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tv   BBC News  BBC News  February 22, 2019 8:00pm-8:46pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 8pm: after a judge lifts a reporting ban, the identity of the teenage boy who abducted, raped and murdered six—year—old alisha macphail is revealed as 16—year—old aaron campbell. the judge said the crimes against alesha caused revulsion unmatched by any case in recent times. according to us media reports, the singer r kelly has been charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse. a former labour minister, ian austin, becomes the ninth mp to resign from the party this week. he says he's ashamed of its failure to tackle anti—semitism. the un warns the world's food system is under threat from a lack of biodiversity.
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as venezuela's aid crisis deepens, rival pro and anti maduro concerts are organised on the colombian border, one of them backed by richard branson. we are very much doing this concert based on pure humanitarian reasons. we did not want to get involved in the complicated politics. remembering the ten — huge crowds turn out in sheffield for a fly—past in honour of the american airmen whose plane crashed there during the second world war. watching it, the man who'd campaigned for the tribute. that was worth waiting 66 years for. liam neeson plays a grieving father out for revenge in cold pursuit. he caused controversy with his remarks prior to its release. we'll hear what jason solomons thinks of that and the rest of this week's releases in the film review.
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good evening. the teenager who raped and murdered six—year—old alesha macphail on the isle of bute has been identified as aaron campbell after the judge who presided over his trial lifted the ban on him being named today. until now, campbell was given anonymity in all reporting because he was under 18. but media outlets, including the bbc, made a case for reversing the court order which protects his identity. lorna gordon reports from glasgow. what's up, guys? it's aaron campbell here. the first images of a teenage killer, freshfaced in the videos he posted on social media, they give little clue of the cold, cunning murderer he was. cctv from aaron campbell's own home showed him acting strangely on the night he killed
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alesha macphail, after checking the footage his own mother had contacted police suggesting he might have information about the case. alesha was described as a sweet, innocent little girl. she'd been visiting herfather and grandparents, who lived on the island, when campbell took herfrom her home and brutalised and killed her. because of his age, her murderer had automatically been granted anonymity, but following a hearing brought by eight media organisations to name him, that changed. judge lord matthews said... it has to be based on public interest. what appeared to be the main factors were the heinous nature of the crime. this is believed to be the first time a murderer under 18 has
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had his anonymity lifted in scotland, though it has happened elsewhere. but there are concerns from some that revealing his identity might prove counter—productive. what i would say is that this is the most terrible crime and i hope we never see it again. but actually what we need is to rehabilitate this boy. and in order to do that, we shouldn't have named him. aaron campbell's acts were described as the wickedest most evil crimes the court had heard. he will be sentenced next month, but has already been warned his release may never come. lorna gordon, bbc news, glasgow. the music artist r kelly has reportedly been charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse. us media is reporting that the r&b singer has been charged in illinois with ten counts
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of aggravated sexual abuse. mr kelly has been facing accusations of sexual abusing women for decades, and the development comes a day after two more women came forward with sexual misconduct allegations. the 52—year—old denies all the allegations made against him. he's expected to appear in court on march the 8th. we will get more on that from our correspondent a little later this hour. ian austin has become the ninth mp to resign from the labour party this week. mr austin, who represents dudley north, launched a blistering attack onjeremy corbyn as he did so, saying he was ashamed of the party because of the leadership‘s failure to tackle "extremism, anti—semitism and intolerance". meanwhile, theresa may has been warned she could face a mass revolt of normally loyal conservative mps if it looks like the country is heading for a no—deal brexit. this report from our chief political correspondent vicki young contains flashing images. he's accused of allowing a culture of bullying and intimidation to take
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hold in the labour party. nine ofjeremy corbyn‘s mps have walked out this week, and he's under pressure to do more to prevent others heading for the exit. ian austin is leaving after more than 35 years in the party. he has been one ofjeremy corbyn‘s fiercest critics and says he is not fit to be prime minister. i think underjeremy corbyn‘s leadership, there's been a culture of extremism and intolerance that has been allowed to develop and anti—semitism has flourished. i thinkjeremy corbyn is not taking it nearly seriously enough. he is incapable of dealing with it properly and he has refused to get to grips with this. mr austin said he is not joining the new independent group set up this week by other disgruntled colleagues. he does not agree with them about the need for another brexit referendum. mr corbyn is in spain today holding meetings about brexit and this was his response to the latest affection. i'm sorry he decided to make that course of action.
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he was elected like me in 2017 on a manifesto that pledged to deal with poverty, injustice and equality. that's how he was elected and how i was elected. i think we should be campaigning on those issues. when other labour mps resigned, they partly blamed resigned, they partly blamed jeremy corbyn‘s failure to deal with anti—semitism. their message struck a chord with mr austin. how are you? you must have had a bit of a morning. this morning iain austin shared his despair at the state of labour with his former colleague, jess phillips. i've been thinking that i should have been doing this for months for a long time, but i watched luciana on monday and i thought, in the end, you've got to stand with her. do you think more will go now as well? i don't know. i haven't talked to other people about this. this week, bothjeremy corbyn and theresa may have seen mps deserting them for different reasons. for the conservatives,
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brexit is the issue threatening to tear them apart. the prime minister has another growing rebellion to deal with ahead of crucial votes here next week. leave means leave! dozens of normally loyal mps said they will not stand by and allow the eu to leave without a deal, threatening to join a cross—party attempt on wednesday to take control of the brexit process. there's a perfect storm emerging here between people who want to overturn the result, which i think is outrageous, and people who want to deliver brexit but not a no—deal. they have been forced together by the intransigence of brexiteers, i think it is very dangerous for those of us who do believe in brexit and want to deliver it on time. eurosceptics deny they arejeopardising brexit by refusing to back the deal. it does not deliver on the will of the public people so it is not intransigence. parliament is preparing once again
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to have its say on brexit, and unity in both parties is coming under enormous strain. vicki young, bbc news, westminster. our political correspondent nick eardley is following the developments for us at westminster. he told me why ian austin has chosen not to join the new independent group. the big difference is brexit. basically, ian austin is from a part of the country that voted for brexit. he has largely been on with plans to deliver brexit. he has been amenable to the government's plans and so far, whereas of course the others are all completely against brexit. and actually the one thing that's holding that independent group together now, that includes the three conservatives of course, is opposition to brexit and the belief that there should be another referendum. so, yes, it's another sign of how brexit has redefined in some ways political allegiances
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in this country. but for ian austin, it's not a case of leaving the labour party tojoin in this new group, for now anyway. and on the issue of brexit, the prime minister coming back to the commons next week and a new signs that she could face yet another defeat and perhaps resignations from her government. there are a number of signs that next week is going to be another big crunch week in the brexit process. those votes on wednesday could be one of the moments at which some at which some conservatives feel it is their time to act. there are some who still hope that there might be a new deal to vote on, a tweaked version of what the prime minister has already seen overwhelmingly rejected in parliament. there are hopes that could come back next week. if it does and it's defeated, then there are a group of normally loyal conservatives who now say at that point that we would feel
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we need to fall back to another position, to basically break rank with the government and do something else. so with a warning today from some of them that up to 30, a0 could end up backing extending the brexit process, kicking kicking brexit day back to avoid a no—deal scenario. also warnings that some might end up opting for options that include a softer brexit, perhaps closer to labour's policy of a customs union. do you know what? there are a lot of suggestions flying about at the moment, a lot of potential stumbling blocks for the prime minister. we will not know exactly how this will play out until early next week but there are real signs that the fragile truce in the conservative party could be shattered at some point next week. meanwhile, the irish government has published draft legislation intended to prepare the country for a no—deal brexit.
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foreign minister simon coveney said such a scenario would cause widespread damage to both the uk and the republic of ireland. our ireland correspondent chris page sent us this update from dublin. ireland has been at the centre of so much in the brexit process, and more than any other country, it would be at the sharp end of a no—deal brexit. so, the irish government has today published emergency legislation enacting its plans for what would happen if the uk and the eu failed to reach a deal. it covers a huge range of topics, everything from energy to extraditions, pensions to transport, and it deals with some really practical everyday issues which will affect people's lives, for example, it aims to ensure that citizens of the uk and ireland would continue to be able to study at universities, get health care, and receive welfare payments in both countries. it's one of the most elaborate pieces of legislation ever drawn up by an irish government, but the irish foreign
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minister simon coveney keen to stress that in effect, he hoped that all the hard work would go to waste. he said he still believed there would be a deal between the uk and the eu, and he certainly was very much turn out to be the case. one issue, conspicuous by its absence in the legislation, and that is perhaps the trickiest issue of all, the future of the land border between the irish republic and northern ireland. the irish government says it's still not contemplating putting in new checkpoints on that frontier, and the government saying that even if there is a no—deal brexit, the uk and the eu are still going to have to find some way of ensuring that checks on that border don't return. exactly how that would happen, though, is still a very big question. and we'll find out how this story, and many others, are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:1i0pm and 11:30pm this evening in the papers.
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our guests joining me tonight are home affairs editor at the evening standard, martin bentham, and economist and author of the great economists, linda yeuh. let's go back to the news that the music artist r kelly has reportedly been charged with ten counts of sexual abuse. us media is reporting that the r&b singer has been charged in illinois with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. mr kelly has been facing accusations of sexual let's go nada tawfik who's following the story for us in new york. we understand that our kelly has been charged with sexual abuse and we are expecting a detail of those charges to come out. we also understand that a no deal arrest warrant has been issued for r kelly, significant that he is not being
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granted the option of bail. this comes days after the lawyer michael ave natti comes days after the lawyer michael avenatti said he had turned over to the district attorney's office video tape which he said clearly showed r kelly engaged in sex acts with a 14—year—old girl. now he says in that video, r kelly's identity is clear and the girl's identity is clear and the girl's identity is clear and the girl's identity is clear and they refer to the girl's body parts as a 14—year—old body parts on several occasions. so we are asi parts on several occasions. so we are as i say waiting for this press conference to detail all ten of the charges against r kelly. as we wait for that news commerce to begin, the background to this is that there have been allegations of misconduct by the singer going back quite some time and only recently, more complaints against him. yes, that is
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right. he has faced complaints for nearly two decades of it sexually, physically and emotionally abusing young, mostly black women. and in fa ct, young, mostly black women. and in fact, many of his accusers say race played a part in this. they believe that because they were black women, they were not believed when they came forward. but r kelly was in fa ct came forward. but r kelly was in fact charged with child pornography and arrested in 2002, and that case revolved again around a video tape that allegedly showed him engaging ina that allegedly showed him engaging in a sexual act with an underage girl, a iii—year—old. now he was ultimately acquitted by a jury in that case because they said that there were conflicting witness testimonies, they could not say beyond a reasonable doubt that he was in fact the man in that video. but really since the #metoo movement
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and a documentary series called it surviving r kelly aired which had it interviews with numerous alleged victims, he has in the spotlight for allegations of sexual abuse. in the reaction across social media... sorry to interrupt but we are going to go live to the news conference which is beginning now with the cook cou nty state which is beginning now with the cook county state attorney. on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four victims. the first victim, initials h w, was involved in incidents which occurred between may 20 1998 in incidents which occurred between may 201998 and may 201999. a grand jury may 201998 and may 201999. a grand jury returned an indictment on four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the victim being under the age of 17 and robert kelly being more than five years older than the victim. the second victim,
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initials are al, was involved in an incident which occurred between september26, incident which occurred between september 26, 1998 incident which occurred between september26, 1998 and incident which occurred between september 26, 1998 and september 25, 2001. a grandjury september 26, 1998 and september 25, 2001. a grand jury returned an indictment on two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the victim's being under the age of 17 and robert kelly being more than five years older than that victim. the third victim, initials llc, was involved in an incident which occurred february 18, 2003. a grandjury which occurred february 18, 2003. a grand jury returned an indictment on one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the transmission of seaman by robert kelly upon any part of the body of the victim for the purpose of sexual gratification during the course of an underlying felony of attempted criminal sexual assault. the fourth victim, initialsjp, was involved in incidents which occurred between may
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one, 2009 and january 312010. a grandjury one, 2009 and january 312010. a grand jury returned an indictment on three counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the victim being underthe sexual abuse based on the victim being under the age of 17 and robert kelly being more than five years older than the victim. aggravated criminal sexual abuse is a class two felony with a sentencing range of three to seven years for account. it is also probation a ball. we anticipate that mr kelly will appear in by court tomorrow afternoon. thank you. so that was the cook cou nty state thank you. so that was the cook county state attorney kimberly foxx just detailing the charges against r kelly. she announced as we heard there that there were four victims,
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two of which were under age, with allegations dating back to the 1990s and it's saying is that the singer is going to appear in court tomorrow. i now to sport. good evening. let's start in barbados where england's cricketers are hoping to take a 2—0 lead in their one day series against the west indies. england chose to bowl, and chris gayle hit a half century for west indies before an excellent 104 from just 83 balls for a jubilant shimron hetmyer. they've set england a target of 290 to win, butjonny bairstow was out for a duck with the first ball he faced, before fellow opener jason roy was out for just two. england are now 36—2 after nine of their 50 overs.
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england's women meanwhile suffered a heavy defeat against india in the first of their three one day internationals losing by 66 runs in mumbai. set 203, england were bowled out forjust 136, with heather knight's side losing their last four wickets for no runs. what we have done in the past, bouncing back. we have to be very honest as a team, on this where we went wrong today and then reassess and try and go again. i think it is individual in a better had to be really clear how to go about it because i do not think the pictures are going to get much easier. we deteriorated more than we thought and turning consistently as well but we had to be clear about how we go about things and how we can put on a much better show for the next game. in the premier league this evening, there are two games underway. cardiff against watford is 1—0, whilst an early
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goal for ryan babel has given relegation—threatened fulham the lead over west ham. but west ham has now equalised. around half an hour gone in both those games. chelsea have been banned from signing players in the next two transfer windows for breaching rules in relation to youth players. it comes following an investigation into chelsea's signing of foreign under—18 players. chelsea were fined £460,000 while the fa has been fined £390,000. the premier league club have said they will appeal against the decision. pep guardiola has sent his "thoughts and best wishes" to the manchester city fan who was assaulted following the champions league win over schalke in germany on wednesday. the 32—year—old was put into a medically induced coma in hospital after suffering a serious head injury in a violent confrontation with two schalke supporters. 0ur
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our thoughts of course and our best wishes. it is tough news, tougher football. i know the game is spectacular to everyone who enjoys it, but for this kind of thing to happen unfortunately, hopefully the authorities in germany can solve this in importantly the guy can recover and get well as soon as possible. it's a huge weekend ahead in the six nations championship with the match in cardiff between wales and england being billed as the tournament decider. both teams are unbeaten in theirfirst two games and a win for wales would be their 12th in a row, a national record. asa as a squat, we have very good performances of late. to get the winds as the main thing. sometimes we we woi’i’y winds as the main thing. sometimes we we worry too much about how we win, especially at this level. and widnes vikings have been deducted 12 points after going into administration,
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and face liquidation if suitable investment isn't found by next week. a proposed takeover fell through on tuesday, while sunday's game against sheffield eagles has been postponed. widnes were relegated from super league last season after a seven—year stint. in a statement, the vikings board said it felt "sadness and disappointment", adding that some board members have received "sinister threats". that's all the sport for now. i'll have more for you in sportsday at 10:30pm. many thanks. thousands of people gathered this morning in sheffield to watch a special flypast marking the 75th anniversary of a crash which claimed the lives of ten american airmen. the flypast came about after a chance meeting between pensioner tony foulds, who witnessed the crash as a young boy and has spent decades tending a memorial park to the airmen, and bbc breakfast‘s dan walker. david sillito has the story. normally, tony foulds‘ daily visit to the war memorial in the sheffield park is a moment of quiet and solitary reflection.
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but today, he was not alone. from first light, thousands had begun to arrive to share a very special moment. unbelievable, unbelievable. it's breathtaking, this. and then from a cloudless sky, the planes began to arrive. his dream of a fly—past had come true. a commemoration that had begun with a chance encounter in the park with dan walker of bbc breakfast. the first thing i do, of course, is i always kiss them first. tony explained how as an eight—year—old, he'd watched a us bomber crashed into a nearby woodland. he felt the crew might have survived if he hadn't been in the way. and so there were some complex emotions as he once again waved at the plane, just as he had done as a child in 19114.
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so, exactly 75 years on from that terrible day, here's tony in the exact same place, and who could have imagined what he's seeing today? does this help things for you? no, no. it never will. but surrounding him were thousands who had been touched by his story, including a relative of one of the plane crew. to know that today, everyone is remembering him and the other nine and the service that they gave, itjust means more than words could ever convey. so many feelings. what a day for tony foulds. it started off as more or less nothing. to see how many people have actually taken note, it's for these lads. they are family to me. david sillito, bbc news, sheffield. one in 13 children in the uk
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will suffer from post traumatic stress disorder before they become adults, according to new research. experts from kings college london say the condition is affecting hundreds of thousands of young people. 0ur health correspondent catherine burns reports. flo sharman looks like any healthy 20—year—old. but as a baby, she was seriously ill and needed life—saving surgery and had several traumatic experiences in hospital. when she was eight years old, she had a breakdown. my my behaviour completely changed. having paranoid attacks about the littlest thing, not leaving the house for six months. she was not diagnosed with ptsd until she was 16. symptoms can include flashbacks insomnia and feelings of isolation.
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researchers at king's college say it can go all too often unnoticed in young children and young people are still developing physically, socially and emotionally and can be more vulnerable to the effects of trauma. trauma can be anything from being abused or believed to accident an illness, or even something serious happening to a friend or relative. researchers asked a group of 20 —— relative. researchers asked a group of 20 -- 2018 relative. researchers asked a group of 20 —— 2018 —year—olds from england and wales about their experiences of it. about one third said they have been exposed to trauma. of that group, 25% went on to develop ptsd. in those children we re to develop ptsd. in those children were highly likely to have other mental health problems. only a few of the young people with ptsd are diagnosed. and one of the few things we can do is set up break down the barriers to prevent people from
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getting treatment. the key is offered to try to get help as early as possible to stop problems continuing into adult life. it is really important that young people do not feel guilty about this. it is not to feel distress when you have been through a traumatic event. it is important to talk about things and get help when you can because he things are curable. governments supporting the mental health of children and young people is a key priority and that it is increasing funding for this work faster than any other area. i can now talk to dr elizabeth kilbey, consultant clinical psychologist, who has joined us via webcam. thank you very much indeed for talking to us. many will be surprised that there are so many young people who are suffering from ptsd, which has traditionally been associated with people in the military. absolutely. and it is really important to remember that as adults, that we think children have
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this carefree existence but in reality we know that you people can be really impacted by what is going on in their lives. are you see many cases of ptsd amongst young people? i think cases of ptsd amongst young people? ithink in cases of ptsd amongst young people? i think in childhood and adolescent services commit we do not typically think of ptsd but we often talk about things like trauma, about stress, about bullying, about being distressed by impacts on social media committed by events happening in families media committed by events happening infamilies and media committed by events happening in families and i think it is a really important thing to remind us as professionals that these events to the young and developing mind are traumatic. what sort of things are you talking about that can lead to this? will come of the researcher selling is that it is notjust things that happen to children directly, but things that also happen to people they care about. so the loss of loved ones, the experience of peers being hurt. we know that we are living in an era where there is significant the more crime on the street, gang involvement can be a people being
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involved in crime and being her in a way that was not around 15—20 years ago. these events are so impactful young people. given the scale of this, do parents and teachers and others who need to be more aware of the sort of symptoms to look out for? i think this is a take a message for me because when i work with children and families him or what parents want to know is how to look after my young person? how to lie secure that they have a happy and successful child who? it is such and successful child who? it is such an important under the help of some of the kind of experience as you people are exposed to. helping prevent, it is about prevention, we wa nt prevent, it is about prevention, we want them not to experience trauma. but if they do, it is about having access to support them people to talk to that you trust in people who understand that what you're going through and if those difficulties become a substantial, it is about getting access to the right support quickly. and so what sort of symptoms of these young people typically display? we know that when
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a person has at a traumatic event, there is always going to be some immediate fallout. when a problem becomes a ptsd response, if that is when that national recovery process does not occur. as talk about people who several months after the event are experiencing symptoms of reimagining or route remembering the events significantly, in dreams or flashbacks and affecting mood, appetite, sleep, general well—being, social relationships. a person who justis social relationships. a person who just is not performing the way that they were previously and is increasingly becoming disengaged and a very unhappy in their life. we are hearing all the time about the strain on the nhs and with the strain on the nhs and with the strain on the nhs and with the strain on children's services and so on, how difficult is it going to be for young people to get the sort of treatment that they needed? well, the author is so right in talking about the wake—up call to mental health services and to call on the government to fund services to the
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level it needs to be because we are talking about a certificate to be a people who are experiencing mental health difficulties. so we know that it's going to be an access issue but what is really important about getting support in other lower level intervention so skilling up teachers and parents, youth workers in in other lower level intervention so skilling up teachers and parents, youth workers, community support projects are places you people are where they can begin to access some therapy to talk through and process therapy to talk through and process the event that they have experienced. ok, thank you very much indeed forjoining us this evening. now it's time for a look at the weather with darren bett. chilly mornings and we will find it developing overnight with mist and fog and low cloud. clear skies for the northwest with the winds are stronger in scotland and northern ireland and the lowest temperatures probably in wales in northwest england down to about three celsius.
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tomorrow, that mist and low cloud and patchy fog will lift and burn off and we will see sunshine developing in many places, a head of a band of cloud and patchy light ring that sneaks across northern ireland into scotland and westernmost parts of england and wells eventually. not much rain there and some such an attribute with sunnier skies ahead of it for england and wells where we see 16 degrees. chilly start on sunday morning with a touch of frost here in their estimates and low cloud this time or the winds are lighter and sunshine developing for most places but be a bit cloudy but for northern ireland and western scotla nd northern ireland and western scotland and the soup which was still above average, 30—15. hello this is bbc news. the headlines... ajudge rules the identity of the teenage boy who raped and murdered six—year—old alesha macphail to be revealed. the name and face of 16 year old aaron campbell can now be disclosed,
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after a reporting ban was lifted. the singer r kelly has been charged with ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, some involving underage victims. aggravated criminal sexual abuse is a class two felony, with a sentencing range of 3—7 years for count. it's also probationable. we anticipate that mr kelly will appear in bond court tomorrow afternoon. ian austin has become the ninth mp to quit labour this week, blaming leaderjeremy corbyn for "creating a culture of extremism and intolerance". the un is warning the world's food system is under threat from a lack of biodiversity. let's get more now on the resignation of ian austin from the labour party. the mp for dudley north say he's
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ashamed of the party and claims it now has a culture of "extremism, anti—semitism and intolerance". he's the the ninth mp this week to leave labour, alongside the eight who resigned to join the new independent group, but mr austin has ruled out joining them "for now". he's been explaining the reasons behind his resignation to our reporter, lindsay doyle. this is the biggest decision i've ever had to make but in the end i've got to be honest and say i am ashamed of the position the labour party has got itself into under jeremy corbyn‘s leadership. ijoined the labour party here as a teenager in dudley 35 years ago. listening to my dad, the holocaust refugee, telling me about the evils of racism and hatred and ijoined the labour party to fight racism. that was one of the big reasons that led to me becoming a member of the labour party and i cannot believe i am having to leave because of racism too. jeremy corbyn prides himself as a peace campaigner, do you honestly believe that anti—semitism is rife within the labour party? i think underjeremy corbyn‘s
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leadership there has been a culture of extremism and intolerance that has been allowed to develop, and anti—semitism that has been allowed to develop and flourish. i thinkjeremy corbyn is not taking it seriously enough. i think he is incapable, if i am honest. of dealing with it properly. and i think he has refused to get to grips with this. are you suggesting he might be anti—semitic himself? well, it is not possible for me to look into his heart and know what he truly thinks. but you know, when you've got the chief rabbi, the leadership of thejewish community, all saying... look, i know that he certainly said and done things which were anti—semitic, defending that grotesque racist mural in east london, talking aboutjewish people not understanding irony, english irony, as if they're somehow separate from the rest of us. i think he has said and done things which are completely unacceptable and i think he isjust unable to deal with these things. he has allowed a culture of anti—semitism and extremism to develop and to flourish
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and he isjust not got to grips with it. ian austen speaking to us earlier today. a look at some of the other main stories on bbc news this hour... the coroner at the inquest into the death of 13—year—old amber peat, who hanged herself in nottinghamshire in may 2015, said she had not been able to determine' if she had the intention of killing herself. the coroner said a number of professionals had missed chances to help amber, and that her parents had ‘very little consideration for her welfare' at times. a man fatally stabbed in front of a group of teenagers at a youth club in south london, has been named locally as 23—year—old glendon spence. he died at the scene of the attack in brixton yesterday, police have described it as a "premeditated and ta rgeted" assault. the family of shamima begum — the british teenager who joined the islamic state group in syria — have told the home secretary they're going to challenge his decision to revoke her uk citizenship. in a letter to sajid javid,
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the family say they cannot abandon her even though they've been "sickened by the comments she has made" in recent interviews. they also want the government's help in bringing back shamima begum's newborn baby. a united nations study says the future of the world's food system is under threat. the first—ever report on the plants, animals, crops and micro—organisms, that form the bedrock of global food production, has found they are in sharp decline. 0ur science correspondent rebecca morelle reports. from coffee plants on the edge of extinction, to fish vanishing from the oceans, and the insects that pollinate our crops in steep decline. a new report by the un has found that the animals and plants vital for feeding the world are disappearing by the day. they found...
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it's a complex picture. the factors that are causing the loss of biodiversity include land use change, urbanisation, and pollution. all factors associated with increasing world populations. i've come behind the scenes at kew gardens, where you can see crops that are grown around the world from this citrus tree to curry leaves and coffee. but the big problem is we are becoming more and more reliant on fewer and fewer species. scientists say of the 6,000 species grown for food, just nine of them are involved in the vast majority of crop production. scientists at kew are looking at alternatives to one problematic crop, the banana. just a single species is cultivated commercially,
8:41 pm
and it's being attacked by a deadly fungus. now, they are growing relatives of the plant to see if we could eat those instead. it's very risky really to focus just on a few species to feed the world, because anything can happen. you can have a new disease, you can have a problem with climate change, so it's very important to have available a wider range of species to feed the world. with the global population approaching eight billion people, the un warns we need to rethink the way we produce our food and we need to act fast. rebecca morrelle, bbc news. japan's space agency appears to have successfully landed a spacecraft on an asteroid, more than 300 million kilometres away from earth. the hayabusa two spacecraft will try to collect rock samples. rupert wingfield—hayes sent us this report from tokyo. it appears to be a remarkable success forjapan‘s hyabusa two, and
8:42 pm
the country's space programme. the 600 kilogram craft had to fire its thrusters and gently touch down on an area of the asteroid just three metres wide, with the commands coming from 300 million kilometres away on earth. hyabusa two is then reported to have deployed its on—board gun, to fire into the surface of the asteroid come and collect samples of the rock thrown up by the impact. shortly after, the spacecraft lifted off the surface. it will now continue to fly alongside the ryugu asteroid for several more months and jaxa is planning another landing in the summer to collect more samples before hyabusa three returns to earth sometime next year. rupert wingfield—hayes, bbc news, tokyo. meanwhile, israel has launched its first moon mission — sending a landing vehicle into space on board a rocket which blasted off from cape canaveral in florida. the landing vehicle will now take two months to reach the moon. 0nly government space
8:43 pm
agencies from the us, russia and china have previously managed soft touchdowns. however this nonprofit project is privately funded to the tune of $100 million. it came about after a competition which offered financial incentives to any non—government—funded team that could pull off a moon landing. writer, josh barry has cerebral palsy and has spent the past nine years writing a book about his life, with his nose. typing each letter on the keyboard of a tablet is a slow process, butjosh says it allows him to be more creative. josh says he wants to show you that you can achieve your dreams.
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