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hello, this is bbc news with ben brown. the company are keen for to me to good afternoon. the headlines: experience this from the inside, the environment secretary, michael gove, has called and so am i. on politicians not to vote to delay labour's deputy leader, brexit. tom watson, warnsjeremy corbyn so in order to try the device, he has to act urgently it comes after three senior cabinet if the party is to stay together i need to be measured for it. ministers warned they would back such a move rather than allow the uk there is almost a crisis for the these measurements are essential soul of the labour party now, to calculate the recommended gait to leave the european for someone of my height and weight. and that means everyone union without a deal. that cares about our future, mr gove also said that whatever tradition they represent, it is a heavy computing task, has to find it within themselves so calculations are actually done to work more closely together, on a server outside the suit. if brexit were postponed, and that's as big a challenge the results are then sent to the exoskeleton. there was a danger of another there's also a surprising forjeremy as it is for me. referendum, which would do real amount of computing damage to british politics. going on inside the device. the prime minister warns as well as the basic form of motion, 0ur political correspondent she won't allow the brexit how it should behave, referendum to be frustrated, jonathan blake reports. as she prepares for further the exo can make its own decisions so if something unexpected happens talks with eu leaders — say, my foot hits the ground arriving in egypt's representing at a summit in egypt. too late or if someone pushes it — europe's leaders at a the environment secretary, michael, gove insists progress is being made. it works out how to respond. lean forward and push up. venezuela's opposition leader calls whoa. on the international community to consider "all measures" to oust that's... that's amazing. president nicolas maduro i can even lean sideways and crouch. after at least two people died in border clashes yesterday. i can also change the direction imove in by leaning my body whilst walking. leicester city part company with their manager claude puel after only 16 months in charge. i'm going to aim towards the right. oh, i can feel it going that way.
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a bbc investigation finds products high in salt and saturated fats the start—up has grown are being marketed as healthy to around 50 employees, many motivated by family members who are or will soon by leading supermarkets. be unable to walk. so one of the key things we'll have more on all those we are working on at the moment stories at one o'clock, is allowing stroke patients but first on the bbc news channel to get inside the exo it's click, and retrain their walk with the exo. which this week looks at foldable mobile phones and the exo—suit they slowly regain their ability to move, so you've got to tune helping disabled people to walk. the exo down in the assistance it brings over time. this week, flashy folding phones. the company clearly has ambitions beyond this, its first exoskeleton, fashion face—off. and floriane is looking forward to shaping its future. and fantastic physio.
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brilliant. back in 2016, we visited that was lj rich in paris. the cybathlon in zurich, now, during our christmas a competition where people with limited mobility competed special last year, against each other with some of the most sophisticated physical we showed you the first hands—on augmentation devices on the planet. with the new flexible phone. created by chinese firm royole, on trial were robotic arms, robotic its first phone has been five prosthetics and exoskeletons, years in the making. one of its tricks is to unfold, all being used to tackle some the most challenging tasks faced creating a tablet. by people with disabilities. back injanuary, i caught up with the firm's boss, bill liu, and asked him how he'd managed and a couple of years ago, to beat the likes of samsung and lg we saw an exoskeleton helping to create the world's workers to lift heavy items first bendable phone. at an american hardware store. we focused on the flexpai display because it's so hard, and now, one company in france it's so difficult to make it happen. is using the tech to rehabilitate from the technology innovation and give paraplegic patients point of view, a chance to walk again. you have to do a lot of innovations lj rich went to visit. from the fundamental materials, process, device designs, certain design and then later product design, so that is why we invested $1.7 billion in shenzhen, china, to build up the 4.5 million square feet production facility
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for the mass production of the display. but i'd love to know whether the main problems are the fact that the connections break or the main problem is that you can't get the colours right on the bendy bit as the other bit or obviously you need for replacement glass — floriane has tried several you can't have glass. the most challenging part exoskeletons but liked this one is you have to manufacture millions of transistors, so much, she is now working tiny circuits on top of the super thin flexible film, and the film for the company. is only several micrometres. it is thinner than our hair diameter, and it has to be very, very precise positioning. it's a practically hands—free exo, so as well as walking, at the moment, the royole flexpai is only available to buy in china, she can do this... but they're not the only ones going bendy. the device aims to improve movement take a look at this tablet that for people with total or partial paralysis and, folds twice to create a phone. after 18 months of trials, the latest version is finally ready its makers, xiaomi, say it is only an engineering model at the moment, though. to sell to rehabilitation centres. another chinese firm, lenovo, the design that we are trying has also previously teased that is about 6—7 years of work, it's working on a similar product. and they are hoping to release for royole, though, this isn't a personal exo just about wearables and phones.
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in a couple of years or so, royole‘s vision is that flexible and that is currently secret. electronics will change the way it's behind me. we interact with the smart home i might take a peek. and technology generally. that is the age of internet yep. of things, so flexible displays, oh, yes. flexible sensors, flexible electronics, break the limitation of the phone factor, of the surface. eventually, all of these things will be smart, will be intelligent. that is where we see this small remote activates the suit. the flexible display‘s future. leaning forward at the right speed and angle activates an accelerometer on the back. now we've heard rumours of this starts the system walking. samsung making a flexible phone for some time and this week, the more you use it, we finally got our answer is it becoming easier, at their latest launch. or was it easy straightaway? here's jen copestake. in a big surprise, samsung not only unveiled a folding phone it is easy, because we have no pain, but announced it would go on sale not fatigued, and it's better in two months‘ time, for my arms and shoulders at a staggering cost because we have no crutches. ofjust under $2,000. called the galaxy fold, the phone opens up to make
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a 7.3—inch tablet display capable of running three apps at once. it includes a new type of hidden hinge, which they say can handle thousands of folds and unfolds, with a battery on each side to extend running time. the eye—watering price seems unusual, if not risky, considering the company said the cost of its 59 phones had led to lower—than—expected sales. but they say this is a luxury item, and a new category of device. also launched were the 510 series phones, the mid—range x10, cheaper s10e and the 510 plus. each new model of phone comes with a super—wide camera so you can get 123 degrees of vision, basically the same as a human eye, if you want that. the camera also allows you to use some artificial intelligence capabilities to improve the way you take photos. you can still unlock the phone with facial recognition, but samsung have done away
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with the iris scanner and they say this was to maximise the end—to—end display, which seems to be all the rage these days. the screen is maximised with a hole—punch camera and features a new security option. in—screen fingerprint sensors are becoming more and more popular and samsung says they have got something unique called an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. it's different to a typical optical sensor, which takes a photograph of your thumb. instead, it measures the contours of your thumb. they say this will make it even more secure against spoofing, so it's not possible for someone to take a photocopy of your thumb and use it to open your device. one more surprise was the unveiling of samsung's sg—ready phone. we didn't get a price, but we can guess it won't be cheap. a sg—ready phone might give samsung a strategic jump on competitors like apple, but with widespread roll—out of the network not expected any time soon, they probably won't be flying off the shelves. of course, we're going to be hearing much more about 56
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and all kinds of other phones next week, when click is at mobile world congress in barcelona. hello, and welcome to the week in tech. it was the week that politicians in the uk branded facebook "digital gangsters" in a report into fake news. the culture media and sport committee accused the company of obstructing its inquiry and failing to tackle russian interference in elections. facebook said it has already made changes, while mark zuckerberg is to meet the uk culture secretary. meanwhile, microsoft said it has discovered hacking attempts against democratic institutions, think tanks and non—profit organisations across europe. it's offered its tailored cyber security services to affected countries. and google admitted making an error in not revealing that one of its home alarm systems contained a microphone. it was only revealed when an update was announced to make the nest guard devices voice—controlled. remember the self—lacing smartphone—controlled shoes from nike?
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well, just days after launch, updates to the app for android users have stopped the smart capabilities from working. firmware updates, bricking shoes — what a time to be alive. drivers in australia will soon to be able to make their licence plates a little more exciting, thanks to emojis. it was announced this week that from the 1st of march, they will be allowed to add one of five emojis to their registration. insert eye roll here. and finally, we all know that you should never leave dogs in hot cars, so car maker tesla has introduced dog mode to its vehicles. when enabled, it will regulate the air—conditioning as well as displaying a message on the car's dashboard, letting passers—by know that the dog's human will be back soon. it's all very well seeing what clothes look like on a model, but if you can't get your hands on them in the flesh, then you probably want to know what they are going to look like on you. well, at this year's london fashion week,
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thanks to some new technology, that's exactly what some members of the public are going to be able to experience. seeing themselves model some apparel from clothing brand hanger. here at london college of fashion the perfect setup is being created. the lighting's right, the scene is right, this is where 50 participants have come to have their faces scanned, so that their image can replace that of the model's on the catwalk to see what the clothes would actually look like on them. so naturally i wanted a go, too. firstly, i had to tie my hair back, though, which i have to admit did instantly stop me from feeling like me. and i'm not meant to talk. using super personal‘s face—swap technology is speedy and simple, although it helps to have a willing volunteer to actually scan you. the results are broken down by neural networks that understand each little movement to be able to recreate your face on a believable moving image.
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it was important for us that the process was very simple. so it only takes 10—15 seconds to actually go through the registration. and also the results come faster. the whole processing takes only 30 minutes right now. but, of course, we all come in different shapes and sizes, so the app needs to cater for that. i'm certainly not the build of a catwalk model. for this project, only a few models‘ figures have been tracked. so it will choose the one closest to me or the other volunteers, although the eventual aim is to create accurate avatars based on any measurements. this is pretty impressive. the quality of the image, even when moving, really is so realistic. but the thing that really seems odd to me isn't the fact that i am wearing clothes i would never normally put on,
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but it's the way i'm moving. i can tell that's not my body language and they're not my mannerisms. and that's making it really quite peculiar to watch. we believe that this technology is very useful for online shopping, for users to see how they look in different clothes, especially for clothes that they'd never dare to wear or they want to just see how they would look in something a bit different. but also how they would look in something very classic, that they've never tried wearing, and generally exploring more options. and whilst i can totally see the benefits, i wasn't quite convinced on this change of image. vidcon 2019! whoo! yeah! last weekend the world's largest convention for online video makers, vidcon, was held in london, for the first time. and it was crammed full of social media stars. to give us a taste of the event,
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here's your guide, youtuber savan gandecha. hi, i'm savan, and i run a youtube channel called savanfilms. the videos i post focus a lot about my autism and my experiences. hey, everyone, and welcome to a brand new autism vlog series. when i tell people i have autism, most people are surprised, because apparently i don't look like someone who has it. there's no look. what do you feel is the correct way to talk about someone having autism? treat me the same as any person you would treat — as a human being. so i've been waiting for vidcon london to come to the uk since last year. i was really excited to come and see my friends, meet other creators, potentially collaborate with them in future. it's a lot of fun in general. i've always wanted something like this. it's a space where content creators
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can find out about the latest tools to make videos and test them out. hey, everyone, and welcome to savanfilms, and also welcome to bbc click. most of the vendors here know that if you want to attract this crowd, set up an instagram—worthy photo op. i'm going to try this. i have always been the creative type, even though that in the past, that's been like suppressed. i see youtube as a hobby, but also i see it as an outlet to create what i want to create. i feel that it's allowed me to be open to the world about what i have. vidcon is also where the fans can meet the people they follow online. many of the social media stars here have hundreds of thousands of followers. hello there, and let me be the first to say welcome back. why are you talking like that?
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i am with my good friend dean dobbs, he's a content creator on youtube. he's part of a comedy duo called jack & dean. how many subscribers do you have? i don't know exact. almost about 700,000. something like that. i put it in, there you go. no worries. it's really crazy, though. there are tons of people who come here. it's crazy because i have to, like, try and be the best version of myself all the time. because, you know, i wouldn't have any of this if it wasn't for people, invisible people on an internet computer watching it. so it is a pretty great thing. it feels more like i belong here. they treat me like a creator, a professional who's actually doing things. despite circumstances i have at the moment, i am trying my absolute best to do things. while i'm happy to be here, it also presents some challenges, being autistic. with my autism, it can be very overwhelming.
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just so much sensory process, various different noises, smells, brightness. hello, lovely people... so i've just metjessica. you are? a disabled youtuber. youtuber as well. indeed. my channel's all about how you can live a fun and fabulous and happy life despite having disabilities and chronic illness and deafness — all that kind of thing. pointing out that i don't sound deaf is probably the first thing that most people do when i meet them. the media world can seem quite difficult to break into, especially for disabled people. if you have a chronic illness, how are you going to start as a runner and build your way up to doing something? whereas when you're a youtuber, you're straight in there. first day, you're making a video and you're putting it out there. we have become more open about our issues. the millennial generation grew up with the tech, and we mastered it, to an extent,
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and the next generation is doing a betterjob, sometimes. i'll be happy learning new stuff and learning new tech and everything. so that's a rap on vidcon london. hope you guys enjoyed watching. take care, guys, and sav out. thanks, sav. brilliant stuff, that's savan gandecha. now, over the last few weeks, we've been chatting to the visual effects artists behind some of our favourite films of the last year. with the academy awards now upon us, what better way to finish off the series than with a look at the oscar—nominated first man? do you question whether the programme is worth the cost — in money and in lives? what are the chances of you not coming back? it's always tricky. i guess, as a visual effects artist, you want your work to be seen. but for something like this, where it's documentary style, it really needs to fit with how the rest of the footage is shot. paul lambert, i worked with him on blade runner.
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he was invited down to meet with damien chazelle to talk over the show first man. and once they decided on trying to keep things in camera, paul brought me on board to try to work out what is the best way to do this. paul came up with the idea of having a giant led screen. we'd get the footage ready, let's say, for the x—15 sequences. get that footage running well. damien wanted it to run as a full sequence, so it was something like 10,000 frames. we ended up using a terragen for the x—15 cloud sequence. i guess it simulates how light reacts in an earth environment, when you're up at the top section of the atmosphere. just as neil bounces off the atmosphere, you get that nice blue line of the horizon, which is mathematically correct for the earth's atmosphere. so it was fantastic for us to be able to use that. because we had the real—world numbers of his flight path and how high he went. so when you are looking through it, that is probably pretty close to what he saw when he was up there.
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we have serious problems. the special effects guys, jd schwam and his team, they had the gimbal motion base. they worked out a way so when the gimbal tilted forward, you can have the correct movement on the screen as well. for certain scenes, it was almost like being in a simulator. so the actors got something to work with as well. rather than having a green screen, i suppose, and saying, you're diving down towards the earth now, give us a reaction, he's actually there, he's in it and he's tilting forward in it. when you're sat there, it actually feels like you're in the plane going down. so nasa gave us access to a lot of archival footage from the apollo programme. so we scoured through most of that. there were a couple of things in there which i don't think have been seen before. there's one in particular, which is a sort of mid—shot of the second fired rocket. it's got the blast—off.
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it's obviously shot at a square aspect ratio. we had to expand the sides — left and right — with a rocket thrust, which was quite intricate. it actually came together pretty quickly, once we had the simulation working right, and we just had to match the lighting and the look to the main footage. the main footage in the middle stayed as it was. we ran it through our archival processing set up and then blended it with the cg at the edges. that shot was a great shot to work on and see come together. that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. wow. brilliant. and we wish the team behind first man and all the other 0scar nominees the very best of luck for this weekend's ceremony. that is it for us for this weekend. we are at the mobile world congress in barcelona next weekend. in the meantime, you can follow us on social media. we live on facebook, youtube, instagram, and twitter @bbcclick. thanks for watching
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and we'll see you soon. hello there. we have a dry day coming up, and for most of us there will be lengthy spells of sunshine, but we have seen dense patches of fog around this morning, causing perhaps one or two problems out and about on the roads. that fog is due to clear away, and the weather will become sunny and very mild for the time of year once again. the fog has been thick this morning with visibility down to 100 metres in places, so some slow going on the roads, and the fog is forecast to lift away. in many cases, clear blue sky as we go through this afternoon, it will become very mild, northern ireland missing out, it will be cloudy
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and breezy, but not cold. in belfast reaching a high of 11, but these temperatures way above normal for the time of year, reaching 16 or 17 across parts of england and wales, and if we compare that with what we should be seeing this time of year, eight or nine, you can see it is very mild. most of the temperatures we would normally see during the late part of spring, not late february. 0vernight, england and wales keeping the skies clear, northern ireland and scotland keeping the cloud more. with the cloudy skies, not quite so cold across the north west, although there could be mist and fog patches. across southern england and the countryside, temperatures could get to as low as minus four, so it will be a cold start for monday. monday, still high pressure in charge, but with more of an atlantic feed working into the northwest of the uk, we will see a change in the weather,
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bringing some wet weather to the hebrides, highlands, 0rkney and shetland later in the day. away from northern scotland, any mist and fog patches will clear away, the frost soon melting and we will see plenty of sunshine. notice much sunnier weather for northern ireland, temperatures still very mild, if anything a little up on today's values, potentially reaching 17 or 18 degrees in the very warmest spots. any changes in the week ahead will be pretty slow. high pressure is going to stay with us for a while, but towards the end of the week, we will start to see some subtle changes, with thicker cloud, and the temperature is slowly drifting down during the course of the week, but staying well above normal for the time of year.
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