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good afternoon. hello. the headlines: cabinet ministers the you're watching man brexit be delayed if the three cabinet ministers have the bbc news channel. publicly warned for the first time three cabinet ministers that brexit should be delayed if mps are facing a call to resign, government fails to secure a deal in don't approve the prime minster‘s after saying the uk should delay the next few days. deal in the coming days. brexit rather than leave in a newspaper article, the eu without a deal. the work and pensions secretary, the warning, from amber rudd, amber rudd, thejustice secretary, david gauke and greg clark, david gauke, and the business r kelly is due to appear in court secretary, greg clark, has been condemned by the pro—brexit charged with ten counts of sexual say that time is running out group, the european research group. abuse, some of them against underage and that leaving without a deal one of its mps, andrew bridgen, told would be disastrous. girls. me why the ministers should quit. downing street insists theresa may while zayn for a record 12th win in i think the rules on collective a row when it faces england in the is working hard to secure a deal. responsibility are very clear six nations —— mike wales —— wales adding that is where the cabinet and if ministers or cabinet pass energy should be focused. ministers can't support the government's position then our political correspondent they have to resign. susana mendonca has more. the government position is very no comment on the business secretary clear, we are leaving on the 29th of march, as he left his home earlier but his i think something the prime minister aims... time for inside out. we has said, at the last count, 108 times in the chamber views on brexit allowed and clear. at the house of commons. we are leaving on the 29th of march along with amber rudd and david got with or without a deal. report on a scheme to help carers in here is one of three cabinet members it is only keeping no deal to come against the government line. on the table which gives us any liverpool, and inspirational eco leverage in the negotiations warrior on the isle of man, and they want it would be best to extend and is keeping the european union zimmerframes warrior on the isle of man, and zimmer frames on crutches costing the nhs article 50 and a real date of willing to renegotiate, departure rather than cash out of the fear of leaving with no deal
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the european union are much 29. no which would be less than ideal, that we would get real concessions. comments have angered some they say something stronger than less than ideal. conservative brexit mps. if they they say the damage will be palpable from a no—deal brexit. cannot support the government's do you mind if ijust quote? position they will have to resign. and by all means you can respond the government's position is very to it in your own words. clear, something deeper minister has they say, the economy will be said at least a hundred times as we damaged severely both in the short are living on the 29th of march. —— and long—term and they say to you and your colleagues, fellow conservative mps, some people in the party seem prime minister. downing street has complacent about the consequences not responded to accusations and of leaving the eu without a deal. says the prime minister was working when wejoined the european union, hard. the liberal democrat leader food prices went up by 10%. said comments from the heart of the we severed historic trading links cabinet made living without deal with the commonwealth countries and our allies such as australia less likely. we note the attempt to and new zealand. ta ke less likely. we note the attempt to take no deal of the table would be i do not see anyone saying the biggest issue in parliament over we crashed into the european union the biggest issue in parliament over the coming week and the steps to balance towards stopping this. with but suddenly we are going to be crashing out. we will not be crashing out, time running out the government has we will be cashing in. another tough week ahead. it has not
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it took a more than confirmed yet whether there will a decade of negotiations. even be a new deal to vote on and it took us more than a decade to get into the then backbench mps are putting forward european economic community their own plans to take control of but maybe that's a bit too much history for this morning. what about the future then their own plans to take control of the process, including one amendment in the coming days because this to delete brexit if the deal is not presumably is notjust three cabinet ministers, it is others done by mid—march. in government as well to delete brexit if the deal is not done by mid-march. we have had a who have the same opinion. democratic vote! i understand the you are under no illusion, presumably, that there is a wider chaos it has caused. that cannot group in the party who think this? make you feel good? it does not make i think the big problem me feel good. at the end of a week is there is probably only 150 mps out of 650 that campaigned of deflections one mp has resigned for leaving the european union that from the party has faced buildings really believe in the project. in nottingham. the question is how we have got a parliament that is completely out of step far cabinet members unhappy at the with the sentiment of the british prospect of a no—deal brexit will go electorate as expressed at the referendum and since. to stop it. and this is leading to really nigerians are going to the polls to choose a new president and parliament today. parliament versus the people it is the biggest election and ijust can't help but feel this in african history with more than 70 million voters is going to end very badly registered to vote. election officials say they've for this parliament. solved logistical problems that led what about the essence to it being delayed by a week. of the argument that it is perfectly the main presidential possible to delay brexit candidates are the current without preventing president muhammadu buhari brexit, if you like. and the former vice president. our nigeria correspondent because after all the date mayenijones is in the north east which the prime minister holds of the country for us. to is the date of her own choosing
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because she chose to trigger article 30 which has a two—year timetable that took us to the 29th of march. it would be possible, wouldn't it, yes, iming the north—east of nigeria. it is the home state of the to say actually by mutual consent, because it is not doing the eu any main opposition candidate atiku favours to have a no—deal brexit, abubakarand main opposition candidate atiku abubakar and people main opposition candidate atiku abuba kar and people have main opposition candidate atiku abubakar and people have been queueing appalling stations across as you yourself have the city today keen to have their said any more than us, voices heard and keen to make their to say delay it for six months mark. —— at polling stations. and spent a bit more time on getting the thing done properly because we want it done once nigeria's africa's most populous and we want it done well. nation and its biggest economy and that would have huge financial it has been dealing with consequences to the uk taxpayer, insurgencies in parts of the country that we would be remaining in the european union, where islamic militants have been continue to pay contributions, potentially going into fighting the government. millions of people have been displaced so the a new spending round of commitments stability of nigeria is important to which could alter the already huge the wider region that has why today so—called divorce bill and how so the wider region that has why today so many voters the wider region that has why today so many voters are the wider region that has why today so many voters are keen to show up at voting stations all around the is that going to actually change? country and have their voices heard. we visited a few pulling stations how is delaying six months here and met some of the voters. going to change the make keen to get on with it, many voters of the house of commons started queueing from first light. and the decisions that mps might vote for or might not? the main presidential candidate also i do not see how this gets us anywhere and
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the old adage is very true. those that fight and run away only got in bright and early. live to run away another day. there is a bullet to be bitten. incumbent president muhammadu these negotiations will go down buhari voted in his home town in the north—west to the wire, that is the last week. and shortly after his main opponent former vice president atiku abubakar we have got to hold our nerve, cast his vote in the north—east. keep no deal on the table so we can both candidates are seasoned get real meaningful concessions from the european union, not run away. politicians in the 70s but 30% let's cross to broxtowe in nottinghamshire now, constituency of the tory mp anna soubry who left her party. where labour leaderjeremy corbyn is speaking at a labour party rally. 50% of the electorate here is under the age of 35. i believe that i want to see more we will insist on closing the gender young people coming out to stand for election. pay gap, we will insist on union many are concerned that the postponement has rights, we will insist on affected the turnout. i think because the vote last week, 16th of february, apprenticeships and training and numbers would have been more. whoever wins this election will have environment sustainability, because to face a number of challenges, chief of which is security. thatis environment sustainability, because that is what the labour offer is all just this morning there were reports of attacks in the north—east of the country. about. but it is also about how we authorities say they were just
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a drill but the timing, on voting day, has been questioned. react to what goes on in society. nigerians will be hoping for someone who can handle these issues. opposition activists from venezuela are preparing to move desperately when people, as i said, i racist needed humanitarian aid across the closed borders towards each other then we oppose with colombia and brazil. it. in any way whatsoever. if anyone is racist towards anyone else in our troops fired tear gas at protesters the border. the opposition leaders party, wrong, out of court, out of said without the help of foreign aid order, totally unacceptable. anti—semitism is not acceptable in thousands of venezuela ns said without the help of foreign aid thousands of venezuelans could die as the country battles food any form anti—semitism is not acceptable in anyform in anti—semitism is not acceptable in shortages and hyper inflation. any form in anyway whatsoever anyway in our society. i am proud to lead a party that was the first ever to at least 84 people have died after drinking bootleg alcohol in north east india. police have arrested 12 people in connection with making it. introduce anti—racist legislation and pass the equality act and human the deaths come less than two weeks after 100 others died in two other indian states rights act, and we're going to take all issues further forwards. that is from drinking lethal spirits. first—time buyers now make up the majority of home purchases what is being proposed by a shadow bought with a mortgage in the uk, according to new figures. home secretary and are shadow the last time that happened was 1995. equality minister. there will be according to the halifax, pendle in lancashire and copeland more extensive and tougher in cumbria are the most affordable anti—discrimination laws in britain. areas for first time buyers. we wa nt
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here's colin campbell. anti—discrimination laws in britain. we want to live any better and decent society and as we develop our the number of first—time buyers has nearly doubled over the past decade, policies up to the election, there but with surging property prices it remains an uphill struggle are so many policies up to the election, there are so many exciting ideas there. a for those trying to get on the property ladder. national education service where we ta ke according to the halifax, national education service where we take away the principle that the average price paid for a typical education is some kind of commodity first home hasjumped by 39%, from £153,000 in 2008 to more you buy and sell and trade, let's than £212,000 in 2018. make it a right to be educated, irate to learn and to know. my old first—time buyers are putting friend tony ben put it so well once. down an average deposit of more than £32,000, rising to more than he said education should be there £110,000 in london. for life whenever you want to access it. he shared it —— is that it the figures show a london first—time buyer's deposit could almost buy should be like an escalator you get on and off when it is suitable for a home outright in the north—east you so on and off when it is suitable for of england or northern ireland. you so we but it is in wales where first—time on and off when it is suitable for you so we will raise corporation tax buyers are paying the lowest average deposit ofjust over £16,000. in order to end university and couege in order to end university and while there has been an increase college fees. we will and these were in first—time buyers year aduu college fees. we will and these were adult education and we will properly on year across the uk, in scotland and wales fund our schools and early national numbers have fallen. education service we will bring back terraced houses closely the family of local schools rather followed by semidetached properties than the competition between
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continue to be the first time academies and free schools and at buyers‘ home of choice. local schools. that has to be the despite a shortage of homes right way forward. and these and challenges of raising a deposit, the halifax say the figures show policies are worked out from the healthy movement in the first buyer property market. wishes of our members and our colin campbell, bbc news. supporters so when we come to a general election we will have constructed a policy programme that i don't know whether a name like is popular, that everyone has that she is going to be torn to support on the big rugby match this contributed to. people in meetings afternoon. with all the sport now, all over the country discussing how here's lizzie greenwood—hughes you can bring the private rented at the bbc sport centre. sector under better regulation and i cannot possibly comment but it is control, how you build more council a big weekend of sport, not least to housing and ensured that bea a big weekend of sport, not least to homelessness and is altogether in be a pivotal day in rugby union six this country. we bring about a nations championship. first scotland ta ke nations championship. first scotland take on france than wales against living wage, how we and the concept england, both sides unbeaten so far are both going for the grand slam. of food bank britain. all these things will be there in that corresponded is in cardiff. england are most peoples favourites but this ma nifesto. picture does not always go to form, does it? the roof is open at things will be there in that manifesto. but you want it labour government? i want a labour government. we are determined to get
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it and challenge this government to england's insistence and it is felt achieve it. that means unity within like sms day so far in cardiff. we oui’ achieve it. that means unity within our party to do it, that means to go had seen the sun streaming in and glinting on the six nations trophy, out there to campaign to do it, of course they not be won or lost please join gloria campaign and today but because of the results so far, it does feel like a pivotal ashfield. it is about how we live match. we reflect on both teams oui’ ashfield. it is about how we live our lives and relate to a neighbours performances so match. we reflect on both teams performances so far i think wales by their own admission will say they and communities. as you may have had done enough to win their two noticed some of the mainstream media games. both away victories which was are slightly hostile and critical. i have noticed it. what i have noticed significant but wales feel they have is they are very not keen on to let their performance today because england's two went against dublin in france is in them produce relating to the issues that people some of their best performances in re ce nt face. i did a 14 minute interview some of their best performances in recent memories. but england teams have come here to cardiff before a for sky last night, we got to minute full of confidence after victories and been humbled. remember six years 12 before a intervened and said is that any chance that anybody other ago. even with the roof open at the than an mp could be referred to in principality today, the noise and any of your questions and we can amity of kick—off can be talk about the homeless, the overwhelming and i think composure poverty, the hospital waiting list. will be key. we know wells had —— we is any chance we can talk about the
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issues that people face in their know wales has built up a sense of day—to—day lives? and that is what belief. if rugby remains the ultimate team sport most people here we achieved in the election because we achieved in the election because we went out and did it. that is what in the stadium with your plight of we went out and did it. that is what we are achieving to our community the welsh team effort. that much is organising and at a party in relating to people, and i'm very proud of that. later on today will at 445. before it an injury hit be going to the women's conference scotland. the french had lost every game so far but scotland have not in telford. the first one is a w011 game so far but scotland have not won in paris were 20 years and ever stand—alone conference, labour party anyone knows how hard it is too when but in the equal pay act in the first place will be there. giving there it is their head coach gregor townsend he was instrumental back in women, i hope, a great deal of that day 1999 to beat france, and go optimism for the future about ending the gender pay gap and also many on to win the championship that year. the players tend not to look many other issues that are going to at the big picture too much, coming come up there today. that is the strength of the party that we are to paris, an incredible stadium. we creative and imaginative, and we are going to do things together. two have played some good stuff over the first two games but there have been weeks ago a lot of schoolchildren decided they were going to take inconsistency so it is a big action. they took action because opportunity to put it in minutes they were worried about climate together and the guys are desperate together and the guys are desperate to get going. scotland's women are change. they did it through
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also playing in france and you could watch it live on the bbc red button organising on social media. nobody tonight. before that ireland play told them to do it, nobody asked them to do it, they did it because they wanted to do it. that is jeremy italy. corbyn giving a wide—ranging address also today, bournemouth travel to supporters in the broxtowe to wolves, newcastle play huddersfield and at 5.30, constituency. the conservative mp anna soubry laptop party last week because it was to hide line on leicester city play crystal palace. europe, she said. —— she left her party. she was a remainer. number of arsenal take on manchester city in labour mps leftjeremy the women's cup. the caption you party. she was a remainer. number of labour mps left jeremy corbyn party. she was a remainer. number of labour mps leftjeremy corbyn spite is on the same subject but also on the question of anti—semitism. it scored an own goal! england's was interesting to see he made a lot of play in his speech to supporters cricketers cannot repeat their run chase heroic losing the second day about the labour's commitment to stamp out racism and treat everybody international against west indies the same. of course, a very live after a decent target was that of issue in the debate over how labour 290 in barbados. england were on issue in the debate over how labour is handing those anti—semitism allegations and whether it is being responding quickly enough to them or course to chase it down until a batting collapse meant they lost not.
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the singer, r kelly, their wickets. the series is now level at 1—1. is due to appear in court in chicago on a series of sexual abuse charges. chris eubank says he's petrified of his son he denies the allegations. losing his big fight tonight, earlier i spoke to the against james degale. .. documentary maker ben zand. it's a crucial career fight, he made a film for the bbc for 33—year—old degale, who is a two—time world champion called "r kelly: sex, girls, and video tapes". and olympic gold medallist, he explained the background to at super middleweight, the allegations against the singer. it has been decades of claims. while chris eubankjunior has yet it started really when he was to break into the sport's elite. de gale, says the loser, thought to have married will have to retire. a 15—year—old singer when he was 27. there have been numerous allegations that is all for me, now it is back around him but he is only to you. been charged once before and this is significant. thank you. that is it for us. the he has been charged with ten counts next news on bbc one is at seven of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, o'clock. thought to be based around four allegedly victims, three who are thought to be between 13 to 16. there is a lot of rumours and allegations for a time and this is the second
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time he has been taken to court and could actually face jail time so it is a big moment. for years and years he was one of the most famous r&b singers of all times but he has never been able to shake these allegations and over the last three years more and more women have been coming out and saying similar things, that he has been mistreating them, locking them in rooms, there was allegations around sex cults, a haram of women he lived with, and beyond that there have been allegations of sexual interaction with underage women. it is thought, the original case in 2002 was based on a sex video that allegedly showed r kelly having sex with a woman who was claimed to be 14 years old. he was acquitted because they could not identify who was in the video. it is thought now there may be another sex video that is even clearer, that people in the video are saying specifically the ages of the people involved, which could change everything really. he denies all of this,
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as he always has and it is going to be a long court case. your documentary went into a lot of detail looking at the background, notjust at him as an artist but the music genre he works in, and some of the cultural things that apply. what did you find? it is kind of the world in general is questionable i suppose. r kelly is a man with a lot of power, he was influential at the time and it is shocking whether these allegations turn out to be true or not, whatever happens in the court case, it seems that the music industry has failed and these allegations have been going on for a long time. he is being taken to court once and i have spoken to so many people who worked with him over the years and they thought something was up but did not say anything. for a long time these women were ignored and now they are being listened to. r kelly denies all of this but it
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seems like the music industry has a bit of an awakening to do in response to when people have allegations around them to adequately investigate. especially things like his record label and people around him, if they feel something is up it probably should have said earlier. this feels like ten to 15 years late. time for a look at the weather nick. it is gorgeous across much of the uk. england and wales get the lion's share of the sunshine survived this afternoon. we had more cloud into northern ireland and western parts of scotla nd northern ireland and western parts of scotland producing patchy main and that is going to bear down on the western side of england and wales so the afternoon. northern ireland baiting up again. temperatures well above normal for the type of year. patchy rain on
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this weather front will die away and we are looking at low cloud, mist and fog more widespread than recent nights. south—east england, northern scotla nd nights. south—east england, northern scotland see frost and temperatures just below freezing in the coldest parts of sunday. it is going to take a lot of time for this low mist and fog to clear away so a gradual improvement to sunny skies. when any of it does lingo temperatures are held down compared with elsewhere. there may be a degree or so lower across some spots compared with recent days but they are still well above normal for recent days but they are still well above normalfor a recent days but they are still well above normal for a time recent days but they are still well above normalfor a time of recent days but they are still well above normal for a time of year and generally fine weather continues into the new week. that is your forecast. that is your forecast.
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