talked of their dismay at very few people in the country can name their mp, they know who to vote for in terms of a party. now we are the harm jussie smollet has done to seeing mps who have said we should those who really have suffered. be having some kind of second and we can go live to chicago referendum, we should go back to the and speak to aleem now. people and the people should be trusted to make sensible decisions. they have made a decision in terms we heard the superintendent eddie of stepping down from their parties johnson basically, presumably, voicing the question that so many and they are not going back to the have. chicago is a city which people to ask them what they think about that. what are these grapples with its racial politicians stand for? it is not a inequalities are how on earth is game of personalities, it is this news being consumed there? yes, policies that affect people's lives and every single day. what do they he said it very strongly and stand for now they have left their passionately as well that we have parties? we do not know and they do over the last couple of years, in not seem to answer those questions. terms of homophobic attacks and to do it at this time is incredibly racist attacks, we have seen many messy but also to do it in this way, more reported to the police and, so, which seems like they are not standing for much at all is not a to have something like this to undermine those who are trying to do good look for them. tom, same something about it is a real shock question to you, what do they stand for people, like advocates rights for? it is clear for labour groups. there are attacks that have defectors, if you will, had a broad taken place groups. there are attacks that have ta ken place here groups. there are attacks that have taken place here in chicago over the range of issues that they disagreed
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last six months, and advocates have with their party on, brexit, said it has been incredibly damaging. jussie smollet is due to anti—semitism, trident, brought appear in the courthouse in the next economic policy, nationalisation, 20 minutes or so but, given the kind they had drifted from the party on these issues. or rather the labour of stunning evidence the police were party has drifted from the position talking about, it'll be difficult to see how he continues to insist this in 2010 when most of these mps got attack did happen. the police say he elected. the conservative party, it inflicted his own injuries in what is spurious the reasons that were appears to be a totally fictitious posed for the defections. what we attack. they say they've even recovered a cheque with which he sell is three conservative mps, all paid to make men to stage it. so, he who are upset over brexit, but are might still be sticking to his story trying to claim the conservative but a lot of people just shaking party have been under the same process over the last three years as their heads, including a lot of people who really stood by him when the labour party, which is patently he first came out with the news that nonsense. the conservative party he first came out with the news that he had been subjected to this entered the election in 2017 attack. very high profile people in denouncing both the socialist left the world of music, politicians, and and the libertarian right. the even donald trump condemning the commentators where seeing theresa attack. a lot of people now feeling may has parked her tanks on labour's very embarrassed they did that. what lawn. we saw that. the tax burden is
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happens to him now? presumably he is the highest it has been in 50 years. at the centre of an almighty we have never spent more on social backlash, presumably. indeed. it was services... the problem here is the an intriguing statement that was labour party has not drifted to the given by police earlier in the day, left since 2010, what has happened is that there has been a member led who said they'd hoped jussie smollet movement encouraging it to moved to didn't do anything dangerous. and the left. this idea that this new there are some who have expressed group of mps represents a shift, concerns about his mental health, these are some of the politicians how he comes back from something so humiliating, like this. and tries to who broke politics in the first place. anna soubry said she recover from it. there humiliating, like this. and tries to recoverfrom it. there are humiliating, like this. and tries to recover from it. there are a supported austerity, which is damage humiliating, like this. and tries to recoverfrom it. there are a lot humiliating, like this. and tries to recover from it. there are a lot of people who say that he should be to people up and down the country. we have seen an increase in food punished for what he's done. he can banks and a huge increase in get for the crimes he has been homelessness, these are policy charged with a sentence of up to decisions that were made by a government who have been in power three years. he could escape with just probation and a large fine, for nine years. anna soubry is though. there are those whether or saying she supports those decisions. by saying she supports those decisions. by saying they are trying to fix not he has got mental health issues wa nt to not he has got mental health issues politics, i would like to see some want to make sure that others don't reflection of how they help to break do anything like this ever again. it in the first place. i will agree
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thank you very much for updating us with you on the hypocrisy of anna live from chicago. well, as we mentioned, this case soubry. she said she supported the caused an outcry from politicians, including presidential hopefuls coalition government and john like kamala harris who tweeted: osborne. now she is saying theresa may is too right—wing. theresa may's party has abandoned austerity. it is to the left of the previous cameron government. now anna soubry and the others are saying they are trying to claim it is in the grip of the and similar language european research group, the was used by corey booker. right—wing of the tory party. i am but today the president sorry, right—wing of the tory party. i am sorry, we are right—wing of the tory party. i am sorry, we are heading for a soft shot back saying... brexit. theresa may is pushing the deal that would keep us trapped in a "jussie smollett, what about maga and the tens customs union for ever, a higher of millions of people you insulted with your racist degree of alignment with the eu. and dangerous comments! ? this is a centrist position that the #maga." for more on the political conservative party has right now. we fallout from this, we're joined by ron christie, only have a few seconds left. this former advisor to president george w bush. is the end of it? you think more run, as if the hoax wasn't bad labourmps, is the end of it? you think more labour mps, will more conservative score? it is very unlikely that one enough, this rush tojudgment run, as if the hoax wasn't bad enough, this rush to judgment on twitter feed said. what would be of two conservative mps will go, but
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they will be more labour mps. there the political cost, if peoplejust sat back for five minutes, took a may be marked. it is not the end of it but i think the spike and deep breath and zipped it?|j excitement will fizzle out when we sat back for five minutes, took a deep breath and zipped it? i don't think it is possible in this climate see they have very little important where people are tweeting. donald policies to offer the people. thank trump has 58 million twitter you both very much. a very good followers. they want to be part of the story and narrative rather than conversation. thank you. it does not taking a reflective look and saying, tell us anything of where the middle ground is. doi taking a reflective look and saying, do i know all the facts? we know what the facts are. politically the president of the european speaking, many of these politicians rush tojudgment commission, jean—claude juncker, speaking, many of these politicians rush to judgment to try to be on the has said he's "not very optimistic" politically correct side as opposed about the outcome of brexit, after his latest to the factual one. then they find talks with theresa may. the prime minister claimed that themselves on the wrong side of the progress had been made. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn has fa cts , themselves on the wrong side of the facts, doesn't that have a political also been in brussels for talks backlash? i think it will, with the eu's chief negotiator, michel barnier. he said there was a serious especially when all these democratic risk of a no—deal brexit candidates who really wanted to wrap and accused mrs may of deliberately themselves around and say, look, we running down the clock. are supportive, this actually happened and what a terrible labour leaderjeremy corbyn has tragedy. it is all a hoax and a lot attacked the government for its decision to strip shamima begum of her of constituents and voters will look british citizenship . at these people and say do i want to the british teenager who joined so called islamic state. put my trust into someone who is so the labour leader described it quick tojudge without as a ‘very extreme manoeuve.‘ put my trust into someone who is so quick to judge without knowing the fa cts ? quick to judge without knowing the mr corbyn also called facts? what do you think, ron, that for the 19—year—old,
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who recently gave birth, for some of those on the most to receive some support and be extreme end of donald trump's allowed back to britain. support base, this presumably the first details of a possible reinforces their preconceptions that trade deal between the us and china are starting to emerge — as the latest round of high—level the bigotry, the racial hatred in america is overblown by the left? talks get under way in washington. the talks come a week ahead good evening to you, matthew. i of the march deadline the trump administration has set for a deal think that's right and i'd further to avoid higher tariffs. critics say the trade war add that unfortunately the real political blow out here is your is a threat to the global economy. going to have people, many president trump's long—time conservatives, who say, see, i told political ally, roger stone, you, this is what happens, those on is appearing in court over instagram posts which appeared to threaten thejudge the left make things up, they put overseeing his criminal trial. mr stone is facing charges he lied this narrative out. unfortunately to congress during an investigation into alleged russian meddling what is going to happen when someone in the 2016 election. has a real case of harassment or an now to bangladesh where emergency workers have ended rescue efforts ethnic attack? is that person not after a huge fire tore through a multi—story building going to come forward? there are in the capital dhaka. 78 people were killed. strong ramifications out of this. it's thought part of the building — which was reduced to a charred shell yeah, that is a good point, isn't — was used to store chemicals. it, ron, those political the area where the fire is known ramifications and the backlash, the for its narrow lanes damage it does to people who and dense population.
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genuinely do have a grievance. i mean, do you see any of these gwyneth paltrow has counter—sued incidents, and there have been a lot of them now, actually amounting to a a retired optometrist who has taken legal action against her over restraint? no make. and, sadly, this a skiing accident in 2016. is where the president is at the last month, 72—year—old terry sanderson sued highest level of power, the paltrow claiming 3 point one milion dollars in damages. he said the actress knocked him down comforter injury. given how polarising donald trump has been, on a ski slope in utah, this would be a great opportunity leaving him with a brain injury for him to speak to the nation and and broken ribs. paltrow says that he was at fault to say we are all americans and we and his lawsuit is an "attempt to must come together and we mustn't exploit her celebrity and wealth." tolerate bigotry or anything that she is seeking a symbolic infringes upon the rights of others but unfortunately the president has taken to twitter when he should take $1 in damages. to the airwaves to try to calm a we know nothing is black and white in politics. polarising situation. thank you for so it is with some relief that we turn to something that joining us. the boss ordered his top officials really is black and white. to fly in from around the world let's talk about zebras. to deal with what he called an "evil" at the heart because scientists do now of their organisation. know why zebras have the boss is the pope. black and white stripes — the officials, bishops in the catholic church. the evil, of course, the children their pattern seems to confuse flies and others who were sexually abused over decades by clergy. — and the way they figured it out is rather simplistic. they dressed up horses a four—day summit is now under way. pope francis says the world expects
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to look like zebras — "concrete measures" to tackle the continuing scandal. ahead of the gathering survivors i love this. of child sexual abuse gave their testimony. and they studied the reaction of flies around these incognito horses compared to other zebras, and horses. one of the authors of the study is martin how — and he's in our studio in bristol. it was dark. and i noticed a movie good evening to you, martin. it projector with the wheels going around and around, and a picture up front. it was very interesting so i doesn't look very scientific. it may not look scientific but it was walked up to the machine, and there certainly very effective. it was was the priest sitting by it. and he incredible how strong the effect called me to sit on his lap. and i was. as soon as incredible how strong the effect was. as soon as you incredible how strong the effect was. as soon as you add zebra stripes to a horse, the number of did because he was father. and fathers were good, and godlike. and visits by horseflies drops so fathers were good, and godlike. and soi dramatically. our editor today, fathers were good, and godlike. and so i sat on his lap and i was anna, it is her last programme. watching the wheels go around and thanks for all the great work you the pictures showing, and it was do. anna is wearing black and white very exciting. and then he puts his stripes. we took a picture of her hands in my regina. and everything went black for me. i split. i went earlier... we are getting laughter now she realises she is on the television. if anna went down and away. and i don't know how long i stood beside the horses, with the was even there with him. those flies avoid her? absolutely. we were
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details are very disturbing. doing the research wearing black clothing, we tended to get bitten the keynote speech was given by cardinal luis tagle more often than when we were wearing of the philippines. he broke into tears saying... patterned clothing. zebra stripes "the wounds of the recent are the best protection from being crisis carried a memory of innocents suffering". pope francis has said for years that he wants to tackle bitten from horseflies. nowi are the best protection from being bitten from horseflies. now! can say no flies on anna. i always the scandal once and for all. he created his own commission to investigate abuse wa nted say no flies on anna. i always wanted to say that. if you have in the church back in 2014. it didn't get very far. stripes on zebras, why don't horses this is what he said as this summit opened. evolve to have stripes as well? that isa evolve to have stripes as well? that is a really good question. it is translation: i ask the holy spirit to support us in these days and help difficult to answer. what i can say us transform this evil into an opportunity is across the natural range of the for understanding and purification. habitat of zebra in africa, being may the virgin mary enlighten us to try to heal grave wounds bitten by a horseplay is notjust an that the paedophilia scandal has caused to both the annoyance , bitten by a horseplay is notjust an annoyance, can be a matter of life young and believers. and death. some of the horseflies carry nasty diseases. it is in the and joining us now from rome zebras best interest not to get is father thomas reese, a jesuit priest who is a senior bitten. that has been the analyst for religion news service. evolutionary driver. our domestic horses, they can tolerate being good evening to you. i wonder what bitten to a certain extent without is different this time? what is the risk of death. are laughing at going to change? well, i think
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the risk of death. are laughing at the pictures of the horses with what's different this time is the striped courts on. it is fetching but what is the application of the pope is called —— has called science? what do you now do with it? together these bishops from all over the obvious application is animal the world, and he has brought them to rome to emphasise to them that welfare. in horse stables. it is an this is a serious crisis, it is a effective way to protect horses from biting flies without making them worldwide crisis, and he wants them wear heavy coats that can be to do something about it. he wants uncomfortable in summer. another thing that i am quite excited about them to enforce the church's rule that no priest who's ever abused can is the potential application for computer systems. in our modern age, act as a priest again. he's got to we are dealing with more and more be out of the ministry, out of the robotic systems that use cameras to priesthood. i think that this is extremely important. the story we navigate, driverless cars and so on. just heard, from that survivor of i like the idea of investigating whether stripes cause problems for these systems as well. that is abuse, it just tears just heard, from that survivor of abuse, itjust tears your guts out. this is why the pope's told the fascinating. i already had a bishops before they came to rome question in my mind. surely if you put a court on a horse, the flies that they should listen to the victims of abuse in their countries. can't get the horse, with or without and the meeting itself here in rome stripes. that is true. the main started with a video of five motivation is to work out why zebras
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survivors of abuse telling their we re motivation is to work out why zebras were stripey. having said that, courts have to be thick to prevent stories. this is what's going to bates from horseflies. they can be motivate bishops to go home and do what they need to do. what i find quite uncomfortable. if you can astonishing and what i find shocking offer the horse he later caught that as my breathable in summer, is that, yes, that was a hopefully they will be more particularly alarming piece of testimony, but it is in the first time we've heard that. ijust wonder comfortable. — — hopefully they will be more comfortable. —— offer a lighter jacket. trying out the stripes this why the bishops have to be called to rome to take this seriously, to do summer. you can't borrow anna's top. something about it. well, i think still to come... that the bishops in the united still to come — it's the biggest states, in europe, you know... they night on hollywood's calender and whilst the red carpet won't be rolled out until the award ceremony on sunday. have heard these stories, the people we'll be in la — finding out just what it takes in pews have heard these stories, to actually win an oscar. and they are not going to hear not advisors to the government on climate change, say gas boilers and cookers should be banned much new at this meeting they in new homes, within six years. haven't been talking about for the so, what can we do to adapt our homes? last 20 years. but we are not the our correspondent, emma vardy, entire church. the problem is there has been finding out. are many bishops in asia, africa and
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keeping things snug is the key latin america who think this is only to making the energy we do use go so much further. a western problem, an american in future, developers could be forbidden from connecting homes problem, an english—speaking to the gas grid entirely. problem. and we don't have that electric has the advantage that it can be produced sustainably. problem. and we don't have that problem in our country or it is wind turbines... very, very few. they don't realise the reason they've heard so few stories is because only a few paul designed this house to use very victims have come forward. in their little energy at all. there are little extra upfront countries, it is, you know, costs, but pay back longer term. it lends itself perfectly culturally almost impossible for a to social housing. the good thing about it is, victim to come forward. because it it is using so little energy that the idea of fuel disgraces theirfamily. poverty is gone. victim to come forward. because it disgraces their family. it is where the report says all homes would need we we re disgraces their family. it is where we were 50 years ago. and the pope to produce zero emissions by 2050. wa nts we were 50 years ago. and the pope that means making new builds well wants them not to make these same insulated and air—tight, with triple glazed windows. m ista kes wants them not to make these same mistakes the american bishops made. and ensuring water efficiency, father, that is a good point, how do you get a full accounting of the with low flow and taps. scale of this? and how do you hold these priests accountable when the church has been part of the it also means using ec—friendly construction techniques like timber frames instead of concrete or steel. cover—up? meanwhile, there is also a lot church has been part of the cover-up? absolutely. and this was you can do to improve existing the problem in the united states and
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homes, such as putting in better insulation, installing low carbon heating in europe, where bishopsjust moved systems such as heat pumps, and replacing existing appliances priests from place to place. now we with energy efficient ones. have procedures in the church that and like the new builds, you can conserve water using devices to reduce the flow makes that impossible. in the united states for exa m ple if makes that impossible. in the united states for example if a priest is on showers and taps. accused of abuse, that has to be reported immediately to the police. the home builders' you know, in some states, if i don't federation banning gas do that, i am committing a crime! i in new homes is unrealistic can go to jail! that's good. we need because alternative energy sources have their limitations. those recommending the more drastic measures say the government should those kinds of rules. secondly, if a also reinstate incentives for the simple things homeowners can priest is accused of abuse, it has do, like insulating your loft. to go, the accusation has to go to a the government's pledged to phase lay review board, they have to be out installations of the most un—environmentally friendly heating by the 2020s. and has said it will consider the recommendations, which are urging them reported on the investigation that ta kes reported on the investigation that takes place, they study the evidence and if they think it is credible, if to go much further. they think that the person is guilty, they make a recommendation to the bishop that this priest be before the lord of the rings, and even before the hobbit, removed from ministry. and these are jrr tolkien had his paintings. and maps. and even a secret language. people on these review boards that
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if the bishop doesn't listen to them, they are going to go public. now, a new exhibition these are the things that are now at the morgan library in new york brings together all of the work that protecting children in the united led up to creating his states, which is why the number of abuse cases is way, way down than its the largest such collection of tolkien material in years, what it was in the 1970s. time to and the bbc went to take a look. ta ke what it was in the 1970s. time to take that global, it sounds like! father thomas reese, let's hope it can be taken global, thank you for joining us this evening from rome. this exhibition sets out to explore there are numerous reports that the life ofjrr tolkien the special counsel robert mueller has wrapped up his investigation and how his experiences into russian election meddling and is getting ready to submit his findings perhaps as early as next week. informed his creative process. of course, even if he does, and that's a big if, there's no guarantee we'll from tolkien's childhood in rural be told what's in it. england, he was inspired that will be up to the attorney by the english landscape. general william barr. even members of congress may and as a ten—year—old boy, not be granted access. ron christie is still with us. he was making water colours of trees they're going to have to tell people of trees and river streams. something, aren't they? they going to have to tell them something, that developed into his teen years when he started jane, but legally they are not under experimenting more with visions of distant mountain landscapes and dark forests. obligation to do so, so there's been
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a fury the report coming. the here we have an illustration that attorney general of the united tolkien produced in his teen years. states has the discretion to say i it is called eeriness from 1914. received it from the special counsel it shows a cloaked and hooded figure and i've taken under advice but he walking through a very eerie has to not do anything else. and sinister forest. politically speaking given the furore we've heard over russian influence in our election, they will have to put forth something to it was something that was so embedded in his imagination that satisfy the american people. what in 1914, it came out in illustration sort of thing, ron, do you think and then years later, they could say? if you put a little it would come out again in hobbit and lord of the rings. bit of information out there, it this is tolkien's working map leads to more speculation.” bit of information out there, it leads to more speculation. i think for lord of the rings that he used they are going to have to put out some sort of a summary to say that from 1937 until 1949. we have initiated this you can see how well used it is. investigation, looking at the it is folded and re—folded. following matters, here's what we've concluded, and, hopefully, give more ofa concluded, and, hopefully, give more it is taped together. of a sense, rather than a thumbnail, he did this so that the narrative give them more of a sense of what would always remain they've been doing for the last two geographically true. yea rs, they've been doing for the last two years, whites taken them this long tolkien always said he began and, ultimately, if they found any with a map and made the story fit, rather than beginning influence, improper influence, by a with a narrative that creates geography. foreign power in our election. do
7:19 pm
you think if they found no evidence whatsoever that donald trump couudedin whatsoever that donald trump colluded in any way that they will make it clear that is the case?|j visitors might be surprised and also excited by his father christmas think they have an obligation to lay letters that he produced out the facts wherever they may take for his children over 25 years. us. out the facts wherever they may take us. and if there was no improper or by the president, this report should it shows really what an involved indicate that. if there was a situation where there were perhaps and doting father he was, some mysterious or suspicious circumstances, they should lay that bringing out tolkien the man, not justjr tolkien out. ron, thanks as always. it is the author of middle earth. i hope that our visitors understand interesting, matthew, because people a little bit more about the life ofjrr tolkien and the creative forget that the robert mueller probe is one of several under way in process and how deep the human washington and there are a lot of imagination and creativity can go — when they see what one man has legal challenges coming from new york so donald trump's legal created and the legacy jeopardy isn't over, even if the he has left us. robert mueller probe finds he is an guilty or any of his campaign team iama big i am a big fan. you would like that. are guilty of collusion. the thing, of course, you and i were talking absolutely. i will.
7:20 pm
about is that the media is in danger roll out the red carpet because after much hype and anticipation, of walking audiences to the top of the oscars are immanent. the hill and say we are getting a great revelation but as ron says we on sunday the stars will gather in hollywood are not likely to get a great for the industry's biggest night. but while the awards ceremony revelation here. it might be we will will only last a few hours — the lobbying campaign has been under spend several days after the report way for weeks. each production house has a lot is sent onjust invested and perhaps none more spend several days after the report is sent on just speculating rather so this year than netflix — than having any facts to deal with which is hoping the art house style at all. anyway, let's see how it film roma will deliver it its first golden statue — goes next week. for best picture. an officer in the coast guard has been arrested on charges of planning for more on how you win an oscar a massive domestic terrorist attack. we're joined from los angeles now according to the fbi, lieutenant chris hasson by the bbc‘s colin paterson. is a self—described white nationalist who stockpiled weapons and wanted to kill great to see you. thanks for coming as many people as possible. hasson lives on the outskirts up. what is the root? how do you win of washington and his alleged list of potential targets included speaker of the house nancy pelosi, a number of other leading democrats an oscar? either guaranteed rates of and american news anchors. success? there are so many ways that for more, we arejoined you can make it so likely. hello now from philadelphia byjack tomarchio, from sunset boulevard. the huge former department of homeland security official. billboard behind us, one of the favourites. if you own an actor and jack, this is a man who served his you want to win an oscar, why not
7:21 pm
country, as a former marine, as a play a real character? four out of national guardsmen, and, now, in the five are real people. you have coast guard. how did he stay under william before playing vincent van the radarfor so gogh against freddie mercury, then coast guard. how did he stay under the radar for so long? that is a you have christian playing dick great question, one that i've asked myself. this individual has been in cheney. what a battle that is. do a and around the military for a number of years. and around the military for a number of yea rs. we and around the military for a number of years. we also got himself a transformative role alternatively. commission, he is a commissioned officer of the united states coast if you remember nicole kidman, the guard, which means he had to go only oscar she ever won was very through a background investigation, andi through a background investigation, and i assume he has a secret wearing a huge false nose when she clea ra nce, and i assume he has a secret clearance, he may have a top secret played virginia woolf in the hours. clea ra nce, clearance, he may have a top secret clearance, and how he got through those wickets we are not sure. this and you need to campaign, as if it we re is not a completely atypical and you need to campaign, as if it were a general election. the finest problem. in the united states we've campaign in recent years when eddie had instances going back 30 years of individuals from their elite units, redmayne won. month after month he green berets, specialforces, who was out there kissing babies, going are affiliated with terrorist to question and answers, going to groups, white supremacist groups. award shows. that is what you have to do if you want to win an oscar. some green berets back in the 1970s let's talk about the billboard
7:22 pm
behind you. how have netflix set slipped through. this individual about running their campaign to win here, chris hasson, a commissioned best picture? this is an absolute officer, apparently was caught as a result of his posts and writings. it is disturbing and it does, in my game changer this year. netflix mind, indicate the military needs to decided they want to be taken doa mind, indicate the military needs to do a betterjob in vetting not only seriously as movie—makers. to do that, they want to win best picture their personnel but certainly their officer qadri. we've just been at the oscars. if they do, this is a discussing the heightened rhetoric huge business story on sunday night. this country. at what point does the they have bought 32 of these speech, of the type he's been billboards up and down sunset reported of writing, turn into boulevard and it cost $150 million. terrorism as opposed to simply hate they own them, they can put what they want on them. that is why roma speech? is all over that. they have also have one of the strategists. she ran 0ver over the line when he was going through trying to plan a possible the campaign for men late and she attack on prominent democrats or thinks she can bring roma home for prominent members of the news media. we know he was looking to find out where people lived, he was trying to
7:23 pm
netflix. it has been everywhere in find out how to find people, where hollyrood. -- min late. amazon also their workplaces were, and that goes has a stake. they are launching to the point where he is starting to go into the operational mode, and their streaming services now. two thatis go into the operational mode, and that is i think what federal law enforcement officials are concerned years ago, the first ever streaming about, in that they look at him as a domestic terrorist. this is in film was nominated, manchester by someone domestic terrorist. this is in someone sitting in his basement the sea. if roma wins, it will be foaming against the world but this the sea. if roma wins, it will be the first ever streaming film to appears to be an individual, a win. why this matters? there are trained individual, trained military person, who is going the extra step rules in the us about the amount of to figure out where he can find time before it can be shown on a these people, locate them and possibly may be junk them or assassinate them. that is very streaming service and dvd and disturbing. i'd like to get your netflix are trying to change that. expertise on this. there's been a roma had 23 days between being in focus on the islamist terror threat. cinema and appearing on netflix. i wonder whether in the united states there is a similar focus and some cinema chains are furious. some perhaps people like him, white people, slipped through the net? chains will not show roma because they see cinema changing forever. that's a very good question. and, certainly, during the time i served bad news for cinemas, good news for
7:24 pm
as deputy director of intelligence netflix. colin paterson in los we we re as deputy director of intelligence we were always concerned with the angeles, thank you very much. colin domestic terror threat which runs a did a great podcast for the bbc. wide gamut. white supremacists, it over 20 minutes, how do you win an i’u ns wide gamut. white supremacists, it runs individuals who are motivated oscar? on the —— in the spirit far by islamic terrorism, motivated by other things, such as anti—tax people, we look at timothy mcveigh, the presenters who are not on this show, we thought we would keep on who attacked the federal office building in oklahoma city building last century. we are looking at with the animal section. yesterday we told you the sad news this those people because it is notjust creature had died. it was officially islamic type terrorists, it's people declared the first mammal made that have a gripe or a position that extinct by climate change. that leads them to take the point of story really upset me. we thought we would bring you the more hopeful going from anger to operation, they story of the animal at the thought going from anger to operation, they go from aspirational to operational, was long gone which has now been spotted. and, certainly with islamic type so today we thought we'd bring you the more hopeful story leanings, it doesn't have a monopoly of an animal that the world on this type of action. law had thought long gone — which has now been spotted. enforcement is looking at all of it's a species of giant tortoise —
7:25 pm
those people. jack... jack it was last seen alive in 1906 — tomarchio, good to talk to you, but last sunday a female fernandina giant tortoise was spotted on the galapagos islands. thank you forjoining us. it is fascinating. as i said, the it is nice, isn't it? they can come back. i mean... i did focus here, from british it is nice, isn't it? they can come back. i mean... idid not it is nice, isn't it? they can come back. i mean... i did not even know it existed, so, yes, i guess it is. intelligence services, has been on the islamist threat, and is starting someone was saying in the office to move over to the thread from the today that we do not know where everything is, we do not know what far right but as jack was describing there in the us it seems they've island it might be lurking on. that a lwa ys there in the us it seems they've always known there is a threat from rat yesterday, serious story. white nationalists. that's right. and it is actually white nationalists that are very high on serious. the guest said it was the fbi's radar anyway, long before outlining a major problem of it gained prominence, because of extinction. at least that tortoise president trump and some of his has come back. yes, good news there. supporters. interesting, very interesting indeed. how many may be coming back, too? we this is beyond 100 days from the bbc. coming up for viewers on the bbc do know what is coming next on bbc news channel and bbc world news, we will examine the week in british politics. news. outside source. and the 11 members of the uk parliament are now calling headlines. from us, goodbye. hello. themselves independent. they say politics is broken. we'll be asking if it's beyond repair. and...
7:26 pm
we might not know how the zebra got its stripes but scientists have clued in on why they have stripes. today was a warm day for this time of year but also a record breaking day in scotland. this was aberdeenshire. earlier on it was 18 with the sort of weather we've got across many parts of the uk today, that beats the previous february you'd be forgiven for asking where record set in the 19th century. two did the winter go? we have been reasons for the warmth. our air is bringing ourairfrom the coming from south. it is travelling did the winter go? we have been bringing our airfrom the tropics and close to the caribbean, scooped over the mountains. when the air up and close to the caribbean, scooped up by and close to the caribbean, scooped up bya and close to the caribbean, scooped up by a south—westerly wind, brought descends on the other side of the in our direction mountains, it is the effect. you can up by a south—westerly wind, brought in ourdirection and, up by a south—westerly wind, brought in our direction and, as a consequence, we have some very high temperatures for the time of year. find out more of that online. not as this is the satellite picture from early on, with a lot of cloud cold in scotland as last night. easy around, with sunny breaks especially for northern and western areas. the across north and scotland with high winds are light. it is going to turn temperatures he has so far. through misty. patchy fog as well. it should the afternoon where we see the sunniest skies, those temperatures not get to cold overnight. for cell getting up to about 17, possibly 18. typical. if you are going to be this evening and tonight, largely clear, starry skies, a bit more travelling into the morning, it
7:27 pm
cloud in the north—west, developing fog across central and south—eastern areas, some of it quite dense. it'll could be foggy. gradually through the morning, that low cloud, it will bea areas, some of it quite dense. it'll be a relatively chilly night here, but is cold across the north—west, lift and break out. pockets of low bitterly northern ireland and western scotland but i think fog cloud around the east of england. could cause some issues during otherwise the sunshine comes tomorrow morning. it could be quite dense with low cloud as well, through. another area of cloud generally it's going to be murky across northern ireland. spots of across the midlands, east anglia, rain and drizzle. on the whole, a the southeast, fringing at east wales and up into northern england dry day. increasing sunshine. those as well. they could be some travel are the conservative numbers. we may issues from those dense patches of find temperatures are higher. a fog which could be slow to clear, weather front approaching from the spoiling the day for some atlantic. southerly winds as a south—eastern areas. for many, result. warm air heading our way tomorrow is a beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine, with a bit into saturday. italy start again. more cloud in western scotland and this area of cloud in lincolnshire. northern ireland. temperatures 13—15 with the odd spot hitting 17. —— in a start again. that is that heading into the weekend, high pressure remains over the near continent, frontal systems trying to push on from the west but the weather front. temperatures are 14 squeeze between the two met or 15 celsius. for the second half continues to feed a south—westerly wind in our direction so another of the weekend, low cloud. that low warm day on saturday. this frontal
7:28 pm
cloud could linger into the system making progress across northern ireland, west wales, afternoon. spells of sunshine around western scotland with some outbreaks as well. not as breezy in the of rain here but those temperatures doing very well for this point in north—west. not as warm either. late february. sunday morning could temperatures 13 celsius. mild for start off with patchy mist and fog. the time of year. next week, again, quite slow to clear but high—pressure dominating. one by should turn into a largely dry and day, chilly by night, sunshine clear day with temperatures a little around. in the mornings there will bit lower but only a bit. as we head be mist and fog. through the next few days into the weekend, expect warm days with sunshine, chilly nights and the potential for foggy mornings.
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