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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  February 21, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm GMT

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. tonight at ten — the family of shamima begum, the teenager venezuela's president maduro who joined the islamic state group, is closing the land border say they'll officially with brazil, as his rival heads challenge the decision to the border with colombia to revoke her british citizenship. to try to bring in foreign aid. in a letter to the home secretary, hello, i'm ros atkins, they say they're "sickened by recent american actorjussie smollett this is outside source. comments she's made" is arrested for allegedly faking but "as her family" venezuela's president maduro they cannot abandon her. is closing the [and border a homophobic and racist attack — with brazil, as his rival heads on himself ms begum's family say to the border with colombia they have full confidence to try to bring in foreign aid. in the british judicial system. this announcement today recognises also tonight... that empire actor, jussie smollett, american actorjussie smollett took advantage of the pain and anger increased delays in disability is arrested for allegedly faking benefit leaves tens of thousands of racism of people not getting the money a homophobic and racist attack to promote his career. they're entitled to. people are lodging the appeals — on himself. pope francis calls for action not and the system just can't cope just words as a summit on child with the amount that sex abuse by clerics begins are coming through. this announcement today recognises at the vatican. hey guys, it's alesha here. that the empire after take advantage i'm going to show you and the fruit fly that's causing all about the past. a massive biosecurity scare six—year—old alesha macphail, raped and murdered on the isle of the pain and anger of racism to in new zealand. of bute, last year. promote his career. that's all on outside source. a 16—year—old boy has been found pope francis calls for action not guilty of her killing. just words as a summit on child sex the pope convenes a special summit abuse by clerics begins to discuss the catholic church's at the vatican. and how the increasing reliance on a diet of human food is changing
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the behaviour and biology let's return to syria, of wild animals. where today at least 15 people were killed in a bombing in syria's eastern deir al—zour province. the bombing targeted workers of an oilfield under control of kurdish—led, president maduro has says syrian democratic forces. he's closing venezuela's remember, tensions are very high border with brazil. here he is with that announcement. in this region where about 300 is fighters are believed to be holed up inside the village of baghuz along with up to hundreds of families prevented from leaving by militants. translation: from 8pm today, these pictures show people february 21, the border with brazil leaving the enclave — up to 2000 of them, as both will be completely and absolutely civilians flee and closed until further notice. the reason mr maduro fighters surrender. is doing this is simple. for weeks now, the americans many are now awaiting have been sending aid theirfate in refugee camps. to the border with colombia. beth mckernan is a journalist for the guardian, she's mr maduro has refused to let near the village of baghuz. that aid in, saying it's she spoke to us earlier. a pretext for a us invasion. but on tuesday the brazilian president announced that brazil would send aid in the last couple of days we have to its border as well. meanwhile the opposition seen convoys of empty trucks, leaderjuan guiado — usually used for sheep and farm who has declared himself interim machinery heading towards us and president, and is backed by the us — then heading to the mac they're has called on his supporters coming back sometimes hours later
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to create a ‘humanitarian avalanche' then heading to they're coming back sometimes hours later the next day they are — that's cross the border filled with civilians. and bring the aid through women, children, clearly foreign themselves this weekend. he set out for the colombian border people and their and lots of himself today, in a convoy. katy watson was there. people in there and lots of different nationalities, they have confirmed and even some cases it's a journey that will take isis fighters who have slipped in. about 13 or m hours, people who are mostly it's a complicated journey because of the shortage is here and the country. injured and tired of people have had to take food the fighting and trying to disguise themselves as civilians and trying to slip back and water and supplies. into the civilian population. but we believe they have it's going to take a couple of days been screened out by the american forces here and also, petrol shortages and sent to prison. it is a definite sign that the group are problem here they packed is weakening if people are to mastermind thejenny to make sure now trying to escape. they can get people there safely. between yesterday and overnight there's been of course there will be checkpointsh 1200 civilians that along the way and concern of course have come out of focus, which is in the astonishing number is violence with confrontation because mr maduro has said considering the size of the that he will remain firm and not let patch of town that isis has left that aid in and armed forces will be on alert. is actually incredibly small and no we spoke to people here and they say one really expected that there's it could be a moment for history, still this number of people inside. that could change the direction and until the civilians are cleared, of venezuela and they are sure they could get aid in. most of the military officer ron but already we're seeing
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pictures like these — the military operations clashes between the venezuelan are on security forces and people in that convoy. hold, they have been taking great care to make sure there are no here's katy again on what civilian casualties so, i think it would be possible to finish isis ina day, but the operation is taking the journey will be like. a while for that reason basically because there's so many people left. from the very beginning a less chaotic we waited for hours for the convoy to pass, that where security and national police standing by at i spoke to one of the commanders one point they try to block the road here on the nearby base a short and made it difficult for the media time ago, and he said that if they wanted that if they wanted to finish isis to even try and see that convoy pass by we did see it though, the further tomorrow, it would be possible. but as i said, they are down the root they did come across being very careful to not incur any civilian casualties it yet more opposition and in the process so, it's actually becoming a very slow fight, i dodn‘t obstruction —— the problem they'll think they anticipated be dozens of checkpoints from here, very slow fight, i don't think they anticipated it would take quite it's a 13 hour drive to the border. as long and while they are going they will it very difficult for the to defeat isis as a geographical and urban force, i don't supporters to get to the border. think any military force here is under this is jussie smollett, the an american actor who's been illusion that this arrested for allegedly filing is the end of isis. they are very clear that it a false police report will still exist as an organisation about a homophobic and racial there are many sleeper cells in this attack on him last month. area that they will need to wake up. area that they will need to wipe up.
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mr smollett told police he'd gone out to buy late night food staying with the syrian conflict — the white helmets in downtown chicago when he was set are a group that saved more upon by two white men who poured than 115,000 lives a chemical substance over him in syria's war zone. and put a noose around his neck. the uk home office has today but then, investigators managed confirmed some 100 volunteers to track down these two men... and theirfamilies have been a development that they say resettled in the uk. catrin nye has the story. "shifted the trajectory of the investigation". here's what chicago working with the white helmets was police had to say. not an easy job. working with the white helmets was not an easyjob. for me, it was my whole life. when war broke out, he jussie smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career. did not want to fight. he became a i'm left hanging my white helmets, part of a coordinated head and asking why. group of volunteer rescuers white helmets, part of a coordinated group of volunteer rescuers across syria. they are backed by the uk government, having so far £30 million of uk funding. we went why would anyone, especially an african—american man, through rope climbing tests to test use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations? how could someone look at the hatred and suffering associated with that our endurance. life-saving, and how to drive an ambulance. you make symbol and see an opportunity to manipulate that symbol to further his own public profile?
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risa lanier is from the cook county often, when we are transporting an state's attorney's office and has injured woman, man or child, they been detailing the charges. would start crying, kissing us and thanking us. it was such a beautiful smollett stated he wanted them to appear to attack him feeling. for the people who are on the evening ofjanuary 28, trapped in this conflict, the white 2019, near his apartment building. helmets for their safety net. he was defendant smollett also stated a white helmet in syria for three he wanted the brothers and a half years in the operating to catch his attention rebel areas and so became targets by calling him for the syrian regime. eventually he an empire f, empire n. and his wife and children had to be defendant smollett further detailed he wanted them to attack him. evacuated, he was later brought to defendant smollett also included the uk. do you remember when you he wanted them to place first arrived? i was shocked that after being threatened by death or a rope around his neck, pour gasoline on him, and yell, arrest, i was now in a safe country. "this is maga country". here, there is freedom, democracy. few months then, he and his family nada tawfik is in new york. are getting used to life in the uk. life is completely changed, now he has goals, to take care of his hejust appeared children and future. and i'm working he just appeared in court. that's correct, he had his bond hearing, thejudge issued a bale of ha rd children and future. and i'm working hard on learning the language here. i want someone to return the favour correct, he had his bond hearing, the judge issued a bale of the hundred thousand dollars and took
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to the united kingdom and its people his passport, outside the courthouse who supported us while i was still there were news crews clamouring to in syria. israel's upcoming election has been shaken up by the announcement try to get any reaction from the family members that were in that two of benjamin netanyahu's attendance who left the court but not saying a word or indeed any biggest challengers have joined forces to run against him. this is, benny gantz, former head reaction from his lawyers. they did not speak outside of the court, but they did put out a statement in advance of the press conference by the police saying they plan to of the israeli defence force, and tv—host—turned aggressively defend jussie smollett, politician yair lapid. they have formed a centrist they say he stands by his story that alliance called the ‘blue and white party‘ in an effort to unseat mr netanyahu's he was attacked and did not file a likud party in april. here's youssef taha on the impact false police report and that he deserves that presumption of they are likely to have. innocence. we heard at such strong words from the chicago police in more importantly, it makes israeli elections far more competitive particular, what has been a general than they ever were, and now we have two guys here reaction get in there has been a who are under the age homophobic and racial element of brought into this whole case? 60, both of them, unlike prime minister who is 69 now, and of course he lived through absolutely, i mean you can see that the police chief there was visibly the creation of israel in 1948. upset. as are many when they heard but these two, one is about that this was a publicity a tv journalist turned
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politician, yair lapid stu nt about that this was a publicity stunt allegedly orchestrated by jussie smollett because there had been such an outpouring of support and the other benny gantz is a former general, for him, there allegedly were racist retired general used to head the israeli defence forces. homophobic slurs, but also it had so, it will be really interesting especially with the outcome still not exactly easily predictable. opinion polls in the last hour have such a political element to it as well, he said that these were people put the central alliance ahead of who were shouting make america great the liquid party, but if you see somewhere between 36 seats and again country, and sell a lot of others put them at 30, however. people reacted to that because hate crimes have been on the rise, there has been a division in this country they are expected to face difficulties and very toxic political discourse, forming a coalition government so and very toxic political discourse, so could now see that he really and because in israel you have the exploited all of that, in order to proportion representation system, just get paid more allegedly, that it makes it very difficult for any was his motive to increase salary, party to rule on its own and therefore, israeli governments have it angered lots of people and been coalition governments executed by chicago police say it hurts other victims of hate crimes for many years. when they speak out and it really the problem with these two new looks should have taken attention away forming a government is from the real —— it takes away from going to be difficult because of religious and right—wing parties the real victims who suffer from are expected and predicted to have more other real crimes. thank you very much. for the first time ever — seats than the new alliance.
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catholic bishops are meeting at the vatican to tackle the issue of child sexual abuse by clerics. they describe themselves as a pope francis opened centrist force. the landmark summit — do you know stances on matters calling for action — like peace process in not just words. take a listen. gaza? they promote cautious approach translation: i ask the holy spirit to peace with the palestinians, we to support us in these days and help us transform this e—mail into an opportunity for understanding and purification. may the virgin mary enlighten us have mr gantz himself saying to try to heal the grave wounds that he would make peace that the paedophilia scandal has casued both the young with the palestinians as and believers, thank you. a top priority. this is very different from iran and nuclear iran 200 global church leaders or their nuclear programmes are at the summit, and all day they've been hearing harrowing and he is also talking about iran. testimony from the survivors of sexual abuse. always. he has put the peace here's what some of them have said. process with the palestinians way on the back burner for a very long time now and we note it's too much of a reminder that there haven't been of a terrible, terrible any talks of that peace traumatic experience, with the palestinians for many years now. a general strike is being held today so in my case, the best way across the spanish region of catalonia in support of 12 i could move forward, catalan leaders who are facing trial in madrid. even as a child, was to just bury they face charges including it, forget it happened and i want to see a change, rebellion and sedition — i want, this is the moment that's all in connection with map for the church to change. a referendum on independence
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it's the moment for pope francis to held in october 2017 — and the declaration of independence stand up and i finally do something. from spain that followed. i want to show this picture it was declared illegal of myself at the age by the spanish government. i was being abused. this is the most widespread strike since the fallout from that vote — these are protesters staging a sit in on the train tracks inside a metro station in barcelona. and if there is anyone out there, the protestors followed the police another girl or cheerleader, outside the station — drill team member, high school girl, where you can see more clashes young girl who doesn't taking place, with protesters understand what's happening throwing stones at the police. to her, come forward. and tell your story. protests have also been taken place across the region the summit is happening as the church confronts with activists burning tyres scandals on several fronts. and trying to block highways in northeastern spain. abuse claims have made headlines around the world. police said there had been some scuffles with protesters but no two weeks ago you might remember major incidents were reported. that pope francis said clerics had this is what's rekindled the issue — sexully abused nuns — and in one case, they 12 catalan separatist leaders went were kept as sex slaves. on trial in madrid last week over the failed independence bid. but in countries like india there is a social stigma about reporting abuse — here you can see some of the leaders and it's almost impossible to gauge testifying as part of the trial the true scale of the problem. which is expected to last one of the most senior cardinals for several months. in the catholic church is target guy hedgecoe has been the archbishop of mumbai oswald gracias. following all of this from madrid — he's one of four men
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organising the conference, has admitted he could have handled there was a fair amount of abuse allegations brought to him better and faster. oswald gracias was speaking disruption, those images show the after a bbc investigation revealed claims he did not handle allegations transport links and roads, rail of sexual abuse appropriately. services were affected and a lot of the bbc‘s priyanka pathak has more. university students took part, some school students took part, some shops were closed as well. in many other areas it was business as sexual abuse in the church has been usual. in barcelona, which is very called the most urgent challenge rich city, demonstrations this evening have been quite big and they show how angry many of them are maritime, by pope francis. an investigation as non—claims that when the church as at most senior about this trial in madrid. what states have we reached in the cardinals, eyes wild grass yes, a prosecution of these 12 in madrid? key organiser in this week passed by summit, idid is very early, it is only started key organiser in this week passed by summit, i did not handle allegations of abuse appropriately. his role raises questions for sam about what last week and as you say, it is expected to last three months. we church is really changing. we had been told about a culture of fear have just seen the preliminary stages in the defenders making the and silence amongst indian‘s catholic community and our religious first appearance as a cross today, leaders will not listen to those who said they had separate ideas at the hands pete as priests. four years we saw a possible 17 years in prison for violent rebellion, he was the
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ago, a child returned home and told his mother been raped. after two leader of the grassroots dependence organisation back in 2017 with the attempt to break away from spain took place. he was answering days of calling his office, id card questions about what happened back and all agreed to meet them briefly. then and how this was organised, this attempt to break away. we are expecting to hear from former prime minister next week and several other former ministers. stay with us on outside source, still to come, how the increasing reliance on a diet of human food when we put the families allegations is changing the behaviour to the cardinal, he agreed to an interview. that same night you left and biology of wild animals. for rome without informing the police. no. you said to the family advisers to the government that now that the matter had been on climate change, say gas boilers and cookers should be banned brought to your attention, it was in new homes, within six years. your duty to inform the police.|j our correspondent, emma vardy, has been finding out how did not remember saying it but it's we can adapt our homes. true, i mean, i don't rememberthe keeping things snug is the key to making the energy we do use go so much further. conversation, but i must reflect on in future, developers could be that right, i must admit immediately forbidden from connecting homes
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that right, i must admit immediately that police should have been to the gas grid entirely. informed. although the car suspended electric has the advantage the priest, by law he was required that it can be produced sustainably — wind turbines, to tell the police, but he never pv cells, photovoltaic cells. did, and neither did anyone else on the church. he said he rang from day paul designed this house to use very little energy at all. there are extra upfront costs, after the meeting and was told by the bishop that the family had now but payback longer term. informed the police. the priest was it lends itself perfectly to social housing. the good thing about it is, subsequently arrested. this failure to personally inform the police it is using so little energy, that the idea of fuel means that the cardinal could have poverty is completely gone. it breached the law. different stuck the report says all homes would need to produce zero emissions by 2050. to us anonymously. he told us he had that means making new builds well reported the accused priest to the insulated and airtight with triple glazed windows and ensuring cardinal over five years ago.|j water efficiency with low reported the accused priest to the cardinal over five years ago. i told them there's a strong rumours about flow showers and taps. them there's a strong rumours about the priest, and then the cardinal it also means using eco—friendly told me directly that he is not construction techniques, like timber frames, instead aware of anything. we have realised of concrete or steel. that when things were appointed and nothing seemed to be happening, in meanwhile, there is also a lot you can do to improve existing homes, such as putting fa ct, nothing seemed to be happening, in fact, you are marked. the cardinal in better insulation, says he does not recall the installing low—carbon heating systems, such as heat pumps, conversations taking place, but and replacing existing appliances certainly he was never aware of
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with energy efficient ones. being a cloud of suspicion over the man. we also were told of an and, like the new—builds, you can conserve water allegation of sexual assault against using devices to reduce the flow lenin by a different priest it was on showers and taps. claimed to cardinal was slow to act the home builders federation and he said the case was complicated believes banning gas in new homes is unrealistic, but admitted that they could have moved faster. the challenges of because alternative energy sources reporting abuse mean it's impossible have their limitations. to know the extent of the problem. those recommending the more drastic reporting abuse mean it's impossible measures say the government should to know the extent of the problemlj hope there are not predators, i also reinstate incentives for the simple things homeowners can do, like insulating your loft. hope, i don't know, there is a the government's pledge to phase out culture of silence over asia and installations of the most un—environmentally friendly types now, this should not prevent us from of heating by the 20205, taking steps to prevent such acts. and has said it will consider the recommendations, which are urging them in the summit, the pub promises reform and to put the victims in the to go much further. centre. but with lingering doubts at home, can be cardinal lead the charge's efforts to deliver change globally? the pope is pushing for change. this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom. our lead story is? today he put forward his list of proposals for that — venezuela's president calling them his "reflection maduro is closing the land border with brazil, points". as his rival heads to the border one of them is this.
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with colombia to try to "protect and treat victims, offering them all neccessary support to bring in foreign aid. for a complete recovery" but can other stories from the bbc the catholic church recover from this crisis? here's ines san martin, newsroom right now from the catholic news website crux on that. sudan's security forces have arrested around 24 opposition members who were preparing to deliver a petition calling for president omar it's going to be a while before he al—bashir to step down. guys, it's going to be a while before he the general—secretary guys, we are trying to see today in of the community party rome is a vatican trying to pull and leading members of umma, the country's largest opposition party, are among those detained. together a series of measures that bbc afrique will be standardised to the wild, but unfortunately this is not been the bass player of the sixties band done until now, there is still the monkees, peter tork, countries dealing with this, and a has died aged seventy—seven. peter tork became famous much proper way and those who have when the monkees appeared in their own us—television series not, we can compare for instance united states and chilly. that ran for several years from 1966 i spoke to bbc religionjournalist sophia smith galer about how he's the one you see there playing successful this summit might be. the piano in the cream shirt. the monkees had big hits it's quite mixed because on the one with last train to clarksville and daydream believer among others. hand, you've got the fact that this is totally unprecedented and fact as one survivor who said lately that a now — a story from our colleagues few years ago, a summit like this in the science unit. would have been totally all of these animals have something in common — inconceivable, but this morning when they're wild animals that rely
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increasingly on a diet the pope opened at that summit he of human food. and that's changing their behaviour said in the speech that catholics and their biology, according to research. don'tjust want said in the speech that catholics don't just want condemnation of you'll remember these pictures — priests for the next three days, one remote russian region recently what they want to see is concrete declared a state of emergency, action comments on the other hand, as dozens of polar bears moved in looking forfood. how long does concrete action take in the catholic church? it's not foxes are well known for having change it that's going to happen adapted to living in urban areas overnight and certainly some of the as they become increasingly reliant points he put forward today, they're going to involve a change in on scavenging for human leftovers. and this cctv footage protocol and involve a change in from new zealand shows how the kia canon law, battle take place in a bird has learnt how to move traffic cones in an attempt really long time and anyone to stop passing cars. expecting significant change to happen after a four—day summit is not going to happen take much longer than that. how much of the hearing victoria gill has been looking are the victims going to get here into this for the bbc website — she recorded this for us. particularly the female victims what they get a seat at the table? there isa this new research of biological they get a seat at the table? there is a gathering of 190 church leaders that are present at the summit. the changes and impacts we are having pope showed abb had this morning of basically by feeding wildlife, we throw away, grow and provide a lot of food that they have come to rely testimonies of sexual abuse and
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print from the priest, and one of on. an increasingly human dominated those with a woman so it's not just a man, necessarily, but this woman landscape, there is some wildlife thatis landscape, there is some wildlife that is moving into our territory and consuming what we may throw said she had been sexually abused by away. one of the species is black a priest since she was 15 years old bears in colorado, they have about for 13 years, she had a priest since she was 15 years old 30% of whom and food in their diet, for13 years, she had been a priest since she was 15 years old for 13 years, she had been made pregnant three times and forced to have abortion three times so that we crops, even pets, livestock and also are certainly hearing this kind of the food that we throw away into harrowing tales that the church needs to hear about. on the other dumpsters and landfills. but hand, i have all these church scientists studying biology have shown that actually these bears leaders there, all ten are women and hibernate less if they eat more religious sisters who lead religious human food and shifting in the way that they behave. it coincides with orders. so are you going to see much what is happening in europe, conversation about lenin being endangered species of vulture, the abused and catholic church such as egyptian vulture that really likes finance for example now because this the landfill and gets a lot of nutrition from it is not getting time it is more about protection of quite enough vitamins and minerals minors. stay with us on outside source — to boost its in immune system. so still to come... a general strike wreaks havoc we are providing a lot and there is across catalonia in support of 12 regional leaders who are facing trial in madrid. a lot of it, tonnes of waste going we get the latest from into landfill, we are also having su btle the spanish capital. into landfill, we are also having subtle changes and affecting the ecosystem that we are in charge of.
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eu officials have again warned a 16—year—old boy has been found that the uk is heading guilty of the abduction, rain for a no deal brexit. jean—claude juncker spoke and murder of a six—year—old girl. to journalists today, and he wasn't optimistic. alesha macphail had been on holiday with herfather and grandparents when she was killed this brexit is the past and not the injuly last year. jerry took three hours to reach a future. we are trying to deliver our verdict, a 15 the verdict was best effort in order to help this unanimous, —— jerry, at verdict, a 15 the verdict was unanimous, ——jerry, at one point during the trial the prosecutor said brexit be organised in a proper, this with the very worst sort of case that the jury could be expected civilized, well thought way. but we to make a judgement on and at the start they were warned it was likely are not there. because in the to cause strong emotions and they heard often harrowing evidence, they british parliament, every time they heard often harrowing evidence, they are voting, and majority against heard about the 999: the grandmother something, never a majority in made when she went missing and the call of the public made when her favour of something. body was found, they hurried of a the uk's chancellor of the exchequer however, frantic search to try and find her has a more positive view. after she disappeared that morning. prime minister had a very good
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discussion yesterday and how we will but after three hours, the ta ke discussion yesterday and how we will take this forward, she will meet 16—year—old who cannot be named some of her eu counterparts at the because of his age has been found summitand some of her eu counterparts at the summit and another opportunity to guilty. talk about some of these things. but will only bring the meaningful vote back to parliament when we are ready to do so when we have the package this is outside source live together and i cannot yet tell you from the bbc newsroom. our lead story is. with that will be next week, but will bring it in as soon as venezuela's president maduro is closing the land border possible. with brazil, as his rival heads quad in the uk two former to the border with colombia government ministers have said to try to bring in foreign aid. in the uk two former government ministers have said they would consider leaving the conservative party if a no deal brexit were to happen. dominic grieve and justine greening both suggested they would join three mps who quit at least 78 people have been killed the conservatives yesterday in a fire in bangladesh. if the uk crashed out of the eu. the blaze swept through here's ms greening the historic chawkbazar on the today programme. district of the capital, dhaka. if we simply become the brexit let's show you some of the pictures that have been coming in. party, then i do not believe we have the blaze broke out at night a successful future ahead of us. i in a residential building that had flammable material stored do not think i would be able to stay on the ground floor. a part of a party that was simply a firefighters battled brexit party that it crashed us out the flames for nine hours.
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this is what's left of the buildings of the european union. i spent time affected by the blaze. going up —— growing up with my father unemployed. i know that means the families and i am not prepared officials say the death toll to bea could rise as they search the families and i am not prepared to be a part of a conservative party the rubble for more bodies. that thinks that is some kind of here you can see makeshift information centres set up by dhaka officials — strategy for this in any shape or they're overwhelmed as families flock for information form. about the missing. in the past few hours liam fox, let's give you more the uk's trade secretary, of a sense of the area — and show you streetview. has announced trade deals with japan the chawk—bazar and turkey will not be ready district is centuries old. for brexit day on 29 march. it has narrow streets and residential buildings just back in 2017 he said the uk would be inches apart, as well as small able to replicate 40 eu free businesses that tend to store chemicals. trade deals before the uk left the eu. this helped the fire spread so fast. so far his department has managed seven. today it was also announced that the bbc‘s akbar hosein leaving with no deal could mean tariffs on food above 40%, is at the scene. according to figures realeased by the british retail consortium. they warn that tariffs on items this is the main building like beef and cheddar cheese where the fire originated last night would drive up costs for the consumer. in an old part of the city. and as the brexit deadline draws this building is four—storeyed nearer, whatever form it may take, and the fire broke out philippa thomas travelled first in the ground floor to her home town of wakefield, where there is a chemical warehouse to find out why more than 70% and then it quickly spread up of the people there voted to leave the eu. to the fourth floor. this is what she was told. in the upstairs, there are some
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family houses where people used to live and the fire quickly spread through three other buildings. once it closes down, we have never there is a restaurant and when the fire broke out, recovered in this area at all. and this is where people were having dinner. they're gone and gone for good. once at least seven dead bodies are recovered from this restaurant. on the other side, there is another building where the fire quickly spread through. one of dozens of pets providing thousands of high—paying jobs, closing down during my years in high it's the second time in less than a decade that a deadly fire has school. there is nothing that is engulfed this part of the capital, in near identical circumstances. let's hearfrom sangita myska. coming around to help us. we were literally left behind, this is got to be the rust belt. that night, at it's believed chemical stored on the ground floor of this building caught the red shed socialist cloud, i a light, igniting bands containing heard more about the sense of losing gas canisters parked outside. that out while paying billions of pounds to europe. the traditional labour accelerated the deadly speed and spread at the blaze. because of the supporting areas voted very heavily fire is under investigation by the brexit. in some cases, 80 or 90%, fire is under investigation by the fire chief. but this is not the first time this historic part of the very high. people used phrases like, capital city has seen a disaster on i've got to do something about all that money going. i think people
9:21 pm
the scale. nine years ago, 124 people were killed and almost we re that money going. i think people were angry with the government and with the political leadership of identical circumstances, and though this country. and i think to a it led authorities to place a ban on certain extent, there was an element storage of flammable materials, of kicking off against widely used in small—scale businesses here. if a premonition establishment. like donald trump in that's been widely flouted. in the america. the majority wanted britain meantime, relative sit would be to be great again, brexit has a lot injured in hospitals that are to be great again, brexit has a lot overwhelmed. it's been reported to deliver. there's a massive biosecurity locally that several families scare in new zealand attending three separate wedding after the discovery of one of the world's most parties at the apartments were among destructive fruit pests — those killed. called the queensland fruit fly. us authorities are investigating the pharmaceutical giantjohnson & johnson, over claims that some two were found in the country's of its talcum powder products have biggest city auckland — and are now threatening been contaminated by asbestos. the country's multi—billion dollar horticultural industry. the firm denies its hundreds of traps have been set up around auckland and strict products are dangerous— biosecurity controls are in place. and says its cooperating these signs are now everywhere — with the investigation. telling people explicitly samira hussain is in new york. that they can't move their fruit and vegetables across town. what is it the authorities special rubbish bins have are investigating? been rolled out too. and if you still want this all has to do with its talcum fruit in your lunchbox — this is the government's advice.
9:22 pm
powder product. the company is facing 13,000 lawsuits with regard to the products, and a lot of the losses have to do with whether or i spoke to outside source producer briony sowden a little earlier not people that use them got cancer, about how big a threat this and what happened in december as we is to new zealand. saw some media reports that showed internal communications within the it may seem like a very unusual company that suggested actually, response but new zealand, it is very people knew about the asbestos in important. because this industries the talcum powder, and a lot earlier works five point billion dollars to than originally suggested. so as a the economy. is on the few countries result of this media reports, we are they call itself free of this. so 110w result of this media reports, we are now seeing that the authorities here in the united states are also investigating. johnson &johnson these flies, like other flies where in the united states are also they spoilfruit, investigating. johnson & johnson has said they are absolutely cooperating and they still stand by that they did not know about the asbestos and these flies, like other flies where they spoil fruit, that the government says this particular flight government says this particular flight can actually damage and attacked 80% of new zealand's fruit some of their products. and with and vegetables, so the immediate regards to the lawsuits, you know, a concern is spoiling crop. but it's lot of them are contesting that an appealing the decision is made, also wider implications, trade including the one in which someone implications because allow the
9:23 pm
was awarded $4.7 million and so we phrases that new zealand exports to, they don't have this, so the concern there will be if they import any of are seeing a light ofjohnson & johnson really tried to push back that, they may get it as well. and against it. how serious is this? that, they may get it as well. and thatis that, they may get it as well. and that is not a real concern yet, you mentioned the other claims by because they've only really identified these two. if they don't people saying that they cause eradicated and if there was an outbreak, it would have a huge cancer. if you look at the way the impact on the economy. so they have very big worries about these. what do they even begin to start doing to company is trading in december when the reports came out that the try to do with this? what is happening right now is the response, officials actually knew much earlier than i additionally reported, while the stock price dropped 12% and it residents living around the area, they cannot carry their fruit and has yet to recover. thank you very vegeta bles they cannot carry their fruit and vegetables out of the area in case much. high level trade talks have they carry a fruit fly. they are resumed in washington between the us and china. also being told that they have to both sides are aiming to reach a trade agreement before dispose their fruit and vegetables the 1st of march deadline, to prevent increased tariffs kicking in. james green is a former and specialised bends. they're senior us trade official taking it so seriously that the bias at the american embassy in beijing. security minister has actually cut short a trip to the buyer to come deal with this crisis. this is not i would say the chinese and us side the first time this is happened and
9:24 pm
are very serious about making you as a reporter in new zealand, progress on trade issues and whenever we meet with the diplomats but the first outbreak in 2012.|j they bring a big delegation and very cover the first one and 2012 and large number of experts, and i think there've been fired since then, with you see this week with the meeting a similar response, the same restrictions that people were not in washington that the both sides able to take their fruit and are geared up to make a lot of vegeta bles able to take their fruit and vegetables to these specific areas progress as possible before the in auckland, they taken very deadline. there are three different seriously and i should point out baskets of goods, not like the that the five times they have found purchases, like of agricultural goods, does that market access that the fruit fly, they have been able to eradicated. but it still cost the allows us companies to perform services and do things on the economy every time we have a chinese market they can't do now and response like this. we should also then there's the structural form which is where the largest sticking say that the two they have found our point will be. mail, so the chances of breeding are zero. so it is about seeing if there staying with insects — but now in the little explored are any more in making sure there is indonesian islands known as the north moluccas — no outbreak. thank you for watching where the world's biggest bee has been re—discovered. this is it. outside source, will be back at the usual time next week. it hasn't been seen for decades, but after days
9:25 pm
of searching, wildlife experts found this single live female, hello there. for almost two weeks which they photographed and filmed. it's known as wallace's giant bee — — this is its size now we have had unusually warm days for this time of the year. and on compared to a normal bee. here's helen briggs with more. thursday, we actually broke a record it's got a very interesting history for the february temperature in scotland. just over 18 degrees in because it was actually first found aberdeen, beating the previous by british explorer and naturalist record sent way back in the 19th to because by the name alfred century. the main reason for being russell wallace who worked alongside so warm, not just darwin on evolution and he was an century. the main reason for being so warm, notjust in scotland but elsewhere across the uk as well is explorer, and he went out on voyages because our air is coming from a to collect things and he collected long way south. there is the canaries for example. putting on the hundreds of bees, and among them, this giant bee as you say he jet stream that is diving down into described as a large black wasp like the mid atlantic and pushing that insect with a a stag beetle. we warmerair the mid atlantic and pushing that warmer air across the uk. as you move things on a little bit and still had that special man if you follow the shape of that jet stream, believe 150 years ago in a museum in it is like an omega shape which is oxford under lock and key, but we why we call it an omega block and don't know today until now, but those blocks are going to take some they're still alive. it was thought shifting. and we've got more of the they're still alive. it was thought they died out, so these wildlife same. we have clear skies we have experts and photographers went on this quest followed his footsteps, mist and fog forming across england looked for a 40 days and days and and wales, back to the coast, days and remote forests, with
9:26 pm
meijer. more widely friday, scotland finally being able to find one on the last day. and northern ireland are cloudier with a little bit of rain and i'll be back in a few minutes' time. drizzle, otherwise looking at temperatures a little bit higher than 13 or 15 degrees. southerly airflow as we head into the weekend, hello, of the last week we kept a whether from trying to approach the close eye on the tropical cyclone northwest but is running into that area of high pressure that is and it brought rain and wind. and blocking things off, left with an now it's making its way towards the area in eastern parts of england i'll push its way probably towards queensland coast, deep area blood the midlands we also have an area of pressure, the current forecast track rain moving across northern ireland keeps it offshore and definite plan into western scotland it of the for what you can see how close it irish sea. a bit of warmth as the is, and most of the beaches along the coast had already been closed or sunshine comes through, 1516 degrees. rain coming in for the expecting some dangerous or atla ntic degrees. rain coming in for the atlantic is very weak and very light abnormally high tides, as well as rain because that front is weakening asago strong wind and torrential rain. rain because that front is weakening asa go to rain because that front is weakening as a go to the blocking area of high some of that brings impact to the pressure and will dry out the motion north coast and southwest before from that are these most of the slowly it starts to put away north, moisture, we're left with an area of cloud on sunday so that cloud can but i'm very disturbed wedding here as we headed to the later half of linger as well between some sunshine around northeastern scotland again, friday, and into the weekend so as i looks good and that should be some sunshine and southeast of england as
9:27 pm
mentioned, abnormally high tides, well. temperatures may not be quite some dangerous earth and severe as high in many parts of the country gales with vesting around 90 kph so on sunday. still mild for the time around 55—60 miles an hour and we of year of course. in the beginning of year of course. in the beginning also had a typhoon to talk about. of the week everything is required, a lot of dry weather and some it's called —— it's currently well sunshine, the wind is lighter again across england and wales, when offshore, not likely to make you're towards the northwest and the la ndfall offshore, not likely to make landfall anytime soon, but they band of rain moving towards the could bring impact to guam as with northwest of scotland and actually having to sunday, so again temperatures widely13/15 degrees. so the weather map looks very very violent storm but currently similaras we offshore and not bringing any impact so the weather map looks very similar as we head into next week, to land. let's head across to north and weather front approaching the northwest still blocking that area america now, we have one winter of high pressure, which is getting a bit closer to our shores and we have storm exiting the east coast of canada and brought freezing rain and lighter winds based on the bit snow to northeastern states and chilly on tuesday, some fog patches pulling away from quebec and as well but more warm sunshine ontario. but on its southern flank coming through and you can see this here we've got further torrential temperatures 16, we may get to 70 rain stretching really from degrees as well. it's a lovely day louisiana texas up towards the on tuesday and probably continuing appalachians and ohio and mississippi valley in the next two and winced as well as we had further days, i could see torrential rain into the week though, that area of and flash flooding and we have much high pressure is probably going to snow to come over the mountains in get moved. that is because we need arizona and utah and colorado, and to look at the jet stream again and then this system will be working its it's changing position, we have a
9:28 pm
way east over the next few days, strongerjet coming in across the atla ntic strongerjet coming in across the atlantic that is taking more of a it'll combine with this area here southerly track towards the uk, it and our goal states and become is pushing the high pressure away really quite potent when derek and replacing it with more of a started working its way through the westerly wind and it looks more like midwest at 20 mid atlantic bands of rain coming in across the northeastern state and eventually into eastern canada. across to uk. so as we change the month, it looks like were going to change our europe, however many central western weather type with the change is something cooler and more unsettled with some rain and the timing of areas mild sunshine, different story on the eastern side of europe with that change could vary i think over an area blood pressure northern the next few days. but that is it lands coats called her and setting for me, goodbye. snow down into the balkans and eventually greece and turkey with a significant snow other the mountains. very different story for the last lots of sunshine across iberia into france and across into the british isles temperatures well above average for this time of year because we are trying at this mild air, all the way from africa and that's going to stay with us here in the uk, over the next few days, suspense and spell the sunshine to come and temperatures well above average and would be just coming up
9:29 pm
in the next half hour in our weather for the week ahead.
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