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brought into the country hello, this is bbc news. it is in wales where first—time buyers are paying the lowest average the duke and duchess president maduro has blocked of sussex have arrived in morocco deposit ofjust for a three—day tour that will see buyers are paying the lowest average deposit of just over £16,000. off borders insisting meghan‘s promotion of gender it's not necessary — buyers are paying the lowest average deposit ofjust over £16,000. while there has been an increase in his opposition rival says thousands equality at the fore. of lives are at stake. first—time buyers‘ year on year harry and meghan are making their first official across the uk, in scotland and wales visit to north africa to strengthen if the opposition manage to push britain's links with one of the few numbers have fallen. terraced all this through the border, stable countries in the region. houses, closely followed by semi through president maduro‘s defences, detached properties, continue to be it will be a real challenge the couple are making only their third official the first time by a‘s home of to his authority. overseas trip together, following visits to dublin three cabinet ministers threaten and a tour of australia, new zealand choice. despite a shortage of homes and challenges of raising a deposit, to defy the prime minister, and the south pacific last year. saying they'll vote to delay brexit halifax say the figures show a north korean state media has unless a deal‘s approved by mps. healthy movement in the first time by market. millions of votes are confirmed that leader kim jong—un being counted in nigeria after the biggest presidential and parliamentary elections has left to attend the summit with the us taking place india‘s first and only in african history. in hanoi, in vietnam, professional symphony orchestra commentator: josh adams is making its uk debut this week. against elliott. josh adams for the line. scheduled for next week. its concert at the symphony hall 0h, fantastic! this is the first in birmingham is the first of six, as sat—nam rana reports. and wales have the grand official acknowledgement slam in their sights that the talks are taking place. with a last—minute try that the report also confirms mr kim left sees them take control of the six nations. by train and will pay a goodwill visit to vietnam as part of the trip. orchestral music plays the symphony orchestra of india in rehearsal a senior roman catholic cardinal at the symphony hall in birmingham. has said that files it is one of six concerts they will be performing documenting child sexual abuse in theirfirst uk tour.
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were destroyed, allowing this, the berlioz roman carnival overture, part of the regular offences to continue. western repertoire. cardinal marx made the comments personally and the orchestra after the sound check, during an unprecedented 4—day because they haven‘t been good evening. here before, haven‘t... summit at the vatican which has they have not played brought together bishops in a russelljohnson artek building like this before. at least two people have been killed from across the world. and more than 20 injured he told the conference and it is going to knock their socks on venezuela's border with brazil. on paedophilia in the church violent clashes also broke out off so to do the concert on the colombian border, that procedures to here and start of the tour in this as opposition supporters tried prosecute offender's to move humanitarian were deliberately not complied. house is a great moment aid into the country. of excitement for us. the sexual abuse of children and troops fired tear gas at protesters youth is in no small measure due to after president nicolas maduro the abuse of power in sealed off borders, saying foreign aid wasn't necessary. the opposition leaderjuan guaido the area of administration. accompanying the 90 piece orchestra said the first shipment of aid had grammy award—winning arrived from brazil and that musician zakir hussain. thousands of venezuelans could die in this regard, administration without outside help, he has performed in the city since the 70s. has not contributed this time though, the specially as the country battles food to fulfilling the mission commissioned concerto, pushkar. shortages and hyper inflation. of the church but of our international correspondent orla guerin reports now from cucuta, discredited, and made it impossible. i take the rhythm, i put files that could have documented the terrible deeds and named those a melodic element onto it on the venezuela—colombia border. responsible were destroyed so instead of da da da, holding the line, president maduro‘s or not even created. you‘re hearing melodic notes. but they are doing exactly instead of the perpetrators, the victims were what the tabla is doing but now troops on the bridge between regulated and silenced colombia and venezuela. from early imposed on them. in four different layers. the stipulated procedures so the violin is doing one
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morning, face—to—face with their own layer, the viola is doing and processes for the prosecution of different and so on. so a harmonic element is established countrymen, desperate for aid to get through. this former officer in the offences were deliberately not but the basic repertoire complied with but instead cancelled is a tabla repertoire. or overridden. the orchestra was founded venezuela army addresses the young in 2006 in mumbai. troops. when the orders are the rights of victims since its inception 13 years ago, were effectively trampled underfoot. unconstitutional, he tells them, you it‘s performed 25 seasons and four and they were left to international tours. don't have to obey. i am a but its remit reaches venezuelan myself, it says nicola the whims of individuals. beyond performance. gonzales, think of your children. based at the national centre for the performing arts open the doors, let venezuela be it is training up the next free. a short distance away the generation of classical musicians. around 100 people have died and 200 others have been taken to hospital after drinking bootleg when many people think of india and music, bollywood comes to mind, opposition leaderjuan guaido giving alcohol in north east india. the aid convoy a personal sendoff, 12 people have been arrested the indian film industry, in connection with making equally famous for its soundtracks he said it would travel peacefully the drink in assam state. the deaths come less but this orchestra is a response to venezuela, to save lives. but than a fortnight after more than 100 to the growing appetite for western people died elsewhere in the country from drinking lethal spirits. classical music in india and, officials in colombia have of course, with the long and strong demolished pablo escobar s former when his supporters converged on the apartment complex in medellin connection between the uk and india bridge... they found it wasn't going after the site became this tour is a musical milestone. a tourist hotspot. to be that easy. as we filmed we it‘s always exciting to hear any the infamous drug trafficker lived there in the 1980s. orchestra and finally the city now plans to build a memorial park to replace
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the abandoned building. the uk gets its chance with the symphony donna larsen reports. we re to be that easy. as we filmed we were engulfed in tear gas. soon, orchestra of india. demonstrators were being hit with rubber bullets. a few tried to fight the building razed to the ground in seconds. it has been a glorious weekend for his legacy much harder to demolish. many of us. let‘s get the weather details. after back. but as violence erupted at the this eight—storey building was where the colombian drug lord pablo escobar called home for many years, where he planned some of his most brazen attacks. a chilly misty start, the east of border, this was the scene in the escobar eventually met his fate the country sought the best of the venezuelan capital. the embattled in a police shoot—out in 1993. sunshine but further west, a more in the 44 years up until that disappointing start to the weekend moment, he was responsible president president maduro playing for killing thousands of people with a weather front which brought a to the crowd, rallying his lot more cloud and patchy rain supporters, but his isolation is as he built his cocaine empire. moving eastwards. this weatherfront growing, he has broken off relations has fizzled out and will leave a with neighbouring colombia because translation: i think today is not legacy of broken cloud across of its support for the opposition. central and northern areas tonight. simply the demolition of a building, back at the border, juan guaido‘s a today is the resurgence of history, further east under clear skies it built from the memory will turn chilly, temperatures of the victims. dipping below freezing with mist and ca rava n back at the border, juan guaido‘s a caravan was approaching, laden with the white concrete building supporters and with hopes for change in medellin‘s upmarket poblado fog reforming. you could see mist and fog further north as well and neighbourhood was gutted by a car in venezuela. the convoy is on the parts of scotland could be quite bomb in 1988 and has remained chilly in some of the glens. that is
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move now, pushing forward towards empty ever since. how it is looking tonight. tomorrow in recent years, the netflix series morning, we start on a chilly night the border, this is what the narcos, which chronicles the rise opposition has promised and it is and againa morning, we start on a chilly night and again a fine and dry day and fall of the drug lord, about far more than food and shone a light on medellin‘s expected for most because high medicine. if the opposition manage pressure is still in the driving chequered past. to get this through the border, seat and keeping these weather fans of the show came to take tours fronts out at bay. winds will be around sites related to the history through president maduro‘s defences, of drug trafficking, light, hence the mist and fog issues it will be a real challenge to his but the building's demolition aims through the morning, some of which to put a stop to that. could be quite dense and slow to authority. but on the bridge the clear in some places and it could trucks ground to a halt, blocked by translation: it is going to be stay grey and chilly for some. but a memorial to the victims, troops and clouds of tear gas. it is not going to be for most, once we lose the mist and a tourist pilgrimage, organisers planned to keep trying fog, it should be a glorious day with the monaco building placed there in the middle to fulfil again with plenty of sunshine around here and at other crossing points. the curiosity of the tourists. and very mild, too, and a better day further west as well. some sunshine president maduro claims the aid translation: on that corner, convoyis president maduro claims the aid convoy is just a cover for a over there, the bodyguard president maduro claims the aid convoy isjust a coverfor a us here. top temperatures, 1a, 15, invasion. but some of his men are no of the wife of pablo escobar shot me a long time ago. maybe 16 celsius so it could be a longer listening, like the soldier but that was not so important — degree or so lower than this in the blackcap. we watched as he afternoon. into the start of next abandoned his post for the embrace week, at high pressure still in the many people died here. of the opposition. he is one of at driving seat but we will start to see this weather front pushing into least a dozen who have deserted the city now plans to build a park of the country so that will bring and museum to replace the abandoned more cloud at times to the today and are now according tojuan building — a symbol of the city north—west of scotland, a little bit reborn, parting ways guaido on the right side of history. of rain, too, so becoming confined with its troubled past. but this could be just the start of to the northern isles but elsewhere
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again chilly start to the day with a long battle. early mist and fog which will burn orla guerin, bbc news. away and allow widespread sunshine into the afternoon. so this very at the colombia venezuela border. mild spell set to continue. warm on three senior cabinet ministers the american film director stanley donen has have threatened to defy died at the age of 94. monday, highs once again into the upper teens celsius. as we head the prime minister and vote his work included the 1952 musical for a delay to brexit singing in the rain, unless a withdrawal deal can win starring cyd charisse, deeper on into the next week, it and the film seven brides the support of the commons for seven brothers. in the coming days. he also worked as a dancer looks like our big area of high and choreographer and told vanity fair that watching pressure begins to break down and they've warned a no—deal exit fred astaire when he was nine allows weather systems to pushing off the atlantic and will have a would be a "disaster". had changed his life. downing street said theresa may slightly cooler westerly wind so it was working hard to get a deal. first—time buyers now make up our political correspondent the majority of home purchases looks like things are set to turn alex forsyth reports. bought with a mortgage in the uk, more unsettled as we push on into they are part of theresa may's team, according to new figures. the end of the week so very mild to meant to be her closest colleagues, the last time that start with plenty of sunshine, you but today three cabinet ministers happened was 1995. according to the halifax, can see those temperatures falling went against the government line away a little bit closer to the pendle in lancashire and copeland and warned brexit might have to be seasonal norm with a little bit of delayed if there is no deal. rain in places. in cumbria are the most affordable greg clark, amber rudd areas for first time buyers. and david gauke wrote here's colin campbell. in the daily mail... it's infuriated brexiteers. one suggested they should quit, claiming it was a plot to force
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them to back the deal, rather than delay brexit. if ministers or cabinet ministers cannot support publicly government policy and vote with it, then they have to resign, and government policy is very clear. the prime minister has said on over 100 occasions that we are leaving the european union on 29th march, with or without a deal. but most mps don't want to leave without a deal. this week, they'll vote on a plan to give parliament the chance to delay brexit if there is no agreement, and some ministers have said they could resign to back that move. downing street says the prime minister is working hard to try and get the eu to change the current brexit deal so she can bring it back to parliament, in the hope of getting mps to support it. but it's not clear when that will happen. in the meantime, these three cabinet ministers have publicly added to the pressure she is already under from so many of her backbench mps. we've had a democratic vote. i understand the chaos it's caused... one of them, who left the tory party this week,
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was out campaigning for another brexit vote, still critical. we just sense the complete chaos that is now existing at the top of government, that you have three cabinet ministers who go out into the press because they can't win the argument in a deeply divided cabinet, and i'm afraid to say a prime minister who isjust not listening. but here, there was a very different message from grassroots tories today. theresa may addressed their national convention, where members voted not to delay or thwart brexit. for the prime minister, protestations on every corner. alex forsyth, bbc news. the shadow foreign secretary, emily thornberry, has accused mps who left labour this week of betraying voters, claiming the party would "crush them if they had the guts to call by—elections". speaking at a rally in nottinghamshire, ms thornberry described her eight former colleagues who've formed a new independent group as "splitters" who were "cuddling up to conservatives". the former leader of the english defence league,
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tommy robinson, has accused the bbc of bias and attacked its editorial standards at a rally of his supporters. an estimated 4,000 people gathered outside the bbc‘s headquarters in salford this afternoon. footage of the panorama journalist john sweeney filmed secretly by one of mr robinson's supporters was played on a large screen. mr sweeney has apologised for making "some offensive and inappropriate remarks" during an investigation into mr robinson. the corporation said the upcoming panorama episode would follow its "strict editorial guidelines". the singer r kelly has appeared in court in chicago on charges of sexually abusing women and underage girls. ajudge set bail at $1 million and told the 52—year—old not to have contact with anyone under the age of 18. he's denied all the allegations. votes are being counted in nigeria, where millions of people have cast their ballots in delayed presidential and parliamentary elections. officials say logistical problems that forced a week's
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postponement have been solved, but some polling stations were kept open because of long lines. the president, muhammadu buhari, is being challenged by the main opposition leader, atiku abubakar. there have been reports of sporadic violence in some parts of the country. our africa editor fergal keane reports from the capital abuja. many had been waiting since well before dawn. voting in the open air, each individual part of the biggest democratic exercise in african history. do you think it will change things here? hopefully. hopefully it will. but you're not sure? i'm sure it will. with the number of people that are here, i'm sure, and in every other voting centre. i'm just... i have the feeling it will change things. gone are the days where people will feel that our votes don't count. this time around, as you can see, the people have come out en masse to make sure that they exercise their civic right and we believe we are going to stay
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here until the votes are counted. you can't be but heartened to see people's patience and their faith still in the democratic process here, but the big question is, whoever they elect, will they bring to an end the corruption that has disfigured public life here? when several voting machines broke down, some assumed corruption was the cause. you are telling me that this is not corruption! there were 73 million eligible voters, 120,000 polling stations, and in some places there was violence. this was a polling station in lagos allegedly attacked by ruling party supporters. far to the north in maiduguri, displaced people came out to vote despite an attack on the city by islamic extremists.
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there are nearly 2 million displaced people in this region. the election isn't just about machine politics and the power of two big parties. these are young civil society activists recording reports of incidents around the country. they are working to create a genuine culture of accountability. people are hopeful that whatever decision is made, the process will improve, and if it improves for young people, of course, it means that the country improves and the hopes and expectations of a better future will come. by evening, the sorting of votes. the official counts each unused ballot. the voters call back. they want an honest result. nobody can say they don't deserve it. fergal keane, bbc news, abuja. with all the sport now, here's lizzie greenwood hughes at the bbc sport centre.
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thanks very much, kate. good evening. wales are on course for a six nations grand slam after fighting back to stun england with a famous victory in the 3rd round. it was a different story in paris, though, where scotland were beaten by a resurgent france. joe wilson reports from cardiff. welcome, said cardiff, to england's team bus. well, kind of... it was a mixed reception, with crowds mixing together on the streets, and that is a six nations tradition. look at the young man, front row, every little helps. wales relied on their home advantage to shake england's composure. but in the melee, tom curry sensed a gap and took it to the line. england led by seven at half—time. wales, still behind deep in the second half, tried to build, running, passing, crashing,
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recycling the ball until there was cory hill. in the 68th minute, wales squeezed into the lead. now, the welsh stadium and the welsh players were truly united. louder, higher, stronger. ball into the air and the brilliance ofjosh adams to turn it into another try. 21—13 in 2019, this year's revival of a great rivalry was a classic. and who can stop wales now? when a team is able to win 12 matches in a row as these welsh players have done, you know they have an instinct for victory. it's so powerful. wow. we felt it here in cardiff. in paris, scotland in blue were missing some key players out injured, while france rediscovered some of their spirit, scoring four tries in total for a 27—10 victory. rugby is tough enough when you win. it's exhausting to lose. joe wilson, bbc news.
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well, scotland also lost to france in the women's six nations, beaten 41—10 in lille, to stay bottom of the table. ireland narrowly lost for the first time to italy. 29—27, the score in rome. italy are top of the table, ahead of england, who play wales tomorrow. match of the day follows the news, so if you don't want to know today's premier league results now, please avert your attention. england captain harry kane scored on his comeback for tottenham. but they went on to lose 2—1 at burnley, seriously denting their title hopes. afterwards, spurs‘ manager maurizio pochettino admitted he'd crossed the line when he angrily confronted the referee. elsewhere today, bournemouth drew with wolves. bottom side huddersfield lost at newcastle, and crystal palace beat leicester. manchester city's women have won the league cup for the third time.
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they beat holders arsenal 11—2 on penalties at bramhall lane. janine beckie holding her nerve to score the winner after england's karen bardsley had made two saves. city, who are top of the women's super league, have now gone 28 games unbeaten. there were three games in the scottish premiership today. hearts drew with bottom side st mirren, livingstone beat kilmarnock, and third placed aberdeen won at stjohnstone. celtic and rangers are both playing tomorrow. that's it from me, but there's much more on the bbc sport website, including british triathlete jonny brownlee, who's back to his best, winning today in singapore. but for now, goodnight. that's all from me. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel. goodnight.
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